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Sidequest Guide

Here are the list of the games sidequests, not to be confused with "gaiden" chapters, which are single-chapter sidequests. While sidequests may involve gaiden chapters, they are actually special events that are spread throughout multiple places in the game. Some sidequests let you know when they are completed; ones without special perks typically do not.

Reaching for the Heavens:

This sidequest focuses on Shon and his progression from an innocent young boy to a slightly more mature and able young man.

While the main game has a similar development of Shon, this one simply expands on that with slight changes here and there. Here is how to complete the sidequest:

1. On the prologue, solo the map with Shon. This means that Siegfried may not engage any enemy, even as a meat-shield. This will acquire the Prologue Part 2. Beat this map to complete part 1 of the sidequest.
2. On chapter 10, defeat Pellenore with Shon. Shon MUST have the final blow on Pellenore. This will unlock an altered ending. This completes part 2 of the sidequest.
3. On chapter 18, fight Howard with Shon. Shon does NOT have to defeat Howard--only engage him in combat. This will net you secret #2 as well as complete part 3 of the sidequest.
Ending: On chapter 22, Shon will have some different dialog as he acquires Silvans. If the entire sidequest was completed, Shon will acquire an upgraded Silvans ("Unlocked Silvans") with altered stats and stat boosts. A text box indicating that the sidequest was successfully completed, in its entirety, will also show up.

The Symbols of Virtue:

This sidequest includes obtaining four hidden weapons and playing an extra chapter if they are collected on time.

Emblem Lance - Found in Chapter 2 by visiting the southwest-most house with Corben.

Emblem Blade - Found in Chapter 8 by unlocking the northwest-most chest.


Emblem Axe - Found in Chapter 23 by defeating a Warrior who drops the weapon.


Emblem Bow - Found in Chapter 23x by having Haas talk to Storm.


Emblem Weapons are effective versus all units (i.e. they have double their displayed might) and have infinite uses.

Note that if both the Emblem Lance and the Emblem Blade were obtained in Part 1, Gordon will come back with both of them in his inventory in Part 2, on Chapter 16.

Upon obtaining all four Emblem Weapons through the game (and not through cheats), one has the option to go to Chapter 23xx. To do this, wait until the final turn on Chapter 23x, and a special cutscene will occur, which will then automatically take you to the next chapter. Upon defeating the boss, Nebilim, on Chapter 23xx, various special items, including the Ether Sphere, will be given to the player. A special message will also pop-up.

The Gold Halberdier:

This 2-part sidequest features Cid, the Gold Halberdier. While there are no directly intended perks, obtaining and completing the chapters will reward the player with additional experience, weapons, and game content.

- Obtain and Complete Chapter 5x
- Obtain and Complete Chapter 19x

The Real Estate Lady:

This recurring character simply provides a little comedic relief to the game. She appears multiple times in various houses spread throughout the game. Unfortunately, I cannot remember all of her appearances/locations. If someone could remind me, I'd greatly appreciate it.

- In Chapter 7
- In Chapter 10
- In Chapter 16
- In Chapter 26

Rana and Kelik:

This is a small sidequest that elaborates on a small subplot regarding Kelik, Rana, Mina, and the Raison Runes. It is first mentionedin chapter 8, but the details are seemingly never explained: however, upon recruiting Rana in chapter 24, Kelik can start a series ofconversations with him that wrap up the subplot.

There are three conversations: one in Chapter 24, one in Chapter 25, and one in Chapter 25x. To gain access to the second conversation,you need to have done the first conversation, and similarly the third conversation requires not only the second conversation to have beenviewed, but access to the sidequest chapter 25x (which also slightly ties in to the subplot). As a side note, Chapter 2, 8, and 27 also have some minorelements that tie in to the subplot. There aren't many real perks to this sidequest, unfortunately.

The Seven Secrets:

The Seven Secrets are the developer's little inserts into the game with various phrases marked on them, usually obtainedby realizing some hidden condition or achieving something somewhat extraordinary. Upon collecting allseven of them in one playthrough, free access is gained to the last two Stars of the Constellation (it must be within the same save file though),which costs an extraordinary amount of money otherwise.

An explanation for all seven secrets and the hidden meaning within them is planned but has yet to be realized as of yet.Please do not ask for an explanation or when there will be one.

Secret #1: In Chapter 15, have Kelik and Tekun talk. At the end of the conversation, Secret #1 will be obtained.

Secret #2: In Chapter 18, have Shon fight Howard. Afterwards, Secret #2 will be obtained.

Secret #3: In Chapter 21, complete the chapter by defeating the boss, Eligor, instead of letting the turn-count expire.

Secret #4: In Chapter 27, complete the chapter by defeating all the enemies on the map. This means that Galagar MUST be the last enemy to be defeated, as the chapter ends when Galagar is defeated.

Secret #5: Complete the Finale: Part 1 within 11 turns.

Secret #6: Obtain the Best Ending on the Finale: Part 2. This is done by defeating Leon and then choosing not 1to kill him when given the option.

Secret #7: Complete the game and watch the credits. At the end, Secret #7 will be obtained. (This can only happen once, even if you save the chapter and restart it.)