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Online Wi-Fi Play

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For the first time in the franchise, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon takes the battle online! Using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, you can challenge Fire Emblem fans around the world on exclusive multiplayer maps that will test the skill, and bravery, of your units.

Battle and chat!

Using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, you’ll take your units from the single-player campaign and put them up against the warriors of the world. Playing against friends or random opponents, you choose five of your finest units and meet the enemy on special multiplayer maps. As no two units are created equal, your characters’ skills, weapons and experience gained from the single-player campaign accompany them online – same applies to your opponent’s units, as well. (Characters that perish online remain alive in your offline campaign.)

To really intensify battles, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon features online Voice Chat which lets two players who have exchanged Friend Codes chat directly during a battle. In the mood to taunt your enemy or negotiate the terms of his or her surrender directly? Maybe you want to set up the next match or simply say hello. Whatever the case, to chat with your friend, simply hold down the L Button and talk into the DS’s in-built microphone. Back on the battlefield, players get to set the game rules, including time/turns in the match and whether the mystifying Fog of War covers the battlefield. No matter the settings, the ultimate goal is to either wipe out the enemy’s army or to capture the enemy’s castle to secure victory within the match parameters.

To the victor go the spoils. When you win an online battle, you’ll win a special Card that members of your party can use to enhance their abilities.

Online Armory

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection not only hooks you up with thrilling battles; it also gives you access to rare and discounted items through the online Armory. Here, you can spend gold that you’ve earned in the single-player campaign to purchase items. Not only does the shop offer hard-to-find and discounted items, the shop is updated daily so there’s always a bargain waiting for you.

Loaning Units

Need some assistance in getting through your single-player campaign? When you find yourself in over your head, take out a loan. The Loan Units feature lets you borrow a unit that another player owns and inserts it into your single-player campaign.

You can both borrow units from friends and download them from a pool of units other players have uploaded via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. You can return the favour by uploading one of your own units to the central server to be downloaded by other players looking for a loan.

The loaned unit takes the place of a similar, weaker unit with the same name in your stable of units. If the loan unit is lost in battle, the unit that it replaced on your team is also lost for the rest of the campaign.