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Fire Emblem 1 FAQ/Walkthrough (Part 3) by Juigi Kario

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Fire Emblem 1: Ankoku Ryuu To Hikari No Tsurugi
(Dark Dragon and Sword of Light)
Walkthrough Part 3/3
Version 1.1
By Juigi

Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Version notes
3. Walkthrough
4. Credits

(Copied directly from AstroBlue's FFTA FAQ.)
This FAQ uses Shift-JIS encoding to display Japanese kana (characters). 
Browsers such as Mozilla Firefox (www.mozilla.org/products/firefox) support 
CJK encoding inherently, but common browsers such as MS Internet Explorer 
require you to update your system (windowsupdate.microsoft.com). Otherwise, I 
recommend you download a Japanese-English word processor called JWPce. It is 
available from: http://www.physics.ucla.edu/~grosenth/jwpce.php

1. Introduction

Hello. In case you don't go to the GameFAQ Boards and haven't seen my 
contributor info or Fire Emblem 6 Support FAQ, I am Juigi, elder half of the 
Kario Brothers, who are ripoffs of the Mario Brothers (from the Mario 
series). My email address is juigikario@yahoo.com . But enough of that.

Fire Emblem is a Strategy RPG series that has yet to be in America. So why 
are Marth (from Fire Emblem 1 and 3) and Roy (from Fire Emblem 6) in Super 
Smash Bros. Melee? Because SSBM was made in Japan. Both characters were the 
Lord/Leader of an army in their respective games, so they needed to survive 
for you to avoid Game Over.

Anyway, I got tired of the basic problems I've been having in Fire Emblem 1. 
I should understand them now, despite my inability to currently understand 
Japanese, but some people may not without a "translation" (which, might I 
tell you right now, would have to be incomplete). I am making this FAQs and 
Walkthrough because of this.

This is Part 3 of my walkthrough, and I have this Walkthrough split into 3 
parts to A) get Fire Emblem more noticed when I finish my FE1 FAQs and B) 
reduce the size problems of my walkthrough.

Now, Part 1 was about Marth's army securing Talis and liberating Orleans, and 
passing through Lefcandy and Warren along his way to Bares, the capital of 
Akanea. Part 3 was about Marth liberating Bares, taking down Gra, fighting 
off a seemingly invincible "Priest" going by the name of Garnef, and then 
liberating Altea.

In this final part, the Altean Army will try to get the sacred items of the 
Rahman Temple. After that, it's a showdown with Grunia and Macedonia, then 
with Garnef, and finally with Dolua's leader Medeus. Now it's up to the 
player to see if Marth will suceed in bringing peace back to Akanea. 

Oh yeah, about me:

*RN: Not publically disclosed
*A/S/L: 18 as of July 9/M/San Pablo (SF Bay Area), CA
*How to contact me:
-Email: juigi@lycos.co.uk
-AOL: Juigi Kario
-YIM: Not disclosed
-MSN: figaro_brothers@hotmail.com
-ICQ: Not used
*Major GameFAQ contributions: Fire Emblem 1 FAQs (3-part Walkthrough, Basic 
and Mechanics FAQ, Character FAQ, Class FAQ, Item/Weapon FAQ, Shop/Arena FAQ, 
and Talis Quest Walkthrough) and FE6 Support FAQ


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Excuse me if I'm being harsh; I just don't want any trouble. Strict? That I 
have no problem with. If you want to report anything though, do so, but be 
nice about it. Now onto the last part of the Walkthrough!

Japanese text addition notes: all Japanese characters are assumed to be 2 
characters long. In addition, I'm using "tu", "ti", and "si" in place of 
"tsu", "chi", and "shi" respectively in case you're confused. Small vowels 
are abbreviated as they would be in Romanji, so "jiyo" with "yo" being a 
small vowel becomes "jo." FYI, this applies only with "shi", "ji", and "chi" 
because they're the only convertable ones.

2. Version notes

*Version 1.1 (9/11/2004) - more fixes for navigation and various changes. 
Since it's been 3 years exactly since the 9/11 incident, don't forget to 
think of the people who died in said indicent.

*Version 1.06 (8/4/2003) - Personal info added.

*Version 1.05 (4/24/2003) - Navigation made slightly easier. Also added links 
to Fireemblem.net's maps

*Version 1.0 (4/22/2003) - This part of the walkthrough is started and done. 
Hurrah! Only thing left is to confirm stuff, check on stuff, etc. But I DO 
believe this still fulfills minimum bounty requirements, despite a fairly 
cheap writing style that was used.

3. Walkthrough

Chapter 18: Gurunia Kuro Kishi Dan (Grunia Dark Knight Party)

Basic Story: With Altea liberated, the Altean army, led by Altea Prince 
Marth, are now heading for the Rahman Temple. But they must be ready for 
Grunia's Dark Knight Party, the remaining Grunians left to fight, who will 
stop at nothing to make sure the Altean Army falls.

*Starting characters: Any survivors of previous chapters. (Marth has to be 
one of them, and you can bring in as many as 14 of the others.)
*Recruitable characters: Est (Pegasus Knight, recruit by letting her talk to 

Map: On http://fe.chinafe.com/html/fe1/tactics/18.htm

Villages to save: None

Chests: None

      1  2  3  13
            8  5
   M        9  6  7
10          4
   14       12 11

Items given up by enemies:
*Knight's Medal (Starron the boss)

-Est (appears west of the south set of twin bridges on turn 6)
-L7 Bow Knight with Silver Bow (appears in the eastmost of the four forts on 
turns 10 through 16)
-L7 Social Knight with Silver Spear (appears in the second fort from the east 
of the four forts on turns 8 through 15)
-L7 Social Knight with Silver Spear (appears in the second fort from the west 
of the four forts on turns 9 through 16)
-L3 Paladin with Thunder Sword (appears in the westmost of the four forts on 
turns 11 through 16)
-L3 Paladin with Silver Sword (appears in the fort on the middle peninsula on 
turn 15)

*Stop the advancing enemies on the bridges and fight them off
*Let Est talk to Marth and keep her safe
*Fight through the troops in the Dark Knight Party, including reinforcements
*Take out Starron the boss
*Make sure business with items and the arena is dealt with and you have 16 
living troops
*Take control of the castle Starron is guarding to end the chapter

Enemy overview:
*East of the fort inbetween the two sets of twin bridges, there are 2 L7 
Social Knights with Armor Killers, 2 L7 Bow Knights with Steel Bows, and 1 L3 
Paladin with a Regular Spear.
*On the south side of the map, there are 3 waves of enemies guarding Starron 
the L5 Paladin Boss with a Silver Spear.
-Wave 1, which is south of the bridge, consists of 4 Social Knights, 3 of 
which are at L5 and 2 of those 3 having Hand Spears and the third one having 
a Kill Sword, and the last of those 4 SKs being an L7 with a Knight Killer; 
an L5 Bow Knight with a Steel Bow; and an L3 Paladin with a Hand Spear.
-Wave 2, which is the middle wave, consists of 2 SKs with Knight Killers, one 
at L5 and the other at L7; an L3 Paladin, also armed with a Knight Killer; 
and 2 more L5 Bow Knights with Steel Bows.
-Wave 3, which is near the boss, consists of 2 L7 SKs with Knight Killers and 
1 L7 Reserve Cleric.


Deploy at least one of your Paladins. Also deploy tough low level characters, 
but be sure to include one of your Priests (since you should have one or both 
at a low level). If Troop 10 or 14 has a Movement Power of 6 or above, isn't 
an Armor Knight, Pegasus Knight, or Dragon Knight, and can be a great guard, 
then forget about needing the Paladin.

Why this? Well, this just so happens to be a breather chapter. No villages or 
chests to save and nothing but Social Knights, Paladins, and Bow Knights to 
fight both make this a rather easy chapter, especially for a ridiculously 
hard game. And since there's an arena and you should have quite a few Magic 
Shield Wands, you can level up those low level characters easily.

Now send Marth and the Paladin (or Troop 10/14 if can be a good guard) to 
guard the north end of the twin bridges. Make sure they stand on the plains 
but also make sure they're also blocking enemies coming from the bridges. The 
Knight Killer SKs won't be able to touch the Paladin, so (s)he'll only have 
to handle two weak attacks, one from the wielder of an Armor Killer and 
probably one from a Bow Knight. In the meantime, send ALL of your troops 

If you sent in a Paladin, have your replacements (NOT AN ARMOR KNIGHT OR 
FLYING UNIT!) take the Paladin's place and probably Marth's in guarding the 
bridges. The replacement's job is to withstand the attacks of the Dark Knight 
Party. Be sure to take advantage of the forts to have your troops heal.

