Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn FAQ/Walkthrough

Walkthrough Version: 0.55
Created by: Andrea Petriella (gsninja)(e-mail:
Version Date: 7/27/2008

A. Introduction
B. Version History
C. Basic Controls and Commands
D. Stat Descriptions
E. Advice
F. Walkthrough

-I. Part One: The Silver-Haired Maiden
0. Prologue: Under Gray Skies
1. Chapter 1-1: Maiden of Miracles
2. Chapter 1-2: The Dispossessed
3. Chapter 1-3: A Faint Light
*. Base Description
4. Chapter 1-4: A Distant Voice
5. Chapter 1-5: The Lost Heir
6a. Chapter 1-6: Raise the Standard Part 1
b. Chapter 1-6: Raise the Standard Part 2
7. Chapter 1-7: A Gathering Hope
8. Chapter 1-8: Glory Unwanted
9. Chapter 1-9: One Survives
10. Chapter 1-Final: Daein, Rise!

-II. Part Two: Of Countries and Kings
0. Prologue: On Drifting Clouds
1. Chapter 2-1: Winds of Rebellion
2. Chapter 2-2: Tides of Intrigue
3. Chapter 2-3: Geoffrey's Charge
4. Chapter 2-Final: Elincia's Gambit

-III: Part Three: Intersecting Vows
0. Prologue: The Great Advance
1. Chapter 3-1: Laguz and Beorc
2. Chapter 3-2: Stormclouds
3. Chapter 3-3: River Crossing
4. Chapter 3-4: The General's Hand
5. Chapter 3-5: Retreat!
6. Chapter 3-6: A Reason to Fight
7. Chapter 3-7: Rivals Collide
8. Chapter 3-8: Incandescent Glow
9. Chapter 3-9: Marauders
10. Chapter 3-10: The Heart of Crimea
11. Chapter 3-11: Just Cause
12. Chapter 3-12: The Price
13. Chapter 3-13: Blood Contract
14. Chapter 3-Final: From Pain, Awakening

-IV. Part Four: Gods and Men
0. Prologue: Chaos Named
1. Chapter 4-1: Road to the Empire
2. Chapter 4-2: Silent World
3. Chapter 4-3: Distortions
4. Chapter 4-4: Revelations
5a. Chapter 4-Endgame: Rebirth(1)
b. Chapter 4-Endgame: Rebirth(2)
c. Chapter 4-Endgame: Rebirth(3)
d. Chapter 4-Endgame: Rebirth(4)
e. Chapter 4-Endgame: Rebirth(5)

G. Class Guide
H. Frequently Asked Questions
I. Legal Notes
J. Thanks


Here it is, the tenth game in the Fire Emblem series, Radiant Dawn, the
sequel to Path of Radiance. Seeing as I just got this game at the date
of its release, there will only be strategies concerning the NORMAL
MODE of the game. This is my second attempt at writing a walkthrough,
my first one at Path of Radiance. To my readers: I hope you find this
guide useful, since I hope this will invariably help you in completing
the game.

Version History

-November 7, 2007: Version 0.1
Finished the beginning component of my FAQ. The walkthrough is
completed until Chapter 1-3. I've played until Chapter 1-7, but I'm
going to put that off for tomorrow. :)

-November 8, 2007: Version 0.14
Completed the FAQ until Chapter 1-6. Currently played the game to
Chapter 1-Final.

-November 17, 2007: Version .2
Completed the FAQ until Chapter 1-9. I'm almost done with the game. :D
I also added more to the table of contents up to my current point in
the game.

-November 25, 2007: Version 0.35
I finally finished the game. ^.^ Completed the FAQ until Chapter 2-
Prologue. I also revised a little content in the walkthrough and added
the stat growths to the characters I described so far. I decided that
I'm going to write summaries of each part.

-November 26, 2007: Version 0.43
I completed Part II and added a couple things I missed.

-December 5, 2007: Version 0.44
Yeah, school and laziness are catching up. :P I just made the strategy
for 3-Prologue and a couple of character descriptions.

-March 8, 2008: Version 0.45
Haha, I'm so sorry for waiting nearly three months for an update on
this. XD I wanted to get this FAQ finished before Brawl comes out, but
I'm so lazy...looks like I'll have to try to find the time to finish
during my Brawl time. -.- Sorry that I didn't fulfill my promise to
finish this by today. D:

-July 27, 2998: Version 0.55
Aha...bahaha...over four and a half months before updating. I completed
only until 3-5 because I decided to fix some errors and change some of
my character reviews. I also plan to add more information to my FAQ,
like support, skills, etc. So...yeah.

Basic Controls and Commands

Coming Soon! Take note that I will enter the information of the
Wiimote, not the Classic controller or the GameCube controller.

Stat Descriptions

Since this game is part RPG, there are, of course, stats to determine,
for example, what power an attack has. I'll explain them here.

Health/Hit Points (HP) - An incredibly important stat in this game. If
a unit's HP runs out, he/she will die and never come back. Therefore,
don't let your units die, since it'll put less strain on you and your
army; in other words, just don't let it happen. It's in everyone's best
interest. Still, high HP doesn't mean much if a unit has a low Defense,
which is explained later.

Strength (STR) - This determines the physical attack power of a unit
and how much damage he/she can do while equipped with a physical weapon
(swords, axes, lances, and bows). This stat is required for most of the
units in the game, since they use physical weapons. However, there are
certain magical weapons, like the Flame Lance, that don't run on
strength, but instead on magic. Strength also pertains to how well a
unit can deal with a weapon's Weight (WT). If the WT is higher than the
STR, then the amount of points the WT has over the STR is subtracted
from the unit's Speed.

Magic (MAG) - This determines the magical attack power of a unit and
how much damage he/she can do while equipped with a magical tome (Wind,
Fire, Thunder, etc.) or a magical weapon (Flame Lance, etc.). This stat
is very important to Mages or Bishops dealing damage and how well a
healer can...heal. Magic works exactly how Strength works, except it's
more important for magic users.

Skill (SKL) - Skill determines the accuracy of a weapon and it also
determines the critical hit rate of a unit. The higher the Skill, the
better the chance a unit will hit the enemy. The other factor Skill
determines is the chance a unit will perform his/her special skill. The
amount of Skill is the percentage of success that the skill will

Speed (SPD) - Speed is incredibly important. First, it determines the
avoidability of a unit, meaning how well he/she will be able to dodge
attacks. Second, it determines if a unit will be able to perform what
is known as a "double-attack" in one round. If a unit's Speed is 4+
points higher than the enemy's, he/she will strike twice in one round.
Third, and last, Speed pertains to the success of a Thief being able to
steal. A Thief's Speed must be higher than his target's in order to

Luck (LCK) - This stat determines the hit rate, the dodge rate, the
rate a unit can critical, and how much an enemy's critical rate will be
lowered by. Luck seems to affect dodging more than anything, but it
could be just me. :P

Defense (DEF) - Defense determines how well a unit can protect
him/herself from a unit's Strength. The higher the Defense the less
damage a unit using a physical weapon will do. If a unit's Defense is
higher than his/her enemy's Strength and weapon MT, then he/she will
take no damage. However, Defense in no way is able to protect one from
Magic attacks.

Resistance (RES) - Resistance pretty much works like Defense. However,
it protects from magic attacks and not physical weapon attacks. If
Resistance is higher enough than an enemy's magic power and weapon MT,
no damage dealt to the character. :)

Movement (MV) - Determines how many spaces a character can move in a
turn. If a mounted unit performs an action and he/she hadn't used all
his/her movement range, he/she will be able to move again in the amount
of spaces remaining.

Constitution (CON) - This is the unit's Build. If a unit's Build is
higher than another unit's Build, he/she will not be able to be shoved
unless someone with a higher Build than him/her comes along.
Also, if a unit's Build is lower than another unit's Aid, he/she can be
rescued. If it's higher, then the reverse holds true.

Aid - Aid determines whether a unit can rescue another unit or not. A
unit's Aid must be higher than another's Build to rescue him/her. It's
very handy if you want to pull someone out of a particularly risky
situation. There's a big downside, though. If a unit is carrying
another, the unit that is carrying will suffer a point deduction from
Skill and Speed. However, if a unit has the Savior skill equipped,
he/she won't suffer the penalty.

Weapon Level - Each unit has a certain Weapon Level, which in order
from lowest to highest, goes like this: E->D->C->B->A->S. The more a
character uses a weapon, the higher his/her Weapon Level for that
particular weapon grows.
Each weapon has its own Weapon Level as well. For example, if a unit
has a "C" in Weapon Level for swords, he/she will be able to use all
class E, D, and C swords, but not class B, A, or S swords.

Might (MT) - This is the power of a weapon. This in conjunction with
Strength and Magic determines how much damage a character will do. The
combined numbers must be higher than the enemy's Defense or Resistance
to do any damage.

Weight (WT) - The weapons Weight. If the Weight of a weapon exceeds the
Strength of the wielder, then the amount of points the Weight exceeds
the Strength will be deducted from the Speed stat.


I'm going to list some things you may want to be aware of:

The difficulty of this game is a bit higher than that of Path of
Radiance. The enemies are noticeably better, since they're stronger,
have better hit rates, and have higher Speed. Units that are falling
behind should not be included in the party whenever possible, as they
will most likely die when exposed to any enemy. The enemies attack in
groups more often; therefore, you should not leave a unit alone unless
you're positive he/she is really good at that point.

Radiant Dawn isn't really too hard by any means, it's just that, if a
unit makes one mistake, he/she will usually die. Plan everything a bit
more carefully than you did in Path of Radiance, since one wrong move
can spell the end for you.

As for one final note, be wary that the Dawn Brigade is, for the most
part, under leveled throughout Part I. Only select a few of the Brigade
is useful enough to fight with for the whole game.


Here it is, the walkthrough! The outline of each chapter will be
exactly the same as they were in my Path of Radiance walkthrough, which
goes like this:

Chapter Name
Victory: What you have to do to gain a victory (Defeat Boss, Rout,
Survive, Defend, Arrive, Escape, Seize).
Units Available: This is how many units you can use for the chapter.
Partners: These allies are labeled with a yellow circle underneath.
Micaiah can control them to an extent, but you don't have full control
over these units.
Others: These allies are labeled with a green circle underneath. You
cannot control them in any way.
Items: Items found in the chapter will go here. I will not list items
that can be stolen or found on the ground here, but I will mention them
during the strategy if I feel that they're important.

