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Fire Emblem 1 FAQ/Walkthrough (Part 1) by Juigi Kario

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Fire Emblem 1: Ankoku Ryuu To Hikari No Tsurugi
(Dark Dragon and Sword of Light)
Walkthrough Part 1/3
Version 1.1
By Juigi

Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Version notes
3. Walkthrough
4. Credits

(Copied directly from AstroBlue's FFTA FAQ.)
This FAQ uses Shift-JIS encoding to display Japanese kana (characters). 
Browsers such as Mozilla Firefox (www.mozilla.org/products/firefox) support 
CJK encoding inherently, but common browsers such as MS Internet Explorer 
require you to update your system (windowsupdate.microsoft.com). Otherwise, I 
recommend you download a Japanese-English word processor called JWPce. It is 
available from: http://www.physics.ucla.edu/~grosenth/jwpce.php

1. Introduction

Hello. In case you don't go to the GameFAQ Boards and haven't seen my 
contributor info or Fire Emblem 6 Support FAQ, I am Juigi, elder half of the 
Kario Brothers, who are ripoffs of the Mario Brothers (from the Mario 
series). My email address is juigi@lycos.co.uk . But enough of that.

Fire Emblem is a Strategy RPG series that has yet to be in America. So why 
are Marth (from Fire Emblem 1 and 3) and Roy (from Fire Emblem 6) in Super 
Smash Bros. Melee? Because SSBM was made in Japan. Both characters were the 
Lord/Leader of an army in their respective games, so they needed to survive 
for you to avoid Game Over.

Anyway, I got tired of the basic problems I've been having in Fire Emblem 1. 
I should understand them now, despite my inability to currently understand 
Japanese, but some people may not without a "translation" (which, might I 
tell you right now, would have to be incomplete). I am making this 
FAQ/Walkthrough because of this.

Oh yeah, about me:

*RN: Not publically disclosed
*A/S/L: 18 as of July 9/M/San Pablo (SF Bay Area), CA
*How to contact me:
-Email: juigi@lycos.co.uk
-AOL: Juigi Kario
-YIM: Not disclosed
-MSN: figaro_brothers@hotmail.com
-ICQ: Not used
-Major GameFAQ contributions: Fire Emblem 1 FAQs (3-part Walkthrough, Basic 
and Mechanics FAQ, Character FAQ, Class FAQ, Item/Weapon FAQ, Shop/Arena FAQ, 
and Talis Quest Walkthrough) and FE6 Support FAQ


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Excuse me if I'm being harsh; I just don't want any trouble. Strict? That I 
have no problem with. If you want to report anything though, do so, but be 
nice about it. Now onto the FAQ!

Japanese text addition notes: all Japanese characters are assumed to be 2 
characters long. In addition, I'm using "tu", "ti", and "si" in place of 
"tsu", "chi", and "shi" respectively in case you're confused. Small vowels 
are abbreviated as they would be in Romanji, so "jiyo" with "yo" being a 
small vowel becomes "jo." FYI, this applies only with "shi", "ji", and "chi" 
because they're the only convertable ones.

2. Version notes

*Version 1.1 (9/11/2004) - more fixes to navigation in addition to error 
fixes. Since it's been 3 years exactly since the 9/11 incident, don't forget 
to think of the people who died in said indicent.

*Version 1.06 (8/4/2003) - Personal info added

*Version 1.05 (4/24/2003) - Navigation made slightly easier. Also added links 
to Fireemblem.net's maps.

*Version 1.0 (4/10/2003) - Major fix. Fairly important.

*Version 0.9 (3/2/2003) - Major overhaul. And if this appears in the "What's 
New" section of GameFAQs again after February 2K3, it's because I'm updating 
my FE1 FAQs.

*Version 0.25 (10/7/2002) - Nearly everything up to Chapter 6 done, and some 
of Chapter 7 done as well.

3. Walkthrough

Chapter 1: Marusu No Tazidachi (Marth's Quest)

Basic story: Talis, which has been Marth's homeland after Marth was exiled, 
is suddenly under attack by Garuda Pirates. They have already succeeded in 
destroying a village. Marth and his army must retaliate to make sure as many 
people that are neutral/good don't suffer the same fate.

*Starting characters: Marth, Sheeda, Abel, Kain, Jeigan, Gordon, and Doga.
*Recruitable characters: Riff (recruit by saving the second village)

Map: On http://fe.chinafe.com/html/fe1/tactics/1.htm

Villages to save:
-Not far from where you start (reward is 10000 G)
-Near the castle with the boss (reward is Riff joining)

Items given up by enemies:
-Ointment (Kassak the boss)

*Take out the Thief
*Warn the east village
*Buy weapons
*Fight your way through the advancing enemies of 7 Pirates and a Hunter
*Secure the West Fort
*Take out the 3 Pirates who suddenly attack
*Visit the west village
*Take out Kassak the boss
*Make sure business with items is dealt with and you still have 8 living 
*Take control of the castle Kassak is guarding to end the chapter


First's things first: send somebody (prefably Sheeda or the SKs) to take out 
the Thief, and have Marth go to the village near where you start to get 10000 
Gold Pieces to get weapons that you can equip your troops with. (Not that you 
need it........yet.) Now, the best thing you can do with experience is to be 
careful about who you give kills to. Here are a few comments on it:

*Marth cannot Promote. Too bad, since his stats likely suck. Strengthen as 
best as you can.
*Jeigan is already Promoted. So try not to give him any kills if you can. You 
can have him carry extra items, but keep in mind that a unit can carry only 4 
items at a time, including Weapons.
*Doga cannot promote. He's actually like Jeigan in terms of stats except he's 
actually moderate in the long run. I'm sure you'll train others though.
*That leaves you with everybody else you have that you're free to level up, 
especially since by the time they're at level 20, you should be ready to 
promote them.

Anyway, there are 14 enemies in the whole map: 12 Pirates, 7 of which are 
heading your way, and one of them being the boss; 1 Hunter, also heading your 
way; and the Thief, ready to destroy the other villages like he did the one 
he's standing on at the start. Hence why I told you to get somebody to take 
out the Thief.

Send Marth to buy whatever weapons you want to get for your troops (if the 
merchant says Marth can't use the weapon, don't worry unless it is the Axe; 
you're probably getting the weapon for somebody who CAN use it, and Marth 
shouldn't buy anything for himself since his Rapier should do the job well 
enough to avoid getting worn out before Chapter 8 anyway) after getting the 

Also, the Hunter isn't a worry for a couple of turns, but once it comes 
around, don't place Sheeda in range of it because if she is hit, you'll 
probably lose her and then any hope of recruiting some characters that can 
only be recruited by having her talk to them are in HFIL. (Stupid 
FUNimation.....) Just hammer any Pirates you can without moving too far and 
when the Hunter comes around, swarm him, since he cannot be allowed to stay 
alive since he is definately faster than Gordan, who is the only one who can 
retaliate to his attacks right now.

Also watch out for the 3 Pirates coming through the seas. If you took out the 
other 5 enemies that were on the offensive, though, they shouldn't be much of 
a threat when they come around.

