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Translation Patches

This section contains patches that modify the script of the game to be in English rather than Japanese. Translation patches are made by fans who want to play the game while not having to read Japanese.

Game Group Completion Download
Fire Emblem 1 Quirino Fully Playable Download
Fire Emblem 2 Artemis251 Complete and epic translation. Download
Fire Emblem 3 RPGuy96 & Vincent ASM Mostly Complete Download
Fire Emblem 4 Dark Twilkitri Net Translation Division Menus, names, most script, but still incomplete Download
Fire Emblem 5 Shaya Most script, 70%~ Download
Fire Emblem 6 Dark Twilkitri New Translation Division, Eaichu 95% Complete, few things are incomplete Download
Fire Emblem 12 Heroes of Shadow 100% Complete Download
TearRing Saga ayashii gamesubs Most script, needs proofreading, various issues Download