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Blazer It took a long while, but the season 2 finale of our podcast is finally up. Furthermore, we've also added a new affiliate, Gamesfreak.

As always, our twitter will have all the latest Fire Emblem news and tidbits, including hack updates, game savings, and more.

Blazer As some already know, season 2 of our podcast is now underway. Episode 3 is up and as we've now renamed the podcast from our silly title of "Fire Emblem WHAAAT?!" to the plain old "Fire Emblem Podcast", you can now find the podcast has moved to here instead.

Let us know what you think through our forums or twitter, including suggestions on what to talk about!

Small FE6 Content Update November 14th, 2013
Seraph Hey guys, things have been going slowly lately. Ever since the mainsite update real life sunk its claws deep into all our staff members and has made progress slow in the last month.

So for today, I bring some FE6 content updates to the mainsite.

FE6 Game Script: Chapters 1 - 13 (17 Chapters total)

FE6 Walkthrough: Chapters 1 - 12x (16 Chapters total)

Miscellaneous Pages: Boss Data, Character Endings

Blazer I'd like to remind people that we are currently using our Twitter to relay general updates regarding Fire Emblem. These news posts will only be made for major Fire Emblem news or site notices, which there simply haven't been lately.

Thank you for your understanding.