Watch out; the reinforcements are tough. The SKs and Paladins with Silver 
Spears will all do as much as 20 damage PER HIT! Of course, this is cut down 
by the Physical Defense levels of your characters, but to make things worse, 
the Paladins have a VERY good chance of CHing your troops, thanks to their 
rather high Skill. It's vital your troops can withstand the attacks.

Before the reinforcements arrive, Est will arrive to help. Oh goodie! The 
final Pegasus Sister needed for the Triangle Attack. In case you don't know 
how to use the Triangle Attack, just have 2 of Paola, Katua, and Est stand on 
two sides of a single enemy, and have the final Pegasus Sister attack that 
enemy close up. Be aware that the Triange Attack is otherwise treated as just 
a regular attack with 100% Regular AND Critical Hit Rate.

Once the reinforcements are dead, just head south, but be prepared to fight 
the first wave of enemies guarding the castle as you move down. Once you get 
past that wave, head further toward the castle. Rinse, lather, repeat for 
waves 2 and 3. Once all 3 waves are gone, it's boss time!

-Boss: Starron (L5 Paladin, Silver Spear, gives up Knight's Medal)

ANYBODY step into melee combat could be the very same second that you lose a 


With Starron dead, train as many people in the Arena as you can (have them 
fight Magicians (or Priests in the case of Heros and Dragon Knights if you 
have them around) and Magic Shield them before they fight), then get rid of 
the dulled buyable weapons, replace them, and take care of other item issues. 
After that, make sure you have 16 living troops and then send Marth to take 
the castle to clear the chapter.

Chapter 19: Mamukuuto Purinsesu (Mamkute Princess)

Basic Story: Now the Altean Army has managed to get in the Rahman Temple. 
Soon enough they should be able to get the Orbs that could very well be 
related to the Fire Emblem. But the guards are under Garnef's hypnotism, and 
Banut may be in for a surprise......

*Starting characters: Any survivors of previous chapters. (Marth has to be 
one of them, and you can bring in as many as 11 of the others.)
*Recruitable characters: Tiki (Mamkute boss, recruit by talking to her with 

Map: On http://fe.chinafe.com/html/fe1/tactics/19.htm

Villages to save: None

*2 in the southern most of the east room (right one has a Priest's Ring, left 
one has Pure Water)
*2 in the second west room from the south (right one has 30,000 G, left one 
has Volcannon)
*2 in the third east room from the south (right one has the Earth Orb, left 
one has Angel Clothing)
*2 in the fourth west room from the south (right one has a Dragon's Whip, 
left one has a Speed Ring)
*1 still closed in the very top room (Star Orb)

1     2        3     4
   5  Cl M  6  Cl 7
      8        9
10       11

Cl = Column (part of the terrain)

Items given up by enemies:
-Orion's Arrow (the Sniper)
-Silver Sword (the Hero in the Throne area)
-Light Orb (the Devil Sword Thief)

Reinforcements: None. This is the last chapter without any reinforcements.

*Fight your way through all of the enemies.
*Loot the Treasure Rooms as you go.
*Take out the trapped bow users to get them out of the way.
*Send Banut to recruit Tiki the boss once the other enemies are dead.
*Make sure item issues are dealt with and you have 13 living troops.
*Take control of the throne Tiki is guarding to end the chapter

Enemy overview:
*Up the hallway leading to the throne, there are 3 Mercenaries and a Hero. 
The first is at L8 with a Steel Sword, the second is at L10 with a Kill 
Sword, the third is at L10 with a Steel Sword, and the Hero is at L5 with a 
Kill Sword.
*Inside the four locked rooms opposite the four with the treasures, there are 
3 Hunters and a Sniper. The first 2 Hunters are at L7 and have Bow Guns, the 
third is at L10 and has a Silver Bow, and the Sniper is at L3 and is armed 
with a Silver Bow.
*Right behind the doors of the topmost treasure room, there's an L5 Volcannon 
Magician and an L5 Hero with a Steel Sword.
*Guarding the throne is Tiki, 2 Reserve Clerics (1 at L5 and the other at 
L10), 2 Magicians (one is an L8 Freeze Magician, the other is an L10 L.Fire 
Magician), 2 L5 Heros (one with a Silver Sword, the other with a Steel 
Sword), and 3 Thieves (2 of which are armed with Iron Swords one of those two 
is at L3 and the other is at L5, and the last Thief is at L10 with a Devil 


You can bring in only 11 allies? This is so lame, especially since only one 
character can be obtained during the chapter. You've been allowed to have as 
many as 17 units in a single Chapter. Well, I suppose it has to do with Tiki 
and Banut, since their Physical Defense levels with their Mamkute Stones are 
insane. Of course, this chapter doesn't have any reinforcements either, so 
that may be why too.

Anyway, bring in Banut, since you need him to recruit Tiki, who already 
basically has 20 Physical Defense. Also, send in your Thieves, because you're 
going to have to bust open doors to get the treasures, and believe me: you 
WILL want to get them all. As for other characters, it doesn't matter too 
much. Just make sure you have weapons and magics that are undulled; there are 
NO shops on the map.

When you begin the chapter, you'll see Garnef talking to Tiki, apparently 
trying to fill her mind with garbage about her actually being really raised 
by Medeus and not Banut or Narga.......man is this guy evil! We need to shut 
his plans down for good somehow......

If you don't notice, enemies only attack if your units are within range of 
the enemies' attacks, but they also have enough AI to keep units from being 
lost easily and without inflicting much damage first as well. So you can pick 
them off one at a time. The first enemy is the southmost Mercenary. Nothing 
difficult. Just block and snipe off.

Bust open the door leading to the first treasure room and take the contents 
of the Treasure Chests. One has a Priest's Ring, which can be used to promote 
a Cleric or Magician.

If in the likely case you got multiple Clerics and maybe your Magicians to 
L20, then you're going to have to make a choice. Maric and Linda have better 
growth, but this makes them benefit less from promotion. You probably benefit 
less anyway if you choose to promote a Magician instead of an L20 Cleric; 
Clerics as Priests can fight back with magics, which increases the overall 
defense of your army, since few enemies would dare thoughtlessly attack a 
Black Magic user, meaning that you would have one less person who can get 
whipped without a fight, whereas Magicians only get the ability to use Wands 
when promoted, when 5 people you have can already use Wands, and that's 
definately more than enough. I'd go for Riff; he's the only Cleric with HP 
growth, except Ellis, who you get very late in the game, and in any case, 
he'll be allowed to use any Wand except Oum and Haiman if in the likely case 
he isn't already. But if you want, you can go ahead and choose Rena, Maria, 
or even one of the Magicians instead.

Anyway, send your new Priest (providing you chose to bring in whichever 
person you want to promoted) to fight and hopefully defeat the Hunter trapped 
in the locked room. Careful though; the Hunter could get a critical.

Now rinse, lather, repeat the kill Mercenary, loot treasure room, kill bow 
user order with each Mercenary/Bow User pair, making sure the new Priest or a 
low level character gets the experience. Be VERY careful with the last pair; 
they're both promoted units.

Don't forget: the Dragon's Whip is used for promoting one of your four 
Pegasus Knights. Which one you promote, don't ask me. I'd say go for Sheeda, 
but I may be a little biased by saying that........as for the Orion's Arrow, 
hopefully, Thomas is already at L20, so that you can promote him as well.

After that, you have a pesky Volcannon Magician in the room with the Star Orb 
treasure chest to handle next. Magic Shield whoever you sick on the idiot 
(unless the person is already wearing the Amulet) and then have the person 
whack the Volcannon Magician. Then beat down the Hero in the Star Orb room 
with ranged attacks. Then bust open the door, but be wary, because there's an 
L.fire Magician and a Freeze Magician, and either one of them can attack 
anybody in the center room. Knock them down and get the Star Orb. Now to 
search for the item that was in the other chest (which is already 
opened)........since we have still haven't taken care of the north area, it 
should be found there.

