Holy Blood Info & Bonuses

Credits: Memento Mori

Most units in the game are descended from one of the twelve heroes of Jugdral. Possessing holy blood awards certain bonuses to the unit possessing it, varied by Major/Minor, and by the hero descended from.

A. Major Blood Bonuses= Minor Blood Bonuses*2
B. Possessing Minor Blood awards a plus one in the hero's weapon rank. E.g. C->B, etc.

Preferential Weapons:

Baldo- Sword
Noba- Lance
Hezul- Sword
Neir- Axe
Fala- Fire
Tordo- Thunder
Holsety- Wind
Odo- Sword
Dain- Lance
Blagi- Staff
Ulir- Bow
Narga- Light

C. Major Blood individuals earn a * weapon rank, enabling them to use every weapon in that classification, as well as their blood's Sacred Arm. However, this is only applicable if the class can actually use the said weapon. E.g. Cleric with Major Baldo remains inable to use swords.

Holy Blood Bonuses:

BALDO - +20% to HP; +10% to Strength, Skill, and Luck.
NOBA - +20% to HP; +10% to Strength, Speed, and Defense.
HEZUL - +20% to HP; +30% to Strength.
NEIR - +20% to HP; +30% to Defense.
FALA - +20% to HP; +30% to Magic.
TORDO - +20% to HP; +30% to Skill.
HOLSETY - +20 to HP; + 30% to Speed.
ODO - +20% to HP; +30% to Skill.
DAIN - +20% to HP; +30% to Speed.
BLAGI - +10% to HP, Magic, Luck; +20% to Magic Defense.
ULIR - +20% to HP; +30% to Luck.
NARGA - +10% to HP; +20% to Magic, +20% to Magic Defense.