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Fire Emblem 1 FAQ/Walkthrough (Part 2) by Juigi Kario

Text File

Fire Emblem 1: Ankoku Ryuu To Hikari No Tsurugi
(Dark Dragon and Sword of Light)
Walkthrough Part 2/3
Version 1.1
By Juigi

Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Version notes
3. Walkthrough
4. Credits

(Copied directly from AstroBlue's FFTA FAQ.)
This FAQ uses Shift-JIS encoding to display Japanese kana (characters). 
Browsers such as Mozilla Firefox (www.mozilla.org/products/firefox) support 
CJK encoding inherently, but common browsers such as MS Internet Explorer 
require you to update your system (windowsupdate.microsoft.com). Otherwise, I 
recommend you download a Japanese-English word processor called JWPce. It is 
available from: http://www.physics.ucla.edu/~grosenth/jwpce.php

1. Introduction

Hello. In case you don't go to the GameFAQ Boards and haven't seen my 
contributor info or Fire Emblem 6 Support FAQ, I am Juigi, elder half of the 
Kario Brothers, who are ripoffs of the Mario Brothers (from the Mario 
series). My email address is juigi@lycos.co.uk . But enough of that.

Fire Emblem is a Strategy RPG series that has yet to be in America. So why 
are Marth (from Fire Emblem 1 and 3) and Roy (from Fire Emblem 6) in Super 
Smash Bros. Melee? Because SSBM was made in Japan. Both characters were the 
Lord/Leader of an army in their respective games, so they needed to survive 
for you to avoid Game Over.

Anyway, I got tired of the basic problems I've been having in Fire Emblem 1. 
I should understand them now, despite my inability to currently understand 
Japanese, but some people may not without a "translation" (which, might I 
tell you right now, would have to be incomplete). I am making this FAQs and 
Walkthrough because of this.

This is Part 2 of my walkthrough, and I have this Walkthrough split into 3 
parts to A) get Fire Emblem more noticed when I finish my FE1 FAQs and B) 
reduce the size problems of my walkthrough.

Now, Part 1 was about Marth's army securing Talis and liberating Orleans, and 
passing through Lefcandy and Warren along his way to Bares, the capital of 
Akanea. In this part, Marth will get to and liberate Bares and fight through 
Gra. He might even experience the true brutality of Medeus and liberate his 
home country of Altea. But maybe not......

Oh yeah, about me:

*RN: Not publically disclosed
*A/S/L: 18 as of July 9/M/San Pablo (SF Bay Area), CA
*How to contact me:
-Email: juigi@lycos.co.uk
-AOL: Juigi Kario
-YIM: Not disclosed
-MSN: figaro_brothers@hotmail.com
-ICQ: Not used
*Major GameFAQ contributions: Fire Emblem 1 FAQs (3-part Walkthrough, Basic 
and Mechanics FAQ, Character FAQ, Class FAQ, Item/Weapon FAQ, Shop/Arena FAQ, 
and Talis Quest Walkthrough) and FE6 Support FAQ


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Excuse me if I'm being harsh; I just don't want any trouble. Strict? That I 
have no problem with. If you want to report anything though, do so, but be 
nice about it. Now onto the Walkthrough!

Japanese text addition notes: all Japanese characters are assumed to be 2 
characters long. In addition, I'm using "tu", "ti", and "si" in place of 
"tsu", "chi", and "shi" respectively in case you're confused. Small vowels 
are abbreviated as they would be in Romanji, so "jiyo" with "yo" being a 
small vowel becomes "jo." FYI, this applies only with "shi", "ji", and "chi" 
because they're the only convertable ones.

2. Version notes

*Version 1.1 (9/11/2003) - various changes like navigation fixes. Since it's 
been 3 years exactly since the 9/11 incident, don't forget to think of the 
people who died in said indicent.

*Version 1.06 (8/4/2003) - Personal info added.

*Version 1.05 (4/24/2003) - Navigation made slightly easier. Also added links 
to Fireemblem.net's maps

*Version 1.0 (4/22/2003) - This part of the walkthrough is now done. Yay! 
Only one more part to go.

*Version 0.25 (4/10/2003) - Chapter 10 finished and Chapter 11 a good amount 
of the way done.

*Version 0.13 (3/2/2003) - This part of the Walkthrough started. Chapter 9 
done. Chapter 10 started.

3. Walkthrough

Chapter 9: Perady No Ka Ryuu (Prady's Red Dragon)

Basic Story: Marth's army continues their advance after having a brutal 
struggle to save Warren. But they have yet another opposing country to fight 
off, as Prady's Pirates, led by Red Dragon Manu, will try to defeat Marth. 
Marth's army better be ready.....

Starting characters: Any survivors of previous chapters. (Marth has to be one 
of them, and you can bring in only 14 of the others.)
Recruitable characters: George (Sniper, recruit by visiting the only village 
on the map)

Map: On http://fe.chinafe.com/html/fe1/tactics/9.htm

Villages to save:
-In the northeast area. (Reward is George joining.)

-In the west side of the locked room between the village and Marth's starting 
location (15000G)
-In the east side of the locked room between the village and Marth's starting 
location (Nugami no Zou)
-In the locked room south of the village (Dragon Killer)

(empty row)
   13    14
10    Ft    M     11    12
6     7     1  9
   3     4  2  5

Ft = Fort

Items given up by enemies:
-Devil Axe (the Pirate with the Devil Axe)
-Door Key (Manu the boss)

-L3 Pirate with Steel Axe (fort on island south of locked room with Dragon 
Killer, appears on turn 10 through 17)
-L3 Pirate with Hand Axe (east fort on island SW of Dragon Killer treasure 
chest, appears on turn 10 through 17)
-L3 Pirate with Hammer (west fort on island SW of Dragon Killer treasure 
chest, appears on turns 12 through 17)
-L3 Pirate with Hand Axe (fort on island west of the island with two forts, 
appears on turns 12 through 17)
-L3 Pirate with Steel Axe (fort on island SE of the castle, appears on turns 
12 through 17)

*Secure and visit the village
*Fight off the advancing 4 Pirates, 2 Thieves, and 5 Hunters
*Fight off the reinforcements of 2 Pirates per turn for 8 turns and 3 more 
Pirates per turn for 6 turns
*Take out the 3 Pirates, the Cleric, and the Freeze Magician around Manu
*Get the treasures from the locked rooms
*Take out Manu
*Make sure business with items is dealt with and you have 16 living troops
*Take control of the castle Manu is guarding to end the chapter


Well, well. We have yet another rough battle. Luckily, it shouldn't be as 
hard as the previous chapter if you're careful. Now here's the enemy overview 
as always:

*In the southwest is Manu, the boss and a L3 Mamkute with a Red Dragon Stone; 
3 L3 Pirates with Hand Axes; an L5 Pirate with a Steel Axe; an L3 Hunter with 
a Steel Bow; a L5 Hunter with a Bow Gun; a L3 Freeze Magician; and a L3 Live 
*East of that group is 3 L3 Hunters with Steel Bows; 2 L3 Thieves with Iron 
Swords; 2 L3 Pirates, one with a regular Axe and the other with a Steel Axe; 
and 1 L5 Pirate with a Devil Axe. Northeast of the group and south of the 
village is another L3 Pirate with a regular Axe.

Now notice Troop 12 starts on the East half of the bridge? Well, that means 
the village is only 16 spaces away. Try to make sure Troops 11 and 12 are 
SKs, or Troop 9 is Jeigan at least. That way, you can have somebody secure 
the village in 2 turns, making the job of saving it a lot easier. But wait! 
What about other characters? Well, you'll be taking quite a bit of damage, so 
bring in your Clerics and Banut. Now, DON'T UNLOCK THE DOOR NEAR TROOP 12 
YET! If you do this, you'll let the SW group reach your army sooner, and 
you've got enough on your hands already too.

