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Season 4 Episodes

Here are all the current episodes for you to watch!
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# Name/Download Description Release Date
3 Fire Emblem if The topic is Corrin in Smash again, this time with our POST-release thoughts. We also discuss the old days of Smash, the other DLC character Bayonetta, a rumor about Smash coming to the NX, and more. This is kind of the part 2 to our previous episode, and will probably be the last one focused on Smash for a while! February 7th, 2016
2 Corrin in Smash! Corrin has been announced for Smash, so we give our take on how he's looking to be, Smash in general/how characters are chosen (why from Fire Emblem Fates, a game not even out yet in the West?), our inability to consistently put out podcasts, and more (yay tangents) in the revival of a season that lasted more like 4 seasons! (But it'd be weird to start a season 5 with season 4 only having one episode... lol.) February 2nd, 2016
1 Fire Emblem if Fire Emblem news is more rampant than pretty much ever before, but the biggest topic in the community is probably the newest Fire Emblem title—or titles, if you will—for the Nintendo 3DS, known as "Fire Emblem 14" or "Fire Emblem if" in Japan. This podcast has a boring but fitting name considering we spend the bulk of our time discussing the game and its latest announced features and other things we know about it, including how it could go and how we're feeling about all the changes! Join Shu and Blazer for the ride! May 25th, 2015