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Important: This section contains documentation on various aspects of the Fire Emblem games and their data. This includes notes on how to hack something, offsets, how a certain part of the game works, guides, and references.

These are not necessarily tutorials or organized guides--tutorials and the such can also have a lot of great information but often times they teach you how to do something, which documentation does not necessarily do. They may or may not be outdated. Thank you for your understanding and please contribute any hacking documentation you may have here.

Name Platform Download
Battle Background Notes by Fire Blazer FE7 Download
CG Editing Notes by Fire Blazer FE7 Download
Dialog Background List by Fire Blazer FE7 Download
Discussion/Notes by VincentASM Multiple Download
Event Assembler Files (Macros, Template) by Fire Blazer GBA Download
Event Assembler Standard Library by Nintenlord GBA Download
Event Guide/Notes by Icy Toast FE7 Download
Event Notes by Fire Blazer FE6 Download
General Graphic Insertion by Fire Blazer GBA Download
Map Guide/Notes by Icy Toast FE7 Download
Map Size Notes by Fire Blazer Multiple Download
Map Tile Changes by Fire Blazer FE7 Download
Miscellaneous Hacking Doc by Kate Multiple Download
Music Hacking without Sappy 2006 by Charon the Ferryman GBA Download
Music SDAT Format by Kiwi NDS Download
Radiant Dawn Hacking by SandwichSage FE10 Download
Reference Tilesets by Icy Toast* FE7 Download
Shadow Dragon Documentation (includes editors) by Fire Blazer FE11 Download
Text Editing Notes by Felover FE2 Download
TSA Editing Notes by Ryrumeli GBA Download
Various Event Values by Ace GBA Download
VBA Savestate Doc by Fire Blazer All GBA Download
World Map Events by Mariobro3828 FE7 Download

*NOT for use with Mappy Map Editor, only for viewing and obtaining hex of certain tiles.