On the enemy's turn, the whole east group will advance upon your army. The 2 
Hunters from the west group will do the same, but luckily, if you left the 
door locked like I told you, they will go around the walls.

Now, if Troop 12 is an SK, you can choose to have him attack the moronic 
Pirate now near the village, or stand on the village. If Troop 11 is an SK, 
you can have him stand on the village while troop 12 (if he is an good SK) 
attack the Pirate. Watch it! Pirates are no longer the same sort of morons 
who attacked Talis and now they can take a whipping easily or even whip your 
troops into shape. Regardless, have all of your troops advance in the 

Now, remember: one of those enemies in the east group has a Devil Axe, and 
he's coming. The guy will do 27 damage to his target, although this doesn't 
include Defense reduction. This means he's bound to get an instant kill or at 
least do some serious damage, even to Banut. First off, don't panic; just 
stay near the village, killing the Pirate nearest the village in the process, 
until the Devil Axe one gets close enough.

Be careful though; he may use the seas for a sneak attack. Once he's in 
range, snipe him off with your indirect units. Only sick a melee weapon user 
(or a magic user up close) on the moron when the first hit is guaranteed to 
connect and will kill him if it does; unless such is the case, the melee 
weapon user will immediately be at a big risk of losing his/her life.

The Thieves are no threat once the village is safe, so don't worry about them 
right away. Only kill them either if they decide to be pesky roadblocks or 
once all of the Pirates and Hunters in the group are dead. Don't forget: the 
Devil Axe Pirate gives up his Devil Axe.

If the DA Pirate takes advangate of the seas, here's a map key to help you 
keep him away from your troops:

         X     Vg
   X  X  M  X  VE
W  M  X  M  M  X
W  M  M  M  M  X
W  M  M  M  M  M  X
W  M  M  P  M  M  M  X
   W  W  M  M  M  X  X
W  W  M  M  M  M  M  M  X

-P = Devil Axe Pirate
-Vg = Village
-VE = Village Entrance (anybody can be here without being attacked by the 
-X = squares where the Pirate can attack but can't move onto
-M = wherever the Pirate can move to
-W = Wall

So keep your troops off where the Xs and Ms are. Once you can have George, a 
backup Archer, and anybody who can attack at melee range (prefably somebody 
with high hit rate) attack him, have George use his Silver Bow, and if he 
lives, sick the backup Archer on him and then have the melee fighter take him 

Now try to fight through all of the remaining Pirates and Thieves from the 
East group and all of the 5 Hunters, who are also advancing on your army. Out 
of all the enemies you're going to fight, only the Pirates and the L5 Hunter 
have 5 Physical Defense. The other Hunters each have 4 and the Thieves have 3 
apiece. Steel Swords should quickly deliver their fates if you can get them 
to connect.

Note: at one point, you should go to the locked rooms and get the treasures 
from there. Definately get the treasure from the room south of the village. 
You'll see why later.

What's this? Reinforcements! You have 34 Pirates to fight off, and I believe 
ALL OF THEM will come right at you regardless of your location. All of them 
are at L3, so you just have to worry about the insane HP levels and 
annoyingly high strength paired with the powerful axes. Chopping through 
their defenses isn't too much of a problem, but they have no weaknesses for 
you to exploit and rather high HP.

MIDDLE FORT! The Hammer Pirates will come out of there, and if your Armor 
Knights are anywhere nearby, they'll be smashed to pieces. Just do your best 
to fight them off and DON'T FORGET TO HEAL AS NEEDED! The terrain is 
something the Pirates can handle more easily than your troops probably can, 
but if you're careful, your weapons will last long enough while you outlast 

Once you take care of the reinforcements, you'll have only Manu and any 
enemies who stayed near the castle who you didn't take care of to handle. 
Take out the remaining enemies, but keep all troops away from Manu (by 
keeping them out of melee range) while you're at it. Then it's boss time 

-Manu (Level 3 Mamkute, Fire Dragon Stone, gives up Door Key):

Geez! The high Defense factor is *still* around! It's 16 points, and this 
time, you have less weapons to hit him hard with, because he's not an Armor 
Knight or General, so Hammers and Armor Killers no longer do the same sort of 
damage they once did. Fortunately, there IS a weapon that can cut through the 
defenses: the Dragon Killer. It only does 2 damage to him, though, but that's 
not including the attacker's strength. So try to have a powerhouse who can 
survive at least a single 18 damage strike attack with it. Don't forget to 
use the fort to recover too.

Once Manu gets chopped to pieces, make sure you obtained all the treasures, 
POSSESION, and then take control of the castle to clear the chapter. The Warp 
Wand is vital in your strategy for the next chapter, as you'll see in.......

Chapter 10: Purincesu Minaaba (Princess Minerva)

Basic story: Marth's army may have defeated Prady, but they're still not out 
of the woods yet. Before they can reach Bares, they must make a decision 
about Dragon Knight Minerva. They might be able to help her out if they can 
find Maria......

Starting characters: Any survivors of previous chapters. (Marth has to be one 
of them, and you can bring in only 13 of the others.)
Recruitable characters: Maria (Cleric, starts as "enemy", recruit by talking 
to with Marth) and Minerva (Dragon Knight, starts as "enemy", recruit by 
talking to with Marth)

Map: On http://fe.chinafe.com/html/fe1/tactics/10.htm

Villages to save: none; the two treasure chests and the enemies are enough to 

-2 of them east of the door of Maria's cell (west has a Reblow Wand, east has 
a Thunder Sword)

12    11 10
   9  8  7
   3  2
(empty row)
      4  5

ST = Storage Tent

Items given up by enemies:
-Silver Bow (the Sniper)
-Hero's Proof (the Hero)
-Speed Ring (Jorkof the boss)

-2 Armor Knights with Spears, 4 Social Knights with Steel Swords, and 2 Bow 
Knights with Bow Guns, all at L3 (all appear around the Storage Tent on Turn 
16 in the following formation)


AK = Armor Knight
SK = Social Knight
HM = Bow Knight

Note: the SK east of the Armor Knight appears on the Storage Tent

*Get the treasures from the treasure chests
*Break through the defenses of 2 Armor Knights, 1 Thief, 2 Archers, and 1 
Sniper, while fighting off Minerva's "allies"
*Recruit Maria with Marth
*Recruit Minerva
*Take out the remaining enemies, including reinforcements and Jorkof the boss
*Take care of item issues (making sure a Mercenary is promoted if he's at L20 
and has been brought in) and make sure you have 16 living troops
*Take control of the castle Jorkof is guarding to clear the chapter.


As always, we go through the starting enemy overview:

*Around Jorkof is 2 Dragon Knights (both at L1, one with a Spear and the 
other with an Iron Sword), 2 Pegasus Knights (both at L3, one with a Steel 
Sword and the other with a Hand Spear), a Social Knight (L3, has a regular 
Spear), an Armor Knight (L3, has a Regular Spear), and a Live Cleric (L3). 
Minerva is around the area too but she'll only attack if you slay Maria, 
which isn't recommended to begin with. (I'm actually not sure if Minerva will 
attack at all, but it would be the only way to make her attack your troops if 
it is possible at all.)
*West of Jorkof is 3 Social Knights (all L3, one with a Steel Sword, another 
with a Hand Spear, and the other one with a Regular Spear) and a L1 Hero with 
a Armor Killer.
*Inside the fort and outside Maria's cell is 2 Armor Knights (one at L3 and 
with a Spear, the other at L5 and with a Steel Sword), 2 L5 Archers, both 
with Bow Guns, and an L1 Sniper with a Silver Bow.
*The only other enemy is the L7 Thief with an Iron Sword.

