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Season 5 Is Up May 11th, 2016
Blazer Consistency definitely isn't our strong point... but that's not important. What IS important is that we're starting up a new season, and our goal this time is to get at least 8 episodes within the next 12 months. Will we do it? Who knows. But it starts now, with our first episode on the newly announced Fire Emblem mobile game. Tell us what you think and let us know if there's anything else you'd like to hear us talk about!
Fresh Start: Season 4 May 25th, 2015
Blazer Hey all! Been a long time, but we're finally ready to start recording podcasts again. We hope to get more listeners and feedback so we can bring you some (hopefully enjoyable) Fire Emblem talk. Anyway, to start this season off, we discuss the latest on Fire Emblem if, and there's quite a bit to go through! We'll do our best to bring you more episodes whenever we can, so stay tuned!
Season 3 Begins! April 17th, 2014
Blazer One season ends and another begins! Season 3's first episode is extra long with guest star GhastStation here to spice things up. You won't want to miss us all the fail and laughter packed into our longest podcast episode over, and a strong one to start the season at that!
Episode 5 is Out! January 22nd, 2014
Blazer I personally think this is one of our better episodes, with both some interesting talk and a few laughs, so I hope you check it out! If you don't agree though, be sure to give us good feedback so we can improve! Depending on your support, we may or may not extend the length of a season, or do a third season!
Blazer The old name was kinda fun but made little sense and wasn't liked by our dear co-host Shu (or perhaps anyone, though I thought it was at least fun to say) so we've officially renamed this to the plain old "Fire Emblem Podcast". Likewise, the address to the podcast section has changed, though the old link should redirect.