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Class Guide

Usable Weapons: Promotes to:
Lord -- Marth, Prince of Aritia. He's your main unit; Game Over if he dies.
Social Knight Paladin Horseback riders. Very mobile and greatly balanced.
Paladin -- Veteran Social Knights with superior abilities.
Armor Knight General Armoured knights with great defense but low movement.
General -- Armor Knights who excel in strength and defense.
Archer Sniper Bowmen with armor to protect themselves. Strong but low mobility.
Sniper -- Professional archers who excel in strength.
Fighter Warrior Axe-users with high strength and endurance but low defense.
Warrior -- Experienced fighters with enhanced skills.
Mercenary Hero Sellswords with balanced abilities all-around.
Hero -- Professional Mercenaries with enhanced skill and fighting ability.
Myrmidon Swordmaster Skillful swordsman who roam the lands. Quick and excel in killing strokes.
Swordmaster -- The most skillful of Myrmidons. Enhanced speed and killing strokes.
Soldier -- Low-class foot soldiers. Lack excellence in any abilities.
Hunter Horsemen Quick and agile bowmen. Strong, but little defense.
Horsemen -- Promoted hunters on horseback. Masters of the hit-and-run art.