Now, I warned you to have Cleric carrying a Warp Wand at the end of the last 
chapter. Bring that Cleric in. Don't worry about his/her position. Bring in 
Banut, Roger, Doga, another fairly high Physical Defense character, a Thief, 
and at least three of your Bow users as well. All of your Mercenaries, or at 
least the one you want to promote, providing he's at L20 or close enough to 
getting there, as well as good characters, are to fill in the empty ranks.

Now, first and foremost, Warp Marth to the east treasure chest and have Marth 
open it for a Reblow Wand. Then have Banut, Roger, Doga, your bow users, and 
your high Defense character stay near the Cleric. Everybody else is to go 

What's this? The SKs are going south for the winter as planned, but to the 
Dragon and Pegasus Knights, it's still summer here; they're going to attack 
from the north. Don't worry about Minerva; she won't attack, because Daros 
and Wendel never attacked as "enemies" and both could be recruited by Marth, 
and Minerva can be recruited by Marth too, although Minerva has to initiate 
the conversation and will only do so if Maria is recruited.

In any case, Minerva won't move if your troops are cutting her off completely 
from Marth. It's the 2 Dragon Knights and the Pegasus Knight with a Hand 
Spear who are the real worries. The Armor Knight should attack Marth and end 
up finding himself dead.

Open the chest for a new weapon: the Thunder Sword. This always does 7 damage 
but the sword is magic based, so consider it an attack spell used by 
swordsmen. Meanwhile, have your Cleric move south and surround him/her with 
the high Defense characters so that (s)he'll be safe. Have Banut at the north 
side of the Cleric, Roger at the west, Doga at the east, and the last high 
Physical Defense character at the south. Make sure the Bow users stand near 
the high Physical Defense characters too. The point of the tactic is to 
escort the Cleric and shoot down the Dragon Knights while you're at it. As 
for your other characters, have them advance further while you have them head 
for the fort.

Now have Marth hang around (don't put him in range of the AKs and SKs if he 
doesn't need experience) while everybody heads for his location and drops 
anybody getting in their way or attacking them. Just make sure you don't 
attack Minerva. In any case, get as many people as you can into the big 
Fortress. Have at least one person (Roger prefably) guard the way in but if 
you want, you can allow Minerva in the big Fortress.

Uh oh! A Sniper! He does lots of damage and he can move a total of 7 spaces 
in a single turn! Well, just have Banut stand in range of his attacks, then 
pelt the Sniper with everything you have. He must not be allowed to stay 
alive for long! His Archer friends are easier, thankfully. The Sniper coughs 
up his Silver Bow when dispatched.

Bust open the Jail cell, then have Marth talk to Maria. DO NOT KILL MARIA! I 
heard Minerva will go ballistic (sp?) and attack your troops if you do, and 
if that happens, she won't join, which would mean time for the reset button.

Now, there should be 8 Reinforcements coming in from the North on Turn 16. 
They all are just like the enemies who gave you a tough time TWO CHAPTERS 
AGO! And they're not even going to make any attempts to make your troops 
split into teams. If Roger is the entrance guard, then they do NOT stand a 
chance at all. Just have others kill them so that Roger doesn't become an 
Experience Hog, but watch out for the Armor Knights if your troops haven't 
become too much stronger.

Now, when you're ready, just fight and kill the Hero's Proof. If you have an 
L20 Mercenary, then promote that Mercenary immediately. If it happens to be 
Oguma or Raddy, then that's good. If it is Navarre or Shiza, then that's okay 

Watch out for the Armor Knight who stayed around Jorkof; he will be coming 
once the reinforcements once the other enemies are dead. Remember to recruit 
Minerva along the way.

With only Jorkof and the Cleric left, just trash the Cleric, then it's boss 
time again!

-Boss: Jorkof (L3 General, Steel Sword, gives up Speed Ring)

HAHAHA! You fought an L3 General who sat his butt on a Castle THREE chapters 
ago, and HE had a SILVER weapon. You, meanwhile, have the advantage of 2 
Thunder Swords, a Hero (if you promoted one of your Mercenaries), and 
stronger troops than before. If you can't defeat the idiot when you smashed 
down Harmain with no problem, then do not go saying "THIS GAME SUCKS!" 
because you're the one who sucks.


Once Jorkof is dead, just take care of item issues, then clear the chapter.

Chapter 11: Noruda no Dorei Ichiba (Norda's Slave Market)

Basic Story: The Altean Army has finally made it to the Bares Territory. With 
fairly little Grunian resistance to put up with now, they only have to worry 
about the Ruffians from the Slave Market, which apparently sells children....

Starting characters: Any survivors of previous chapters. (Marth has to be one 
of them, and you can bring in only 13 of the others.)
Recruitable characters: Jake (Shooter, starts as enemy, recruited by talking 
to with Sheeda) and Linda (recruited by saving the village)

Map: On http://fe.chinafe.com/html/fe1/tactics/11.htm

Villages to save:
-In the southeast area. (Reward is Linda joining.)


1           2  3
   4     5     6  7
8     M
   9  10 11    12

Items given up by enemies:
-Hand Spear (one of the SKs)
-Power Ring (Shozen the boss)

Reinforcements: None. (YAY!)

*Secure and save the village to get Linda, defeating the 7 Ruffians and 
fighting off 2 Pegasus Knights along the way.
*Break though the defenses of the Grunian Army of 1 Shooter, 3 Social 
Knights, 1 Bow Knight, 1 Thief, and Shozen the Boss.
*Have Sheeda talk to Jake to recruit him, and take out the other Shooter.
*Take care of item issues and make sure you have 16 living troops
*Take control of the castle Jake and his Shooter friend are guarding to clear 
the chapter.


First off, there are two groups, so here's the overview:

*The Ruffians are hanging around the southeast area. All 7 of them are 
Mercenaries. 6 of them are L3s and each holding a Steel Sword. The last one 
is an L1 with the Iron Sword.
*The Grunians, who are from the northwest, consist of Jake the Shooter; 
Shozen the Fire Mamkute Boss; 2 Shooters, one at L3 and using the Thunder 
Bolt and the other at L1, guarding the Castle and with the Stone Hedge; 3 
SKs, 2 of which at L3 with Regular Spears, and the last at L5 with a Hand 
Spear; 2 L3 Pegasus Knights with Hand Spears; an L3 Bow Knight with a Regular 
Bow; an L5 Thief with an Iron Sword; and an L1 Sniper with a Bow Gun.

Now, for allies, definately bring in Sheeda. Also bring in Minerva, since 
she's strong, her Physical Defense is high enough to keep her from getting 
scratched from the Ruffians, and she can get to the Village in just 3 turns, 
or 2 if she's Troop 7 or 12. But surely, you'll want to bring in anybody you 
want to train in the Arena, since so far this is your best chance for 
training people in the Arena, and you have a good 35 units to beef up anyway. 
Be sure to include at least one or two Bow users for this too.

Anyway, send Minerva to the village's gates, and everybody else along the 
path. Everybody else better get to the fork quickly, because while she can 
defeat the Ruffians without breaking a sweat, her real purpose is to keep the 
Thief out of the Village, and if the Bow Knight or Sniper comes in the area, 
she'll be sniped off.

Watch out for the Pegasus Knights too. They can come and pick off your weak 
people. For this reason, your Bow users are here to swat them out of the sky.

