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Season 1 Episodes

Here are all the current episodes for you to watch!
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Note: The title of the podcast was previous "Fire Emblem WHAAAT?!" and may be referenced as so in these old episodes.

# Name/Download Description Release Date
4 Driving Solo I'm alone again--so far, it seems like I switch every other episode--and driving home, so it gets a bit silly and random, but there's some neat news with the Fire Emblem 12 translation out, as well as a new patch for the Hack of the Day, and more! November 26th, 2012
3 Cameos and Bros Hey, Fire Emblem has some cameos, too, don't you know? Like there's a couple characters in Super Smash Bros.! This episode's special guest: my bro DH_Ninja, who's inconsistent visibility (and volume) will make you wonder if he was actually in the episode! November 21st, 2012
2 History of the Community The Fire Emblem community has been alive for a long time, but how much do you really know about its history? Listen on in and don't miss the Hack of the Day or a special rap by Blazer at the end of the episode! November 12th, 2012
1 The Awakening Talk Show It's not just the Awakening of a new Fire Emblem talk show, it's a talk show that gives a little bit of low-key, mostly spoiler-free insight into Fire Emblem Awakening, the newest Fire Emblem game. This 3DS gem is slated for a 2013 release outside of Japan. And hey, it might not be the best episode, but it's the first! November 3rd, 2012