Strategy goes here. For now, I will just cover the Normal Mode of the
game. Later on, I'll write strategies for the Hard Mode.

The New Unit Alert will alert you to which units are joining in for the
first time in the chapter. I will give the name, my description, the
stat growths, the unit's master skill, and then a rating based on my
opinion. Because it's an opinion, don't go flaming me if you think it's
wrong. Just because I think a character is good or bad doesn't
necessarily mean you will feel the same way, too. Some ratings will
most likely change as I keep playing through the game.

Part I - The Silver-Haired Maiden

Part I Summary

Part I is probably the most difficult part of the game. At the start,
the majority of the Dawn Brigade will consist of low level units
competing against enemies with Skill and Speed that are greater than
any, or most, enemies from Fire Emblem games before. You will be
getting several pre-promotes, two of which you don't want to start
using until near the end of Part I at the earliest. As for the other
one, you don't really want to use him except as a weaponless shield.

The Dawn Brigade consists of some pretty bad units. Only a few members
end up being good enough to use in Part IV. It's a bad idea and a waste
to focus on leveling up everyone; instead, focus on about four or five
units max to level up and promote.

There will also be two uber freakin' powerful units that will destroy
everything. DO NOT use these units, although Chapter 1-9 is...special.
Overall, though, don't use them because they'll steal experience from
the other units that need it far, far more.

Part I will introduce you to how Daein has fared since Begnion's
occupational army took over. Begnion's soldiers have been horrible to
the citizens of Daein while taking the Daein soldiers captive. Micaiah,
the "Silver-Haired Maiden", and the Dawn Brigade have been trying to
help the Daein citizens, providing help whenever they can. The prologue
will pit three members of the Dawn Brigade against bandits raiding a
town while Begnion soldiers overlook the chaos.



Prologue: Under Gray Skies
Victory: Rout
Units Available: Micaiah and Edward.
Partners: None
Others: None
Items: Herb (Enemy drop)

You will begin in the northwestern corner of the map with two
characters: Micaiah, a level 1 Light Mage, and Edward, a level 4
Myrmidon. Since all the enemies wield Axes, Edward should have an easy
time wreaking havoc on these guys. Let Micaiah gather some kills too,
since she needs level-ups. In the main quad of the plaza, one of the
Bandits drops an Herb, which restores 10 HP.
On Turn 3, a level 3 Archer named Leonardo will arrive next to your
starting point. Let me just say now that Leonardo isn't a good Archer,
so try abstaining from using him as much as possible unless you really
want to use an Archer.
When you get within the boss's range, he won't stand still. Instead,
he'll move to attack. I suggest confronting him with Edward while
Edward heals himself with a Vulnerary after each turn the boss attacks
him, causing around 13 HP damage. Pretty nasty. Eventually you'll kill
the boss and complete this easy chapter.


Name - Micaiah
Description - Micaiah's one of the two main Lords in this game, so
you're forced to use her. She's a Light Mage, which is rather odd
considering she's a Lord. However, Micaiah's potential is great. Her
growths are really good, almost always increasing the Magic stat with
each level-up. Her Skill and Speed usually remain around the level
she's at and no higher, since her growths there are mediocre. Micaiah
also boasts massive Luck and Resistance growths, effectively making her
a beast against Mages, who probably won't do more than scratch her.
However, because she's a Mage, she has the typical low HP, Strength,
and Defense, putting her in a quite vulnerable spot against physical
attackers. Nonetheless, Micaiah's a badass unit, able to wreak havoc
the moment she's able to double attack. One last note to make is a
special skill of Micaiah's called Sacrifice. With this move, she
sacrifices her own HP to heal a unit adjacent to her as well as cure
his/her status effects. This move is too risky, especially in Part I,
so you should abstain from using it unless you have a healer present to
heal her right after using it.
Stat Growths - HP: 40%, STR: 15%, MAG: 80%, SKL: 40%, SPD: 35%, LUK:
80%, DEF: 20%, RES: 90%
Master Skill - Corona
Rating - 9/10

Name - Edward
Description - Here is a Myrmidon with plenty of the ability to kick
major ass. His Strength, Skill, and Speed, the three stats the
Myrmidons need most, all develop nicely. Edward's Defense growth is
really bad, though, so he's a lot like Largo in the sense that he will
cause good damage, but he can't really take more than one or two hits
before dying. Unlike Largo, however, Edward has great evasion, and he
will dodge many attacks. Edward is one of the few members of the Dawn
Brigade that is good, while the rest pretty much suck. Edward has the
highest Strength growth of the three Trueblades in the game, as well as
the highest HP growth, which is pretty high for a Trueblade. It's
funny; I thought Stefan would be the most fragile Swordmaster I ever
played with; looks like Edward takes that spot. Anyways, Edward will
constantly double-attack and cause a good deal of damage. Just make
sure he isn't in range of Lances because, if he can't dodge them, he'll
take a load of damage.
Edward's a hassle to train on Hard mode, though. Without the weapon
triangle, even axe users can destroy him. Because of this, you'll
definitely want to consider Zihark over him.
Stat Growths - HP: 85%, STR: 60%, MAG: 5%, SKL: 65%, SPD: 60%, LUK:
50%, DEF: 35%, RES: 20%
Master Skill - Astra
Rating - 7/10

Name - Leonardo
Description - This is the first Archer that you get. Unfortunately,
Leonardo isn't that good. The two stats that Archers mainly use,
Strength and Speed, are nothing more than sub-par for Leonardo. While
he is a rather reliable ranged attacker for the first couple chapters,
he should be dumped no later than Chapter 4 or 5 in Part I. Honestly,
Leonardo is one of the many sucky members of the Dawn Brigade, although
not the worst. At least Leonardo's Skill and Luck growths are good
enough to help him a bit. Leonardo won't be having any accuracy
problems, that's for sure. His Resistance growth is better than that of
most non-magic units.
Stat Growths - HP: 60%, STR: 40%, MAG: 15%, SKL: 75%, SPD: 35%, LUK:
65%, DEF: 35%, RES: 55%
Master Skill - Deadeye
Rating - 6/10


Chapter 1-1: Maiden of Miracles
Victory: Escape within 10 Turns
Units Available: Micaiah, Edward, Leonardo, Nolan
Partners: None
Others: None
Items: Hand Axe (Middle House), Vulnerary (Eastern House), Steel Sword
(Boss drop)

You must escape through the two yellow panels at the north part of the
map, which are covered by a Fighter with a Hand Axe and the boss, a
Myrmidon named Isaiya. Move up the road, then cover the left path with
Nolan and the right with Edward. Make sure Edward heals accordingly as
he lures the Fighters to their deaths while Nolan destroys the enemies
before him. After getting the items from the houses, move everyone up
the north path to confront Isaiya and the Fighter. The Fighter is easy
to dispatch, as Nolan can drop him in two hits. Isaiya will move once
someone is directly in front of him. Anyways, since all Myrmidons are
fragile fighters, it shouldn't take too long to murder Isaiya and
escape. Make sure everyone but Micaiah escapes before she escapes
herself, therefore netting you more Bonus Experience to use.


Name - Nolan
Description - Nolan is a good unit on the team. His base stats are
pretty good, usually gaining Strength, Skill, and Speed at a good rate.
Usually. There are times when Nolan's Strength won't necessarily cut
it, so he won't dish out as much damage as one would expect sometimes.
Still, Nolan is an all-around good Fighter. Despite having a lower
Defense growth, Nolan will still get enough Defense to take just as
many hits as Boyd, although Nolan can double-attack and avoid a bit
better than Boyd can. Nolan is one of those few Dawn Brigade members
that's exceptional, so use him, if not just to get through Micaiah's
chapters before Part IV. Although Nolan performs at an OK rate at the
beginning, if you promote him into a Reaper later, he'll tear enemies
apart ruthlessly, not to mention that he will make things much easier
with a support with someone during chapters 3-12 and 3-13. Since
Nolan's support is Earth, definitely stick him with someone, especially
someone like Zihark, who also has an Earth support.
Anyways, once you get through Nolan's only simply decent performance at
the very beginning, he just rapes.
Stat Growths - HP: 60%, STR: 45%, MAG: 20%, SKL: 70%, SPD: 60%, LUK:
30%, DEF: 35%, RES: 40%
Master Skill - Colossus
Rating - 9.7/10


Chapter 1-2: The Dispossessed
Victory: Arrive with Laura
Units Available: Micaiah, Edward, Leonardo, Nolan, Laura
Partners: None
Others: None
Items: Iron Axe (Enemy drop), Steel Bow (Enemy drop), Chest Key (Enemy
drop), Wind Edge (Top SW Chest), Thani (Bottom SW Chest), Energy Drop
(NE Chest)

As the battle begins, you'll have a level 1 Priest named Laura. Laura
is your first reliable healer, as Sacrifice is quite risky.
First off, notice the ledges. Allies and enemies alike can climb up and
down these ledges. Therefore, there will be a Fighter north from your
deployment zone that will climb down the nearby ledge and try to flank
you. Keep Edward and/or someone else near there to combat him and kill
him. As for everyone else, go east and defeat the soldiers in that
direction. You should essentially be heading into the top left part of
the map, then right.
On Turn 3, none other than Sothe will appear at the top left corner. He
comes as a level 1 pre-promote. He's a Rogue, the Thief's promotion.
Since he's a pre-promote, Sothe can hold his own for now. Being a
Rogue, he can open doors and chests without keys, so let him open the
chests in the room. Make ABSOLUTELY sure you get the Thani. This Light
tome, only meant for Micaiah, is super effective against armored and
mounted units. Micaiah can rape the boss in one shot with this weapon.
At the very north of the map is the blue Arrive square, where Laura
needs to stand in and Arrive to complete the chapter. However, before
letting her do that, you should open the chest near the boss, Zaitan,
which contains an Energy Drop. Zaitan doesn't move, but he fights with
a Javelin, so he can attack from two spaces away. Being a Knight,
though, he's really slow and can easily be double-attacked. Zaitan is
painfully easy because Micaiah can one-shot him with Thani.
Arrive at the square with Laura to complete the chapter.