(Just to let you know, I'm actually using my Talis Quest to help me write 
this Walkthrough. So I'll tell you now to keep Sheeda ready to talk to (and 
recruit) Jake at all times.)

After that, just drop the idiots who dare attack you. Don't forget to "save" 
the village. I guarantee you'll be finding yourself reading a funny 
conversation or your money back if you can read Japanese. According to "The 
Dragon Tier" (an FE3 site by "Paola" who is a pro-Marth/Paola pairing fan 
(even though Paola looks rather young in FE1, but at least this pairing 
easily opens up the Oguma/Sheeda pairing which I like)), it goes something 
like this:

-Slave Market owner: Need a slave? Right now I only have a small kid, but I 
can sell him cheaply.
-Marth: You even sell children? DANG IT! If you want your life, then free 
them and get out of my sight!
-Slave Market owner: AAAAAHHHHH! THE ALTEAN ARMY! HELP! *runs away*
-Marth: You must have suffered, but now you are able to go home.
-"Boy": I have nowhere to go....
-Marth: Hey...aren't you a girl? Why are you wearing boy's clothes?
-"Boy":I am Priest Miroa's daughter, Linda. To escape from Garnef, I had to 
disguise myself as a boy, but....I ended up getting caught by those slave 
-Marth: So you are Miroa's daughter! Am I glad to see you! Princess Nina is 
worried about you. From now on, you can stay with us and things like this 
will never happen again.
-Linda: Thanks, Prince Marth! I also need to battle. My father has given this 
Aura magic to me. I can use it if I have Princess Nina's permission. I really 
want to avenge my father.

Now back to the battle. Shooters have ridiculously high Physical Defense, but 
the problem is that their only weakness is the Thunder Bolt, which you don't 
have. Ugh! This might be a good time for using a Devil Axe if you actually 
brought in an Axe user. The good news is that their Speed is virtually 
nonexistant, but there's still the terrain bonus to worry about.....at least 
you can just use Magics to blast them to Kingdom Come.

If you managed to kill the nameless Shooter and his friends (who are nothing 
you haven't put up with except for the lame Hand Spear Social Knight at L5), 
good. Now you have the boss and his remaining friends to worry about.

-Boss: Shozen (L3 Mamkute, Fire Dragon Stone, gives up a Speed Ring)

I'll give you a hint as to which weapon to use: its initials are DK. It's the 
same weapon you were supposed to use on Manu as well........


Anyway, with Shozen dead, there are only two enemies left: the two Shooters 
on the Bares Castle. Now here's a problem: you need to send Sheeda to recruit 
Jake (who would be the one with the portrait), but you also should kill the 
other Shooter on the same round. This is what you do: use mob tactics on the 
no-portrait Shooter, have Sheeda recruit Jake to get him out of the way if 
you need a fourth troop to attack at melee range, and voila. The enemy 
defenses should be vanquished.

Make sure you have obtained Linda and Jake. Then take care of item issues 
(make sure a Cleric has a Reblow Wand and you have an extra Freeze Tome, an 
extra bow, and three extra Swords/Spears in Storage), finish training people 
(including your new Hero) in the arena, and then clear the chapter.

Notice: Apparently, only the Pegasus Knights will attack right away. Even the 
Thief won't try to attack the "village." But in case the game only did this 
in my Talis Quest just to spite me, just ignore this. This is why this notice 
is here, right at the bottom of this chapter's walkthrough where most people 
are unlikely to see it unless they're reading the whole walkthrough anyway. 
Let's go on the next chapter, shall we?

Chapter 12: Akaneia Paresu (Akanea Palace)

Basic Story: Finally, the Altean Army has surrounded Bare Castle, and they're 
about to liberate it and get one step closer to ultimate victory. But with 
five people who made an earlier attempt to liberate it captured, they will 
have to worry about hostages first.....

Starting characters: Any survivors of previous chapters (Marth has to be one 
of them, and you can bring in only 10 of the others. (TEN? THIS IS A 
RIPOFF!)), Medea, Boa, Thomas, Tomth, and Michelan
Recruitable characters: None, thankfully

Map: On http://fe.chinafe.com/html/fe1/tactics/12.htm


-5 in the locked room with the General (from left to right: Orion's Arrow, 
20,000 G, Manual, Silver Sword, Thief Key)
-One west of Himular the sub boss (has a pair of Boots)

Marth's group
8        9
   3  4  5  6
   1     10
      M  7

Medea's group
Tm    Th
   Mc Md B

Md = Medea
Tm = Tomth
Mc = Michelan
B = Boa
Th = Thomas

Items given up by enemies:
-Thunder Tome (the Freeze Magician)
-L.Fire Tome (the L.Fire Magician)
-Warp Wand (the north Thief)
-Armor Killer (the south Thief)
-Ointment (the Mamkute)
-Silver Bow (the Sniper)
-Live Wand (the Live Cleric on Borzen's left)
-Volcannon Tome (Borzen the boss)
-Knight's Medal (Himular the sub boss)

Reinforcements: None. YAY!

*Rescue Medea and her allies, while having the five do their best in trying 
to survive.
*Fight off 2 Thieves, 3 Armor Knights, 3 Magicians, and 2 Archers while doing 
*Have your 11 troops who were brought in take out Borzen and Himular, and the 
1 Mamkute, 2 Clerics, 1 Sniper, 1 General, and 2 SKs.
*Get the items from the Chest, and use the Orion's Arrow to promote Gordon if 
he's at L20 and the Knight's Medal to promote a Social Knight if he's at L20.
*Take care of remaining item issues and make sure you have 16 living troops.
*Take control of the throne Borzen is guarding to clear the chapter.

Enemy overview:
*Guarding the area with Medea's cell is an L5 Armor Knight with a Steel 
Sword, an L3 Freeze Magician, and 2 L5 Archers with Bow Guns.
*Near where your troops will start are 2 L5 Armor Knights with Steel Swords 
and 2 Thieves with Iron Swords, one at L3 and one at L5.
*Inside the Locked room is an L1 General with a Steel Sword. Near the door 
near the General are Borzen the L1 Volcannon Priest boss; 2 L5 Clerics, one 
with Live and the other with Relieve; and 1 L3 Sniper with a Silver Bow.
*The southeast area has Himular the L1 Paladin with a Silver Spear and his 
two L5 Social Knights frineds, both of whom are armed with Regular Spears.
*South of Borzen is an L5 L.Fire Magician and an L1 Fire Magician. Then in 
the southwest area is an L3 Fire Mamkute.


For deployment, send in at least one Social Knight, prefably with at least 19 
HPs; at least one Thief; and at least one Cleric with a Live and/or Relieve 
Wand. You'll notice that you get five new troops. But they have no items, and 
if they're not saved, then at least 3 of them will get killed. So you better 
get your troops there, fast! In the meantime, Medea's troops themselves have 
to survive on their own. So set them up in this formation:

B  Md Th Tm

Here's the explanation on this formation: Michelan, who has a lower level 
than Tomth, still has enough Defense to not take damage from the Archer, 
albeit barely. Medea, Boa, and Thomas ALL have enough HPs to survive a single 
critical Freeze strike, but barely enough. Boa has the best chances of 
surviving for long, and that Magician must be baited away from Michelan as 
long as possible, because he CAN'T survive a critical strike.

Now, the Armor Knights in your way are real pests. Luckily, you should still 
have weapons capable of killing them quickly. Don't worry about the Thieves; 
the Treasures are behind Doors so you can easily stop the treasures from 
being destroyed. Just get that pesky Magician and those pesky Archers away 
from Medea's team! Those other two Magicians will soon be around to try to 
pound your team, so be wary of them as well!