After that, it's just the Hero, the Thieves, the Clerics, and Tiki. Just get 
rid of the Hero. I don't think you have to worry about the Devil Sword Thief, 
since apparently, he won't attack your troops. After that, just have Banut 
talk to Tiki so that she'll join. I'm not providing an anti-Tiki strategy for 
this reason.

Anyway, after that, have her massacre the DS Thief and the Clerics to get 
some nice experience for her, along with the Light Orb from the DS Thief. 
Just take care of item issues, and the clear the chapter. Yep. Tiki was the 
boss, but you didn't have to fight her to begin with.....

Chapter 20: Burakku Naito Camyu (Black Knight Camus)

Basic Story: The troops of Altea, Talis, Akanea, and Khadain, along with 
those who hail from countries that opposed them, are now ready to take down 
the remaining opposers: Dolua, Macedonia, and Grunia. They will start with 
Grunia. Its remaining forces, led by Camus, will make one last stand against 
Altea before it quits the war.

*Starting characters: Any survivors of previous chapters. (Marth has to be 
one of them, and you can bring in as many as 14 of the others.)
*Recruitable characters: Lawrence (General, recruit by talking to him with 

Map: On http://fe.chinafe.com/html/fe1/tactics/20.htm

Villages to save:
-South-southeast of Camus (Reward is the Hammerne Wand.)

Chests: None

(empty row)
      4     M
         5  6
         7  8
   9  10 11 12
13 14

Items given up by enemies:
-Silver Sword (one of the L10 Paladins)
-Devil Sword (the Thief)
-Elephant Gun (the L10 Elephant Shooter)
-Gladius (Camus the boss)

-L10 Armor Knight with a Silver Sword (appears from southeast fort on turn 7)
-L8 Armor Knight with a Knight Killer (appears from eastmost of the four SW 
forts on turn 7)
-L8 Social Knight with a Regular Spear (appears from the second fort from the 
east of the four SW forts on turn 9)
-L10 Bow Knight with a Silver Bow (appears from the second fort from the west 
of the four SW forts on turn 9)
-L9 Social Knight with a Silver Spear (appears from the westmost of the four 
SW forts on turn 9)
-L3 Paladin with a Silver Spear (appears from the north of the two west forts 
on turn 9)
-L10 Social Knight with a Kill Sword (appears from the south of the two west 
forts on turn 9)
-L7 Social Knight with a Hand Spear (appears from the fort not far west of 
the village on turn 10)
-L10 Bow Knight with a Silver Bow (appears from the northwestern fort on turn 

*Fight off and quickly take out the 4 Paladins and 2 Shooters
*Fight off and quickly take out the next 3 Paladins
*Save the village
*Fight off the 9 reinforcements
*Have Sheeda talk to Lawrence to have him recruited
*Take out the remaining enemies, being sure to watch out with Camus.
*Make sure item issues are dealt with and you have 16 living troops.
*Take control of the castle Camus is guarding to end the chapter

Enemy overview:
*Around Camus the L14 Paladin boss with the Gladius, there are 2 L7 Reserve 
Clerics, 2 Elephant Shooters (one at L8, the other at L10), 3 L10 Paladins 
with Silver Spears (dubbed by Vengeance the FE3 FAQ writer as the relatives 
of........THE DARK PALADIN OF DOOM, or should I say........THE RED PALADIN OF 
BLOOD), 1 L10 Thief with a Devil Sword, 1 L3 General with a Silver Spear, and 
finally Lawrence.
*Southwest of the shops, there are 2 Generals, 1 of which at L3 with a Silver 
Spear, and the other at L1 with a Steel Sword, and an L7 Quick Rain Shooter.
*Northeast of the village, there are 4 L5 Paladins with Silver Spears (also 
dubbed by Vengeance as the relatives of......THE DARK PALADIN OF DOOM) and 2 
L5 Shooters, one with a Fire Gun and the other with Quick Rain.


For deploying units, definately deploy Sheeda. You need her to get Lawrence, 
who is VERY useful. Also, be sure to deploy units who A) can take on the 
Paladins AND the reinforcements and B) can take advantage of the arena. I'm 
going to tell you right now that this is the LAST chapter that you can use 
the arena AT ALL. You can also buy axes in this chapter, but after this 
chapter, Daros and your Axemen (providing you kept them alive) will have to 
work with whatever axes you have left to retain any usefulness, because you 
are NOT getting another chance to buy axes. Also, bring in Chiki anyway even 
though she's banned from the Arena. (Dang anti-Mamkute bias....) She could 
use some nice experience. Oh yeah: deploy Jake and Beck so that they can use 
the Star Orb to train in the Arena without worrying about their Catapaults 
running out of ammo.

Anyway, send your troops to fight the grandparents of.....THE RED PALADIN OF 
BLOOD! However, don't get too close; the Shooters are approaching, and the 
damage the Paladins can dish out easily is enough to handle. Just get rid of 
the Paladins with bow attacks and dispatch the Shooters with powerful melee 
and upclose magic attacks.

Next, there are the parents and sister of......THE RED PALADIN OF BLOOD! 
them quickly as well. Bow and distant magic attacks will drop the idiots in a 
hurry. After that, QUICKLY send Marth to the village to get the Hammerne Wand 
from an old man who is apparently Rena's grandfather. The Hammerne Wand 
should be given to Rena ASAP. It should become useful soon enough........

Anyway, send everybody to the area of the four forts. Don't worry; the 
reinforcements won't come out of those forts. It is the south and west forts 
that will sprout out the pesky Grunians. What to do? Well, exploit their 
weaknesses, of course. In any case, you might notice that Lawrence is 
a-comin'. So when no Bow Knights are around, have Sheeda fly next to Lawrence 
and have her talk to him. Now you'll have another ally, and one who happens 
to be useful at that too.

After the reinforcements are dead, just head into enemy territory, but don't 
rush into it. It's vital to avoid having ANYBODY only one or two squares away 
from Camus since he has a Strength rating of 14 AND he's fast AND skilled, 
not to mention he's armed with the Gladius, which has a range of 1 to 2, has 
a sharpness of 20, and has a 100% hit rate. This means Tiki, who won't have 
had much of a chance to level up, won't stand a chance, and even the highest 
Physical Defense people have VERY, VERY little chance of survival if they 
receive a critical blow from Camus and their HP levels are below 43 or their 
Fight Speed ratings are below 13.

For this reason, EXTREME caution with the Generals, the Thief, the Shooters, 
and even the Clerics is advised. Try to take out the Shooters first to keep 
their Elephant Guns from pounding you. Next, drop the Generals with distance 
attacks so that they can't take advantage of their powerful weapons. After 
that, just get rid of the Thief and then it's just Camus and the Clerics. The 
Clerics are no problem, so just make sure you don't have anybody in range of 
Camus's Gladius. After dispatching the lesser enemies, it's time to fight 

-Boss: Camus (L14 Paladin, Gladius, gives up the Gladius)

Oh great! You better be REALLY lucky unless you have somebody who can 
actually survive a round for sure. Just have somebody really good attack 
while equipped with the Light Orb, then blast him with Torron if he's weakned 
enough to finish him off.


If you don't notice, Camus gives out apparently last words (although in FE3, 
they're not REALLY last words........just play Book 2 and see what I mean, 
and as an extra hint, what I'm talking about will also have to do with Oguma 
as well) so you can't see the experience reward for the kill. Now send as 
many people to the arena to train there, but as before be sure nobody will 
die when sending in troops. BE SURE TO GET AS MONEY AS YOU CAN FROM THE 
ARENA! Past this chapter, there are only 10,000 more Gold Pieces that can be 
obtained, since you can't use the arena again after this chapter. Hopefully, 
you can get EVERYBODY to L20. Also buy any Regular, Hand, and Steel Axes and 
Hammers that you want for the remaining 5 chapters of the game, take care of 
other item issues, then send Marth to clear the chapter. Soon enough, you'll 
have beaten this difficult game.......

Chapter 21: Kessen Makedonia (Decisive Battle of Macedonia)

Basic Story: Now that Grunia has fallen, only Dolua and Macedonia are left 
for the Altean Army to handle. Altea aims to take out Macedonia before doing 
anything about Dolua. Now the Macedonian Dragon Knight Party will stop at 
nothing to make sure Altea and its allies fall.