When you get around the second fort, make sure your troops are gathered. Once 
you place somebody on it, the enemy on the village will attack the person. 
Easy to kill. Once the Pirate is dead, the 3 other Pirates around the boss 
will go on the offensive. If everybody is still grouped properly, the 3 
Pirates might as well rename themselves as The Three Stooges. Er, wait a 
minute. That's a copyright name. Well, once the Three Stooge-er, Pirates are 
under control, send Marth to the village the moron from earlier was guarding 
and Riff will join. Unfortunately, Riff does NOT gain experience from healing 
allies. He has to get attacked to gain some, but thankfully he gets quite a 
bit per hit. (Actually the amount for killing the enemy.) If you kept one of 
the Three Stoog-er, pirates alive, leave Riff open to an attack from him 
(leaving him on the village) and make sure Marth can't be attacked. If Riff 
takes damage, just kill the Pirate to keep him from making things worse. Also 
try to hold off any healing for now though. Now it is boss time.

-Boss: Kassak (L5 Pirate, Steel Axe, gives up Ointment)

This boss is easy, since you should attack with Swords (which you naturally 
have), since he's one of the mentioned Pirates. Also, his Axe isn't a Hand 
Axe, so he can't retaliate to Gordan's attacks. If you want massive 
experience, this is a good chance, but it isn't best to spend eternity to do 
so, because your weapons would eventually have to be replaced, and if you 
want to do so, you have to spend money on new weapons and you don't have 
infinite money. Unfortunately, if you try to get Riff to get experience off 
this guy, unless he's at full health, you're BADLY risking losing him as 
well. Also note that if you want Sheeda to attack, she better have a Spear 
equipped. Riff doesn't need to worry about Healing allies; the ones who have 
to handle any attacks from Kassak can just rush back to the last fort (except 
in Marth and Doga's cases, but Marth shouldn't gain too much experience, 
while Doga doesn't take much damage).


Anyway, after killing Kassak, give the Salve to whomever you want it to be 
with, take over the Castle that he was guarding (with Marth), and that's one 
chapter down, 24 to go.

Chapter 2: Garuda No Kaizoku (Garuda Pirates)

Basic story: Marth has sucessfully kept Talis under control, and now the time 
has come for him to go on his journey. The King of Talis has sent Oguma and 
the 3 Axe using brothers to help Marth as the army takes a free boat ride to 
the Garuda Port as part of their starting advance on the Dolua Empire. But 
Oguma better be ready to help; Garuda is currently under Pirate control......

*Starting characters: Marth, anybody else who survived Chapter 1 (including 
Riff if he was recruited), Oguma, Saji, Maji, and Barts
*Recruitable characters: Daros (appears at beginning as enemy, recruited by 
talking to with Marth or letting him reach Marth, won't attack) and Kashim 
(appears at beginning as enemy, recruited by talking to him with Sheeda).

Map: On http://fe.chinafe.com/html/fe1/tactics/2.htm

Villages to save:
-East of the castle (reward is 5000G)

Items given up by enemies:
-Steel Sword (Gomes the boss)

*Fight off the army of 4 Pirates, 2 Thieves, and 1 Hunter coming from the 
north of your army, and keep one Thief alive
*Get ready to fight off the army of 4 Pirates and 2 Social Knights coming 
from the west and do so as well
*Have the living Thief abuse Riff (DON'T GO INSINUATING THAT THE TWO OF THEM 
ARE GAY) so that Riff gains major experience.
*Have Sheeda talk to Kashim to make him join him, while dropping Kashim's 
backup Hunter
*Warn the village
*Take out any remaining enemies around the castle, including Gomes the boss
*Make sure business with items is dealt with and you still have 14 living 
*Take control of the castle Gomes is guarding to end the chapter


Okay, you start with having two fronts to guard or else the enemy might 
overwhelm your team: North and West. Difficult, right? Not really. If you 
never played Advance Wars, there is a stage in AW where Kanbei will hammer 
your units if you don't stop him from getting in your territory. But stopping 
him is a simple trick: just place strong direct units on the choke points at 
your end of the bridges as guards and leave indirect units to attack anybody 
who tries to beat your directs to a bloody pulp and other strong direct units 
around the guards to replace them if they're trashed.

Well, that trick works here too, although to a point (since Pirates can walk 
over water). Have Saji and Maji move on the east end of the two bridges 
leading to the west; there are 4 Pirates and 2 Social Knights (both with 
Spears) on the offensive from there. Keep Jeigan and Barts around for backup. 
Meanwhile, have your other units guard the North front because you already 
have 4 Pirates (not counting Daros, but thankfully he won't attack you, 
though he might get in the way unless you recruit him with Marth), 2 Thieves, 
and a Hunter. Again, don't send Sheeda in range of the Hunter's attack. In 
fact, kill the Hunter as fast as you can so that Sheeda can safely take some 
of the experience.

DON'T KILL BOTH THIEVES YET! You can feel free to kill one, but make sure you 
leave the other alive. If you're good enough, you should kill off most of the 
North nitwits before the West morons get to Saji and Maji.

In any case, once you secured the North front, get any units who haven't 
moved to back up S&M (prefably Maji, since he'll likely be targeted and he 
can't survive 2 Pirate attacks and a Social Knight attack yet). When you 
finally fight your way through the West offensive, move closer.

LEAVE RIFF TO SIT ALONE ON THE FORT! That way, he'll gain experience because 
the Thief you left alive will attack. Thankfully, the Thief will have trouble 
doing in Riff because the Thief can't pull off CHs and the damage he does is 
VERY, VERY, VERY rarely left alone before Riff can be killed.

As for your advance, be careful with it; those 2 Hunters around the castle 
will advance once you're close enough. Send Sheeda to talk to the one with a 
portrait (that's Kashim), and keep the other from attacking her at all. You 
can afford to kill the other Hunter anyway, so have whomever you want to get 
the experience (except Sheeda unless the Hunter is weakened enough already) 

Once you're done with the Hunter, the only enemy left on the map should be 
the boss. Visit the Village to the east of the castle to get 5000G. Once 
you're done buying weapons and such (keep in mind that there's a Storage Tent 
near the Weapon Shop, although it costs 10G to store an item and you don't 
get any money back when you get it out), it's boss time!

-Boss: Gomes (L7 Pirate, Hand Axe, gives up Steel Sword)

Too bad Intelligent Systems didn't give you a much more original boss for the 
second chapter (since he isn't really much different from Kassak). This game 
WAS their first attempt at a Fire Emblem game though. Well anyway, this guy 
is stronger than Kassak, but not by much, and if you take advantage of the 
Hand Axe's weaknesses and avoid being 2 squares away with anybody but Gordan 
and Kashim (who counter ranged attacks BTW), you can probably safely treat 
him like Kassak if you remember that his CH rate is higher.


Once you kill Gomes, let Riff finish his leveling up then kill the Thief with 
anybody you want to give the experience to, give the Steel Sword to whomever 
you want to give it to, and then have Marth take over the castle Gomes was 
guarding and you're done with the 2nd of the 25 chapters.