With the attacking idiots dead, bust open the door to the cell with Medea and 
her allies. Then send them to get the extra items from Storage.

Oh. I almost forgot to mention: you should have your Clerics use their Wands 
because there are no Forts on the map and the Throne......well, it's guarded, 
although that's a given. So be sure to exercise those nice ol' Wands so every 
so often.

After that, the next thing to do is to kill the Mamkute and the Thieves. The 
Thieves are no problem, and they also give up items, although they're 
unneeded for the remainder of the chapter. The Mamkute should be taken care 
of with the Dragon Killer, and since you can take advantage of the fact that 
you can stop him from gaining any terrain bonuses, he'll be easily dead too.

Next, have one of your Armor Knights bait the Sniper out into the open. Then 
cut that stupid Sniper's throat open before he can pull off another attack. 
After that, just snipe off the Clerics, the Relieve Cleric first. Now it's 
boss time!

-Boss: Borzen (L1 Priest, Volcannon, gives up Volcannon)

ACK! 12 DAMAGE FOR EACH REGULAR BLOW! Magic Shield somebody strong, fast, AND 
at full health. Then QUICKLY deliver his fate or he'll probably blast whoever 
is fighting him to Kingdom Come.


With Borzen dead, DO NOT TAKE THE THRONE YET! Instead, snipe off the General 
to do him in. Then open the door to the Treasure Room and get the items out 
of the Treasure Chests. The Manual is to go to one of the Thieves (choose 
wisely, because this is the only Manual you get in the whole game), and the 
Orion's Arrow is so Gordon's, especially if he's at L20.

After that, just have your troops gather at the door to the courtyard with 
Himular, especially one of your Armor Knights. Then open the door and have 
the Armor Knight stand guard at the stairs. Then it's sub boss time!

-Sub-boss: Himular (L1 Paladin, Silver Spear, gives up Knight's Medal)

Long range attacks will easily spell his demise. Watch it; he's still 
promoted so he won't have much problem if he catches you off your guard.


Once Himular is dead, just knock down his SK friends, open the chest for a 
pair of Boots, give the Boots to somebody, prefably Jake, make use of the 
Weapon Shop and Storage Tent, make sure Marth has at least one open space in 
his invetory, and then clear the chapter. He'll get the Partia, one of the 
three royal weapons. You'll also be warned to be careful; the other two royal 
weapons are already in enemy hands.......

Chapter 13: Gurunia no Maku Batai (Grunia's Wooden Horse Group)

Basic Story: With Bares liberated, Marth's advance continues, and soon 
enough, he might be able to retake his homeland. But he still has to fight 
through Grunia's Shooter group first before he can do any such thing.

Starting characters: Any survivors of previous chapters (Marth has to be one 
of them, and you can bring in only 13 of the others)
Recruitable characters: Astoria (Hero, starts as enemy, recruited by talking 
to with Medea) and Beck (recruited by visiting the village)

Map: On http://fe.chinafe.com/html/fe1/tactics/13.htm

Villages to save:
-Northeast of Astoria's group (Reward is Beck joining.)

Chests: None, and let's be thankful for that, with plenty of Shooters and all.

Middle group
2     9
1  M  ST
3     10

North group
4     8
5     7

South group
11    12

Items given up by enemies:
-Knight Killer * 2 (each of the two Thieves)

Reinforcements: None.

*Have Marth warn the village to get Beck.
*Have Beck take down the 2 Shooters coming from the North.
*Fight off the 6 other Shooters who are coming.
*Take out the remaining 2 Shooters near Astoria, and have Medea talk to 
Astoria to recruit him.
*Take out the remaining 5 Shooters, 1 Cleric, 2 Thieves, and Gigasshu.
*Take care of item issues and make sure you have 16 living troops.
*Take control of the castle Gigasshu is guarding to clear the chapter.

Enemy overview:
*At the castle at the very east is Gigasshu the L5 Elephant Shooter Boss; an 
L5 Thief with an Iron Sword; an L5 Relieve Cleric; and 5 L1 Shooters, two 
with Stone Hedges, 1 with Quick Rain, 1 with a Fire Gun, and 1 with Thunder 
*East of Gigasshu is Astoria, who is with 2 L1 Shooters, one with Stone Hedge 
and the other with Thunder Bolt; and 3 L3 Shooters, 2 with Stone Hedges and 
the third one with a Fire Gun.
*North of Astoria is 2 L1 Quick Rain Shooters. South of Astoria is an L5 
Thief with an Iron Sword and 3 L1 Shooters, one with a Fire Gun, another with 
Stone Hedge, and the final with Quick Rain.


First off, make sure you deploy Medea. Also, be sure to deploy magic users 
and/or strong people, and deploy Jake. This map is loaded with Shooters! You 
probably want to bring in somebody who already has a Warp Wand in their 
invetory too, as long as they're a Priest or Cleric and they're in Marth's 

Now I'll assume that you'll use the Warp Wand. If so, use it to warp Marth 
right to the village gates to get Beck immediately.

Ho ho ho! Here's one unit who is immediately useful after joining your cause. 
With the Thunder Bolt, he can electrocute Shooters so quickly that your head 
would go spinning if you saw how quickly he does a number on them. 
Unfortunately, he is limited to where he can travel at all by his own class's 
terrible Movement Type. So much for him being too useful in this chapter 
unless you either give his Thunder Bolt to somebody who can travel across the 
rocks and that somebody gives it to Jake, or you use the Warp Wand on him to 
get him out of that rocky area. Just have him get in attack range of the two 
Shooters coming from the North. They'll fall quickly.

Now the Shooters from the South, as well as about 3 of Astoria's Shooter 
friends will be coming to pound your team. Uh oh! Brutal battle ahead! If 
your strong guys can survive for long though, then good. You should be able 
to drop the Shooters. Be sure to deliver the Thunder Bolt to Jake as quickly 
as possible once Beck has taken out the Shooters from the north, if you 
decided to save the Warp Wand.

Once those 6 Shooters are dead, heal everybody and then have your people with 
the best defenses bait the two near Astoria. Then pound them as hard as 
possible. In the meantime, have Medea rush in to talk to Astoria and Astoria 
will join your cause.

Now all that's left are the Thieves, the Shooters near the Castle, and the 
Cleric. The Cleric should be dropped as quickly as possible, but if you like, 
you can go ahead and kill everybody else before doing him in. Watch out; one 
of the living Shooters is a Thunder Bolt Shooter. Now for the boss.....

-Gigasshu (L5 Shooter, Elephant)

Make sure you don't have anybody exactly two squares from the castle. That 
way, he can't fire his Elephant Gun. Just have Magicians blast him from up 


Once Gigasshu and his forces have bit the dust, take care of item issues and 
then clear the chapter.

Chapter 14: Kanashimi no Daichi - Gura (Sorrowful Land - Gra)

Basic Story: Now Marth's army has managed to reach the Castle of Altea's 
former "ally," Gra, the same country that betrayed Altea and got King 
Cornellius killed as a result. Soon enough, they may be able to find the 
fabled Falchion and help put an end to Medeus's plans.

Starting characters: Any survivors of previous chapters (Marth has to be one 
of them, and you can bring in only 13 of the others)
Recruitable characters: Paola (Pegasus Knight, appears on Turn 5 as "enemy," 
recruited by having her talk to Marth) and Katua (Pegasus Knight, appears on 
Turn 5 as "enemy," recruited by having her talk to Marth)

Map: On http://fe.chinafe.com/html/fe1/tactics/14.htm

Villages to save:
Across the river west of where your troops start. (Reward is Torron.)