Name - Laura
Description - Laura is the first Priest you get in the game. She's very
useful at the beginning due to all the damage the Dawn Brigade will be
taking. Like all Priests, Laura will almost certainly die if an enemy
quick enough engages her in battle. Her Magic growth is good, and she
gets decent stats all around except for HP, Strength, and Defense.
She's a much better attacker than Rhys, as she has twice the Skill and
Speed growths compared to those of Rhys. Laura is pretty much the
better Saint you can use because her attacking ability far surpasses
that of Rhys'. For some reason, though, Laura's Resistance isn't good,
only reaching the level of a physical unit's Resistance.
Stat Growths - HP: 45%, STR: 20%, MAG: 70%, SKL: 70%, SPD: 70%, LUK:
50%, DEF: 20%, RES: 35%
Master Skill - Corona
Rating - 8.1/10

Name - Sothe
Description - Remember that utterly useless kid thief from Path of
Radiance who was easily the most useless unit in the game? Well, he's
far from that now. Sothe is now a badass Rogue...with usefulness! Sothe
starts off with solid base stats including a base 18 in Strength.
However, since all Sothe can wield is a knife, he won't be doing as
much damage as he could do. Still, Sothe is very useful for whittling
down an enemy's HP so that the inexperienced units can get the kills.
Sothe has awesome Skill and good Speed, so he won't have trouble
double-attacking and hitting opponents. Sothe's rather fragile, so
he'll be taking decent amounts of damage. Even though Sothe won't
promote until Part IV, he's an all-around good unit, which is saying
something when comparing him to his former self from Path of Radiance.
Stat Growths - HP: 30%, STR: 60%, MAG: 20%, SKL: 80%, SPD: 45%, LUK:
65%, DEF: 20%, RES: 30%
Master Skill - Bane
Rating - 8/10


Chapter 1-3: A Faint Light
Victory: Escape
Units Available: 7
Partners: Aimee and Kurth
Others: None
Items: Door Key (Enemy drop)

At the start of this map, you get to use Ilyana, who starts off as a
level 12 Thunder Mage. She's an alright unit, but other magic users
trump her.
Two characters named Aimee and Kurth will be yellow Partner units that
you can indirectly command with orders such as Roam and Target, just
like in Path of Radiance.
Anyways, after taking care of the couple units around your deployment
zone, three Soldiers will appear out of an alley on the west part of
the map, one of them being a level 7 Soldier named Aran. Bait him
towards you, the let Laura talk to him to recruit your first lance
Let everyone run down the left path. Bait the boss, Burton, past the
Knights with someone like Sothe or Nolan. Burton is a mounted unit with
a ranged weapon, but he isn't a problem. Like Zaitan, Burton can be
one-shotted with Micaiah's Thani. Make sure you steal the Discipline
scroll from him beforehand.
Take your time killing the Knights, since they won't move. There will
be two more Soldier reinforcements from the alley and two from the SW
corner of the map. Be sure to kill them. Anyways, kill the Knights,
then proceed past them and east. There will be several units you have
to take care of, including an Archer with an Iron Longbow standing on
the escape square. Kill them all, then let Micaiah escape after
everyone else has.


Name - Ilyana
Description - Ilyana's back in your party. :D What's too bad is that
Ilyana seems to have gotten worse since Path of Radiance. Her Speed has
slightly improved only because it's become more RNG-blessed, as the
growth itself still sucks. Her Magic growth seems to have been stunted
a bit, though, making her somewhat less powerful, but a little faster.
It seems Thunder magic has been nerfed because the Thunder tomes don't
do as much damage as they used too. This is bad news for Ilyana,
because this makes her worse still. This is what basically destroys
some of Ilyana's skill; Thunder magic is now the weakest of the Anima
magic, so Ilyana isn't as good as she was in Path of Radiance based on
that alone. She can soften up enemies for other units to kill, but
other than that, not much more useful than Leonardo. She still has a
really good Strength growth for a Mage, though.
Stat Growths - HP: 55%, STR: 45%, MAG: 50%, SKL: 60%, SPD: 30%, LUK:
40%, DEF: 30%, RES: 50%
Master Skill - Flare
Rating - 6/10

Name - Aran
Description - With his growth rates, you'd think that Aran would be an
armored unit. Nonetheless, Aran is a solid unit overall except for his
lagging Speed. Still, Aran always does a lot of damage with no trouble
hitting and will take little damage from enemy attacks. Once Aran caps
his Strength, Skill, and Defense, you can use your Bonus Experience to
cap his stats that aren't so good. Aran is a good unit to have in the
Dawn Brigade; he's useful right from the start with his good bases and
will become the Dawn Brigade's tanking unit once he has gained a few
levels. Although his Resistance isn't up to scratch, Aran can still
survive several magic attacks on the front lines without putting
himself in too much danger from being killed. All in all, consider Aran
as a possible unit to train.
Stat Growths - HP: 50%, STR: 75%, MAG: 10%, SKL: 75%, SPD: 30%, LUK:
35%, DEF: 70%, RES: 25%
Master Skill - Impale
Rating - 8/10


Base Description

From now on, at the beginning of each chapter, you get to explore your
Base. Like in Path of Radiance, you can manage your items,
purchase/sell weapons and items, witness Supports and Info
conversations, and give out Bonus Experience and Skills.
You can still customize your own weapons, which is neat. You can change
the Mt, Wt, etc. of the weapon you want to create and change the color.
However, it's still pretty costly to make a forged weapon.
Supports aren't conversations anymore. Each character can have only one
support with another at a time. If you want a character to have a
support with someone else, you have to delete that characters current
support before doing so.
Info conversations are the same. The number of stars next to the name
of the conversation indicates the importance of the conversation, three
stars meaning that you'll get an item or new character at the end of
the convo.
Bonus experience functions exactly like it did in Path of Radiance
except for one thing: whenever a character levels up using bonus
experience, he/she gains a point in exactly three stats, no more, no
less. Use Bonus Experience if you want


Chapter 1-4: A Distant Voice
Victory: Rout
Units Available: 9
Partners: None
Others: None
Items: Chest Key (Enemy drop), Seraph Robe (NE Chest), 3000 Gold (NW
Chest), Pure Water (SW Chest)

Before beginning this battle, take Cancel off Leonardo and give it to
Edward. Eddie can make very good use of the skill himself.
Don't be intimidated by the Tiger laguz's high HP and Strength. They're
actually dispatched rather easily. The Cat laguz are faster, but also
sport less HP and Strength than their Tiger counterparts. There are
green healing jars scattered across the stage. When you a unit stands
next to one of them, he/she will restore a set amount of HP each phase.
Anyways, there are three places you can block off from the deployment
zone, but only two of them are going to be used by the enemy. The first
path is south of the deployment zone. Send Sothe and/or Nolan down
there with Micaiah for back up.
The northern path is blocked off by a gate, but a Tiger laguz will
start breaking through it right away. Send Edward to clog up the
laguz's entry into the area, while having Laura heal him every turn he
gets attacked. Don't attack with Edward and instead let the laguz
coming at him keep attacking him while he kills them with counter
The east wall of the deployment area can be broken, but the enemies
won't try to break through it themselves, so you don't have to spare
any units there.
Anyways, while Eddie stems the laguz to the north, send the southern
party out of the deployment zone and swing right. The first of the twin
bosses, Pain, should be there, untransformed. Rush up there and
slaughter him before he can transform. The laguz are much weaker in
their untransformed forms than they were in Path of Radiance, so
they're much easier to take down.
After killing Pain, run up, then to the left. Make sure to let Sothe
open the chest containing the Seraph Robe. At this point, Eddie should
have killed all the laguz coming his way, so let him and Laura proceed
north to meet with the rest of the party. Kill the other boss, Agony,
and the remaining laguz to complete the chapter.

Credit to for this info: in chapter 4 the SW
corner walk down one from the healing jar and left one w/ Sothe to find
Master Seal. same chapter northwestern corner go one left of the
healing jar to find Beastone to get Beastslayer skill.


Name - Meg
Description - You get Meg from an Info conversation at the Base before
the battle. I don't know what to say for Meg besides the fact that
she's the worst armored knight in the game, and easily one of the worst
characters overall. I was happy when I first found out that I had an
armored unit in my party, but Meg just sucks at her only purpose, which
is to wall. Completely refrain from Meg, and wait until you get to use
Gatrie and Brom later on. Those two are far, far, far more superior
than this fat little girl. Why is a fat little girl like Meg an Armor
Sword, anyways? And why is her Speed growth so good? Her Defense growth
is horrid compared to what it's supposed to be for an armored unit. I
feel sorry for Brom due to him fathering such a useless daughter for
the battlefield.
Stat Growths - HP: 60%, STR: 35%, MAG: 15%, SKL: 40%, SPD: 65%, LUK:
75%, DEF: 35%, RES: 50%
Master Skill - Luna
Rating - 2/10


Chapter 1-5: The Lost Heir
Victory: Defend for 6 Turns
Units Available: 10
Partners: None
Others: Tauroneo, Zihark, and Jill
Items: Vulnerary (Enemy drop)

Here are three familiar faces from the previous game. Tauroneo is an
uber tank, so you shouldn't worry at all about him getting seriously
harmed. It looks like Zihark is pre-promoted in this game. However, his
base HP is at a bad 30, so he can drop easily if he gets hit with a
couple well-placed hits. Jill can basically take care of herself, since
her movement is pretty good.
This is the point in the game when you want to start considering
dropping units that you're neglecting, as they won't help at all in the
upcoming chapters if you haven't been training them properly.
This is your first battle with Mages. They fall easily to physical
attacks, but they can cause some trouble for your low Resistance units.
Micaiah should be developed enough at this point to be an effective
Mage killer.
Anyways, send some units up to smash through the enemies in their way
and make it up to where the three Daein allies are holding their
positions. The sand will impede your progress a bit, but don't fret.
Right off the bat, there will be units coming down from the ledge to
try to attack you and a couple enemies coming from the south and trying
to outflank you. One of the enemies coming from the south has a Master
Seal that can be stolen, so make sure Sothe gets it. As for the enemies
on the ledge, make sure you can blitz and kill them in one round before
leaving them open to run after your weaker units.
Whatever, you do, keep Volug away from the Mages. All his stats are
lacking, and he takes a huge amount of damage from Fire tomes, so he
shouldn't be near any Mages.
After 6 Turns, you'll complete the map.