Chapter 3: Debiru Manzan (Devil Mountains)

Basic story: Marth has crippled the Garuda Pirates. But the only path for 
their advance into the Akanean Territory goes through a Bandits' nest called 
the Devil Mountains. They must also watch out for a fighter named Navarre, 
leader of a group of bandits, and protect a Thief named Julian who has taken 
advantage of the army's arrival to escape and is thus being chased, and his 
love Rena, both of whom care for each other.

*Starting characters: Marth, anybody else who survived Chapters 1 and 2 
(including recruited teammates), Rena, and Julian
*Recruitable characters: Navarre (appears at beginning as enemy, recruit with 

Map: On http://fe.chinafe.com/html/fe1/tactics/3.htm

Villages to save:
-Not far northwest of where you start; near Kashim's starting location (if 
everybody is still alive), in fact. (Reward is a Devil Axe)

Items given up by enemies:
-Ointment (Axeman just west of Haiman when you get to the castle area)
-Relieve Wand (Haiman the boss)

*Have Julian and Rena run away south toward Marth's army, but be sure to stop 
Rena on turn one right in the Hunter's attack range
*Have Sheeda ready to talk to Navarre so that he drops his followers of 3 
Axemen and 1 Thief
*Have Marth and his other troops ready to warn the village and once the Thief 
gets close, enough warn it
*Have the enemy Thief abuse Rena (NOT THAT WAY, YOU SICKO!) so that she gains 
major experience
*Fight through the remaining Thief, 2 Hunters and 5 Axemen
*Drop Haiman the boss
*Make sure business with items is dealt with and you still have 17 living 
*Take control of the castle Haiman is guarding to end the chapter


HUNTER! NO I AM NOT CRAZY! Not only will Rena get experience if she survives 
(if she isn't the victim of a critical hit, she will survive), but the Hunter 
will have to avoid moving to attack Rena to begin with, so that he'll be too 
far behind the other enemies so that you can recruit Navarre with less 

Now for enemy overview, there are 15 enemies on the whole map: Navarre 
(Mercenary) and his group of 2 Thieves, 3 Axemen (yes, Axemen, since they're 
not pirates), and 1 Hunter all to the north of Marth's army, and then Haiman 
and HIS group, consisting of 5 Axemen and 2 Hunters, all to the castle West 
of Navarre's group. So it shouldn't be too difficult if you know what to do, 
since it is 14 (not even counting Julian, Rena, or Navarre who is 
recruitable) to 15 (including Navarre, and Navarre is recruitable) and you've 
had to handle higher odds.

Anyway, position Marth's army so that you're ready to recruit Navarre (with 
Sheeda, although she can die easily from an arrow shot, so you see why Rena 
was supposed to bait the Hunter) and trash his group.

Once you end your turn, Navarre's group will chase Rena and Julian, except 
for one Thief, who will go around. What? He'll burn the village? Don't worry; 
he needs LOTS of time to get to the village, and by the time he is past the 
fort south of the Castle, your army or Navarre's group should already have 
won, and if you won (which is the only case where the Thief's location will 
matter to you at all) you should be able to stop the Thief.

Once you recruit Navarre, retreat Sheeda (if she's still alive (oddly enough, 
in my case in my first time through this chapter (when I first played 
through, I never thought of baiting the Hunter), the Hunter went straight for 
Navarre)) and Navarre. Once you take down Navarre's group, make an advance, 
but watch out for the 2 nitwit Axemen coming your way.

Once they're dealt with, if the Thief is close enough (just make sure he 
didn't reach the village already), enter the Village and you get......the 
IT WOULDN'T HAVE ONLY 9 USES! Let me show you. *attacks somebody equipped 
with a Bow with it but the somebody evades and Juigi takes damage* I take it 
back. It is heavy AND it can backfire on its user. Find a good way to get rid 
of this lousy item. On second thought, since Axemen, who are the only 
possible users, already have high Strength as well, it might be worth saving 
up, especially if they have high Luck (which is subtracted from 21 and the 
result is the chance of the Axe's backfiring happening).

Anyway, after that, have Rena sit on the Fort near the village and once your 
troops are too far away, the Thief will attack and fail to kill her, scoring 
her major experience.

Meanwhile, have your other troops bait the Hunters over the fort and kill 
them. Once they're gone, put somebody on the fort.

If the Axeman that attacks was just East of Haiman, kill him with anybody; 
the person who kills the Axeman will get some Ointment, but I don't think 
you'd want any just wasting space when you can't sell it anyway. Anyway, now 
it's boss time again.

-Boss: Haiman (L8 Axeman, Hand Axe, gives up Relieve Wand)

This guy is ANOTHER strong version of Kassak, like Gomes was. Can't 
Intelligent Systems get more original than this? Wait. They must have been 
original by making Fire Emblem in the first place. If you want to strengthen 
units like Julian or Sheeda though, this is not the place to do so. Other 
units? Different story, but keep in mind that Haiman is faster than Gomes so 
the Hand Axe won't automatically put his Fight Speed at 0.


Anyway, when Haiman is dead, have Rena finish her leveling up (so that she'll 
be at L20), then kill the Thief off with whoever you want to gain more 
experience. (I'd go for Julian.) Meanwhile, make any preparations for next 
chapter (this should include giving Rena the Live Wand which should have been 
in Riff's posession for some time now, and this should be done after the 
leveling up is done) and then take over the castle (with Marth of course) and 
you'll have completed the third chapter. You get 15000 Gold Pieces too, since 
Molodof (Marth's advisor) will inform you about it having been dropped by the 
Bandits. :P

Chapter 4: Sougen No Tatakai (Prarie Battle)

Basic Story: Marth may be near Orleans, the most influential state of Akanea, 
but Macedonia finally decides to do something about Marth's advance, and 
makes an attempt to stop it. The army must do what it can to defend itself to 
avoid suffering from being crippled.

Starting characters: Any survivors of previous chapters. (Marth has to be one 
of them, and you can bring in only 13 of the others.)
Recruitable characters: Matis (appears at beginning as enemy, recruit by 
talking to him with Rena) and Maric (recruit by saving the north village)

Map: On http://fe.chinafe.com/html/fe1/tactics/4.htm

Villages to save:
-South of the Armor Knight (Reward is 5000 G)
-East of Benson the boss (Reward is Maric joining)


Note: I am adding this because although it might seem unfair, where a unit is 
placed on the unit list from top to bottom determines where it will end up if 
you deploy it and whichever units above it on the unit list you choose to 
deploy as well. You can't change where a unit is on the unit list either. 
Also, units that are NOT used will be knocked down to below everybody you 
used in the chapter (including people you recruit in the current chapter).