*Starting characters: Any survivors of previous chapters. (Marth has to be 
one of them, and you can bring in as many as 15 of the others.)
*Recruitable characters: None, any you get after this point are characters 
you'll start out with.

Map: On http://fe.chinafe.com/html/fe1/tactics/21.htm

Villages to save: None

Chests: None

West group (SW of the Paladins)
10    11 12

East group (SE of the Paladins)

Middle group (SE of the West group, SW of the east group)
                     7  8  9
(empty row)
5                          3  4
         M  1  2

Items given up by enemies:
-Silver Bow (the Sniper)
-Knight's Medal (Ordain the boss)

-L5 Dragon Knight with Knight Killer (appears from westmost fort on turn 5)
-L5 Shooter with Quick Rain (appears from 2nd westmost fort on turn 5)
-L5 Dragon Knight with Silver Spear (appears from 3rd westmost fort on turn 5)
-L5 Shooter with Stone Hedge (appears from 4th westmost fort on turn 5)
-L5 Dragon Knight with Dragon Killer (appears from middle fort on turn 5)
-L5 Shooter with Thunder Bolt (appears from 4th eastmost fort on turn 5)
-L5 Dragon Knight with Hand Spear (appears from 3rd eastmost fort on turn 5)
-L5 Shooter with Quick Rain (appears from 2nd eastmost fort on turn 5)
-L5 Dragon Knight with Thunder Sword (appears from eastmost fort on turn 5)

*Fight off the 6 Dragon Knights, 2 Magicians, 3 Generals, and 1 General.
*Fight off the reinforcements of 5 Dragon Knights and 4 Shooters.
*Take out the 5 Paladins, the Cleric, and Ordain the boss.
*Make sure item issues are taken care of, including boosting people's 
Strength, Skill, Speed, and Luck (using the Secret Shop items); and make sure 
you have 16 living troops.
*Take control of the castle Ordain is guarding to end the chapter

Enemy overview:
*The first enemy line consists of 3 L9 Generals with Silver Swords. Not too 
far behind them is an L3 Sniper with a Silver Bow.
*The second enemy line consists of 5 L5 Paladins, all armed with Silver 
Spears, and 2 L10 Magicians, one with L.Fire and the other with Freeze.
*The third enemy line consists of Ordain the L10 Paladin boss with a Hand 
Spear; 2 Reserve Clerics; and 6 Dragon Knights. The east half of the Dragon 
Knights are at L5, the eastmost of which has a Silver Spear and the other two 
have Hand Spears; and the west half are at L7, and the eastern of the three 
of that half has a Knight Killer and the other two have Hand Spears.


Not another difficult battle. Well, take a good look at the formation, and 
try to put at least one bow user into each of the three groups. Whoever else 
you want to deploy doesn't really matter, just as long as you have enough 
strong troops.

Try to get your troops to gather as quickly as possible if you can. The best 
way to win this battle is to play defensively. Don't try to stop the Generals 
from attacking; there's no way to stop them from getting help from the Dragon 

Be sure to have your Armor Killers and Bows ready to get rid of the Armor 
Knight and Dragon Knights. The Sniper should be pounded with close range 
attacks, as always. As for the Magicians, remember to use Magic Shield.

Once the 10 idiots are dead, heal your troops, but DO NOT ADVANCE! Soon 
enough, you'll be fighting 5 Dragon Knights and 4 Shooters, who will ALL come 
at your troops. Do you want to include ANY of the Paladins in the fighting? 
I'm sure you don't.

The Dragon Knights will get to your team a LOT faster than the Shooters. So 
just snipe them off with bow attacks and then blast the Shooters to Kingdom 
Come with Magics or the Thunder Bolt Catapault once they're around.

After that, just fight each Paladin one at a time. How? Just have somebody 
strong BARELY in attack range of one of the Paladins, then pound the Paladin 
with everything you have once it attacks. Rinse, lather, repeat with the 
other 4 Paladins.

After that, it's just Ordain and the 2 Clerics. Don't drop the Clerics yet if 
you don't need to. In any case, it's boss time!

-Boss: Ordain (L10 Paladin, Hand Spear, gives up Knight's Medal)

This guy is much like a much easier version of Camus. Still, be careful 
unless you sick Lawrence, Tiki, or some other high Physical Defense character 
on him.


Once Ordain is dead, take care of item issues. The Knight's Medal is to go to 
one of your L20 Social Knights. Don't forget to kill the Clerics for 

WARNING: There is a secret shop on the map. See that lone "Forest" surrounded 
by Mountains? That's where it is. Have somebody with the Member Card AND the 
Silver Card, along with nothing else in their invetory, go there and buy as 
many Power Rings, Speed Rings, Mystery Books, and Goddess Statues as needed. 
Be sure to save up money for replacing items and buying Promotion items (each 
of which cost 2,000 G, and you'd need 10, for a total of 20,000 G) and the 
"Defense set" but keep in mind that you get 10,000 more Gold as well. 2,550 G 
for each Stat Booster or Promotion Item is still rather expensive (even 
though they're worth even more in the other FEs), so the Silver Card is to be 
used to cut the prices in half.

Once item issues are dealt with, if you didn't let anybody die, then go ahead 
and clear the chapter.

Chapter 22: Tenkuu O Kakeru Kishi (Knights Galloping in the Sky)

Basic Story: Macedonia is falling apart, and now thinking that they have 
little chance of a sucessful negotiation with the Alteans, the Dragon Knight 
Party is going to fight to retain their alliance with Dolua, even if Michael 
deserts his army or dies. They, along with Michael, will do so by killing 
whichever of Altea's allies that they can. Marth and his troops must hold out 
against the armies, while trying to protect the village that is home to Gato, 
who turns out to apparently have a grudge against humans.......

*Starting characters: Any survivors of previous chapters. (Marth has to be 
one of them, and you can bring in as many as 15 of the others.)

Map: On http://fe.chinafe.com/html/fe1/tactics/22.htm

Villages to save:
North-northeast of the Macedonian Fortress (reward is Starlight, but Star and 
Light Orbs must first be in Marth's invetory before Starlight can be recieved, 
and both Orbs will be given up as well when Starlight is recieved)

Chests: None

M     1     2  3
   4     5        6     7
8     9  10 11 12    13

Items given up by enemies:
-Dragon Shield (Michael the sub-boss)
-Dragon Whip (The boss)

-L3 Dragon Knight with Knight Killer (appears from middle of the 3 west forts 
in the Macedonian Fortress on turns 8 through 14)
-L5 Paladin with Silver Spear (appears from the middle of the 3 east forts in 
the Macedonian Fortress on turns 9 through 14)
-L5 Dragon Knight with Silver Spear (appears from the east of the 3 west 
forts in the Macedonian Fortress on turns 10 through 14)
-L10 Bow Knight with Silver Bow (appears from the east of the 3 east forts in 
the Macedonian Fortress on turns 10 through 14)
-L5 Dragon Knight with Silver Spear (appears from the west of the 3 west 
forts in the Macedonian Fortress on turns 10 through 14)
-L3 Worm Priest (appears from the east of the 3 east forts in the Macedonian 
Fortress on turns 10 through 14)

*Warp Tiki to stand on the gates of the village
*Fight off the advancing troops army
*Take out Michael and the Thief
*Fight off the reinforcements
*Take out the 2 Clerics and the Dragon Knight Party Member boss.
*Have Marth visit the village with BOTH the Star and Light Orbs.
*Make sure any other item issues (BE SURE TO BUY ANY TOMES NEEDED FOR THE 
REST OF THE GAME) are taken care of and you have 16 living troops. 
*Take control of the castle the Dragon Knight Party Member is guarding to 
clear the chapter.

Enemy overview:
*All the enemies start in the Macedonian Fortress. There are 4 L3 Paladins (2 
with Hand Spears, 1 with a Steel Sword, and the other with a Knight Killer), 
2 L10 Bow Knights armed with Silver Bows, 4 L10 Pegasus Knights (2 with Hand 
Spears, 1 with a Kill Sword, and the last with an Armor Killer), 1 L9 Pegasus 
Knight with a Silver Spear, 3 L7 Dragon Knights (2 with Silver Spears, the 
third with a Hand Spear), 1 L3 Dragon Knight with a Knight Killer, the 
no-portrait Dragon Knight boss, who is at L10 with a Hand Spear, 2 L10 
Reserve Clerics, 1 L10 Iron Sword, and Michael, the L12 Dragon Knight with a 
Hand Spear, all within.


