Character Reclassing

Reclassing is a feature that allows you to switch the class of a character to another class (within limits).

- Reclassing can be done in the online mode and during the battle preparations (from chapter 4 on).

- There is a limit to how many of one class you can have.

- Units maintain their level and experience points, but the stats will change depending on the new classes' base stats. The game screen will show the changes in stats after the class change before-hand.

- Lords, Thieves, Ballisticians, Freelancers, Dragons, and Mamkutes cannot reclass.

- If the new class does not have one of the current weapon types available (example, Cavalier has lance but Myrmidon doesn't) they will lose the ability to use that weapon.
- However, if you revert back to the old class, the weapon level will remain the same, as well as the weapon experience.

There are 3 different 'sets' of units. A unit in one set can only change to a class in the same set which further limits the possibilities of class changing.

Set 1

Unpromoted: Cavalier, Archer, Myrmidon, Mage, Priest
Promoted: Paladin, Dragon Knight, Sniper, Swordmaster, Sage, Bishop

Set 2

Unpromoted: Knight, Fighter, Mercenary, Hunter, Pirate, Dark Mage
Promoted: General, Warrior, Hero, Horsemen, Berserker, Sorcerer

Set 3 (F)

(Female only)
Unpromoted: Pegasus Knight, Archer, Myrmidon, Mage, Cleric
Promoted: Paladin, Dragon Knight, Sniper, Swordmaster, Sage, Bishop

Note that some classes do not have an unpromoted/promoted version (e.g., there is no female cavalier).