M = Marth
# = unit deployment number (always however units is above it on the unit list 
that you're deploying, including Marth)

      2  3
   11          1  9
7  12 13    M  8
   5  4     10 6

Items given up by enemies:
-Armor Killer (front Social Knight (NOT THE BOW KNIGHT) of the offensive from 
the west)
-Knight Killer (Benson the boss)

*Take out the south Thief right away
*Have a few troops not including Rena cut off and fight off the savages at 
the west
*Have the remaining troops retreat up the twin bridges
*Have Rena talk to Matis while the other troops fight off the 2 Social 
Knights and 2 Bow Knights
*Visit the south village
*Take out the Armor Knight and 2 Archers guarding the bridge
*Fight off the 2 remaining Social Knights and take out the Cleric and Benson 
the boss
*Train people at the arena and visit the north village
*Make sure business with items is dealt with and you have 16 living troops
*Take control of the castle Benson is guarding to end the chapter


From now on, before starting, you can check the battlefield. When you're 
ready, bring in whomever you want to. You can only bring in 13 people besides 
Marth, so 3 people have to sit the battle out. Make one of the people you 
bring in is Rena, and you probably should bring in Riff as well. Also keep in 
mind that Benson (the boss) has a Knight Killer so sicking Kain, Abel, 
Jeigan, or Matis on him is a bad idea. Anyway, here's the enemy overview:

*Middle-south: 1 Thief. Nothing else. Just kill him off quickly to keep him 
from sending one of the villages to HFIL.
*Southwest: Armor Knight right on the enemy's side of the bridge, and 2 
Archers backing him up too.
*Northwest: Benson (Social Knight boss), 2 Bow Knights, 1 Cleric, and 5 
Social Knights including Matis and a no-portrait with an Armor Killer.
*Middle-north: Archer nouth of the duo-bridges.
*Northeast: 4 Axemen, 1 Archer, and 1 Thief.

Okay. So you have 3 fronts to defend yourself from. The first worry is the 
Thieves. Kill them (especially the south one) or they'll blast the villages 
to Kingdom Come. Now, for the 3 fronts, send Kain and Abel to guard the 
center one and a few people (none of which should be Sheeda) with Riff to 
guard the one on the right. As for everybody else, keep them grouped 
together. Now, I shall separate strategy for groups:

-Kain and Abel (the Center front group): Not much. Kill the Archer, and chase 
the Thief as well since he can cross rivers. Don't kill the Thief too early 
because that will keep K&A too busy. I am going through this first because 
handling this helps the West front group's tactics.

-West front group: Watch out if you have Doga ready to fight off the enemies 
coming from the west; one of the 3 coming Social Knights has an Armor Killer. 
Move your units carefully across the twin bridges, but keep Rena around the 
front. (Not too near or she'll be sniped off by one of the 2 Bow Knights.) 
That way, she can recruit Matis when he gets near enough.

It's likely that Matis will attack somebody who can retaliate so he'll get 
nailed, so be careful because his missing HPs is still gone even if he swaps 
alliances. If worse comes to worse, use one of your Axemen/Pirates (if you 
brought them along) as bait. The likelyhood that they survive if they are 
protected from those nasty mob tactics (where everybody gangs up on one 
person) is VERY high, and you'll have one less enemy that can attack a 
weakened somebody to worry about. Hey. You might need what little you have to 
prevent casualties that are either neutral or on your side.

Well, anyhow, about the other enemies, the first threat is the Armor Killer 
SK (he is the leading SK). Mob him immediately (except with Doga) to make 
sure he never threatens Doga again. The person who finishes him off will get 
his Armor Killer (which has a Sharpness of 5 BTW), and in any case you can 
safely use Doga as part of a blockade (his specialty) again. Then swarm the 
remaining SK and the Bow Knights; they won't last, and if you're careful, 
they'll have wasted their efforts to cripple you.

-East front group: Not too much. Just all of the NE troops (except the Thief) 
pulling off a full scale assault. Be careful because they CAN kill off one of 
the two people used in the blockade unless they were both Jeigan and Doga. 
Hence why you have Riff around. But be careful because Archers can still 
attack people if they're blocked only to melee people.

Once all three fronts have been dealt with, make sure Marth has the Rapier 
ready or your Axemen have their Hammers ready. (You want to save the Armor 
Killer's uses, trust me.) Keep everybody clumped together (considering the 
likely case that you killed both of the Thieves, like I told you to), so that 
you are ready to kill off the backup Archers as well. After the 3 guys are 
gone, save the villages.

Watch out for the two Social Knights on either side of Benson; they'll come 
after you if you're in their territory. Once you have taken them out, the 
Cleric isn't much of a problem.

BTW, be careful with the Arena, because you can't get whomever out of there 
(believe me, I tried jamming the B Button already and Julian didn't escape), 
and if they lose, they're dead. Also, don't overuse Maric's first weapon; it 
is his Excaliber, and you're not getting a replacement for it, so the only 
way to get more uses for it is to repair it with the Hammerne Wand you get a 
LOT later. Well, once you did your usual stuff, boss time again!

-Boss: Benson (L5 Social Knight, Knight Killer, gives up Knight Killer)

This guy is ridiculously easy! All you have to do is have Maric attack him 
with either Tome. If Maric gets two attacks or a Critical blow with the 
Excaliber, then the Prarie Battle battlefield might as well rename itself the 
Kingdom of the Dead with Benson as King Dead! Well, just don't kill him until 
you're done leveling up your units (except Social Knights (and Paladins), 
since they'll get hammered if they are next to the castle Benson is 
guarding). If you want to be safer, have Maric use his second Tome (Blizzard) 
to save the Excaliber's uses, or you can just sick your Archers on him with 
their Bow Guns, and probably hand the kill to Marth.


Once Benson is dead, you know the routine. Before taking over the castle, 
though, store the Knight Killer (because you'll probably need it later 
undulled as possible; it's a spear BTW). If you're still training people in 
the Arena, use the Castle to have people healed for free.

Once you take control of the castle, Marth gets the Silver Sword as a reward.

Chapter 5: Oreruan No Senshi Tachi (Soldier team of Orleans)

Basic story: Marth and his army has finally made it to Orleans, which has 
been taken over by Macedonia. Hardin, the wolf of the Orleans plain, and his 
4 troops stand in defiance of this takeover along with Nina, the Princess of 
Akanea. Marth's army must do what it can to help.

*Starting characters: Any survivors of previous chapters (Marth has to be one 
of them, and you can bring in only 9 of the others), Hardin, Birak, Roshi, 
Wolf, and Zagaro
*Recruitable characters: Wendel (appears at beginning as enemy but doesn't 
attack, recruited by talking to Marth (or having him reach Marth since he 
talks to him if he gets next to Marth))

Map: On http://fe.chinafe.com/html/fe1/tactics/5.htm

Villages to save:
-North of where Marth and company start (reward is a Fire Dragon Stone)


1  2  3     M
9        5  8
   6     4  7

Note: Hardin and his cronies (Birak, Roshi, Wolf, and Zagaro) start on the 
west side of the river, in the south part. I'm not covering that though.

