Skills Guide

Credits: Memento Mori

There exists a variety of skills within FE4, ranging between two types: Class-based and Personal. Class-based skills only exist for that particular type of unit, while Personal skills are related to the individual and can be passed down between generations. Note that the Sword Skills (Astra, Luna and Sol) can only be passed down to non-mounted sword-users.


In-game description: Negates an enemy attack.
Classes: General, Baron, and Emperor
Activation: Level%

In-game description: Critical when low on health
Users: Tiltyu, Linda, Arthur, and Tinny
Activation - When 1/2HP+1

In-game description: Attack again if more agile
Classes: Bowfighter, Sniper, Swordfighter, Forrest, Swordmaster, Master
Knight, Dragon Master, Dark Bishop, and Thieffighter
Default Users: Sigurd, Alec, Midir, Azel, Fury, Beowulf, Fin, Leaf,
Altenna, Celice, Sety, Fee, Aless, Julia
Activation: Attacking unit must have 1 more AS than the unit attacked.

In-game description: May attack again if very agile.
Classes: Swordmaster, Sage, Falconknight, Magefighter
Default Users: Cuan, Sylvia, Jamka, Leaf, Altenna, Leen, Corple, Aless, Julia, Amid, Femina
Activation: (AS+20)%

In-game description: Steal gold if attack hits.
Classes: Thief
Activation: Must hit opponent

In-game description: Refresh all adjacent units
Classes: Dancer
Activation: Command

In-game description: Near units get 10% support to hit and evade
Default Users: Lachesis, Delmud, Nanna

In-game description: Nullifies skills and effective bonus
Default Users: Alec, Deirdre, Celice, Alvis, Trabant, Arion,

In-game description: Ups evade when low on health; guaranteed evasion of one magic attack.
Activation: (11-HP)*100%
Default Users: Sylvia, Fin, Leen

In-game description: May double power if high skill.
Activation: Skill%
Default Users: Noish, Ethlin, Tristan, Oifaye, Altenna, Leaf; Wielders of Killer Bow and Mistoltin

In-game description: Attack first when low on HP
Activation: 1/2HP%
Default Users: Arden, Lex, Johan

In-game description: Grants another battle round if more agile. (A double-edged sword)
Default Users: Noish, Jamka, Midir, Robert, Acht

In-game description: May attack 5 times in a row.
Default Users: Aira, Lakche, Skasaha, and Shannan.
Activation: Skill%

In-game description: Negates defense.
Default Users: Holyn
Activation: Skill%

In-game description: Leech health from enemy upon striking
Personal skill for Dew
Activation: (Skill)%

In-game description: Restore 5 to 10 HP each turn.
Default Users: Enemy Only, yet can be granted by the Ichival and the Life Ring
Activation: When HP is not at maximum

In-game description: Receive double EXP
Default Users: Lex; holder of the Elite Ring
Activation: Always on.

In-game description: Grants a 50% discount at stores
Default Users: Dew, Patty; wielder of the Bargain Ring
Activation: Always on.