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Getting Started on Editing Fire Emblem

Many people want to get started on modding/hacking/editing one of the games in the Fire Emblem series, but it's not easy to just suddenly start. What to do you do? Where do you go? How does it work?

Once a person gets started on modding the games, learning new things usually comes along smoothly. As a beginner, you're going to need a game to hack, which is illegal and cannot be found on any Fire Emblem site. You are going to need to be able to play the game using an emulator which can be found in the emulators section.

Using an emulator is usually as simple as opening the program and then opening the game, and adjusting settings for controls. Once you get a hang of using the emulator and some of its options, utilities and tools will be needed, as well as Nightmare Modules, all of which can be found on this website for download. Look around and find anything that you may need for your game.

Now that you have all these programs, you will need to start making use of them. Some programs have tutorials on using them while others are straight forward. Most consistent of opening the program, opening the ROM, searching for what you want to edit, and then editing it. Nightmare Modules can be opened with the Nightmare program and they allow you to edit many different aspects of the game. Most programs can be quickly saved by ctrl+s, however Nightmare requires you to hit both "enter" and Ctrl+S.

Once you become very familiar with Nightmare, you can venture off onto other programs. Not everything will be straight forward and you will most likely need to ask lots of questions, however common sense and thinking things out are two major aspects to becoming a successful hacker. The Ultimate Tutorial is also a resource you can make good use of. Keep in mind, however, that despite how detailed it is, it will not teach you everything nor is it to be read once and simply understood--practice and experience are key.

With this, I hope you start editing Fire Emblem, have lots of fun, and remember to share your hacks with others!