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Hall of Fame

Here I give mention to people who have somehow helped me with this site. If you've done something noteworthy and you aren't mentioned here, please tell us immediately.

Major Contributors

Name Accomplishment(s) Alternate Names
Seraphinox Collection of GBA Content/Walkthroughs, Advisor, Tables Iosac Gallagher
Memento Mori Collection of FE4 Content Yue
Shu Most Site GFX, FE2/FE3 Screens --
Tino FE9 Guide, Forum Setup, Advisor, CSS Help --
Marth, the Altean Prince Magazine Scans, FE7 Alternate Routes, Uploading Files to Gallery Lelouch vi Britannia, Soviet Comrade, Dan
VincentASM FE6 Soundtrack, General Aide, Corrections, Tables Meriah


Name Amount
K. Klette $10.00
N. Alexandropoulos $10.00
D. Schroeter $10.00, $20.00
T. Harrell $2.00
Z. Daud $10.00
J. Lubrano $10.00
A. Ubides $10.00
B. J de Haan $50.00
C. Meadors $10.00
A. Lewis $20.00
M. Knobel $3.74
D. Harrington $20.00
N. Kramer $20.00
Y. Mei Tan $10.00
J. Radojevic $30.00
L. Alam $1.00


Name Accomplishment(s)
Blu Spidr FE7 Arena Abuse Guide
VincentASM FE6 Soundtrack, General Aide, Corrections, Serenes Forest (Resource)
Celice FEDS Weapon Icons
Sothe FE7 Special Boss Quotes
Juigi Kario Fire Emblem 1 Walkthrough and Data
Roni FE9 Walkthrough
GSNinja FE10 Walkthrough
Pukachi Nightmare Modules, Multiple Lists
Nintenlord Hacking Utilties & Information
Arch FE9 & FEDS Logos, Advising
Zeld Help with ripping data, hacking notes, FEditor
Jamie [One] Affiliate Banner
Felover3 FE3 Growth Rates & Base Stats, FE2 Hacking Notes
TheEnd Hasha no Tsurugi Scanlations
Aquantis Anime OVA YT Videos
Suzaku FE11 Intro, FE6-10 Credits, Lots of Br.Link Reporting
DarkStorm FEMugen Staff
CommanderCool Mugen Helper
Pooshies of Doom Being there since creation of FES
Ria Fanart submission
You For viewing my website

Forum Award Winners (Old)

Name Accomplishment(s) Alternate Names
Tino Best Debater, Most Intellectual, Great Mainsite Contributor --
Seraphinox Best Debater, Great Mainsite Contributor --
Blazer Best Hacker, Most Blunt, Favorite Staff Member, Most Helpful Staff Member --
Flyingace24 Best Spriter --
Charon the Ferryman Best Spammer --
bblues Best Member, Most Friendly Member, Most Valuable Poster --
Ryrumeli Best Newcomer, Most Friendly Member, Most Helpful Member --
Shu Funniest Member, Great Mainsite Contributor --
Soviet Comrade Most Manly Member Marth, the Altean Prince (former), Dan
Holy Kensai Biggest Troll --