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Character Recruitment Guide

Here's how to recruit the various characters in The Last Promise.

Character Class Chapter Recruitment
Siegfried Knight-Errant Prologue Automatic
Shon Gallant Prologue Automatic
Corben Cavalier 1 Automatic
Tamiko Cleric 2 Automatic
Shuuda Mercenary 3 Automatic
Inanna Pegasus Knight 3 Automatic
Kevin Knight 4 Talk with Siegfried
Arthur Monk 5 Automatic
Storm Nomad 5x or 6 Automatic
Althares Thief 6 Appears on Turn 2, Talk with Siegfried
Cia Mage 7 Automatic
Noah Mercenary 7 Step on bottom-right island area, then Noah will show up below. Talk to Noah with Shon or Shuuda. Noah will attempt to talk to Shon automatically.
Anakin* Vagrant 8 Talk with Siegfried
Ace* Soldier 8 Talk with Siegfried
Eduardo* Cavalier 8 Talk with Siegfried
Haas Nomadic Trooper 9 Automatic
Kevin Knight 11 Auto Rejoin
Karina Wyvern Rider 11 Appears on Turn 3, Talk with Anakin
Kelik Swordsman 12 Automatic
Althares Thief 12 Auto Rejoin
Levion** Paladin 12, 21 Automatic
Logan Swordsman 13A Talk with Anakin
Itsuke Mage 13A, 13B Turn 4 Automatic, Southwest Village
Asch Hero 13B Talk with Kelik
Tamiko Cleric 14 Turn 8 Rejoin
Cia Mage 14 Talk with Tamiko
Zach Archer 14 Talk to NPC Alexian Soldier Leader, Sam
Lirin Pegasus Knight 14 Talk to NPC Alexian Soldier Leader, Sam
Tekun Myrmidon 15 Automatic
Emma Troubadour 15 Visit Lower Village
Ben Wyvern Rider 16 Automatic
Shuuda Mercenary 16 Turn 5 Auto Rejoin
Inanna Pegasus Knight 16 Turn 5 Auto Rejoin
Corben Cavalier 16 Turn 8 Auto Rejoin
Mark Pirate 17 Automatic
Liuke Merchant 17 Automatic
Shon Gallant 17 Auto Rejoin
Siegfried Knight Lord 17 Walk Into Prison Room
Lyam Ranger 17 Approach Throne, then Talk with Anakin (or Automatically at End of Chapter)
Noah*** Hero 18 Call in Reinforcements by Talking to the Captain by Turn 7
Rex Soldier 19 Appears on Turn 4, Talk with Anakin or Kevin
Yue Shaman 20 Automatically
Howard Paladin 20 Talk to him with Cia in Chapter 18
Sai Fighter 20 Visit Village
Risk Swordmaster 21 Talk with Ben
Haas Nomadic Trooper 21 Turn 7 Auto Rejoin
Arthur Monk 21 Turn 7 Auto Rejoin
Storm Nomad 21 Turn 7 Auto Rejoin
Liquid Berserker 21 Have Haas fight him in Chapter 9
Leopold Wyvern Lord 22 Choose to have him join at end of Chapter 21
Shadow Assassin 23 Don't fight him in Chapter 22
Alice FalcoKnight 23 Automatically
Rana Druid 24 Talk with Siegfried
Gary Warrior 26 Automatically, Turn 10
Frederick General 27 Talk with Siegfried, Anakin, Kelik, or Shon
Rachel Sniper 27 Talk with Frederick

*Ace, Anakin, and Eduardo all leave after chapter 8 and return as automatically recruited characters in chapter 11.
**Levion joins on Chapter 12, but again, due to hacking limitations, doesn't keep his stats or inventory, and doesn't join permanently until Chapter 21.
***Noah is unique in that when he rejoins, he gains new stats. He is auto-leveled, making his stats variable. Consider it his niche. (It's actually a problem with hacking again, I'm sorry I'm a failure as a hacker...)