Two in the Treasure room (east one has 10,000 G, west one has the Silver Card)

                  M  1
9  10 12 13    2  3
         11 8  6  7
   4  5

Items given up by enemies:
-Ointment * 2 (each of the two Thieves)
-Silver Sword (Jior the boss)

-Paola and Katua (appear on Turn 5 on the water between the lookout and the 
throne room)
-L5 Pegasus Knights with Spears * 2 (both appear on Turns 8 to 11 where Paola 
and Katua appeared)

*Warn the village
*Take out the lookout and entrance guards
*Fight off the Pegasus Knight reinforcements
*Take out the Sniper in the Treasure room and get the treasures in the 
Treasure Room
*Storm the Throne Room and take out anybody within.
*Take care of item issues and make sure you still have 16 living troops
*Take control of the throne Jior is guarding to clear the chapter.

Enemy overview:
*Guarding the entrances to the castle across the bridge near where your 
troops start are 1 L3 Quick Rain Shooter, and 4 L5 Armor Knights, 2 with Hand 
Spears, 1 with a Regular Spear, and the final one with a Knight Killer.
*Inside the lookout just south of the village, there are 5 L5 Archers, 3 with 
Bow Guns and the other 2 with Steel Bows, and 1 L10 Reserve Cleric.
*Jior the L5 General boss with a Silver Sword, 2 Iron Sword Thieves, one at 
L5 and the other at L7, 1 L5 Relieve Cleric, and 2 Armor Knights, one at L5 
with an Steel Sword and the other at L9 with an Iron Sword are all in the 
throne room.
*Inside the treasure room is an L3 Sniper with a Silver Bow.


First off, deploy your Thieves and probably a couple of good Bow users. Now 
advance everybody through the forests to reach the village, but be careful; 
the Archers can shower your troops with arrows. Be sure to have that Reblow 
Wand ready to heal Marth. Not that a single non-critical bow strike can 
inflict more than 6 damage to him. But just in case one of them criticals, it 
will become a lifesaver.

Also kill off the Shooter by having one of your Shooters use the Thunder 
Bolt. Then make the drawbridge go down (with a Bridge Key or Thief Key) and 
have somebody guard the Thief who made it go down. Watch it; you're dealing 
with 4 Armor Knights. Armor Killers will drop them quickly, thankfully.

Anyway, around the time you save the village, Paola and Katua will appear. 
See that corner that is two south, two west of the village gate? Well, have 
Marth move there and both of the Pegasus Sisters will be recruited quickly 
without either of them in risk of being sniped off.

Have your forces move to the center of the map. Also send an Armor Knight to 
block/kill the Archers and the Cleric. Be sure to have two strong people 
blocking the west hallway and an Archer and Cleric right behind them, because 
soon, Pegasus Knights will appear.

Once the 16 idiots from the Dragon Knight Party are dead, unlock the door, 
storm the Throne Room and kill both of the Thieves, both Armor Knights, and 
the Cleric, and then it is boss time!

-Jior (L5 General, Silver Sword, gives up Silver Sword)

If you want anybody to attack from close up, make sure that person can 
survive a single round regardless of scenario, and put that person on one of 
the columns when attacking. Remember: Magic users will STILL have no problem 
taking him down.


Once Jior is dead, bust open the door to the treasure room, kill the Sniper, 
and open the treasure chests. You'll want the Silver Card around from now on 
to reduce prices on items, even though you have a LOT anyway. Now take care 
of further item issues, make sure a Cleric or Priest has Magic Shield in 
his/her invetory, and then clear the chapter.

Chapter 15: Madou No Kuni - Kadain (Magic Country - Khadain)

Basic Story: Marth's army has finally made it to Khadain, the country of 
magic users. But without the Falchion, they may not be prepared for the evil 
force they are about to encounter soon enough......

Starting characters: Any survivors of previous chapters (Marth has to be one 
of them, and you can bring in as many as 15 (!!) of the others)
Recruitable characters: None, unfortunately.

Map: On http://fe.chinafe.com/html/fe1/tactics/15.htm

Villages to save: None

2 guarded by Garnef (the left has an Amulet and the right has a Power Ring)

13 8  15 9     10
         11 12             14
2  3  4        7  M  1           5  6

Items given up by enemies:
-Recover Wand (the Thief)
-Thunder Tome (the L3 Thunder Magician)

-L1 Fire Magician (appears just south of Garnef on turns 3 to 10)

*Quickly kill the 2 Magicians across the bridge.
*Take out the advancing enemies.
*Take out the remaining enemies, including the boss.
*Take care of item issues and make sure you still have 16 living troops
*Take control of the castle the Khadain Mage is guarding to clear the chapter.

Enemy overview:
*At the castle, there are 1 L5 Worm Priest, 1 L7 Hand Spear Dragon Knight, 
and 1 L5 Relieve Cleric.
*Around the fort south of the castle are 2 L5 Freeze Magicians, 1 L3 Priest, 
1 L5 Relieve Cleric, and 1 L3 Iron Sword Thief.
*Just around the bridge near where you start, there are two Magicians, one at 
L5 with Fire, and the other at L7 with Freeze.
*Guarding the shrine with the 2 Treasure Chests is Garnef, the L10 Maph 
Priest. West-Northwest of him is an L7 Freeze Magician.
*Around the fort north of Garnef and east of the castle, there are 3 Hand 
Spear Dragon Knights, 2 at L5 and the other one at L7.
*Literally in the middle of the desert are 1 L5 Relieve Cleric and 1 L7 
Freeze Magician.
*Southeast of the Dragon Knights are 2 more Magicians. One is at L5 and has 
Fire, the other at L7 with Freeze.


Great! Just what we need! Magic users galore and one of those magic users 
*cough*Garnef*cough* being immune to ANYTHING you can throw at him. Don't 
worry about Garnef; he doesn't budge unless you move close enough. It's the 2 
Magicians around the south bridge, 2 of the Dragon Knights, 1 of the L5 
Freeze Magicians around the fort, the Thief, the 2 Magicians southeast of the 
Dragon Knight, and the reinforcements you'd have to fight against immediately.

That's a lot of enemies so we better deploy a couple of high HP units, at 
least 2 of your Archers, at least 1 Magician/Priest, and at least one Cleric. 
Magic Shield being carried by a front line Cleric is a good idea.

In any case, get rid of the Magicians across the bridge. Then bait the Dragon 
Knights into the middle of the island so you can snipe them off. Next, just 
have a Magician stand at the bridge and Magic Shield the Magician. Then those 
pesky Magicians who try to cross will not be able to do so. In the meantime, 
try to have your other troops fend off the Magicians coming from the east.

Garnef leaves on Turn 8. But who cares? We don't need to make him budge. In 
any case, we have our hands full with the pesky Magicians. Once you defeat 
anybody who attacked, you can get the contents of the treasure chests. Yay! 
An Amulet! Somebody's Magic Defense is going to be permanently maxed out, 
allowing them to resist even the Worm spell! Whoever that somebody is is your 
choice, of course.

Anyway, have a bow user stand just barely in range of the Dragon Knight's 
attack. The Dragon Knight will die quickly. In the meantime, send some troops 
to take out the lesser Priest, the Magicians, the Clerics, and the Dragon 
Knight. Watch out for the Priest; he has high speed and a lightweight spell. 
After they're all dead, you'll have the boss left now.....

-Boss: Khadain Mage (L5 Priest, Worm)

ACK! Each attack he pulls off does 6 damage. For this reason, Magic Shield 
somebody strong, then pound him with everything your troops have. Hopefully, 
he NEVER gets a single Critical (although it's difficult for him to do so 


Once the Khadain Mage is dead, just take care of item issues and then have 
Marth control the castle to end the chapter.