Items given up by enemies:
-Door Key (lesser Armor Knight guarding the castle)
-Silver Spear (Murak the boss)

L3 Social Knight with regular Spear (fort not far west of the village, 
appears from turns 11 to 16)
L3 Pegasus Knight with Hand Spear (fort northwest of castle, appears from 
turns 13 to 16)

*Have Hardin and troops try advancing north through 1 Thief, 2 Archers, and 1 
Armor Knight
*Have Marth head straight for the village 
*Have the other troops fight off the Pegasus Knight, Archer, and 3 SKs coming 
from the northeast 
*Fight through 1 Armor Knight, the remaining 2 SKs, 2 Thieves, and Pegasus 
*Take out Murak the boss, the Cleric, and the Pegasus Knight
*Fight off the reinforcements of 1 SK and 1 Pegasus Knight per turn for 6 
turns once they arrive
*Make sure business with items is dealt with and you have 16 living troops
*Take control of the castle Murak is guarding to end the chapter


First, enemy overview:

*On the east side, Wendel is in the back of a group of 3 Social Knights (all 
with Spears), a Pegasus Knight (with a Spear), and an Archer (with an Steel 
Bow). Early on, have your previous chapter survivors guard vs. them. The 
Pegasus Knight is fast so be aware of that. Wendel won't even attack you, FYI.
*To the west there are 3 Armor Knights (one of which is Murak, the one on the 
west side of the castle, with a Silver Spear and at Level 5, the other 2 have 
Spears, and the one guarding the east side at Level 3), 3 Thieves (all at 
Level 3 and each with an Iron Sword), a Cleric, a Pegasus Knight with a 
Spear, 2 Social Knights (the west of which is at Level 3 and has a Hand 
Spear, the other one just has a Spear), and 2 Archers (both with Steel Bows).

Now, who to include in your team? Well, that is completely up to you. Now we 
have 2 groups to work with, so we're dealing with each group in one of two 
sections. Don't forget to make them move every turn though. Now I have two 
strategies for this map: a basic one that keeps the two groups separated, and 
the second helps get the map cleaned out more quickly. Let's start with....

-Strategy one (the basic strategy)

*Group Hardin:

Marth should be able to beat the Thieves to the village so you don't need to 
worry about thier using thier DBZish Teleport to get to the villag- WHAT? 
They don't have a DBZish teleport? Er, right. WHAT? There ain't no village? 
OF COURSE THERE IS! AND IT IS IN DANGER! You've been watching too much Space 
Ghost: Coast to Coast. Now shut up and let me finish! Anyway, move the 5 of 
them northeast, but not too far; you don't want to let them take too much 

*Group Marth:

Charge in! Get Marth to that village as fast as you can so that the Thieves 
can't blast it to Kingdom Come. In the meantime, have your units ready to 
hammer the 3 Social Knights, the Pegasus Knight, and the Archer. By the end 
of Turn 2, Wendel should be talking to (and joining) Marth automatically 
(make sure Wendel can walk right next to Marth) and even if Wendel moves to 2 
spaces away from Marth, he won't attack, so he's no problem.

If you saved the village, good. Marth will get the Fire Dragon Stone, which 
seems useless at first but I'll say the villager says it was found in a place 
called Prady if you can't read Japanese. But enough about that; the dual war 
is not over yet.......

*Group Hardin:

Time for a retreat. Don't worry about attacks when you get somebody on the 
fort; the enemy won't come closer. Social Knights/Bow Knights only have a 
disadvantage about movement when it comes to terrain, but when it comes to 
moving in wide open areas, as always, they can only be matched (except by 
promoted units). Actually, you're moving around the mountains. You'll see why 

*Group Marth:

Try to smack the knights with Maric and/or Wendel, while Melee weapon users 
beat up the Archers.

On Turn 11, Social Knights with Spears will start coming out of the fort near 
the Weapon Shop and 2 turns later Pegasus Knights with Hand Spears will come 
out of the fort on the Northwest. They'll stop coming at turn 16, but you 
better be ready for them.

*Group Hardin:

Bow Knights take care of the Pegasus Knights. Enough said.

*Group Marth:

Wendel and any indirect units you deployed for the map shouldn't have much of 
a problem with nailing the Social Knights if they're careful. If the enemy 
SKs don't die, finish them off with units who need the experience.

With that handled, also watch out for the Armor Knight on the east side of 
the castle; it can suddenly attack. It's no match for magic though. It gives 
up a Door Key when defeated. Also kill the Cleric once the other enemies are 
dead, so that it can't heal Murak. Of course, this is the first strategy. 
Here's strategy two.

-Strategy two (only for good strategists or people who want to immediately 
get Marth's and Hardin's troops grouped together)

*Group Marth:

Send everybody fight off the advancing troops, but send Marth to the village 
immediately instead. Once the 3 SKs, the Pegasus Knight, and the Archer are 
all dead, have seriously injured troops move back to the fort. Everybody else 
is to push forward.

*Group Hardin:

See that square surrouned by forests? Move Wolf to the north one and keep him 
positioned there. Have Roshi give Hardin the Iron Sword. Get Birak on the 
forest in the narrow place NE of Hardin's army that Hardin's army or the 
enemies would have to pass through. (Birak should be using his Spear too; 
he'll do more damage sacrificing his Fight Speed, which is inferior to that 
of the Thief that attacks him anyway.) Position Zagaro west of Birak. Don't 
forget to keep Hardin himself around too. They have to fight off a Thief, 2 
Archers, and the Armor Knight not guarding the castle first, and definately 
on their own. One of the Archers should attack Wolf, while the other should 
attack Birak.

On your second turn, have Zagaro attack the Thief, then finish him off with 
Birak. Also have Hardin attack the Archer that attacked Birak with his Steel 
Sword, and Wolf also attack the Archer that attacked him to kill him (since 
he should be weakened from Wolf's retaliation). Don't send in Roshi, because 
on the enemy's turn, the Armor Knight will attack.

*Group Marth:

Send them west and have them ready to help Hardin with the Hand Spear SK, the 
Armor Knight guarding the castle from the right, the SK near the castle, the 
Pegasus Knight WNW (West-Northwest) of the castle, and the 2 Thieves that 
were going for the village. Don't forget to store that RDS if you can fit it 
into your schedule for the fight; you're not going to use it right away.

*Group Hardin:

Fight the Armor Knight with Hardin and his Steel Sword. The AK should die. 
Now the two groups can fight together.

*Both groups:

Trash the Thieves with low level characters. Don't ignore the Hand Spear SK 
OR the Armor Knight; they are not worth taking lightly. The AK should be 
handled with Marth's Rapier, the Armor Killer (don't try to use though), 
Hammers from your Axemen if you brought them along, or magic courtesy of 
Maric or Wendel, and finished off somebody with an empty space in their 
invetory (so that you don't have to lose something because of the Door Key). 
The Hand Spear SK should be weakened with defensively strong characters and 
then if he's still alive, finish him off with a low level character.

The other SK shouldn't be much of a threat. Simple mob tactics will cause his 
demise with ease. You can also feel free to kill the Cleric in the meantime.

Now you have two choices from here: (1) take the castle to end the chapter 
(NOT PREFERRED!) or (2) kill the boss and the reinforcements that should 
appear soon.

