Fire Emblem 8: Sacred Stones Walkthrough

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[P] Prologue
[C1] Chapter 1
[C2] Chapter 2
[C3] Chapter 3
[C4] Chapter 4
[C5] Chapter 5

Prologue: The Fall of Renais
Mission: Defeat Boss
Difficulty: 1/5
Characters: Eirika

Enemies: Fighter x2
Boss- O'Neill
Reinforcements: None
Things to do: None
Strategy- Move Eirika in range of the two fighters and wait, heal
using a vulnerary if necessary, and when both fighters are dead move onto
the forest tile and

Boss: O'Neill
Class: Fighter
Lv: 4
Weapons: Iron axe
HP: 23
STR: 6
SKL: 4
SPD: 7
LCK: 0
DEF: 2
RES: 0


Leave Erika on the forest and just let Oneill attack,
and in two turns the battle is won.

Chapter 1: Escape
Mission: Seize throne
Difficulty: 1/5
Characters: Eirika
Franz (cavalier)
Gilliam (knight)


Boss- Breguet
Reinforcements: Turn 3-
Fighter x2
Soldier x1

Things to do: None


Make sure Seth has no weapons equipped so that he cant
kill anybody and waste any EXP. He is so strong, that when he kills
weaklings, he gets no experience, so he never gets any better
and all your other units stay the same, which then results in a horrible team.

Move Seth out of the range of any enemies and move
Eirika towards the nearest fort.
When Franz and Gilliam appear get them to kill the
nearest soldier.
Leave Erika/Franz on the fort when the reinforcements
arrive so s/he can defeat them while the other three
move towards the boss.

Boss- Breguet
Class: Knight
LV: 4
Weapon: Iron lance
HP: 20
STR: 8
SKL: 2
SPD: 1
LCK: 2
DEF: 9
RES: 0


Leave Erika in front of him and wait, she should kill
him in two hits. Just in case, use a vulnerary to make sure you don't lose.

Chapter 2: The Protected
Mission: Defeat enemy
Difficulty: 1/5
Characters: Erika, Seth, Franz, Gilliam, Moulder and

Enemies: BanditX4

Reinforcements: Turn:2
BanditX2 from the mountains to the west
Things to do:  Visit village for Red Gem
Visit village for Elixer
Visit Village for Pure water
Talk to Ross with Erika
Talk to Garcia with Ross


Send Erika and Moulder to the villages and get Vanessa
to rescue east and come back over the mountains, move
everyone else south.
Get Seth to take Ross and drop him, then get Vanessa
to rescue Garcia and get Franz to take and drop
Garcia, then heal Ross.

Talk to Ross and then talk to Garcia.
Send Vanessa towards the village towards the south
Put Erika or Franz on the Fort to deal with the two
bandits and the boss. Heal if/when necessary.

Defeat the reinforcements and then go for the Boss-

Boss- Bones
Class- Bandit
HP: 23
STR: 6
SKL: 4
SPD: 5
LCK: 0
DEF: 4
RES: 0

Bone is just like any other bandit so gang up on him
with Franz and Erika (sword-users, weapon triangle) to kill him off and gain experience.
Chapter 3- The Bandits of Borgo
Mission: Seize throne
Difficulty: 1/5
Characters: Erika, Seth, Franz, Gilliam, Moulder,
Vannesa and Neimi

Bandit X6
Mercenary X1
Archer X1
Thief X1

Boss- Bazba
Reinforcements: None

Things to do: Open chest for Javelin, Hand axe, iron
lance, and Iron sword
Talk to Colm with Neimi


Send Neimi to the north to get to Colm on turn two.
Break down the wall to the chest and kill the bandit.
Get Ross/Garcia to defeat the Bandit over the wall.
Turn 2: Talk to Colm with Neimi and get Colm to go
towards the chests.
Kill the bandit over the wall and when you open the
chest with the javelin in it get Gilliam to kill the
thief over the wall with the javelin.
Then put Neimi in the room with the chest along with
Moulder and defeat the two bandits and archer or just
break the wall/open the door and charge in and kill
everybody. Don't forget to heal with a vulnerary!

Get a lance user to kill the mercenary in the room
with Bazba.

Boss- Bazba
Coming soon: Bazba


Make sure he has the steel axe equipped so it weighs
him down and just gang up on him with Franz, Eirika and
Colm to defeat him. Use Garcia, Ross and Neimi to
attack from afar and damage him (or have Neimi finish the boss
for some extra experience).
Chapter 4- Ancient Horrors
Mission: Defeat enemies
Difficulty: 2/5
Characters: Erika, Vanessa, Gilliam

Enemies: Mogall X3
Bonewalker X3
Revenant X8

Reinforcements: Turn-2 Bonewalker X3
When you cross the bridge: Revenant X4

Things to do: Visit village for Iron axe
Visit village to recruit Lute


1.    Make sure Vanessa has the pure water in
her inventory. Send Vanessa over to the east (right) in range
of the two mogalls and use the pure water so she takes no damage
from their magic. Defeat all the enemies and reinforcements
north of the bridge and then split into two groups, one to cross
the bridge and one to break the snag and recruit Lute.
Leave Gilliam back near the starting position to deal
with the 4 revenant reinforcements from that corner
Make sure Moulder heals whenever necessary and get
him some experience, especially if you're low on vulneraries.
Defeat the enemies south of the bridge and now its
time for the boss-

Entombed- Lv.1
Coming soon...

Bring the boss out with Franz, and if possible,
stay in the forest.
Then gang up on him with all your characters because
the Entombed/Revenants have horrible defense/resistance
and once he's defeated the battle's over.
Chapter 5-The Empires Reach
Mission: Defeat the Boss
Difficulty: 2/5
Characters: Erika, Franz, Gilliam, Neimi, Colm, Lute,
Artur, Natasha and Garcia/Ross

Enemies: Soldier X6
Archer X3
Fighter X4
Mercenary X1

Reinforcements: Turn-2 Bandit X2
Turn-6 Bandit X2
Turn-8 bandit X2

Things to do: Talk to Joshua with Natasha
Visit village for Dragonshield, Armorslayer, Secret
And a Torch

*If you save all 4 villages at the end of the chapter
you will get a guiding ring which is good!

Starting position:
L       A
     E        G/R
G      NA       F
     N        C
Each letter represents the characters name.
Strategy: In this chapter every body is split into
Group.A: Goes up the left stairs
Consists of: lute+Artur
Group.B: Goes up the middle stairs
Consists of: Gilliam+Neimi
Group.C: Heads up towards Joshua
Consists of: Franz, Garcia/Ross, Colm and Natasha
Group.D: Heads toward the bottom village
Consists of:  Erika
Turn 1: send Erika south towards the village
Put Gilliam up the stairs with Neimi behind him
Send Franz, Garcia/Ross and Colm towards the right
Send Lute and Artur up the north stairs and make
sure that they have some vulneraries
in case a melee user comes and hurts
them (magic users have often have low defense).
To Be Continued……..