This is the HARDEST chapter in the whole game, PERIOD. Unless you know 
exactly what you're doing, you WILL lose troops. All those Dragon Knights and 
Paladins, along with the Worm Priests and such that will come out of the 
forts, can be enough to even overwhelm your troops.

Definately bring in Tiki, and be sure to have a Warp Wand user around too. 
Make sure your Reserve Wands and the Star and Light Orbs are in storage or in 
the invetories of troops you bring in. And you probably want to bring in the 
Partia AND the Gladius. If you didn't give Tiki a Dragon Shield, then you may 
want to keep a Reblow Wand around.

Immediately warp Tiki to the village gates. Even without having been improved 
with a Dragon Shield, she'll take no more than 4 damage per hit, and that's 
from the Dragon Knights with the Silver Spears. As long as she is standing on 
the village gates, the Thief can't send it to HFIL. And it's ABSOLTELY VITAL 
that you keep that village safe from harm. In the meantime, have your troops 
go up along the east path, but be sure to have ALL of them ready to fend off 
the attacks that will come from the Dragon Knight Party.

ALL of the enemies except Michael, the boss, the 2 Clerics, and the Thief 
will rush out of the fortress to pull off a full scale attack. Remember to 
apply their weaknesses, and try to give as much experience to your new 
Paladin as you can too.

Hopefully, you can get rid of the Dragon Knight Party troops attacking your 
team quickly, along with the Thief. Why? Well, guess what will appear soon 
enough? That's right! More reinforcements. And they can do a LOT of damage in 
a hurry. Be VERY careful or they WILL kill somebody.

will probably only make things more difficult, since your defenses would be 
weakened. Just use your Reserve Wand if things become HFILish. (Okay. 
Somebody needs to smack me and beat up FUNimation.)

Now, in case you get into attack range of Michael, you will have to fight him.

-Sub-Boss: Michael (L12 Dragon Knight, Hand Spear, gives up Dragon Shield)

HAH! Without Aiote's Shield (an item in FE3 that prevented weapons from 
having their sharpness triple against particular enemies, ala FE4's 
Nullify/Alertness, and yes, Michael had this item), Michael is easy to snipe 
off with arrow attacks.


Once you fend off Michael (who most likely pulled off a Camus) and the 
reinforcements, just advance into the fort. Now it's time to fight the REAL 

-Boss: DKP Member (L10 Dragon Knight, Hand Spear, gives up Dragon Whip)

OMFG! Didn't you just fight Michael just a minute ago? And he was 2 levels 
ahead AND he had the same weapon. Not to mention that terrain doesn't give 
evade boosts to flyers. For the boss of such a difficult chapter, this guy is 
an absolute joke!


Once the boss is dead, take care of item issues, especially including 
promoting a Pegasus Knight if she's at L20 (having her also kill the 2 
Clerics afterwards if you kept them alive), but DO NOT CONQUER THE CASTLE YET!

----- |     | ----- |-----     ----- |-----
  |   |     |   |   |            |   |
  |   |-----|   |   |----|       |   |----|
  |   |     |   |        |       |        |
  |   |     | ----- -----|     ----- -----|

----- |    | |--\    --   |--\  -----     /\     |\    | ----- |
  |   |\  /| |   |  /  \  |   |   |      /  \    | \   |   |   |
  |   | \/ | |--/  |    | |--/    |     /----\   |  \  |   |   |
  |   |    | |      \  /  |\      |    /      \  |   \ |   |  
----- |    | |       --   | \     |   /        \ |    \|   |   *

Forgive the lousy ASCII if you can, but this CANNOT be ignored at all. You 
MUST do this if you want to score the Falchion. Without the Falchion, it will 
be EXTREMELY difficult to even SCRATCH Medeus. (Thanks to Vengeance for the 
idea of the ASCII art to catch people's attention.) Anyway, first off, send 
Marth to the village, but make sure he has the Star and Light Orbs BOTH in 
his invetory. If he enters the village without them both, then Gato won't 
give him the Starlight spell. But if Marth enters with BOTH orbs, then he'll 
give them up and get the Starlight.

Now, another thing. It isn't quite as important, but it is a warning: none of 
the shops past this chapter sell Tomes at all. Now don't say I didn't warn 
you if you suddenly lose Volcannon because it broke and you can't find a way 
to replace it after this chapter. Just buy the Tomes that you would need for 
the final 3 chapters. And don't forget the Catapaults for Jake and Beck, 
because this is the only chapter where you can buy them.

Once you take care of the Starlight problem, the Tome shortage possibility, 
and other item issues, just take control of the castle.

Chapter 23: Aku No Shisai Gaanefu (Evil Priest Garnef)

Basic Story: With Macedonia down for the count, Marth has decided to take 
down Garnef and Medeus once and for all. Gato has warped Marth and his army 
into the southwestern section of Garnef's tower in Thebes, but they must be 
ready to defend themselves; Garnef, along with his 3 clones, the hypnotized 
Khadain Mages, and several Doluan fighters are all ready to wreck the Altean 
Army's hopes for ever obtaining victory.

*Starting characters: Any survivors of previous chapters. (Marth has to be 
one of them, and you can bring in as many as 11 of the others.)

Map: On http://fe.chinafe.com/html/fe1/tactics/23.htm

Villages to save: None, no more after this point.

2 north of where your troops start (left has 10,000 G, right has an Amulet)

8              1
   2  3     4        5     6
         7  M     9     10
ST 11

ST = Storage Tent

Items given up by enemies:
-Pure Water (southmost Cleric)
-Door Key (the Thief with the Iron Sword)
-Magic Shield (the Cleric on the top of the second set of stairs)
-Reserve (the Cleric near the fake Garnef guarding the throne)
-Falchion (the real Garnef)
-Priest's Ring (the fake Garnef guarding the throne)

Reinforcements (all appearing on Turn 7 around the throne):
-2 L5 Thunder Magicians
-2 L5 Torron Priests
-2? L8 Freeze Magicians (http://FE.ChinaFE.com indicates that there are two 
Freeze Magicians, but only one appeared for me)

*Get the treasures from the treasure room.
*Fight off the 3 Priests and 2 Magicians from the southeast
*Prepare for and fight off the 2 Heros, 1 Magician, and 1 Sniper all coming 
from the north
*Prepare for and fight off the reinforcements
*Take out the 2 Thieves and 1 living Sniper
*Take out the first two Clerics along the way
*Take out the Clerics and all of the Garnefs including the real one.
*Make sure item issues (including getting and using promotion items and 
putting the Falchion in Marth's posession) are taken care of and you have 11 
(YES, ELEVEN) living troops.
*Take control of the throne the fake Garnef is guarding to clear the chapter.

Enemy overview:
*Sitting on the throne is one of the fake Garnefs. Around the throne is the 
real Garnef, the other 2 Fake Garnefs, an L7 Sniper with a Silver Bow, 2 L5 
Heros with Silver Swords, 2 L9 Reserve Clerics, and 1 L5 Volcannon Priest. 
All 3 Fake Garnefs are L10 Worm Priests. The real one is an L10 Maph Priest.
*West of that group is another L9 Reserve Cleric. Nobody else there.
*Up the stairs east of where your troops start, there is 1 L5 Thief with an 
Iron Sword, 1 L7 Sniper with a Silver Bow, and 1 L9 Reserve Cleric.
*In the southeast area, there are 3 L5 Priests (one using Fire, another using 
Thunder, and the last using Volcannon), 1 L7 Freeze Magician, 1 L10 L.Fire 
Magician, and 1 L10 Thief with a Devil Sword.


