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Chapter Requirement Guide

Here's how to get to every chapter in the main game, including "gaiden chapters" but not including post-game levels. There are 40 playable chapters total, and 42 including the Interlude and the Credits. "Automatic" means that the chapter requirement is just beating the main goal of the chapter before. Also, note that this DOES contain spoilers, so be careful!

Chapter Requirement
Prologue Automatic
Prologue Part 2 Beat the Prologue with Shon Only
1 Automatic
2 Automatic
3 Automatic
4 Automatic
5 Automatic
5x In Chapter 5, obtain the talisman in the empty room by waiting on there
6 Automatic
7 Automatic
7x Beat Chapter 7 within 17 turns
8 Automatic
9 Automatic
10 Automatic
Interlude Automatic
11 Automatic
12 Automatic
13A In Chapter 11, choose to trust Logan
13B In Chapter 11, choose not to trust Logan
14 Automatic
15 Automatic
16 Automatic
17 Automatic
17x Beat Chapter 17 within 21 turns
18 Automatic
19 Automatic
19x Recruit Rex in Chapter 19
20 Automatic
21 Automatic
22 Automatic
23 Automatic
23x Automatic
23xx Obtain all four Emblem Weapons in the game. See "Sidequest Guide", "The Symbols of Virtue" for more info.
24 Automatic
25 Automatic
25x Beat Chapter 25 within 26 turns
26 Automatic
27 Automatic
Finale: Part 1 Automatic
Finale: Part 2 Automatic
Finale: Part 3 Automatic
Credits Beat the Game