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If you'd like to become a staff member, please apply here. It's easy and fun and you get to help one of the biggest Fire Emblem fansites.

  • Article Writer - Write articles on various Fire Emblem-related topic to submit to our Articles section. Requires a strong sense of writing and the ability to make interesting articles.
  • Guides/Walkthroughs - Guides, walkthroughs, FAQs, articles, anything in this category.
  • Guestbook Moderator - Someone to watch the Guestbook and respond to anyone who posts. A simple job, but I don't want to make a Guestbook without someone to watch over it.
  • Game Content - Work on getting new content for upcoming games, writing specific guides or walkthroughs, etc.
  • News Reporter - Search for news and updates on Fire Emblem-related content to help update the Twitter and other places. Can be as simple as googling things and texting me any interesting info you find.
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