The SK reinforcements are easy, since you can block them with just one unit 
in a single turn. The Hand Spear using Pegasus Knight reinforcements aren't 
much harder because of their weakness, although if they attack a L1 Zagaro, 
Zagaro always gets wasted so close to killing the PK. So be careful.

Anyway, now it is boss time.

Boss: Murak (L5 Armor Knight, Silver Spear, gives up Silver Spear)

Hah! Maric will blast this nitwit to Kingdom Come if you sick him (Maric) 
with Excaliber on him (Murak). Or have Marth attack with his Rapier. This guy 
is nothing but a joke, for being the boss of a difficult chapter! You don't 
even have to fight this guy if the other Armor Knight guarding the castle is 
absent from his post, but you should anyway.

Finish any business you want to handle (especially giving the Armor Killer to 
Marth if he has a free space in his invetory, or anybody you'll use for the 
next chapter, and also storing the Fire Dragon Stone for later) and then take 
over the Castle (with Marth of course). The fight now goes right into the 

Chapter 6: Fuaia Emuburemu (Fire Emblem)

Basic story: Marth's army has taken control of the outside of Orleans, but 
inside the castle, General Mariones sends his Thieves to destroy treasure 
chest contents, his Armor Knights to fight, and his Archers and Magic users 
to guard the throne. Rumors also have it that Ricard, the Thief that was 
captured for attempting stealing, may be Julian's Godbrother......

*Starting characters: Any survivors of previous chapters. (Marth has to be 
one of them, and you can bring in only 13 of the others.)
*Recruitable characters: Ricard ("enemy" Thief in room blocked by door 
(actually in a prison cell), recruit by talking to with Julian)

Map: On http://fe.chinafe.com/html/fe1/tactics/6.htm

Villages to save: If you want to know where there are any, bite me, because 
there are no vill-*gets bitten* YEEEEEOOOOWWWWWCCCHHHH! LET ME FINISH AT 


-Not far north of where you start (10,000 G)
-West of the first treasure chest (Reblow Wand)
-Northwest of the second treasure chest (Armor Killer)
-In the narrow hallway south of the third treasure chest (Angel Clothes)
-North of the first chest, just north of the stairs leading to the courtyard 
(Kill Sword)


5  6  7
      M  8     11 12 1
(none in this row)
(none in this row)
      13          2  3

Items given up by enemies:
Thief Key (Mariones the boss)

*Warp Doga to northeast Treasure Chest, Wendel with Freeze equipped to the 
southwest chest to fight off 3 Armor Knights, and a Magic Shielded Julian or 
Maric to the northwest chest.
*Open Ricard's cell and have Julian talk to Ricard while Julian is still 
*Have all troops not busy with above advance into the territory of 2 Armor 
Knights, 2 Archers, and 1 Cleric and fight them off while securing the chests.
*Have Julian quickly take out the Fire Magician.
*Have Doga move to block the 2 SKs and 1 Thief just as the SKs are about to 
get in.
*Have Ricard and Julian open chests ASAP.
*Take out the 2 SKs and 1 Thief blocked by Doga.
*Advance into Mariones the boss's room and prepare for attack.
*Take out Mariones and his 2 Archer guards, 1 Thunder Magician guard, and 1 
*Make sure business with items is dealt with and you have 15 living troops.
*Take control of the castle Mariones is guarding to end the chapter.


First and foremost, enemy overview:

*In the boss area is General Mariones (Silver Sword and all) and his cronies 
of 1 Thunder Magician, 1 Cleric, 2 Archers, 2 Armor Knights, and 3 Thieves.
*In the courtyard to the northeast is 2 Social Knights and a Thief.
*In the northwest is 2 Armor Knights, a Fire Magician, a Cleric, and 2 

Now, for deploying, including Doga, Rena, Wendel, and Julian, and anybody 
else as you see fit (prefably including Maric, and a Bow Knight in the front 
lines as well).

Now, before I start, one thing to note: unlike in the remake in FE3, ENEMY 
Since their first target is the chest with the Angel Clothes that you can't 
reach just by moving, Rena better have that Warp Wand ready to warp people.

Doga should be warped to the treasure chest with the Kill Sword, while Wendel 
armed with the Freeze spell should be sent to the chest that the Thieves will 
attack, by the end of your second turn.

Do NOT worry about the 10K G chest yet; the money won't help out in the short 
run, it's easily covered, and you can always get it after killing off the 
offensive, which is the first time you COULD use it without problems.

On the enemy's turn, the 2 Archers, the Thunder Magician, and the Cleric will 
stay with their leader.

Remember to recruit Ricard with Julian (once you have somebody use the door 
key on the door), and don't forget to warp somebody (the remaining Magician 
of yours or Julian prefably) to the Reblow Wand chest.

By the end of Turn 3, you should be able to completely guard the treasures, 
except the one with the Kill Sword. Just make sure you have your troops block 
the treasure chests (by standing on them or blocking the paths) and kill the 
Armor Knights (Knight Killer, Hammer (if you brought along Axemen), or Rapier 
will do, Rapier preferred), the Archers (not a problem if you attack them 
with melee weapons or anything when they're weakened enough to not survive 
another blow), and the Fire Magician (physical prowess users, high HP in them 
is also good).

The Cleric is no threat, let alone on its own, but you can afford to kill it, 
especially after taking the treasures and killing all the enemies, including 
the Social Knights from the courtyard (attacking Doga).

After you finish taking the treasures (BTW, save the Angel Clothes for Maria 
if you wish to train her; she's the one who will need them) and dispatching 
the enemies on the offensive, you may kill the Thieves (except Ricard, but 
he's recruited) if you wish. In fact, once all of your troops pass them, 
they'll attack with a full scale assault. I NEARLY lost a troop to this 
ambush before, but thankfully he dodged the last attack and survived as a 

Anyway, once you dealt with the offense and the treasures, proceed to the 
boss's room, but don't take on the Archers and the Thunder Magician all at 
once, or else they'll devastate your team. If worse comes to worse, have 
Wendel use his Magic Shield on one of your attacking troops (don't bother if 
the Thunder Magician is dead). Now that the nitwits are dead, beat the Cleric 
to a bloody pulp for experience, and then it is boss time again!

-Boss: Mariones (L1 General, Silver Sword, gives up Thief Key)

HAHAHA! This guy may be a promoted unit whose class is already strong, but 
he's nothing but a joke! 4 Hammers (well, one for each Axeman/Pirate you 
brought along) + 2 Armor Killers + 2 Magic Users + Rapier = a big mob of 
General Tin Can Openers. As always, just make sure you finish him off with 
somebody with an open invetory space, and also don't get too cocky, because 
this moron can still do some SERIOUS damage. Thankfully, he doesn't have a 
ranged weapon, and you also don't need the Armor Killers.


As always, finish your business in the chapter (buying new weapons, storing 
items that will just take up room, etc.) and then have Marth take the throne. 
Marth talks with Nina about Dolua and the Dark Dragon, named Medeus, and once 
the conversation finishes Marth gets the Fire Emblem (it appears right next 
to his name, and it allows Marth to open Chests) as well.