Name - Volug
Description - You'd think that the wolf queen would lend you someone
with more Defense. Apparently not. Volug's stats are lacking due to the
fact that he stays in Halfshifted laguz form all the time. He takes a
lot of damage for a laguz at the beginning of the game, especially from
magic. His experience growth is horrid too, and he will end up being an
experience hog due to the fact that he doesn't really gain anything
from the enemies he kills. He's pretty good at softening opponents for
the weaker units to kill. Volug is a good staller and softener, but he
lacks the necessary Defense and Resistance to remain on the front lines
for a long time. When you start using him in Part III, though, he'll
have the ability to transform normally instead of only staying in
Halfshifted form. It's then that Volug's usefulness will start to rise,
and he won't stay with mediocre stats. He'll also start gaining a bit
more experience, so expect Volug to be able to grow starting from Part
III. It's at this point that Volug will start getting a lot better and
and able to stay at the front lines more easily. Since he has an Earth
support as well, Volug can gain the necessary avoidability to dodge
plenty of attacks.
Stat Growths - HP: 95%, STR: 25%, MAG: 15%, SKL: 35%, SPD: 40%, LUK:
90%, DEF: 15%, RES: 10%
Master Skill - Savage
Rating - 8/10


Chapter 1-6: Raise the Standard (Part 1)
Victory: Rout
Units Available: 13
Partners: None
Others: None
Items: Hammer (Enemy drop), Steel Sword (Enemy drop), Steel Lance
(Enemy drop)

This is the first part of Chapter 1-6. It isn't too bad, but it would
be a good idea to keep all weak units out of this match because of the
Pegasus Knight reinforcements. For several turns, Pegasus Knights will
appear at one or two of the cliffs around the area. This is where Jill
comes in. Since she starts with Axes instead of Lances like in Path of
Radiance, she can effectively combat the Pegasus Knights.
As for everyone else, proceed slowly through the stage killing the
enemies. Be careful that the Pegasus Knights don't get in range of a
low Defense unit, since their movement ranges are pretty big.
Everything in this chapter is easy to manage. Jill and maybe one other
unit can defeat the Pegasus Knights easily due to their low Defense
scores. Even Eddie can kill them in one round. The other reinforcements
are Soldiers and whatnot, so you don't have to worry about big movement
ranges from them. Kill everyone to complete the chapter.


Name - Jill
Description - Jill seems to have improved from her Path of Radiance
days. She starts with Axes instead of Lances now, which is good
considering Axes are more useful than Lances in the duration of Part I.
Jill's Speed has gotten better, but other than that, everything else
has remained the same. This is good, seeing as her Speed was lacking
before. Jill is a reliable unit that can be counted on in several
situations. Her biggest problem, though, is her base 24 HP as a level
14 Dracoknight. This is a rather big problem at the beginning against
hard hitting enemies, but Jill has enough time to rectify this problem,
at least.
Stat Growths - HP: 50%, STR: 45%, MAG: 15%, SKL: 45%, SPD: 65%, LUK:
60%, DEF: 35%, RES: 45%
Master Skill - Stun
Rating - 8.6/10

Name - Zihark
Description - Zihark should probably have stayed unpromoted in Radiant
Dawn, too; then again, he still kills things easily later on. Anyways,
his bases are pretty good, with the typical low HP and Defense of a
Myrmidon/Swordmaster. However, a base 30 HP is pretty low, even for a
pre-promoted Swordmaster, so Zihark has to rely on his innate dodging
abilities to survive on the front lines when you first get him. Still,
he's quite fast and always double-attacks. Since he doesn't cause so
much damage from the start, he's another good unit for softening up
enemies for your weaker units to kill. Zihark is a nice enough unit
overall, especially since you'll probably want to use him over Edward
due to the fact that he has a better affinity and that Edward is a pain
to level up on Hard mode. Once Zihark is a Trueblade, he'll slaughter
everything in his path, as well as gain a cool new outfit. Put Zihark
with another Earth affiliated unit and he will be almost literally
Stat Growths - HP: 55%, STR: 35%, MAG: 10%, SKL: 75%, SPD: 70%, LUK:
40%, DEF: 25%, RES: 35%
Master Skill - Astra
Rating - 9.7/10

Name - Tauroneo
Description - Tauroneo's stats are pretty low for his level, but he's
invaluable at tanking and walling in Part I. Since he's already a level
14 pre-promote, just take off all his weapons and let the enemies
attack him. Tauroneo takes no damage anyways, so he can lure enemies to
him while weaker units can kill them. Tauroneo's very powerful for Part
I, but as soon as you get to use him later on in the game, his
usefulness is pretty low. He'll lack enough Defense to wall units when
you use him again later on in the game. Resolve still makes Tauroneo a
beast, but Tauroneo needs to be below 50% of his maximum HP to activate
his skill. Anyways, Gatrie and Brom are better than Tauroneo.
Stat Growths - HP: 55%, STR: 40%, MAG: 5%, SKL: 65%, SPD: 50%, LUK:
20%, DEF: 45%, RES: 50%
Master Skill - Luna
Rating - 6.5/10


Chapter 1-6: Raise the Standard (Part 2)
Victory: Defeat Boss
Units Available: 13
Partners: None
Others: Eight members of the Maradan Army (Fiona and seven others)
Items: Paragon (Enemy drop)

The second part of Chapter 1-6 is a lot more tedious than the first
part, but still doable. Essentially, this is the one chapter of Part I
in which you want Tauroneo to attack as well as wall the slew of
mounted units converging on the western bridge.
Send one unit to bring down the archer handling the nearby ballista.
Let a couple of your other units take care of the enemies around the
ballista. Send Tauroneo and another capable unit like Sothe to the
western bridge to push back the mounted units and swing upwards towards
the big crowd of enemies around a second ballista.
As for the rest of the units, send them all up the north bridge. At the
end of Turn 1, Fiona and her seven other units will become allies. It's
quite difficult to save all the commoners, since the enemy cavaliers
will reach Fiona's group before you can. Since most of Fiona's group
are slow due to the people they carry, any enemy they engage will more
than likely kill them and the people they carry.
Anyways, kill all the mounted units, mages, and other units above the
north bridge, then swing west.
Tauroneo can easily mow down the enemies he approaches. Let whoever you
made accompany Tauroneo back him up.
Micaiah should be with the bigger group at the northern bridge. Let
another unit lure the boss close enough so that Micaiah can destroy him
in one hit with Thani. Once the boss is dead, the chapter is completed.


Name - Fiona
Description - Fiona's another really bad unit. Her base stats are
really low at the point in the game when you get her, so you need to
baby her with bonus experience to make her usable. Even then, I doubt
she's any better. Just wait for other much better mounted units like
Oscar, Titania, and Kieran to use. Fiona gets good Speed, Defense, and
Resistace growths, but those aren't nearly enough to save her.
Stat Growths - HP: 45%, STR: 40%, MAG: 15%, SKL: 40%, SPD: 60%, LUK:
55%, DEF: 55%, RES: 50%
Master Skill - Sol
Rating - 3/10


Chapter 1-7: A Gathering Hope
Victory: Seize
Units Available: 13
Partners: None
Others: Tormod, Muarim, Lika, and several imprisoned Daein Soldiers
Items: Door Key (x2)

The goal of this chapter is to make your way to the shiny red-orange
square in the right hand part of the map, which is guarded by the boss.
Anyways, at the end of Turn 1 or 2, more familiar characters will pop
up from the southeast part of the map: Tormod and Muarim. They also
come accompanied by a Raven laguz, Vika. Talk to Tormod with Sothe to
recruit all three. However, since the three characters will come after
Sothe anyways, start by sending the greater majority of the party,
including Sothe, north. Send two or three reliable units up the stairs
near the deployment zone to take out the couple units there and to
swing upwards. As for the party that headed north, just take out the
enemies and head east. As you head up the stairs, you may as well let
Sothe wait for Tormod and his partners to catch up. Talk to Tormod with
Sothe and you have three new additions to your army!
Anyways, you should notice several doors on the map right off the bat.
Inside each of these rooms is an unarmed Daein soldier that was
imprisoned. Before you seize the square to complete the chapter, allow
Sothe to unlock each of these doors so that the Daein soldiers can
escape. If all the soldiers escape, you'll get a bigger Bonus
Experience award.
Anyways, as you cross the narrow corridor at the very top middle part
of the map, you'll trespass within the range of an Archer with an Iron
Longbow. Longbows have the ability to attack from three spaces, so make
sure characters like Laura are well away from that.
Another thing to be careful about is the ledges. Since anyone can climb
up and down them, so make sure no one from below the ledges can attack
The boss is armored, so, once again, Micaiah can easily destroy him
with Thani. Seize the square to win.

Credit to Stephen Burrell ( for this info: You
can gain a Master seal by standing on the right corner of the outside
of the northern prison. At least it was there for me twice in a row.


