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Season 3 Episodes

Here are all the current episodes for you to watch!
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# Name/Download Description Release Date
2 Super Smash Emblem With an amazing new Super Smash Bros. reveal comes a super long podcast episode discussing not only Super Smash Bros. but Awakening and other elements of the Fire Emblem series. Keep in mind this was done only a couple days after the latest announcement so we didn't have all the info on the characters. Regardless, Seraphinox and I analyze and discuss it all, so enjoy! July 17th, 2014
1 Pronounce That Name! We're back with another season and this time we're changing it up--we'll throw episodes at you whenever we feel like it, with whoever we feel like. This time up we've got forum member, spriter, hacker, and all-around baller GhastStation to spice things up for a zetta long first episode of name-pronouncing mischief and Blazer chuckling like the little kid he is! April 17th, 2014