Chapter 7: Refukandea No Rena (Lefcandy's Trap)

Basic story: Having retaken control of Orleans, Marth makes an advance south 
to Bares, the capital of Akanea. But he must fight his way through Lefcandy 
first, and Grunian troops, led by Harmain and aided by Macedonia's Ryuu Kishi 
Dan (or Dragon Knight Party), are ready for him. However, an important troop 
from the Dragon Knight Party, Minerva, feels very uncomfortable about the 
attack they're planning.....

*Starting characters: Any survivors of previous chapters. (Marth has to be 
one of them, and you can bring in only 13 of the others.)
*Recruitable characters: Banut (Mamkute, recruit by visiting the only village 
on the map)

Map: On http://fe.chinafe.com/html/fe1/tactics/7.htm

Villages to save:
-Surrounded by mountains south of Marth's starting location. (Reward is Banut 

Chests: None.

         1  2        M
            3  4  5
10 11 12       6  7  8  9

Items given up by enemies:
-Door Key (only Thief on the map)
-Relieve Wand (Harmain the boss)

-L3 SK with Regular Spear (NE fort in enemy territory, appears on turn 13)
-L3 SK with Steel Sword (NW fort in enemy territory, appears on turn 13)
-L3 SK with Knight Killer (SW fort in enemy territory, appears on turn 13)
-L3 SK with Hand Spear (SE fort in enemy territory, appears on turn 13)

*Fight off the 2 Pegasus Knights and 1 Dragon Knight with no portraits
*Open the door and fight through the 2 Mercenaries and 2 Archers
*Visit the village and give Banut the Fire Dragon Stone
*Have Banut fight (and take out) the 4 Social Knight reinforcements
*Take out Harmain, his 2 Armor Knight guards, the 1 Cleric, and the 1 Thief
*Make sure business with items is dealt with and you have 15 living troops
*Take control of the castle Harmain is guarding to end the chapter


Now we have an easier map to handle. There's only one priority besides 
surviving the offensive: securing the village. That is easy as well, however, 
as killing the enemy Thief will score you a Door Key, and anyway, Thieves 
CANNOT GO OVER HIGH MOUNTAINS! Now for enemy overview:

*Surrounded by the mountains along with the village are 2 L3 Archers (one 
with a Bow Gun, the other with a Steel Bow) and 2 Mercenaries (one with an 
Iron Sword, the other with a Steel Sword).
*South of the mountains, there are 1 L5 Thief, 2 L3 Armor Knights (both with 
Hand Spears), a Dragon Knight (with a Spear), 2 L3 Pegasus Knights (both with 
Spears), 1 L3 Cleric, and Hamain (L3 General with Silver Sword). Note that 
I'm counting the 3 Pegasus Knights or the Dragon Knight (all with portraits; 
they're Minerva and the 3 Pegasus Sisters BTW) as enemies because they start 
to run away on enemy turn 2, so they're literally impossible to kill, and 
they can be recruited later anyway.

Now who to recommend? Bring along your Archers and a Thief, and don't worry 
too much if anybody is not in a good position; that's easily fixed. BTW, have 
somebody take the Fire Dragon Stone out of storage now. You'll see why later.

Now your first concern is the Dragon Knight Party, which is the Dragon Knight 
and the 2 Pegasus Knights. Just as long as any Clerics you put in the front 
line take only ONE hit, they should live. Meanwhile, your Archers should be 
sniping the Dragon Knight and Pegasus Knights, killing them off.

HAHAHA! Think the map's offensive was easy? Well, I got good news and bad 
news for you. The good news? You can get Banut from the village on this map, 
and early enough without losing a troop if you're careful enough to take down 
the 2 Archers and the 2 Mercenaries too. He doesn't seem like much, but he 
says he lost something he needs in order to fight while he was in Prady, the 
same place the villager from two chapters ago said he found that Fire Dragon 
Stone. Well, the RDS is what he lost in Prady. The 12 point defense bonus 
will make him immune to all non-boss attacks in this and the next chapter, 
and he does major damage too.

The bad news? A Level 3 Social Knight will appear from each of the 4 Forts on 
Turn 13. The one from the NE gets to your party first if you haven't made an 
advance yet. It has a Spear. The NW one has a Steel Sword, the SW has a 
Knight Killer, and the SE has a Hand Spear.

Take out the NE one, so that it won't keep you from flushing the other SKs 
down a toilet. *sees the reader grab a hammer from SSBM* Oh crud! *gets 
beaten up by the hammer using reader* ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT! JUST STOP! I'LL GET 
BACK TO THE FAQ! Anyway, be VERY careful, because ALL of the SKs are tough; 
after I took out the Steel Spear, Regular Spear, and Knight Killer SKs, my 
troops were badly beaten, somewhat open to a kill courtesy of the Hand Spear 
SK. I met some serious strokes of luck where the SKs attacked people who 
either weren't reeling near death (Ricard in an attempt to bait the Hand 
Spear SK when that SK was left and several of my troops were near death) or 
just evaded (Riff, oddly enough).

If you got through this part, good job; this is one of the hardest parts of 
the map and you got past it, and now all that's left is the village and the 
enemies that are shown, which should be easier once you have your units fully 
healed (you can use the Fort as always if you're patient).

Of course, you can have Banut cut the SKs off by standing in the spot that 
they have to go through to reach your starting area and he can just scorch 
the SKs. You can then have him attack the Thief and both of the Armor Knights 
and he'll avoid taking ANY damage and do 6 damage to the AKs PER HIT, and 
even more to the Thief too!

With the AKs dead, take out the Cleric, and then guess what time it is, boys 
and girls? *hears the audience of children shout "IT'S BOSS TIME!"* Correct!

-Boss: Harmain (L3 General, Silver Sword, gives up Silver Sword)

Use magic or Armor Killers/Rapiers on this moron. Magic is better because it 
is ranged AND with Armor Killers and Rapiers, you only do base strength 
damage. He does quite a bit of damage at this point.....


Once Harmain is down for the count, you can guess what to do. What? You 
can't? Well, just finish any business you have with this chapter's weapon 
shop or storage tent (be sure to store useless things like the Door Key), and 
other item issues as well, and then have Marth take the Castle. Molodof will 
then tell you the story of the Mamkutes......

Chapter 8: Minatomachi Waren (Port City of Warren)

Basic story: Marth and his army, having had tough fights with Macedonia and 
Grunia, is given the chance to rest at Warren. But the Grunia army has 
decided to launch another assault as well. Now Marth and his army, aided by 
bodyguard residents of Warren and new recruits Raddy and Shiza, must prepare 
for an even bloodier struggle for survival.

*Starting characters: Any survivors of previous chapters (Marth has to be one 
of them, and you can bring in only 12 of the others), Raddy, and Shiza
*Recruitable characters: Roger (Armor Knight, starts as enemy, recruit by 
talking to with Sheeda)

Map: On http://fe.chinafe.com/html/fe1/tactics/8.htm

Villages to save: none, thankfully. Not that this maps has Thieves.