Chapter 16: Ariteia No Tatakai (Altea Battle)

Basic Story: The Altean Army has decided to run away from Khadain, knowing 
that they don't stand a chance against Garnef. But now that it has grown 
stronger than it was when it was still living in Talis, it will make an 
attempt to liberate Altea from Grunia and Dolua hoping to eventually get the 
Starlight spell.

Starting characters: Any survivors of previous chapters (Marth has to be one 
of them, and you can bring in as many as 13 of the others)
Recruitable characters: Chainy (recruited by talking to with Marth), Aran 
(recruited by saving the left village, cannot be recruited if Samson already 
is) and Samson (recruited by saving the left village, cannot be recruited if 
Aran already is)

Map: On http://fe.chinafe.com/html/fe1/tactics/16.htm

Villages to save:
-2 southeast of the whole set of forts (Reward for left is Alan joining and 
reward for right is Samson, can't lock both villages or get both rewards)

Chests: None

Near the first bridge
3  4

Note: Troop #3 starts 3 East of the first Bridge.

All others
      2           1
      8        M  5
9              6  7
            12 11

Items given up by enemies:
Dragon Shield (Borstatto the boss)
Hero's Proof (the Thunder Sword Hero)

-2 L5 Armor Knights with Spears (each appear on turn 10 from the two northwest 
of the whole set of forts)
-L5 Social Knight with Steel Sword (appears on turn 10 from the west-center 
-L5 Social Knight with a Spear (appears on turn 10 from the east-center fort)
-L5 Bow Knight with a Steel Bow (appears on turn 10 from the northeast fort)
-L7 Social Knight with Hand Spear (appears on turn 11 from the fort between 
the east-center fort and the southeast most fort)
-L9 Social Knight with Silver Spear (appears on turn 11 from the southwest 
-L9 Bow Knight with Silver Bow (appears on turn 11 from the southeastern most 
fort of the whole set of forts)

*Deploy a Warp Wand user
*Fight off the 3 Dragon Knights.
*Immediately warp Marth to around the two villages and have him save the 
village that has the troop of choice (Alan or Samson).
*Have everybody regroup.
*Fight off the "Dark Paladin of Doom" (or should I say "Red Paladin of 
Blood") and his 9 lackeys, along with reinforcements.
*Take out the guards of Chainy's cell and recruit Chainy.
*Take out Borstatto and his General friend.
*Take care of item issues 
*Take care of item issues and make sure you still have 16 living troops
*Take control of the castle Borstatto is guarding to clear the chapter.

Enemy overview:
*Around Borstatto the L7 Kill Sword General Boss is 1 L5 Armor Knight with a 
Steel Sword; 1 L5 Reserve Cleric; 3 L5 Dragon Knights, one with an Armor 
Killer, another with a Knight Killer, and the final with a Regular Spear; 1 
L3 Paladin with a Silver Spear (dubbed in Vengeance's FE3 FAQ as "THE DARK 
PALADIN OF DOOM" but here he'll be refered to in this FAQ as "THE RED PALADIN 
OF BLOOD" (even though that's still a blatant ripoff of the title)); 3 Bow 
Knights, two of which have Steel Bows and one of them at L7 and the other at 
L5, and the last Bow Knight at L5 with a Bow Gun; and 6 Social Knights, 2 
with Hand Spears and at L5, 2 at L7, with one of those two armed with an 
Armor Killer and the other with a Knight Killer, 1 more at L5 with a Steel 
Sword, and the final one at L3 with Knight Killer.
*Inside the jail cell southeast of Borstatto is Chainy in the middle and 2 L3 
Heros, one with a Silver Sword and the other with a Thunder Sword, each 
guarding the entrances.
*The only other enemy on the map aside from reinforcements is an L7 Thief 
with an Iron Sword, west of all the houses and service places.


First off, deploy at least 2 Clerics, one of which should have a Warp Wand 
and both should have at least a couple of Recover Wands and one Reblow Wand. 
Also deploy a couple of Archers. As for other troops, make it mostly low 
level ones but be sure to include a Pegasus Knight.

Now, immediately have the Warp Wand user Warp Marth to around where the Thief 
is. Be sure to keep the Warp Wand user out of range of the Dragon Knights' 
attacks. In the meantime, have your troops prepare to attack and quickly do 
in the 3 Dragon Knights. As for Marth, well, have him kill the Thief.

Anyway, the Dragon Knights will try to attack your party. They just made a 
big mistake. Just send your Archers to snipe two of them off. Meanwhile, have 
Marth save the village with whichever unit out of Aran and Samson you want to 
get. Aran lives in the left village and Samson lives in the right village. 
Whichever unit you want to get, visit his village FIRST. If you have one of 
the two and you visit the other's village, nothing will happen. So choose 
wisely. If you're using an emulator or you have your other file empty, go 
ahead and make a copy of the save before beginning Chapter 16, and go through 
the game each time with a different choice.

After that, just have Alan/Samson stand just on the eastmost bridge near the 
village. Samson is pretty strong, so he should last. Aran has a Knight 
Killer, and since he has enough health and Physical Defense, the Socials 
won't be able to kill him instantly unless they get a critical or Aran is 
weakened enough.

You may not notice but.....THE RED PALADIN OF BLOOD is coming up to your army 
with most of Borstatto's troops. The first thing to do is to have your 
Pegasus Knight fly on turn 3 barely in range of the one closest to your 
troops but still cut off by the rivers. If your Pegasus Knight survives, 
good. In any case, quite a few of Borstatto's troops will try to kick the 
Pegasus Knight off their territory. But weren't you using her as a diversion 
anyway? The.....RED PALADIN OF BLOOD will ignore the Pegasus Knight, which 
will prove that he's an idiot, along with his fellow troops, his leader 
Borstatto, and basically the whole of the Grunia, Dolua, Macedonia, and Gra 
countries. Wait. They're idiots to begin with for what they did.....

Anyway, have Marth retreat behind Aran/Samson so that.......THE RED PALADIN 
OF BLOOD won't kill hi- *notices an angry look on the reader* ALRIGHT! I'LL 
Anyway, you're bound to need healing throughout the struggle. So be sure to 
heal people as the battle goes. Don't forget about the Armor Killer and 
Knight Killer SKs, along with the 8 reinforcements.

Once all the enemies, including the reinforcements, have been killed, only 
the boss, his friend, and the guards of Chainy's cell remain. Just kill the 
guards first because not only do you get Chainy but you also get a Hero's 
Proof that you can use to promote another Mercenary. Just make sure you 
promote one at L20 if you have one. If not, then I recommend you save it for 
any Mercenary that gets to L20.

Anyway, send Armor Killer users to chop Borstatto's friend into pieces and 
then you'll have only the boss left.

-Boss: Borstatto (L7, Kill Sword, gives up Dragon Shield)

Have a strong Armor Killer user stand on the castle that Borstatto's friend 
was standing on to knock down Borstatto's hit rate. Also, if you have a 
really strong bow user with a Silver Bow, sick him on Borstatto for some 
extra damage and experience.


With Borstatto dead, there's nothing to stop you from taking the castle. Just 
be sure to have a Warp Wand in a Cleric's invetory, as well as undulled 
weapons in most of your people's possessions. Also give the Dragon Shield to 
somebody in need of a few points of extra Defense. Then clear the chapter. 
It's about time we fought the Dolua filth lurking in the Altea Castle.

