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Season 2 Episodes

Here are all the current episodes for you to watch!
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# Name/Download Description Release Date
8 Finale It took about a couple months but the finale has finally come. What with Blazer the pyromaniac (listen to the whole podcast to get the reference) being busy, it was decided we'd just keep the finale to Shu and veteran forum member bblues. It's one of our longest episodes and a great one at that, so listen in and get hyped for the next season of the Fire Emblem Podcast! April 6th, 2014
7 Goals and Gameplans There's been a lot of talk about Nintendo lately, especially when it comes to the success of the Wii U and some of their policies. Nintendo has responded back with some potential game-changers and we take a minute to see what it might mean for Fire Emblem. On another note, chapter goals--the conditions required to beat a chapter in Fire Emblem--are something we'd like to see spruced up for the next Fire Emblem, especially considering the lack of diversity in Awakening. February 5th, 2014
6 Sequel Stuff Sequels and remakes, they happen. They exist. Often times we get the sequels and remakes we don't really want. If we were to get a Fire Emblem sequel or remake, which game would we want it to be? Which game would you want it to be? And on a side note, what's up with those sales figures?! January 31st, 2014
5 Roy's Our Boy Roy's our boy! Roy's our boy! Shudawg and the Blaze put a little pressure on the GBA era of Fire Emblem games. How do they hold up compared to the others? What made them so likeable besides certain people's bias towards Roy? Were they really the "golden age" of Fire Emblem, as some people suggest? You tell us. January 22nd, 2014
4 The Drawing Board Downloadable-content: one of the more controversial new aspects of gaming. Fire Emblem: Awakening had quite a bit of DLC itself, so in this episode we not only take the time out to discuss how it worked and what we'd like to see from DLC, but we also touch upon the unrelated prospect of how the GamePad might be used in a future Fire Emblem game for the Wii U. January 15th, 2014
3 "Modding" "Modding" (as we prefer to call it... when we can remember) has been around in the Fire Emblem community for a while. Not every community gets to have as great of a modding scene as the Fire Emblem series--though there are definitely bigger ones for bigger series like Pokemon and Mario--so we take this episode to talk a little bit about the modding scene and some of the latest mods as well as our thoughts on modding in general. January 1st, 2014
2 Smash Brudders* Another episode, this one covers our favorite crossover fighting series, Super Smash Bros., and what we think about the future of Fire Emblem in it, with a little insight on an awesome Brawl mod called Project M amongst other random things as usual (and plenty of talking over each other since everyone loves that). December 25th, 2013
1 It's All About Plot!* It only took forever for us to finally get this episode out, despite having recorded it months prior, but that's how life is. This time, Fire Emblem Shrine graphics artist "Shu" joins us to discuss plot amongst other things. (Note: Voices are panned according to person. It's an experiment. If you don't like it/would prefer it equalized, let us know!) December 18th, 2013

*Note: These episodes use the old name of the podcast, "Fire Emblem WHAAAT?!".