Name - Tormod
Description - Tormod comes pre-promoted as a Sage. Tormod hasn't really
changed from his days during the Mad King's war. His Defense ends up a
bit better than most Sages' and he has a decent Magic growth, but his
other stats are pretty much average. Tormod, as well as every other
magic user, is once again outclassed by Soren, but if you want a Fire
magic wielder, then by all means use Tormod. However, Tormod will be
gone for a long time after Part I, as he won't return until Chapter 4-
4, at which point he'll desperately need more Bonus Experience if he
can be of any use. It's a shame, because he would have been deadly
useful in Chapters 3-6 and 3-13, which are Beast laguz-heavy chapters
that could get their asses burnt by fire. If it weren't for the long
disappearance, Tormod would get a bit of a higher score.
Stat Growths - HP: 50%, STR: 55%, MAG: 40%, SKL: 45%, SPD: 55%, LUK:
25%, DEF: 35%, RES: 45%
Master Skill - Flare
Rating - 6/10

Name - Muarim
Description - Aside from the royals, Laguz were nerfed pretty badly,
but not this green Tiger. Muarim's still a beast but, like Tormod, he
doesn't make an appearance after Part I until Chapter 4-4. Muarim's
still a badass; just look at those stats. However, like all other
laguz, Muarim suffers from a transformation gauge that runs out faster
than ice on the sun. Anyways, Muarim's very powerful and has good
stats, but due to the fact that you don't even want to use him when you
get him, since he comes way over leveled, you won't even see much use
in Muarim during Part I unless you want to rescue a unit or kill a unit
that could murder in his range. 22 Speed doesn't help either in Chapter
4-4, when half the enemies will double-attack him. Nonetheless, more
Bonus Experience to baby him a bit will make him quite useable.
Stat Growths - HP: 60%, STR: 55%, MAG: 5%, SKL: 45%, SPD: 20%, LUK:
55%, DEF: 35%, RES: 30%
Master Skill - Roar
Rating - 7/10

Name - Vika
Description - Vika, like Tormod and Muarim, will leave after Part I and
won't return until Chapter 4-4. Vika's actually not too bad. Being a
Raven, her Speed will naturally be her best stat, while boasting good
Skill and decent Strength. Vika's Defense isn't much to look at, so
Bows will most likely drop her in one shot, and other enemies will do
lots of damage. Anyways, Vika has no trouble double-attacking and
dodging, so she can cause some devastation on the front lines. Vika's
rather special because, aside from Naesala, she's one of only two
Ravens you get to play with in the game. Long story short, keep Vika
away from Bow users, especially ones with Bowguns and Crossbows, and
she should be able to survive. Beware, Vika's low Strength growth will
easily screw her over most of the time during one's playthroughs.
Stat Growths - HP: 60%, STR: 25%, MAG: 50%, SKL: 60%, SPD: 60%, LUK:
65%, DEF: 15%, RES: 65%
Master Skill - Tear
Rating - 6.5/10


Chapter 1-8: Glory Unwanted
Victory: Rout
Units Available: 13
Partners: None
Others: Several unarmed villagers.
Items: None

In the battle, Nailah and Rafiel will join you. Nailah, being one of
the Laguz, Laguz Queen, has uber stats and will hog
experience that she doesn't even need for herself. Refrain from using
Nailah whenever possible.
Rafiel is a heron. Unlike Reyson and Leanne, however, Rafiel can't fly
around, so he won't have great movement. Still, he's deadly useful with
Anyways, split the group. Have a unit or two stem the several enemies
coming from the south. Send several units to the right of the
deployment zone, and several to the left. It would be a good idea to
have someone like Nailah save one villager before doing anything else.
It's not necessary to save all the villagers in the level; just save
one and you'll get an item at the end of the chapter.
There will be wyvern riders flying about, so make sure no weak units
are in range of their wide movement. They use Axes, so Edward can have
an easy time with them. Some enemies in this map wield Venin weapons,
so, hopefully, you have some Antitoxins on hand.
The boss is located on the east side of the map, so send whomever you
want to get the boss' experience to travel east. You can find an Arms
Scroll on the ground near the northeast corner.
Most enemies on this map use either Axes or magic, so Edward can
destroy the Axe wielders while Micaiah can deal with the magic users.
The boss is a Mage, so Micaiah would be the best way to deal with him.
Kill all the enemies in this chapter to win.


Name - Nailah
Description - Nailah is the second of the two wolf laguz you get to
play with in this game. Nailah is the queen of the wolf laguz, so her
stats are obviously on par with those of Tibarn, Naesala, etc. You
shouldn't even consider using her until late in Part IV, when she
becomes a necessity. Nailah is top class, and will not, cannot, die
reasonably at any time except by dragons or the final boss. Nailah is
useful for rescuing units if they're in danger of dying in Part I
without risking herself in any way. There's really nothing else to say
about her. She just rapes really hard, especially with Savage.
Stat Growths - HP: 60%, STR: 30%, MAG: 15%, SKL: 20%, SPD: 20%, LUK:
45%, DEF: 30%, RES: 30%
Master Skill - Savage
Rating - 10/10

Name - Rafiel
Description - Unlike his brother and sister, Reyson and Leanne, Rafiel
can't fly, even in Heron form. This automatically makes him overall
less useful than the other two. However, Rafiel can always let up to
four people move at a time with Vigor, Heron form or not. I've yet to
really figure out what his Heron form does that's anything special,
though. Anyways, Reyson and Leanne are both better than Rafiel in more
ways than one, but Rafiel is still a Heron through and through, and for
that, he has a good deal of usefulness with Vigor.
Stat Growths - HP: 60%, STR: 0%, MAG: 40%, SKL: 10%, SPD: 20%, LUK:
60%, DEF: 10%, RES: 50%
Master Skill - Blessing
Rating - 7.7/10


Chapter 1-9: One Survives
Victory: Defeat Boss
Units Available: 2
Partners: None
Others: None

Micaiah should be at least level 18 by now. If, like me, you already
leveled Micaiah to level 20, then by all means go damn nuts with the
Black Knight. This chapter is absurdly easy, and with Micaiah at level
20, you'll have a lot of fun mowing down everything with BK. After all
the simple enemy units are dead, Jarod will appear at the southeast
corner of this small map. If Micaiah isn't level 20 yet, take Jarod on
with her. If she is, then just do whatever you want.


Name - Black Knight
Description - What is there to say about this monster? The Back Knight
will slaughter anything in his way with Alondite. He won't ever be
taking damage either. The Black Knight will indeed be playable for a
couple more chapters after Chapter 1-9.
Stat Growths - N/A
Master Skill - Eclipse
Rating - 10/10


Chapter 1-Final: Daein, Rise!
Victory: Seize
Units Available: 12
Partners: None
Others: None
Items: Reaper Card (West Chest), Unlock (East Chest; Top), Speedwing
(East Chest; Bottom), Coin (NW Chest; Left), Parity (NW Chest; Right),
Vantage (NE Chest)

Here are a couple notes before you start the chapter:

At this point, you should have several first tier units promoted to the
second tier. Edward, Jill, and Nolan are the best candidates to be
promoted. Micaiah will be promoted right after this chapter, so make
sure she's no lower than level 18 by the time this chapter ends. Not
only that, she should have at least Magic and one or two other stats
capped by that point.

Ilyana will be returning to Ike's group in Part III, so give her items
that the Dawn Brigade doesn't really need so Ilyana can transfer them
to Ike's group. Since Ike's group starts off with rather low funds,
weapons would be the best choice to give to Ilyana. Shade would be
another good item to transfer.

Here it is, the final chapter to Part I! The objective is to make your
way to the top of the map, defeat Jarod, and Seize the square. You can
choose to use Nailah and the Black Knight in this chapter, but I highly
suggest that you not use them because they will sap the much needed
experience that the Dawn Brigade really needs. However, I suggest using
Nailah or the Black Kngiht to drain the Mage with the Meteor tome
attacking from the NW corner of the map.
Thieves will appear at the end of Turn 1 or 2. Make sure that you
slaughter them before they reach the chests, as most contain very
useful items. Right off the bat, rush to the right with several units
so that they can climb the stairs and turn west to catch the Thieves,
provided they escaped from them climbing the stairs. Have another
couple units climb the ledges and ambush the enemies from there. Just
be careful of the Archers there. Anyways, have Sothe open all the
chests on this map.
Before proceeding to the top level where Jarod is, have Nailah, BK, or
any other resilient unit of your choice force the Mage to drain his
Meteor tome. Once that's done, start baiting the Archers one by one and
kill them so that they don't get in the way later. Have Sothe open the
remaining chests while sending units to kill the enemies around him.
The two Mages at Jarod's sides don't move, so you can take your time
killing them. As for Jarod himself, weaken him with several of your
units before finishing him off with another. Seize the square to
finally complete Part I. :D


Part II - Of Countries and Kings

Part II Summary

Part II is basically the intermission between transferring from
Micaiah's Dawn Brigade to Ike's Greil Mercenaries.

There are several good choices to make with the characters you're given
in Part II. Elincia, Haar, and Nephenee are among the several good
choices, Haar possibly being the best character given to you in Part
II. Part II isn't too difficult, so you'll be getting a bit of a break
from Part I. Part II will reintroduce many characters from Path of

Queen Elincia, the new ruler of Crimea, has been rather unpopular with
the aristocrats and with many of the citizens because of her decisions.
Because Elincia refused to secede Daein, instead letting Begnion do
that, rebels are starting to rise and begin to attempt to march on
Melior, Crimea's capital.
Most of Part II will be showing how the Crimean Royal Guard and other
familiar faces deal with the rebels that are now showing themselves...



Prologue: On Drifting Clouds
Victory: Survive for 8 Turns
Units Available: 4
Partners: None
Others: Haar
Items: None

Yay, now you have a Heron that can fly! Nealuchi will be here to help
out as well.
Elincia is a pre-promote at third tier, and until Haar arrives, she'll
be the only dependable unit on this map. Marcia only uses Lances, so
unless you want to have Elincia trade her Slim Sword over to Marcia and
let her use it, Marcia will be taken down rather easily, despite being
a Falcon Knight. Being a Raven, Nealuchi can attack with almost no fear
of being hit in return. However, since he's a laguz, Nealuchi can't
attack consistently, so he won't be entirely dependable. Elincia is a
beat, even with a Slim Sword, but that's due to being third tier.
She'll activate Stun a lot, too.
During a later turn, Haar will appear near the deployment zone. Have
Marcia talk to him and convince him that he should help to have him
join the team. Poor Haar...all he's trying to do is deliver mail, and
now he has to fight against Begnion's Wyvern riders. :P The boss isn't
too hard; he only attacks with a ranged axe. Kill him with Marcia or
Haar, then wait until the 8th turn and/or mop up the remaining enemies
to win.