Chapter 17: Sutaalood Marusu (Starlord Marth)

Basic Story: Marth has finally managed to surround Altea's castle. Now the 
survivors of his army from Altea, Talis, Khadain, and Akanea, along with 
allies who worked before under the evil four (Dolua, Macedonia, Grunia, and 
Gra) shall fight Dolua in an epic struggle to liberate Altea Castle, and 
Altea itself.

Starting characters: Any survivors of previous chapters (Marth has to be one 
of them, and you can bring in as many as 15 of the others)
Recruitable characters: None

Map: On http://fe.chinafe.com/html/fe1/tactics/17.htm

Villages to save: None

-6 in the southwest room (left to right, top to bottom: Warp Wand, 15,000 G, 
Devil Sword, Dragon Shield, Knight's Proof, Mystery Book)

West side
4  5              3     15
                  M  1  2
            9  10

East side
(empty row)
      7     6
(empty row)
12 13 14

Note: Troop 8 is 5 west of troop 15
Note 2: The door leading to boss is 3 north of troop 7.

Items given up by enemies:
-Member Card (left Cleric)
-Reserve Wand (right Cleric)
-Door Key (L9 Thief)
-Worm Tome (the Worm Priest)
-Speed Ring (Moses the boss)

-L3 Armor Knight with Steel Sword, L5 Social Knight with Hand Spear, and L7 
Bow Knight with Steel Bow (all appear at the "emergency exit" on turns 9 
through 50)

*Fight off the 3 L.Fire Magicians, the Volcannon Magician, the 2 Fire 
Mamkutes, the 2 Armor Knights, the 2 Thieves, the Sniper, and the Hero while 
trying to stop the Thieves from reaching the treasure chests.
*Get the contents of the treasure chests.
*Bust open the door.
*Have a 15 Defense character stand at the first choke point of the "emergency 
exit" pathway before reinforcements arrive.
*Take out the Sniper, the Worm Priest, and Moses.
*Fight through the reinforcements, until your troops finally reach the Clerics
*Take out the Clerics.
*Buy 1 Thief Key (extra), and as many Reblow Wands, Magic Shield Wands, 
Torron Spellbooks, and Worm Spellbooks as needed from the Secret Shop.
*Take control of the throne Moses is guarding to clear the chapter.

Enemy overview:
*North of the door near your east troops, sitting on the throne is Moses, the 
L7 Magic Mamkute Boss. Near him is an L3 Worm Priest, and also in the same 
hallway, there are 2 Armor Knights, one at L5 with a Thunder Sword and the 
other at L7 with a Hand Spear.
*On the other side of the wall near Moses, there are 2 L10 Reserve Clerics 
and an L3 Sniper with a Silver Bow.
*In the northwest part of the castle, there are 2 L5 L.Fire Magicians, 2 L5 
Fire Mamkutes, 2 L5 Armor Knights with Hand Spears, and 2 Thieves with Iron 
Swords, one at L9 and one at L7.
*In the treasure room, there is 1 more L5 L.Fire Magician, an L7 Volcannon 
Magician, an L3 Sniper with a Silver Bow, and an L3 Hero with a Steel Sword.


For deploying characters, bring in your Thieves (and Chainy), a couple of 
strong guys, prefably both being SKs/Paladins, and a magic user with Magic 
Shield. Also bring in Banut even if you already have a 15 Defense character 
anyway. Whoever else you bring in doesn't really matter so just make the 
remaining characters low level ones, being sure to include ones who can fight 
from a distance.

The first job is to keep the Thieves from destroying the treasure chest 
contents. The problem? The Doluan scum has strong units escorting the 
Thieves, a couple of those units even being FIRE MAMKUTES! NOT GOOD! So you 
better be truly good with opening moves if you want to let ALL of your troops 
survive without losing the treasures.

L.Fire/Volcannon before or not, they will help the Fire Mamkutes pound your 
troops hard. After the Magicians are dead, just chop that Sniper into pieces 
and pound that Yuusha and those Fire Mamkutes with distance attacks. Don't 
forget to block the Thieves.

Sneak Marth and your Thieves into the treasure room so that they can loot the 
treasure chests and you can stop worrying about those dang Thieves. Also make 
sure that you don't have to send that Door Key to storage......

Once all the enemies outside the throne room are dead, send everybody to the 
door, bust it open, and then send Banut to guard the first choke point in the 
pathway to the "emergency exit" before Enemy Turn 12 (3 turns after the 
reinforcements arrive). None of the reinforcements can scratch him because of 
his Defense level of 15. Oh yeah! The only problem is that this limits 
experience to anybody but him.

Now we only have to worry about the Sniper, the two Clerics, the 
reinforcements (although the Armor Knights can take some time to become any 
problem), the Worm Priest, and Moses himself. Well, the Social Knight and Bow 
Knight reinforcements (who can use ranged attacks) aren't really something to 
worry about if your troops are healed. Just snipe off the Sniper, and the 
Clerics if you can, then smack down the Worm Priest (Magic Shield the 
attacker first), then it's boss time!

-Boss: Moses (L7 Mamkute, Magic Dragon Stone, gives up Speed Ring)

AGH! A boss with 24 Physical Defense AND automatic immunity to magic. Chop 
him down to size with a strong character armed with the Dragon Killer. If you 
have a bow user, Shooter, or whatever who can deal over 24 damage, you can 
sick him on Moses, but make sure the damage that will be dealt will make a 
difference before opening fire.


Although Moses is dead, we can't just clear the chapter yet. That's right! 
There's a Secret Shop on the Map. The problem is, we don't have the Member 
Card. Good news: one of the Clerics happens to be the holder of the Member 
Card. However, you have to fight your way through the reinforcements to reach 
the Clerics and kill them both off. There are a total of 132 reinforcements 
if all of them are allowed to get on the map. Big trouble for your weapons.

Well, just use your best tactics that will help keep your troops alive, and 
fight your way through the reinforcements. Try to stop somewhere if you can 
afford it so that you can allow more reinforcements to come and your troops 
can get more experience. After Turn 50, no more reinforcements will come, so 
take out any reinforcements that are still alive, along with the Clerics. 
Once you do this, congrats; you've cleared the map, but don't take the throne 

Now that you have the Member Card, you might want to send somebody to the 
Secret Shop to buy an extra Thief Key, but you need only about 20 more uses 
that in all caps because Torron and Worm are both VERY good attack spells 
while Magic Shield and Reblow can easily become lifesavers. After that, put 
any items you bought from the Secret Shop in Storage; we don't want to waste 
such rare items.

With that over, just take care of item issues (for the Speed Ring, Dragon 
Shield, and Hidden Book, make your choices wise) and then clear the chapter. 
Good job. With Altea liberated completely, the second third of the game has 
been completed. Now it's time for the Altean Army to really start defying 
Dolua, Macedonia, and Grunia.

4. Credits

I must thank the members of the FESS Board at 
http://fessforum.proboards11.com/index.cgi for their help, especially the 
Fireemblem.net post.

I'd like to thank Fireemblem.net anyway, because they provide information, 
albeit in Japanese.

I'd like to thank Nintendo, and Intelligence Systems for this game AND SSBM, 
and anybody else involved in making SSBM, since SSBM is pretty much the 
reason why I even play Fire Emblem games in the first place.

I'd also like to thank http://www.solon.org/cgi-bin/j-e for helping me 
translate some of the things, and the Kana Books by James W. Heisig for 
letting me navigate through the Kana. I'd also like to thank Fire Emblem 3 
for helping me find out about the Red Dragon Stone among other things, and 
the FE3 FAQ writer for help on FE3 as well.

This is copyright 2002 Juigi and any of the sources. If I find out you've 
been copying or selling this without permission or doing any other illegal 
stuff involving this, you're gone!