Chests: none, as if there are Thieves on the map or you need distractions 
from the battle itself.

4  5  6
   3  8  9
1  2  M
(none in this row)
            10 (3 empty spaces) R
         11 12 (3 empty spaces) C

Formation key:
R = Raddy
C = Shiza

Items given up by enemies:
-Silver Spear (Kanaris the boss)

-L3 Social Knight with Steel Sword (appears on west fort in the west set of 
forts from turns 13 to 30)
-L3 Bow Knight with Steel Bow (appears on middle fort in the west set of 
forts from turns 13 to 30)
-L3 Social Knight with Steel Sword (appears on east fort in the west set of 
forts from turns 13 to 30)
-L3 Armor Knight with Spear (appears on west fort in the east set of forts 
from turns 11 to 30)
-L3 Armor Knight with Spear (appears on east fort in the east set of forts 
from turns 11 to 30)

*Fight through 6 SKs, 4 Bow Knights, 4 Archers, and 3 Armor Knights
*Have Sheeda recruit Roger in the meantime
*Have one group of troops including Marth help fight off reinforcements of 2 
SKs and 1 Bow Knight per turn for 18 turns
*Have another group of troops including Axemen/Pirates with Hammers and/or a 
couple of troop each with Armor Killers fight off reinforcements of 2 Armor 
Knights per turn for 20 turns
*Take out Kanaris
*Train people at the arena
*Make sure business with items is dealt with and you have 16 living troops
*Take control of the castle Kanaris is guarding to end the chapter


Get ready for a long and HFILish battle. You don't have villages or Chests to 
beat Thieves to, but that's good because you will already have your hands 
full. Before we start, here's the enemy overview:

*The west group (near the 3 forts in the northwest) consists of 6 Social 
Knight all using Steel Swords and 4 Bow Knights all using Bow Guns. They are 
ALL at Level 3.
*The east group is lead by an Armor Knight named Roger (at level 5) and also 
consists of 3 L3 Armor Knights all with Spears, 2 L5 Archers with Bow Guns, 
and 2 L3 Archers with Steel Bows.
*The boss, Kanaris, is a L10 Armor Knight carrying a Silver Spear and 
guarding the castle. He starts near nobody.

Now who should be brought along? Well, definately bring in Sheeda, Doga, and 
Banut. You need Sheeda to recruit Roger, and Doga and Banut also have high 
Defense. All of your Axemen and Magic users are worth deploying, and probably 
Oguma is as well. Deploy any low level people to fill the empty spaces.

Now, see that empty spot adjacent to troops 4 and 7 start? Have Banut stand 
right there, or better yet, move Banut as far as possible along the path 
toward the castle if he's troop 4 or 7 and he should be blocking the Knights 
and Archers. Have the other troops get anything they would need from Warren 
in the meantime. Be sure, however, to have Sheeda near enough Banut to talk 
to Roger, but not past or too near him or she'll be sniped off by the Bow 
Knights or Archers.

Also be careful when getting her to talk to Roger, because he has those 4 
Archers with him. This is where Maric comes in handy. Try to get Roger to 
move left of Banut, then pound the other enemy next to Banut with Maric's 
magic (prefably Fire or Thunder) and hope you take the moron out, then talk 
to Roger, pound the person behind him to death, and then move to the now 
dead's person spot to keep Sheeda from being nailed.

Anyway, fight through the rest of the morons as hard as you can. If you 
manage to avoid losing troops in the aftermath, then good job. Now it wasn't 
a tough chapter, right?

Wrong! On Turns 11 through 30, 2 L3 Armor Knights with Spears per turn will 
appear from the forts near where Roger's group was. So that's about 40 
enemies to fight off. Actually, more than twice as many. On turns 13 through 
30, 2 L3 Social Knights with Steel Swords and 1 L3 Bow Knight with a Bow Gun 
will appear out of the forts near the other group's original location each 
turn. What to do?

Well, bait the Armor Knights with your anti Armor Knight Squad (people 
equipped with Armor Killers and/or Hammers), and have both Clerics ready to 
help them out. Do NOT fight them with Marth.

Instead, have Marth bait the east Social Knight and the Bow Knight instead 
while having a Rapier equipped. Marth should quickly kill the Social Knight. 
The Bow Knights aren't much more of a threat; you can handle them with 
anybody you didn't send to fight the Armor Knights if you make sure they 
fight close range and then put Marth in attack range of the both SKs again.

Don't forget to have Wendel healing Marth every round. Roger is to bait the 
other SK and if he needs healing, have Wendel heal him while Banut keeps an 
SK from attacking him. (If the Bow Knight attacks Wendel, BTW, he will 
counter the attack. Twice no less, thanks to his insane Speed.)

Once you kill all of the reinforcements, the last of which should come at 
turn 30, have everybody but your anti-Kanaris squad (which should be kept 
small, 1 or 2 people with anti-Armor Knight weapons is best) head back to 
Warren and anybody who can fight there (except Banut since he's banned from 
all arenas, sadly) do so, but be sure that they can win their fights so you 
don't lose anybody.

Anyway, it's time to fight.....

-Boss: Kanaris (L10 Armor Knight, Silver Spear, gives up Silver Spear):

Well, the annoying 15 Defense factor is still around, but at least this guy 
should be easier than Harmain, even if you don't have massive amounts of 
experience from fighting off a whole army of Armor, Social, AND Bow Knights.


After Kanaris is defeated, if you don't know what to do, I'll beat you up. 
*gets asked a question by the reader "What am I supposed to do now?"* HEY! 
Molodof will (obviously) warn you about Prady and its Fire Dragon, Manu. But 
with the chapter cleared, you can congratulate yourself; you're almost one 
third through this difficult game. But you still have a long way to go, and 
you only went through what is just about the easiest third of the game.......

I'm going to separate the walkthrough into three parts now. The first part 
has just been covered. I'll only update this part of the walkthrough for 
further edits. If that happens, I'll post about it in the second and third 
parts of the walkthrough.

4. Credits

I must thank the members of the FESS Board at 
http://fessforum.proboards11.com/index.cgi for their help, especially the 
Fireemblem.net post.

I'd like to thank Fireemblem.net anyway, because they provide information, 
albeit in Japanese.

I'd like to thank Nintendo, and Intelligence Systems for this game AND SSBM, 
and anybody else involved in making SSBM, since SSBM is pretty much the 
reason why I even play Fire Emblem games in the first place.

I'd also like to thank http://www.solon.org/cgi-bin/j-e for helping me 
translate some of the things, and the Kana Books by James W. Heisig for 
letting me navigate through the Kana. I'd also like to thank Fire Emblem 3 
for helping me find out about the Fire Dragon Stone, and Vengeance for help 
on FE3 as well.

And give a good hand to AdamantNo1 for his Fire Emblem shrine at RPGC. The 
address of the shrine is http://tartarus.rpgclassics.com/~fe1/

This is copyright 2002 Juigi and any of the sources. If I find out you've 
been copying or selling this without permission or doing any other illegal 
stuff involving this, you're gone!