First off, seeing as there are FOUR Reserve Clerics, your best bet is to 
remember to take out any enemies you attack as swiftly as possible. In any 
case, deploy one of your Thieves, and make sure you can access Starlight, and 
make sure you bring your Magicians along too. Also you probably will want to 
bring in your recently promoted Dragon Knight to get a lot of experience. If 
the recently promoted Dragon Knight isn't Sheeda, then bring in the Pegasus 
Sisters for the almighty Triangle Attack. For other troops, bring in anybody 
who can be promoted. You'll have to leave out one of the units that can be 

This chapter is, compared to the last one, ridiculously easy. Most of the 
non-Garnef enemies are pesky magic users who aren't using anything stronger 
than Torron. Guess what? The treasure chests, which are easy to get control 
over, have 10,000 gold and an Amulet, so you can permanently have somebody 
able to take only 2 damage from L.Fire, 5 damage from Volcannon, 6 damage 
from Torron, and none from the basic spells. Add to the fact that the only 
Torron users are 2 Priest reinforcements, you should have a Reblow Wand 
always ready, all the enemy groups attack at different times, and you should 
keep your troops together to help get rid of the pesky Snipers and Heros, and 
it is easy to realize how easily experience is obtained. Just have Starlight 
ready to beat the real Garnef to a pulp once you get to the third floor.

I will divide the chapter into three sections, one for each floor.

-First floor:

Immediately send ALL of your troops to bust open the door to the treasure 
room and then empty the chests. Then give the Amulet to whoever you want, 
prefably your recently promoted Dragon Knight. Then it's a humiliation for 
the morons attacking you, about the size of Russia no less!

The magic users from the southeast area are ALL coming, along with the Doluan 
scum and the Priest around the Garnefs. Well, guess what? By the time the 
Doluan scum gets to your squad, however, the pesky Magicians and Priests from 
the southeast should already be taken care of, and without help, they won't 
even be able to do too much damage to whoever used the Amulet.

Heal the Amulet wearer (the one with 7 permanent Magic Defense) and then have 
him/her just get ready to fight the Doluans coming at your squad. Watch out 
for the Sniper if the Amulet wearer is the Dragon Knight, as if you didn't 
know whether or not to do that. Just kill the Sniper off first thing AND 
immediately once the Doluan scum gets around.

If the reinforcements are too far away, bait the Sniper who stays on the top 
of the stairs down them with somebody who ISN'T a Dragon or Pegasus Knight. 
Then drop the idiot. With only the weak Thief able to help, he won't stand a 

Once the reinforcements have come around, just pound them one at a time. Once 
they're all dead, just kill off the Devil Sword Thief for experience, but 
watch out for the high amount of damage.

Now for the next floor.

-Second floor:

There are only two enemies on the whole floor besides the Sniper: the Iron 
Sword Thief and a Cleric. Just get rid of the Cleric first, then kill the 
Thief. Then it is on to the next floor. Not much on this floor, was there?

-Third floor:

Get rid of the Cleric immediately. After that, you have to fight the first 
fake Garnef.

-Sub-Boss 1: Fake Garnef #1 (L10 Priest, Worm)

This guy is just like those idiots from the last chapter, except for a few 
additional points of Physical Defense and Fight Speed, among other lesser 
factors. Fortunately, he's not terribly difficult to slay, especially without 
Dragon Knight annoyances to help him out. Just whack him around, but be aware 
that he can still be dangerous.


After pounding fake Garnef #1, it's sub-boss time again!

-Sub-Boss 2: Garnef (L10 Priest, Maph, gives up the Falchion)

Have somebody who can't survive one round against his Maph (prefably somebody 
besides your Thief and your Dragon Knight) stand in range of his Maph, and 
have your Starlight stand nearby the person. Then when he attacks and kills 
the poor troop, sick your Starlight user on him to avenge him/her! (Although 
you are the one who had the now dead troop killed in the first place. :P) 3 
hits or 1 CH will defeat him. Don't worry; you'll get that dead troop back 
soon enough.


Even though the real Garnef is dead, the clones don't disappear. But since 
you have the Falchion now, give it to Marth. He's the only person who can use 
this weapon. Since it has perfect durability and he can use it to heal 
himself, he is virtually invincible.....well, not quite, but close enough. 
Sword and Lance users certainly are no longer able to attack Marth though. 
Anyway, next up is the fake Garnef who isn't on the throne.

-Sub-Boss 3: Fake Garnef #2 (L10 Priest, Worm)

Fake Garnef #2 is just like Fake Garnef #1. I already provided a strategy for 
that boss too.


With Fake Garnef #2 dispatched, it's boss time, finally!

-Boss: Fake Garnef #3 (L10 Priest, Worm, gives up Priest's Ring)

AH HA HA HA HA! Didn't you face 2 idiots EXACTLY like him already? If you 
can't kill him when you already killed the other two fakes and even the real 
McCoy, then you REALLY suck.


Now promote a Level 20 Cleric or Magician if you have one. (Come on! You 
should have plenty of L20s!) Then bust open the door and have somebody with 
the Silver and Member Cards search where the door was. You should find a 
SECRET SHOP. Just go in and buy the following items:

*2 Knight Medals
*2 Hero's Proofs
*4 Priest's Rings
*2 Dragon Whips

Since you should have BOTH Archers promoted already and you can't promote 
your other bow users, there is NO point in wasting your money with Orion's 
Arrows. Anyway, use the Knight Medals to promote your SKs to Paladins, the 
Hero's Proofs to promote your Mercenaries to Heros, the Priest's Rings to 
promote your Clerics and Magicians to Priests, and the Dragon Whips to 
promote your Pegasus Knights to Dragon Knights. You're going to have to save 
up two (or three if you suicided a troop that you can promote) of your 
promotion items for the next chapter. Also make sure one of your now promoted 
Priests has a Warp Wand with at least two or three uses ready.

Oh yeah. If you hadn't dispatched the Clerics fully yet, then sick your newly 
promoted units on them now.

With that handled, just send Marth to take the throne and clear the chapter. 
Now you get a new unit, who is Marth's sister Ellis, and it's also only 2 
more chapters left! HOORAY!

Chapter 24: Mamukuuto No Oukoku (Mamkute Monarchy)

Basic Story: At long last, Marth and his army are going to attack Dolua, 
hoping to finally bring it down. But before they can reach Medeus's castle, 
they have to fight off the more numerous Doluans 

*Starting characters: Any survivors of previous chapters. (Marth has to be 
one of them; Ellis counts as a survivor of "previous chapters," even though 
you couldn't use her at all during the last chapter or previous chapters for 
that matter; and you can bring in as many as 14 of the others including or 
excluding Ellis.)

Map: On http://fe.chinafe.com/html/fe1/tactics/24.htm

-Right near the Altar where you use the Oum Wand (Devil Sword)

   ST       14
      10 11    12 13
         7  8  9
1  M  2        6
      3  4  5

ST = Storage Tent

Items given up by enemies:
-Devil Sword (the Thief)

Reinforcements (all appear on turns 8 to 35):
-L5 Fire Mamkute (appears from the fort southwest of the Altar, common)
-L5 Fire Mamkute (appears from the fort northeast of the Altar, common)
-L5 Fire Mamkute (appears from the fort east of the Altar, common)
-L10 Pegasus Knight with Dragon Killer (appears from the fort southeast of 
the Altar, VERY, VERY rare)*
-L10 Magic Mamkute (appears from the northwest fort in the same area as the 
castle, VERY common)
-L5 Hero with Silver Sword (appears from southeast fort in the same area as 
the castle, semi-rare)
-L8 Sniper with Silver Bow (appears from northeast fort in the same area as 
the castle, rare)
-L8 Volcannon Priest (appears from southwest fort in the same area as the 
castle, VERY rare)*

*Fight off the enemies coming from the south and east.
*Warp Marth to kill off the Thief the minute he's too far away from his 
*Retreat Marth to the safety of the mountains, then have him use the Falchion 
to heal himself as needed.
*Take out the 2 Mamkutes and 1 Hero guarding the altar area.
*Send Ellis to the Altar to revive the dead troop.
*Take out the remaining enemies, including Zemsel.
*Make sure item issues are dealt with and you have 16 living troops.
*Take control of the castle Zemsel is guarding to clear the chapter.

Enemy overview:
*The castle is 6 squares south of Troop #1, guarded by Zemsel, the L10 Magic 
Mamkute boss. South of Zemsel is a Reserve Cleric and a Freeze Priest, both 
at L9. Not too far west of Zemsel is 1 L7 Fire Mamkute, 2 L7 Magic Mamkutes, 
1 L10 Thief with a Devil Sword, and 2 L9 Snipers with Silver Bows.
*Southeast of the Thief and his friends, there is 1 Fire Priest and 1 Fire 
Mamkute, both at L7.
*And west of those two, there is 1 L7 Fire Mamkute and 1 L5 Volcannon Priest. 
North of those two are 1 L3 Magic Mamkute and 1 L5 Fire Mamkute. South of the 
Volcannon Priest and his friend are 1 L9 Reserve Cleric and 1 L7 Sniper with 
a Steel Bow.
*Guarding the building with the altar and the treasure chest, there are 1 L7 
Magic Mamkute, 1 L3 Fire Mamkute, and 1 L5 Hero with a Thunder Sword.


