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Gaiden Chapters & Requirements


A = Sacae
B = Ilia
AB = Both

Ch. Route Ch. Name How to Obtain
8x -- The Blazing Sword Lilina must survive in chapter 8.
12x -- The Thunder Axe Complete Chapter 12 within 20 turns.
14x -- The Infernal Element Complete Chapter 14 within 25 turns.
16x -- The Heavenly Light Douglas must survive in chapter 16.
20x A The Bow of the Winds Complete chapter 20 in under 25 turns,Sue, Shin and Dayan must be alive
20x B The Spear of Ice Complete chapter 20 in under 25 turns,Yunno and Zealot must be alive
21x -- The Silencing Darkness Complete chapter 21 in less than 30 turns,Miledy and Zeiss must be alive