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Season 5 Episodes

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# Name/Download Description Release Date
4 Echoes, Heroes and Warriors The recent Fire Emblem Direct brought a lot of interesting reveals to fans across the world, including a remake of Fire Emblem Gaiden for the Nintendo 3DS titled Fire Emblem Echoes: -Shadows of Valentia and a new Fire Emblem game for Nintendo's new console, the Switch, to go along with the previously announced Fire Emblem mobile game (now titled Fire Emblem Heroes) and Fire Emblem Warriors, a cross-over between the Fire Emblem and "Warriors" series developed by Koei Tecmo. Of course, with a lot of news comes a lot of speculation and discussion, so let's get to it! January 24th, 2017
3 Fire Emblem & The Nintendo Switch With hype for the Nintendo Switch slowly building (if only because it's been such a mystery), it's no surprise some Fire Emblem fans are wondering if we'll be getting a new title for the "portable home console". It's been a long while since we've got a title not on a handheld and there's certainly a lot of potential, but we have to ask ourselves: how likely is an HD Fire Emblem title given production costs and the sales of Radiant Dawn?

Note: A bit of echo popped up on Shu's audio, so we kindly suggest turning your volume down. Apologies for the inconvenience!
January 3rd, 2017
2 Evolution & Change - Part 1 The Fire Emblem series has changed a lot—it's a topic that has come up a lot, and has also been the center of a lot of controversy. But rather than trying to debate what is or isn't better, in this podcast, we discuss a list of things that have simply changed—perhaps features or design choices that some people miss, while others don't miss them at all. Regardless of whether people think they should be brought back or not, I think it's neat to reflect on just how much the series has changed... so strap in and get ready for a long discussion! November 13th, 2016
1 Mobile Emblem In the middle of night, Nintendo announces two new mobile games, one of which is based on none other than the Fire Emblem franchise. Surprise, excitement, skepticism, and more come into play as we talk about mobile games, mobile game formats, what little we know about this "iMobile" Fire Emblem, its potential, and more. May 11th, 2016