Wow! We've finally managed to get to the second to last battle. Now all we 
have to do is take over the Doluan castle and defeat Medeus once and for all. 
But first, we have to reach the Doluan Castle. This chapter won't be as 
difficult as Chapter 22 but it WILL be more annoying. Anyway, deploy ANYBODY 
you promoted during the last chapter, along with whichever people you can 
promote but you didn't. DEFINATELY deploy Ellis (who you just got); she has 
the Oum Wand, not to mention she can be promoted if you can get her to L10. 
Don't forget to fill the few empty spots with strong units as well.

Anyway, see that opening in the high mountains near your troops? Well, send 
somebody to stand just north of it so that you won't have to worry about 
being ambushed from the south. Keep a few more strong troops and one of your 
Priests around. Have the Warp Wand Priest and Marth stay around, while 
everybody else gets ready to fend off an attack from the west. Use mostly 
swords (replaceable ones) so that you don't waste unreplaceable weapons.

On Turn 3 or 4, the Thief shouldn't be too far from the Fort SW of the Altar. 
Whichever turn it is, Warp Marth to somewhere near the Thief and then have 
Marth terminate the Thief. The Thief won't stand a chance of survival, really.

Unfortunately, some of the enemies will try to chase Marth. Well, have Marth 
retreat to the Mountains west of where he is, and have him use the Falchion 
if he's hurt. He'll not only minimize the number of enemies that can attack 
him, but he'll evade more attacks as well.

Be ready, because starting on turn 8, the Dolua army is going to flood the 
map to death! If you aren't looking for experience, kill ONLY Magic Mamkutes 
if anything. But if you are, then be sure you kill at least 8 enemies per 
round. Be careful with Ellis, because she's kind of frail, but if you manage 
to train her properly, then she can actually serve some good without the Oum 

The primary targets should be the Magic Mamkutes anyway; like certain boards 
on GameFAQs that try basing themselves on a certain private board, they are 
the REAL threat, thanks to their ridiculous defenses in addition to their 
annoyingly high amount of attack power. (The SILVER SWORDS will deal only 
SEVEN damage, and that's if the attacker has TWENTY Strength.) Fortunately, 
unlike those certain boards, there aren't too many of them compared to the 
Fire Mamkutes, and since you should have the Hammerne Wand ready, the Dragon 
Killers shouldn't be terribly difficult to repair. You can also use the Devil 
Sword if you're sure you won't get many if any critical blows or your luck is 
high enough to begin with.

While fighting the idiots, have some troops head south through the mountains 
and pull a full scale assault on the Mamkutes and the Hero guarding the Altar 
is. Once they're dealt with, just warp Ellis (if you didn't already promote 
her, and I doubt you would have already) and then have her use the Oum Wand 
just 1S of the Altar. The Oum Wand will break, but the ally you got killed in 
the last chapter will come back to life. Promote the revived ally and then 
get him/her as much experience as needed by taking out some of enemies. Be 
sure to have your units around as backup so that the revived ally doesn't get 
whipped again.

Continue the fighting until it's turn 36 or after and all of the attacking 
enemies are dead anyway. Don't forget to replace dulling swords by sending 
somebody to get the Swords from there. Once the remaining enemies are dead, 
it's boss time!

-Boss: Zemsel (L10 Mamkute, Magic Dragon Stone)

Weren't most of the reinforcements L10 Magic Mamkutes anyway? Well, guess 
what? This guy is the same level. The only difference is that he's got the 
castle's support, but it isn't so much anyway. Dragon Killers turn him into 
an absolute joke.


With Zemsel dead, send somebody with the Member and Silver Cards to the empty 
spot with the mountains to find a Secret Shop and get as much/many Angel 
Clothing, Dragon Shields, Amulets, and pairs of Boots as you can to increase 
everybody's HP, Physical and Magic Defense, and Movement Power. Be sure to 
save up enough money to spend on keeping the weapon supplies fresh enough 
that it will last for the rest of the game (even though that's not very 
long). Then spend it on doing so. After that, just have Marth take over the 
Castle (for the last time) and you'll finally see the ugly mug of.....MEDEUS! 
He will coldly "welcome" you to..........well, I'll give you a hint: it's 
exactly what Dolua represents. In any case, let's take him down once and for 

Chapter 25: Erabare Shi No Tachi (The Choice of Many)

Basic Story: Marth and his army has finally reached the Doluan castle. Now 
they'll attack from four different entrances. Gato, who has witnessed Marth 
fight so valiantly, no longer hates humans, and as a result has decided to 
join the cause of Marth's army. But even with his help, the four groups must 
be ready; Medeus had planned on the Alteans attacking the castle from four 
different spots, and this battle will decide the war's ultimate victor.......

*Starting characters: Any survivors of previous chapters (Marth has to be one 
of them, and you can bring in as many as 14 of the others) and Gato

Map: On http://fe.chinafe.com/html/fe1/tactics/25.htm

Chests: None

South group
M  G  1
(empty row)
2  3

NW group
   5  6

SW group
8  9  10

NE group
11 12
13 14

G = Gato

Notes: Marth starts 5S of the Shooter SW of Medeus. Troop #7 starts 7N of the 
Hero with the Dragon Killer. Troop #10 starts 5 south of the west General. 
Troop #13 starts 9N of the Dragon Knight in the room south of his group.

Items given up by enemies:
-Dragon Killer (the Dragon Killer Hero)
-Dragon Killer (the Dragon Killer Paladin)
-Silver Sword (the Silver Sword Hero)
-Door Key (the west Worm Priest)
-Thunder Sword (the Thunder Sword Dragon Knight)
-Ointment (the SW Magic Mamkute)

Reinforcements (all L10 Dolua Troops, probably infinite times):
-Hero with Silver Sword (east stairs in the throne room, starts appearing on 
Turn 6)
-Magic Mamkute (west stairs in the throne room, starts appearing on Turn 6)
-Dragon Knight with Javelin (stairs in the east room, starts appearing on 
Turn 7)
-Elephant Gun Shooter (east stairs in the west room, starts appearing on 
Turn 7)
-Worm Priest (west stairs in the west room, starts appearing on Turn 8)
-Paladin with Dragon Killer (north of the 4 Forts surrounding the Item Shop, 
starts appearing on Turn 10)
-Dragon Knight with Javelin (west of the 4 Forts surrounding the Item Shop, 
starts appearing on Turn 10)
-Hero with Kill Sword (south of the 4 Forts surrounding the Item Shop, starts 
appearing on Turn 10)
-Magic Mamkute (east of the 4 Forts surrounding the Item Shop, starts 
appearing on Turn 10)

*Send Marth's Group to the left, keeping it ready to defend itself.
*Have Groups 1 and 3 fight through the enemies south of the rooms they start 
*Have Group 2 try to help Group 1, but make sure it can defend itself.
*Have Marth's Group fight through and form together with Groups 1 and 2 into 
the Super Group.
*Have Group 3 form together with the Super Group into the Ultra Group.
*Have the Ultra Group fend off reinforcements and kill the Clerics and the 
Snipers guarding Medeus.
*Send Tiki or a Dragon Killer user to take out Medeus's Magic Mamkute guard.
*Send everybody but Marth to take out the Clerics and fight off the 
Reinforcements, letting Marth fight Medeus without hinderance.
*Have Marth kill Medeus to win the game.

Enemy overview:
*Medeus, who is the L20 Earth Mamkute boss, is guarded by an L20 Magic 
Mamkute, 2 L10 Snipers with Silver Bows, and 2 L10 Reserve Clerics. Note that 
ALL of the other enemies on the whole map are at L10.
*In the room south of the NW group (which will be called Group 1 from now on) 
is a Magic Mamkute, an Elephant Shooter, and a Hero with a Dragon Killer.
*WNW of the SW group (which will be called Group 2 from now on) is a Magic 
Mamkute, a Paladin with a Silver Spear, and a Hero with a Silver Sword. North 
of Group 2 is a Worm Priest and a General with a Silver Sword.
*South of Group 3 (the NE group) is a Worm Priest, a General with a Silver 
Sword, and a Dragon Knight with a Thunder Sword.
*Surrounding the throne room is an Elephant Shooter and 2 Paladins, one with 
a Hand Spear and the other with a Dragon Killer.


