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Hack Patches & Projects

This section contains a variety of patches for various games of the series by various creators. These hacks can modify the gameplay, text, graphics, music, as well as many other aspects of the game. Click on the name of the game for more information about the hack.

This page is only for downloading and provides little information about the game itself. Click here to view hacks with additional available information or view the project's relevant site or thread.

Click on the name of the game to read information about it. The download link will usually link directly to a download, but said download may be outdated, so please always check the project's specific page for the latest information and downloads. Click on "Patch Type" for information about the patch format the hack uses. Enjoy the games!

NOTES: Some hacks do not have their own pages for information; many "downloads" link to the creator's own project discussion thread or website. If your hack is linked to here and you would like it to be removed, updated in any way, or have its own special page made for it, or a hack just needs updating and I haven't gotten a chance to yet, please let me know either through the contact form or at admin@feshrine.net.

Also, the difficulty type "Ragefest" refers to a hacking competition involving very difficult chapters designed to insight rage and frustration, often through various gimmicks. The type of difficulty for this tends to be high yet unique. The # next to it refers to which competition the hack was submitted for.

Gameplay Hacks

Name Game Version Patch Type Difficulty Creator Download
Athos Mode FE7 v0.1 UPS -- Nintenlord Download
Auto Emblem FE8 Final UPS Unchanged Team Justice Download
Binary Patch FE4 -- IPS Hard Habana♦887.bsRoNI Download
Blume FE5 -- IPS Hard Unknown Download
ChinaFE: Will of Good and Evil FE8 Final IPS Extreme ChinaFE Download
Curse of the Emblem FE7 -- -- -- Felover3 Download
Curse of the Emblem (Old) FE6 -- -- -- Felover3 Download
Darion's Mode FE8 Final IPS Very Hard Darion Download
eCut FE: Project Chaos FE7 -- -- Hard eCut Download
Elibian Nights FE7 -- UPS Medium Arch Download
Encryption20's Patch FE8 -- IPS -- encryption20 Download
Eternal Bond FE7 -- -- -- Agro Download
FE1DS Sync Patch FE11 Final XDelta -- Arch Download
FE7if FE7 03.23.12 IPS Easy or Hard Japanese Hackers Download
FE8-FE6 Hit Rate Patch FE8 -- IPS -- Venusaur Download
FETO's Last Stand FE7 Final UPS Ragefest 2 Hithere1 Download
Fire Emblem 4 - Graphics Patches FE8 -- IPS -- Celice Download
Fire Emblem 4 - Shin Patch FE4 v1.8 IPS Hard Doku Download
Fire Emblem 6: Sword of Seals - The Divine War FE6 (J) -- UPS -- Onmi Download
Fire Emblem 6 - Tier Balance Patch FE6 (J) Final IPS Easy Ezra Download
Fire Emblem 7 - Crossover FE8 v1.4 IPS -- CrypticGirl Download
Fire Emblem: A Sacred Dawn DX FE8 -- -- -- MageKnight404 Download
Fire Emblem: Beta Test 1 FE8 v5 UPS -- licker234 Download
Fire Emblem: Corrupt Theocracy FE7 Final UPS Hard Blademaster Download
Fire Emblem: Decay of the Fangs FE7 -- UPS Medium Mariobro3828 Download
Fire Emblem: Devourer of Time FE7 Final IPS Normal Flyingace24 Download
Fire Emblem: Forever FE7 2.1 UPS Medium, Hard Krad Download
Fire Emblem: Fūin no Tsurugi (Remake) FE7 -- UPS -- Superluigi Download
Fire Emblem: Girls FE8 (J) -- IPS -- FEBinary Download
Fire Emblem: Heart of Steel FE7 -- UPS -- Fitz24 Download
Fire Emblem: Leila Edition FE7 -- UPS -- Leila>Matthew Download
Fire Emblem: Monster Quest FE8 -- IPS -- Kahane Download
Fire Emblem: One-Day Hack FE7 Final UPS Medium-Hard Blazer Download
Fire Emblem: Ostian Princess FE7 1.2 IPS Medium Mig64 Download
Prince of Durand FE7 Discontinued IPS Hard Blazer Download
Fire Emblem: Prisoner of Darkness FE7 1.2 (Final) UPS Ragefest 2 Blazer Download
Fire Emblem: Rebirth FE11 Final Misc Medium Blazer Download
Fire Emblem Reunion FE8 -- IPS -- sushiz Download
Fire Emblem: Sacred Contention FE7 Final UPS -- Team Justice Download
Fire Emblem: Shining Armor FE6 Final UPS Easy Blazer Download
Fire Emblem: Sun God's Challenge FE8 -- UPS -- Blademaster Download
Fire Emblem: The Road to Ruin FE7 0.3 UPS -- Primefusion Download
GhebFE FE8 -- UPS -- FireEmblemGuy Download
GhebSaga FE8 -- UPS -- FireEmblemGuy Download
Gorilla Gadek SG FE8 0.10 UPS Medium Mage Girl Download
Hard Mode FE4 -- IPS Hard Camus the Dark Knight Download
MageKnight404's FE7 Hack FE7 -- UPS Medium MageKnight404 Download
Matthew's Nightmare FE7 Final UPS Ragefest 1 Cedar Download
Morph's Last Stand FE7 Final UPS Ragefest 1 Fitz24 Download
Nintenlord's Saga FE7 Discontinued UPS Medium Nintenlord Download
Project 76 FE7 -- -- -- Project 76 Download
Real War Chronicles FE6 Final UPS Very Hard JadeWyvernRider Download
Requiem of War FE7 1.0 UPS Hard DH_Ninja Download
Shadow Dragon: Evil Version FE11 -- XDelta Medium Blazer Download
Super Thracia 776 FE5 -- IPS Unknown LIN◆LIN/XxX/gw Download
Tales of Bravery FE7 Demo UPS Medium Blazer Download
Tales of the Emblem FE8 -- UPS Medium CrypticGirl Download
The Corruption of Roy FE7 -- UPS Ragefest 3 Markyjoe1990 Download
The Last Promise FE7 1.3 UPS Medium-Hard Blazer Download
Very Easy FE2 Final IPS Easy VincentASM Download
Zombie Apocalypse FE7 -- UPS -- TheEmblemBrigade Download

Miscellaneous & Technical Hacks

Name Game Version Patch Type Difficulty Creator Download
FE6 All-Instrument Hack FE6 Beta UPS -- Blazer Download
FE7 All-Instrument Hack FE7 Beta UPS -- Blazer Download
FE7 All-Instrument Hack (Repointed) FE7 Complete UPS -- Shadow of Chaos Download
FE8 All-Instrument Hack FE8 Complete UPS -- Shadow of Chaos Download
Shadow Dragon Portrait Hack FE11 Final XDelta -- Blazer Download
Sound Fix Patch FE7 Final IPS -- Prince Marph Download
Tutorial Killer Hack FE7 2.01 UPS -- Blazer Download
Tutorial Slayer (Arch's) FE7 -- UPS -- Arch Download
Weapon & Spell Animation Fix (Xeld's) FE7 -- IPS -- Xeld/Hextator Download
Weapon & Spell Animation Fix (FE8) (Xeld's) FE8 -- IPS -- Xeld/Hextator Download