General Game FAQ

Credits: Memento Mori

Table of Contents

I. General Gameplay
1. Controls
2. Menus
3. Battle System


Welcome to the Seisen no Keifu General Knowledge guide. Here you can find every bit about the systems utilized in this game, most of which are unique to this game alone.

Let's start off with the basics-

I.1 Controls

Your SNES or emulator; whichever one you use; has controls deciding actions while playing.

A Button- Make a selection, accept a decision, view 3rd screen on Character Profiles, view map/castle menu
B Button- Deny a decision
D-Pad- Move a character, shuffle through options
L Button- Shifts cursor to each castle on map
R Button- Shifts cursor to the nearest active unit; on profiles, hit to move to next character
X Button- View a character's profile
Y Button- Hold, then move with direction pad for fast map-viewing

I.2 Menus
Now we know how to access the map menus, so let's start off from there.

Unit- Your entire unit list. Shift tables shown with direction pad to show:
a. Class, Level, Exp, HP.
b. Items held by each unit.
c. Unit Stats
d. Movement, Gold, Arena wins, available conversations.
e. Weapon Ranks
f. Skills held by each unit.

Item- Displays all items held by your army, organized by owner, name, or type.
Data- Chapter Name, Goal of battle and leaders of each army (including you!)

Skill- Skill names and possessors of said skills in the army.

Config- Change certain game mechanics, such as animation, colour, sound, etc.

Save- Available at the start of each turn when no one has moved. Saves the game at the current checkpoint.

End- End your turn

When selecting a character in the castle, a certain selection comes into play---you guessed it, the castle menu!

Town- Have the unit move out into the city and view a second set of options. The selected units can either go repair their current weapons; visit the pawn shop to buy weapons and items sold to there; place their own items in storage; train in the arena (will not die if defeated); ask the fortuneteller on love progress; or visit the item shop to buy brand new products.

Sortie- Deploy a unit out onto the map. The unit's position is decided by their movement range.

Guard- Have a unit mount the castle to defend it from capture.

Promote- Have a unit at level 20+ class change. Note that some units, such as dancer, cannot promote.

Dance/Staff- this command is shared depending on unit. Your dancer can balay to refresh all units within the castle, while a staff wielding unit can utilize one of their items' effects.

Give- Donate as much conceivable gold from one unit to another. Transfers can only be made through lovers, or from Thieves to others.

I.3 Battle System

The mechanics of the game are as follows:

AS (Attack Speed)- Chance to deal a second strike if a unit possesses either Pursuit or continue. Formula= Speed Stat- Weapon Weight

Power- Surmounting damage able to be dealt. Formula= Strength stat+ Weapon Migh

Damage Dealt= Power- Defense Stat

Critical- A chance to deal double the regular amount of damage. A critical hit is only applicable in one of three cases:
a. A unit possesses the skill “Critical”
b. The current weapon in use has dealt over 50 kills. The chance to deal a critical hit begins at 1%, and then rises by a rate of 1% with each kill above 50.
c. Unit is utilizing an effective weapon. E.g. Wing Clipper on Flying Unit= Instant

The Weapon/Magic Triangle
Swords-> Axes-> Lances. Bows are Neutral.
Fire-> Wind-> Thunder. Light and Dark magic are neutral.