Name - Elincia
Description - Elincia comes pre-promoted again, this time at third
tier. She's too good during Part II, as she can destroy anything once
she gets Amiti on the last chapter of Part II. After Part II, though,
you won't be able to play with her until Part IV's Prologue. At that
point, her stats are lacking and she needs Bonus Experience to raise
them back up a bit, but once they're up to scratch again, Elincia will
rape. Not only that, being a healer on a Pegasus makes her even better
as well, allowing her to heal as well as fight. She's a very good
candidate for hit-and-run tactics and can easily weaken the enemies'
front lines without hurting herself too much in the process. Elincia's
stat growths are insane, too, so don't be surprised to see her easily
cap Strength, Speed, and Luck. Too bad her Defense and Resistance are
Stat Growths - HP: 45%, STR: 65%, MAG: 40%, SKL: 50%, SPD: 70%, LUK:
60%, DEF: 20%, RES: 35%
Master Skill - Stun
Rating - 9.5/10

Name - Marcia
Description - Marcia has improved a bit since Path of Radiance. She
usually doesn't get too much in the way of Strength, but Marcia always
has a lot to offer with Speed and Luck, so Marcia will double-attack
and dodge a lot. Her Defense is typically mediocre, but her dodging
makes up for some of it. Bows will take Marcia down quickly, though, so
keep her away from those. Marcia has overall improved from her earlier
days, getting better growths and not appearing under-leveled. Excluding
Elincia, Marcia is the best Pegasus Knight in the game.
Stat Growths: HP: 70%, STR: 30%, MAG: 20%, SKL: 40%, SPD: 65%, LUK:
50%, DEF: 35%, RES: 35%
Master Skill - Stun
Rating - 8.4/10

Name - Nealuchi
Description - Nealuchi's the second Raven available to play with.
Nealuchi will end up a bit stronger than Vika and able to avoid more
often, but not end up quite as fast and will end up with much lower
Resistance. Other than that, Nealuchi has much in common with Vika:
good Speed and dodging ability, but a Strength stat that's usually
screwed and a defense so bad that he'll surely die in one shot from a
Bow or Wind magic.
Stat Growths - HP: 55%, STR: 35%, MAG: 10%, SKL: 40%, SPD: 40%, LUK:
80%, DEF: 40%, RES: 15%
Master Skill - Tear
Rating - 7.1/10

Name - Leanne
Description - Leanne is a bit of a relief after Rafiel, since she can
fly. Therefore, she can reanimate a unit, then retreat with her extra
movement that she didn't use. Leanne, like the other Herons in the
game, is invaluable due to Vigor because having a very powerful unit
able to move again within the same turn can be devastating to the enemy
and/or life-saving for your units. Leanne, although not quite as good
as Reyson, is definitely better than Rafiel simply because she can move
after she animates, which can make all the difference.
Stat Growths - HP: 60%, STR: 0%, MAG: 40%, SKL: 10%, SPD: 20%, LUK:
80%, DEF: 10%, RES: 40%
Master Skill - Blessing
Rating - 8.8/10

Name - Haar
Description - No matter what anyone says about Haar, he's been cleaned
around the edges from the last game and is now a super tank. His
Defense growth is slightly better than Gatrie's and Brom's. Not only
that, his Strength and Skill are amazing. Too bad Haar's Speed growth
is still hampered, but Haar never seems to get screwed in that stat.
Aside from Thunder magic, much less any magic in general, it's very,
very difficult to take Haar down without extreme effort. Haar is still
better than Jill; he's slower, but he's still better due to all the
damage he'll be dishing out and absorbing. The loss of the weakness to
Bows makes Haar that much better. I strongly recommend using Haar, as
he's a very viable candidate for the final chapter.
Stat Growths - HP: 30%, STR: 70%, MAG: 5%, SKL: 70%, SPD: 30%, LCK:
45%, DEF: 65%, RES: 20%
Master Skill - Stun
Rating - 10/10


Chapter 2-1: Winds of Rebellion
Victory: Defeat Boss
Units Available: 2
Partners: None
Others: Heather
Items: Herb (Enemy drop), Vulnerary (Enemy drop), Antitoxin (Enemy
drop), Steel Axe (West House), Ashera Icon (NW House), Javelin (SW
House), ??? (South House; Left), ??? (South House; Right)

You'll start the chapter off with Nephenee and Brom. Start off by
leaving grabbing the items from the two houses nearest the starting
point before any Bandit can burn the houses. Once that's done, leave
Brom alone (He can take care of himself) while sending Nephenee down
the ledge to grab the items in the other three houses and to head east.
At one point, a hot chick named Heather will appear from the SE corner
of the map. Talk to her with Nephenee or Brom to recruit her. Once all
the items are taken and the first rush of enemies taken care of,
approach the boss, Yeardley. He won't move at first, but once you
attack him, he'll start to move and so will the two Soldiers flanking
him. Take care of the two Soldiers first, then attack Yeardley. Kill
him to win the battle.


Name - Nephenee
Description - Nephenee was probably the most overrated character in
Path of Radiance; however, now she's become one hell of a unit.
Nephenee has become better all-around, especially with great Skill and
Speed growths. Nephenee's base Strength and Defense aren't bad, but
once they start picking up, Nephenee will be a force to be reckoned
with on the battlefield. Nephenee is an absolute beast when you give
her a Wrath/Resolve combo, enabling her to deal massive damage below
half HP. Aside from Magic and sometimes Luck, Nephenee will make anyone
proud with all her stats and abilities. The fact that she will activate
Impale a lot once she becomes a Sentinel makes her even better.
Stat Growths - HP: 45%, STR: 35%, MAG: 15%, SKL: 70%, SPD: 65%, LUK:
40%, DEF: 35%, RES: 45%
Master Skill - Impale
Rating - 9.5/10

Name - Brom
Description - Brom has gone from beginning with Lances to beginning
with Axes, which helps a bit, as the first chapters you use him in are
mostly filled with Lance wielders. Anyways, Brom will be the first
useful General you get. Even though, like in Path of Radiance, Gatrie
usually turns out better than Brom, Brom is by all means an even better
wall than before. Brom dishes out some good damage and takes a lot as
well. With his naturally high HP and Defense, unnaturally high Luck,
and good Strength and Skill, non-magic users won't reasonably get past
him. Magic users, unfortunately, will have their way with Brom,
especially if they can double-attack him.
Stat Growths - HP: 80%, STR: 40%, MAG: 5%, SKL: 40%, SPD: 30%, LUK:
70%, DEF: 60%, RES: 25%
Master Skill - Luna
Rating - 8.5/10

Name - Heather
Description - If only she was just as good as her looks...Anyways,
Heather can steal anything possible due to monster Speed growths and a
base 25 Speed. Unfortunately, Heather will never be able to cause much
damage because of paltry Strength. Although her avoidability is
excellent, it won't completely make up for the weak Defense stat if
she's in the range of too many competent enemies. Still, Heather is a
speed demon; she will always double-attack, steal, and usually avoid
most attacks. Heather is an overall good thief, but Sothe nearly
outclasses her.
Stat Growths - HP: 40%, STR: 20%, MAG: 20%, SKL: 50%, SPD: 70%, LUK:
75%, DEF: 30%, RES: 40%
Master Skill - Bane(?)
Rating - 8/10


Chapter 2-2: Tides of Intrigue
Victory: Arrive with Lucia
Units Available: 7
Partners: None
Others: None
Items: None

Before this chapter begins, you'll be able to access the Base.
You'll be fighting in the dark during the chapter. Anyways, start by
sending Nephenee up north along with a Vulnerary pack and start
stabbing and slashing her way through there.
As for the other group, start by sending Lucia and Brom east to the
front and slowly push the enemies back. Make use of Leanne to move
around more easily. Once Nealuchi, Lethe, and/or Mordecai transform,
start using them to ease the pressure on the other three units.
There are doused torches spread across the map that you can light to
give yourself a better breadth of vision. By lighting them, you'll be
able to see enemies moving around more easily.
The Arrive square is at the northeast corner of the map, defended by
the boss, Maraj, and two other units. Once every other enemy is out of
the way, take down Maraj and his two guards and let Lucia Arrive in the
square to win.


Name - Lucia
Description - Yay, Lucia has much more room to grow than she did in
Path of Radiance. The bad part is that her Strength and Defense growths
are now bad, so she probably won't cap Strength unless you constantly
restart and she's even more fragile than before. Lucia still has the
essence of a Swordmaster, which is good Skill and Speed, but her
mediocre Luck will take a toll on her avoid, meaning Lucia will die
pretty easily. If it wasn't for the fact that Lucia's base Defense
amounts to a greater Defense than Edward's will ever be, she would be
the most fragile Swordmaster. Lucia is fast, yes, but she will be, and
remain, the worst Swordmaster in this game. Lucia will be taking magic
attacks better than the other three, though.
Stat Growths - HP: 50%, STR: 25%, MAG: 20%, SKL: 70%, SPD: 60%, LUK:
30%, DEF: 15%, RES: 50%
Master Skill - Astra
Rating - 6.5/10

Name - Lethe
Description - Lethe was nerfed big time. Her Strength, Skill, and Speed
were gimped, Skill and Speed suffering the most. Lethe was a strong and
nimble fighter, but Radiant Dawn took her and messed her up so that the
only stats she can max out without being RNG-blessed are Speed,
Defense, and *maybe* Strength, maxing Defense before Speed on average
(Thanks to Phoenix_Kensai for that info). Lethe is good when you first
get her and will rip enemies apart, but that all changes quite fast
when her growths don't allow her to catch up with the rate the enemies
are improving. Lethe needs a lot of care if you want her to fight
alongside the rest of your units in Part IV, especially against magic
users. At least Lethe didn't worsen as much as Mordecai.
Stat Growths - HP: 85%, STR: 35%, MAG: 5%, SKL: 30%, SPD: 50%, LUK:
45%, DEF: 35%, RES: 20%
Master Skill - Rend
Rating - 7/10

Name - Mordecai
Description - What the hell did Mordecai do to make him so utterly bad?
His Speed will be almost literally non-existent very, very fast; the
only character with a lower Speed growth is Gareth, but he has an
excuse. Mordecai can barely double-attack a freakin dragon. Armored
units will have no trouble double-attacking Mordecai. Despite
Mordecai's big Defense, it means nothing compared to taking way too
many hits. If a Fire Mage/(Arch)Sage ever gets to Mordecai, he's
royally screwed. Mordecai has bad Skill, too, so he'll have trouble
hitting things in later chapters. The combination of horrible Speed and
Resistance alone makes Mordecai almost unusable, but low Skill just
tops one of the worst characters in the game. Use him as bait; that's
best use Mordecai gets in this game.
Stat Growths - HP: 90%, STR: 35%, MAG: 10%, SKL: 25%, SPD: 15%, LUK:
80%, DEF: 45%, RES: 15%
Master Skill - Roar
Rating - 3.5/10