Finally! The last map in the game! Rest assured that it won't be easy though. 
For this reason, bring in 7 or even all 8 of your Magic users; at least 7 of 
your troops will be physical weapon users anyway. Try to divide them into the 
multiple groups so that they can help their comrades. Keep in mind that 
Marth's group doesn't need any Priests you bring in, because it includes Gato 
when you start anyway. Make sure you have at least one close range fighter in 
each group, and if you can, include a Sniper, Hunter, Bow Knight, or Shooter 
in each group.

Hurrah! Immediately, you get Gato on your side. Not only does he have 
everything but Strength at a high level, but he has a full invetory. Another 
nice thing is that he has a RESERVE WAND!

Anyway, send Group 2 to fight off the enemies that can attack Group 1. In the 
meantime, send Groups 1 and 3 south but make sure the strong units from both 
groups are guarding the exits. As for Marth's group, quickly send it west.

Try to get ALL units in Groups 1 and 3 past the rooms they start in by turn 
3; there are doors in the doorways that will automatically close on certain 
turns, and if the troops don't get past them, they'll be trapped and thus 
useless until a Thief busts them out. The first door each group of Groups 1 
and 3 have to go through closes at the end of Enemy Turn 2, the door Marth's 
group must go through closes at the end of Enemy Turn 3, the second door 
Group 1 must go through closes at the end of Turn 4, and the second door 
Group 3 must go through closes at the end of Enemy Turn 5.

This means you have to take down some tough enemies quickly. If you take 
advantage of their weaknesses, however, they'll never slay ANY troops, let 
alone win, since you'd have to be too experienced for Dolua if you got this 
far. Once you get everybody past the doors, send everybody up, being sure to 
leave only a strong ranged fighter (Priest or Bow/Catapault user) in range of 
the Snipers. One of the Snipers will always attack anybody in range, 
regardless of stats and whether or not they can retaliate. Take advantage of 
this so that the Snipers will be killed (or just led into a trap).

Something to note: as far as I know, I haven't gotten an email about this, 
but at the end of Enemy Turn 9 or 10 (forgot which) a door appears at the 
bottom of the stairs leading into the throne room's hallway. The solution to 
this problem if for some reason you ever encounter it? Simple: one Door Key 
(or a Thief with a Thief Key) will bust open the door. The item shop 
surrounded by the 4 Forts sells Door Keys, but if the reinforcements are 
already coming, you may run into some coming from the Forts if there are less 
than 20 enemies still alive, including certain other reinforcements that come 
into the map on the same turn. Why didn't I mention this before? Simple: I 
wasn't aware of it, until I was taking pics of death lines to record them.

After that, send everybody up the east side of the west hallway and the west 
side of the east hallway, so that your troops don't get ambushed by the 
trapped reinforcements that happen to be ranged attackers. Then chop your way 
through the reinforcements coming from Medeus's room: 1 Magic Mamkute and 1 
Silver Sword Hero per turn. Once you get to the Magic Mamkute guarding 
Medeus, chop him with your Dragon Killers and the Gladius (you ARE using it, 
right?), then have some strong troops stand on either side of the spot where 
the Magic Mamkute guard was. Then it's time for the final boss!

-Final Boss: Medeus (L20 Mamkute, Earth Dragon Stone)

Have Marth attack with the Falchion several times. If he has 20 Strength, he 
needs only 3 attacks to take down Medeus. If needed, have a high Strength 
knight (this means Armors, Generals, Socials, Paladins, Pegasus Knights, or 
Dragon Knights) throw the Gladius at him and a really high Strength Shooter 
fire the Elephant Gun.


Once Medeus dies, congratulations; you have beaten this difficult game! Now 
if you can read the Japanese, enjoy the Ending. (No, that's not a typo; you 
don't even need to take the Throne. This took me by surprise; in FE3, killing 
Medeus doesn't end the game, though it stops ALL of the enemies from even 


|      |     /\     |---\ |\    | ----- |\    |  /---  |
|      |    /  \    |   | | \   |   |   | \   | |      |
|  /\  |   /----\   |---/ |  \  |   |   |  \  | |  --| |
| /  \ |  /      \  | \   |   \ |   |   |   \ | |    |
|/    \| /        \ |   \ |    \| ----- |    \|  \--/  *

This sections has spoilers on the endings of both this game and Fire Emblem 
6. Please proceed only if you don't mind the spoilers. This section may be in 
need of more spoiler space so here it is.
|      |     /\     |---\ |\    | ----- |\    |  /---  |
|      |    /  \    |   | | \   |   |   | \   | |      |
|  /\  |   /----\   |---/ |  \  |   |   |  \  | |  --| |
| /  \ |  /      \  | \   |   \ |   |   |   \ | |    |
|/    \| /        \ |   \ |    \| ----- |    \|  \--/  *

Basic Story: Medeus's demise has caused Dolua to return to the darkness from 
whence it came. Dolua had kept the entire continent except for Talis held in 
its grip for two full years, but although it had also taken the Talis Castle 
as well, soldiers of Talis, following the path of Truth, Love, and Courage, 
had bought the Alteans enough time to initiate a counterattack that forced 
them on an eventually permanent retreat. Now because of this, the Dark War, 
which had lasted for 5 years, including the one with the counterattack, had 
been put to a end, allowing the survivors to rebuild and Marth to end his 

-The conversation changes depending on whether Sheeda survived or not.
-There's an English description of the victory, although it doesn't exactly 
include details. It's nothing the Japanese people would need to spend time 
STARTED" part. It's most likely referring to the rebuilding, even though it 
could be dealing with none other than the corruption within the continent 
itself (which FE3 points out). Why is it more likely the former? Because in 
FE6, the thing about "the next battle has already started" even though you 
whip the true last boss into shape is still there, and you've already dealt 
with corruption in Etrulia, Nabata, Ilia, AND Sacae, in addition to betrayals 
by Lycia territories, barbaricness in the 3 Western Isles, and Bern's iron 
grip. All Roy's troops would have needed to finish doing after taking care of 
all that AND the human-dragon relations would be to rebuild the land of Eleb.
-Enough of that. AdamantNo1's illustrated FE1 Walkthrough has a pic of the 
description in the Chapter 25 page. Just check his shrine. *goes off to 
advertise his shrine in the Credits*
-After that is the list of characters you can recruit. (Actually, "Niena" 
isn't recruitable. But everybody else is.)
-Then you are shown how many turns you spent on each chapter and then how 
many turns you spent total in the game. No, there's no rank given out.
-Credits. Names are in English too.
-You find out what happened to each recruited person after the Dark War. 
Anybody who got slain will be reported to be dead at the battleground of 
whichever chapter they died in. You would need to be able to read Japanese to 
know what happened though.
-After you see a description of what happens to Marth after the Dark War, you 
will get the game's final message for you: "SOMEDAY. SEE YOU AGAIN!"
-Fin. (C) 1990 Nintendo

4. Credits

I must thank the members of the FESS Board at 
http://fessforum.proboards11.com/index.cgi for their help, especially the 
Fireemblem.net post.

I'd like to thank Fireemblem.net anyway, because they provide information, 
albeit in Japanese.

I'd like to thank Nintendo, and Intelligence Systems for this game AND SSBM, 
and anybody else involved in making SSBM, since SSBM is pretty much the 
reason why I even play Fire Emblem games in the first place.

I'd also like to thank http://www.solon.org/cgi-bin/j-e for helping me 
translate some of the things, and the Kana Books by James W. Heisig for 
letting me navigate through the Kana. I'd also like to thank Fire Emblem 3 
for helping me find out about the Red Dragon Stone among other things, and 
the FE3 FAQ writer for help on FE3 as well.

And give a good hand to AdamantNo1 for his Fire Emblem shrine at RPGC. The 
address of the shrine is http://tartarus.rpgclassics.com/~fe1/

This is copyright 2002 Juigi and any of the sources. If I find out you've 
been copying or selling this without permission or doing any other illegal 
stuff involving this, you're gone!