Chapter 2-3: Geoffrey's Charge
Victory: Seize
Units Available: 6
Partners: Other Crimean Royal Guard units
Others: None
Items: Steel Lance (Enemy drop), Steel Blade (Enemy drop), Speedwing
(Enemy drop), Wo Dao (Boss drop)

Lots of cavalry. Anyways, the bottom half of this map is ridiculously
easy to get through; just rush north with everyone and kill everything.
Your units will have no trouble sweeping through. There more tedious
part of the map comes when you reach the middle, though. The Archers
manning the catapults will constantly pester you and chip off your
units' HP. Let your allies take the majority of the catapults' rocks
before sending a couple units into the castle area. Have Kieran run
through the east area of the castle and kill everyone there while
having Geoffrey run straight through the middle and break the door
leading to the boss. There will be several enemy reinforcements coming
from the trees in the middle of the map, so leave a unit there to help
your allies fight them and to gain some experience.
Makalov and Astrid are best played as supporting characters in this
map, hitting-and-running and weakening enemies.
As for the boss, he uses the Wo Dao, a sword that increases the
critical hit rate. Being a Swordmaster, this makes his critical hit
rate rather high as well as his Speed. Fortunately, if you go at him
with Geoffrey, even criticals won't do much. Skewer the boss and Seize
the square to win.


Name - Geoffrey
Description - Geoffrey hasn't changed much since the Mad King's War.
His Speed growth, like a lot of other characters, has dropped to a
mediocre level. Geoffrey's Strength, Skill, and Resistance will all
develop nicely, though. Since his Resistance will grow healthily,
Geoffrey will be able to resist magic better than any other Paladin in
the game. Geoffrey's Speed will grow slowly, but once Geoffrey's used
enough, his Speed will rise to acceptable levels and he will mow down
most things in his way. Geoffrey hasn't really improved, but hasn't
gotten worse either. This is good news, but Elincia's bodyguard could
have been better. :)
Stat Growths - HP: 60%, STR: 50%, MAG: 10%, SKL: 60%, SPD: 35%, LUK:
30%, DEF: 30%, RES: 55%
Master Skill - Sol
Rating - 8.3/10

Name - Kieran
Description - Kieran has improved. He has great Strength and Defense,
so he'll deal lots of damage while taking little in return. Kieran
doesn't have much to offer in the way of avoidability, but he can still
open a can of whoopass with the best of them. His Speed only caps at 31
as a Gold Knight, so he can't double-attack Swordmasters or any Speed-
oriented classes in Part IV. Nonetheless, Kieran is a very reliable
unit. He's also a great candidate for the Imbue skill because his Magic
stat seems to get unnaturally RNG-blessed, ending up at around 15-19
during third tier. Kieran won't be able to handle magic well, so keep
him away from magic casters.
Stat Growths - HP: 75%, STR: 60%, MAG: 15%, SKL: 40%, SPD: 30%, LUK:
30%, DEF: 60%, RES: 25%
Master Skill - Sol
Rating - 8.5/10

Name - Makalov
Description - Hahaha, the lazy pink-haired drunk actually has the
biggest Speed growth in the game. Makalov caps Speed easily and grows
well in Strength, Skill, and Defense. Unlike in Path of Radiance, when
he had crap bases, Makalov's bases this time around are pretty good for
his level. Makalov has better avoidability in Radiant Dawn too, so
that's a plus. It comes in handy, as Makalov's Resistance still isn't
good and will make him suffer when surrounded by Mages. Anyways,
Makalov in a great Paladin, but compared to Titania and Oscar, he just
isn't as great as them.
Stat Growths - HP: 55%, STR: 40%, MAG: 15%, SKL: 40%, SPD: 75%, LUK:
45%, DEF: 50%, RES: 25%
Master Skill - Sol
Rating - 8.4/10

Name - Astrid
Description - Once again, stick to Shinon or Rolf instead of Astrid for
a bow user. Astrid hasn't gotten any better, which still makes her an
average unit. Her good evasion is still there, but so are the average
stats and the sub-par Defense; however, Resistance has improved a lot,
so Astrid indeed does have one better quality. Still, I don't really
recommend Astrid, as she won't really do much the way she grows. Aside
from movement, Shinon and Rolf trump Astrid in every category.
Stat Growths - HP: 55%, STR: 40%, MAG: 20%, SKL: 45%, SPD: 40%, LUK:
70%, DEF: 30%, RES: 50%
Master Skill - Sol
Rating - 6.3/10

Name - Danved
Description - Devdan's apparently been on crack, so now he persists on
calling himself Danved. Anyways, "Danved" doesn't have the excellent
Strength growth anymore, but his Speed and Luck have improved a bit.
Danved is well-rounded and useful in many situations, although
Nephenee's the same thing and her stats are better. Danved can take
some hits while delivering decent damage in return, but against armored
units, he falters a bit. Danved is basically a swiss army knife; send
him into a situation and he can usually handle it.
Stat Growths - HP: 75%, STR: 40%, MAG: 20%, SKL: 30%, SPD: 45%, LUK:
60%, DEF: 45%, RES: 25%
Master Skill - Impale
Rating - 7/10


Chapter 2-Final: Elincia's Gambit
Victory: Survive for 15 Turns or Defeat Boss
Units Available: 10. 15 after Geoffrey's group comes.
Partners: Crimean soldiers
Others: None
Items: Arms Scroll (Enemy drop), Enery Drop (Enemy drop), Silver
Greatlance (Enemy drop)

This chapter is pretty intense and exciting! :) This good, as it befits
the end to Part II.

Nephenee and Brom will be returning to Ike later on in Part III, so
give them weapons or stuff to sell so Ike's party won't have to suffer
from a low amount of money.

Elincia will use her Amiti, her unique sword from the last game that's
basically a Brave Sword with an infinite amount of uses. Since she's
already third tier and rapage at this point, don't let her get *too*
many kills. Instead, let her heal as much as possible so that she'll
get a lot of experience without having to leech kills from your other
units who needs it more. Let her hit-and-run occasionally, though.

Calill will join the battle. She carries a Meteor tome, but don't use
it. Instead, wait until later in the game to use it.

There are several nifty items to steal, like the Dracosheild. Bring
Heather along to steal that item safely before confronting
Ludvek...that is, if you want to confront Ludvek.

Anyways, you can either defend and hold your ground for 15 turns or you
can rush Ludveck with several powerful units and kill him swiftly to
quickly end this chapter.

Geoffrey's crew will arrive from the northeast part of the map at
around Turn 10-11. Use his units to bait several of the units from the
lower half of the map to relieve pressure from the guys at the fort.
Marcia will arrive right as the battle starts, so utilize her for hit-
and-run tactics as well.

If you want to stall Ludvek's army for 15 turns, what you must do is
send Haar along with Calill and Nealuchi (Once he's transformed) to
block the west corridor leading to the fort. There will be Thunder
magic users on that side, so lend Haar healing support with Elincia's
Psychic staff whenever his HP falls too long. As he attacks and holds
back the units there, let Calill attack from behind the barricade
whenever she's away from too much harm. Once Nealuchi transforms, he
can help Haar defeat the units there.
As for the east side, send Brom there to clog the passage of the bigger
brunt of enemies. He'll do an amazingly good job, but be careful of the
General with the Hammer. He'll cause a ton of damage to Brom, and if
you don't lend Brom instant healing after he's taken damage, he'll
probably die, so make sure Brom is fully healed each turn. If Nephenee
has Javelins, use them behind Brom and the barricade to pester the
enemy units.
There is one last area to block off: At the top level of the fort,
there's a ledge at the bottom middle where units can break the fragile
wall and climb up and down. Place one of the allied Generals in front
of it. He won't really be taking damage and he'll prevent passage to
the top of the fort.
The yellow units will do a decent job. One unit has Bolting, so he'll
drain it against the enemy for some damage. There's also a Sniper that
will cause some serious damage from the top, so he'll be useful, too.
As for the rest of the units, though, they're simply average. They'll
drop eventually, but some will still survive to fight. Geoffrey's crew
will arrive eventually. You can use them to lure several units
attacking the fort towards them and waste them there. After 15 turns,
victory is yours.

If you want to defeat Ludveck, get rid of the Archer with the Longbow
at his level with Calill's Meteor (Don't break it!) and the other Bow
users near the highest fort level. Once that's done, let Leanne eat
Olivi Grass until she transforms. Once THAT's done, send Elincia, Haar,
Marcia carrying Heather, and Leanne straight down, dropping Heather
just outside the enemies' ranges and Elincia just inside both Ludveck's
and the Dracosheild General's ranges. If you want to steal the
Dracosheild from the General next to Ludveck, let Leanne reanimate
Heather after she's dropped and steal the item. Since Haar will be
gone, let the beast laguz hold off the west side with a healthy supply
of Olivi Grass and healing items.
Anyways, once the Dracosheild is taken, beat the crap out of Ludveck
with Elincia's Amiti and Haar's Steel Axe. Once Ludveck's defeated, the
battle ends.


Name - Calill
Description - Calill's Speed growth is the highest among the Sages, but
her Magic is simply...good. The good news is that Calill still get's
the job done in the appropriate situations. Granted, her Magic won't
turn out like Soren's, but her magic still packs enough of a punch to
seriously harm enemies. At least Calill came back to join the fray in
Radiant Dawn; her husband Largo suddenly doesn't fight and won't be in
your party. Sorry, Largo fans! :P Anyways, if Soren turns out badly or
you just don't like him, Calill is the next best choice for a Sage.
Stat Growths - HP: 35%, STR: 25%, MAG: 45%, SKL: 60%, SPD: 55%, LUK:
55%, DEF: 15%, RES: 50%
Master Skill - Flare
Rating - 8/10


Part III - Intersecting Vows

Part III Summary

Welcome to the easiest part in Radiant Dawn. Part III basically
features Ike and the rest of the super powerful Greil Mercenaries
slaughtering everyone and everything with their awesomeness. I suggest
taking the time to raise Shinon, Soren, Titania, and Mia because
they're some of the best units in the game. Nonetheless, pick only the
appropriate amount of the Greil Mercs to level, including Ike, and
ignore the rest because they'll need the experience for the final

This is the longest part of the game, and for a while, Ike's group will
be quite short on funds at the Base. Hopefully, when Ilyana, Nephenee,
Brom, and Heather come join the party, they'll have weapons and stuff
to provide to the Greil Mercs to make up for the mediocre funds.

Oh, and don't think there won't be a couple chapters that won't be
absurdly easy; There will be three Dawn Brigade chapters that are
noticeably more difficult than Ike's chapters. Hopefully, you've
promoted several first tier units and leveled them properly, because if
you abused the pre-promotes, Nailah, and the Black Knight, the chapters
will be much harder. You'll regret not leveling them up properly if you
didn't when the neglect comes back to bite you on the ass later. If you
leveled your units properly, though, the chapters won't be that

After Ike and his crew save Lucia, he'll join forces with Ranulf,
Caineghis' nephew Skrimir, Tibarn, and the rest of the Laguz Alliance
as they rampage through Begnion, eventually clashing with the massive
Begnion Central Army, headed by Zelgius. Ike will also have to fight
against Daein when Pelleas unexpectedly sends the Daein army with
Micaiah at its head to fight alongside Begnion.



Prologue: The Great Advance
Victory: Skrimir Arrives
Units Available: 11
Partners: None
Others: Laguz Alliance
Items: Crossbow (Boss drop)

You'll see just how easy Ike's chapters are once you start fighting.
Anyways, you're fighting in the dark once again, but it's no big deal.
Just send all your melee units north while Rhys and Mist follow for
healing, if even needed. There are two ballistae that Shinon and Rolf
can use to take down some enemies in the laguz's route.
The General in front of the Arrive square, Septimus, will be a wuss and
run away shortly after the battle begins, leaving a crappy Sniper to
deal with. :P
Ike's group and the laguz will meet up soon enough, but try to reach
the boss and kill him before any laguz, especially Skrimir, can reach
him. Skrimir will destroy the boss in one round, so take the boss down
with powerful units like Ike or Shinon to get the Crossbow. After that,
just let Skrimir Arrive.


Name - Ike
Description - If Jesus were to be a video game character, Ike would be
a viable choice. Well, an Ike with a better Resistance, at least. Ike's
Resistance growth was virtually destroyed, so now magic users pose a
much bigger threat to him than they did in Path of Radiance, especially
since Ike starts off with a base 7 Resistance. This, however, will
hardly matter once you see Ike cap every single stat but Magic. Ike is
very, very powerful, especially once he gets Aether, which will keep
him alive for a long time. He has great Skill and Speed despite a lower
Speed growth, good Luck, and plenty of HP. Ike can, and will, mow down
everything, even right as he's available, making him an easy-to-use
character. Ike will always double-attack and will never have trouble
hitting an enemy. Ike has an awesome avoid, too, so you can't really
expect him to be hit often. All in all, Ike is a unit that will pretty
much survive every round with ease while dealing considerable damage,
take very little to no physical damage, and avoid virtually everything
thrown at him. You have to use Ike anyways, since he's required to get
through the game. Oh, don't forget about Ragnell; once Ike gets his
hands on it, he becomes a true dealer of death.
Stat Growths - HP: 65%, STR: 55%, MAG: 10%, SKL: 60%, SPD: 35%, LUK:
30%, DEF: 40%, RES: 15%
Master Skill - Aether
Rating - Over 9001/10

Name - Shinon
Description - Hehe, you won't have to worry about having to boost him
with quite a bit of Bonus Experience this time around. Shinon is such
an amazing and competent unit that he is sometimes called a broken
character. Shinon will cap Strength, Skill, Speed, and Defense with
relative ease as well as come close to maxing or just max Luck. When
Shinon promotes to the Marksman class and gains the ability to attack
from three spaces away with any Bow except Longbows and Crossbows,
Shinon will be unstoppable, especially against the powerful enemies in
the final chapter. Arm Shinon with a Crossbow and he can attack
adjacent enemies as well as enemies two spaces away. Shinon naturally
good Defense and great Avoid will enable him to easily survive the
front lines with little more than a scratch. Shinon outstrips Rolf and
Leonardo as a Marksman, so choose Shinon for a Marksman and an
excellent choice for the final chapter.
Growth Rates - HP: 50%, STR: 40%, MAG: 15%, SKL: 70%, SPD: 65%, LUK:
30%, DEF: 45%, RES: 20%
Master Skill - Deadeye
Rating - 10/10

Name - Boyd
Description - Boyd is still a powerhouse who will have no trouble
dealing a ton of damage throughout the whole game. Boyd can use Steel
Axes near the very end of the game and still deal a whole lot of
damage. Anyways, Boyd improved because he now gets enough Defense to
survive the front lines a lot better. Boyd will offer good Skill and
Speed, although he doesn't dodge attacks as well as he should. Boyd's
low base Speed means that he needs a little time before he picks up and
reveals his full potential. Until then, Boyd will have some trouble
attacking units with Swords, especially Swordmasters. Nonetheless, Boyd
is a destructive powerhouse and will always turn out as a very strong
character with plenty of HP.
Stat Growths - HP: 80%, STR: 65%, MAG: 5%, SKL: 45%, SPD: 45%, LUK:
40%, DEF: 50%, RES: 10%
Master Skill - Colossus
Rating - 8.5/10

Name - Mist
Description - Mist now starts off with a 1-2 range sword of her own,
the Florete. Too bad it doesn't run off Magic, or Mist would have been
better. Anyways, Mist is still a decent mage killer, although not quite
as good as before due to the absence of magic weapons. When Mist
promotes to a Valkyrie, she'll become a very good healer because of her
movement and Canto. She'll be able to cover a lot of ground across the
battlefield on a horse, easily reaching units that need healing.
Physical attacks cripple Mist quite easily, so don't let her stay in
the range of any physical attackers. Mist has good enough Speed to
prevent her from being double-attacked if her level stays on par with
the chapter she's in. Mist is still just a healer when all is said and
done, though, and is only able to kill Mages without being lucky.
Stat Growths - HP: 40%, STR: 25%, MAG: 45%, SKL: 55%, SPD: 50%, LUK:
70%, DEF: 25%, RES: 40%
Master Skill - Sol
Rating - 7.3/10

Name - Soren
Description - Soren is a badass. He is the best Sage in the game, hands
down. He caps Magic, Skill, and Resistance at a very fast pace and will
max out his Speed easily as well. Soren will consistently cause a lot
of damage as well as completely resist Magic and sidestep plenty of
physical attacks thrown at him. Soren can't really take a hit that
isn't from magic, though, so don't keep him in the range of a lot of
physical attackers. Once again, Soren doesn't really need to go beyond
"El" tomes to deal massive damage, but once he gets his hands on
Rexcalibur, he's unstoppable. Stick Soren behind your defensive lines
and he will be almost always untouchable while wreaking havoc on the
enemy. He's better than any other Sage in the game because he usually
ends up stronger and pretty fast. During the final chapter, giving
Soren the Blizzard tome to be blessed and he'll screw the enemy up
really badly with constant attacks from a long range. Soren comes
automatically with Adept, which will activate at least 50% of the time
with Soren because of his high Skill. It's quite useful when Soren
can't double-attack certain enemies or kill an enemy in one round.
Stat Growths - HP: 40%, STR: 25%, MAG: 80%, SKL: 60%, SPD: 35%, LUK:
35%, DEF: 25%, RES: 70%
Master Skill - Flare
Rating - 10/10

Name - Gatrie
Description - Gatrie is once again the best General in the game, now
with an unusually high Speed growth for an armored unit (Although not
as high as Meg's. :P) Anyways, Gatrie won't have any trouble walling
attacks and dishing out good damage. Magic attacks are the only attacks
that can harm Gatrie, but with his somewhat improved Resistance, he'll
be able to survive several hits from Magic, more than he could in Path
of Radiance. Once Gatrie promotes into a Marshall, his armor will look
extremely badass, not to mention he'll gain the skill Luna. Gatrie's a
great candidate for Resolve, since he can still take several hits in
critical danger and gain the extra boost in stats from Resolve. Armored
units aren't really recommended for the final chapter, but Gatrie can
still kill a lot with the Wishblade along with the best of them.
Stat Growths - HP: 50%, STR: 60%, MAG: 5%, SKL: 45%, SPD: 60%, LUK:
30%, DEF: 60%, RES: 35%
Master Skill - Luna
Rating - 9/10

Name - Rhys
Description - If you didn't train Laura at all, then Rhys will be your
first Bishop. Right off the bat, you'll notice Rhys' less than
satisfactory Speed. Without transfer bonuses, the mediocre 14 base
Speed means that Rhys will be double-attacked by most enemies. Rhys is
still a great healer, though, and causes good damage with his Light
magic due to a high Magic stat. Rhys easily resists Magic, but will get
hurt a lot from physical attacks. Once Rhys' Speed starts increasing,
he will be in a lot less danger from physical attacks, although putting
him on the front lines is still not the best idea. Rhys gets high
Magic, Skill, and Resistance, but poor Strength (which he doesn't
need), Speed, and Defense. Rhys is, overall, an awesome healer when you
need him and can cause a good deal of damage with magic, but he simply
can't stand physical attackers.
Stat Growths - HP: 40%, STR: 25%, MAG: 65%, SKL: 35%, SPD: 35%, LUK:
60%, DEF: 20%, RES: 75%
Master Skill - Corona
Rating - 7.8/10

Name - Mia
Description - My personal favorite Trueblade and one of my favorite
units in the game. Mia is the second to last Trueblade you get in the
game and the one I recommend using. Mia gains great stats all around
except Magic, which she doesn't use. Despite the fact that she won't be
causing absurd damage from the beginning, like Ike, Titania, and
Shinon, Mia won't waste any time catching up to the army in damage
dealing. Mia will never have trouble double-attacking or hitting the
enemy, will deal good damage, and will even take a good amount of
physical and magic hits in return. Mia is useful in a myriad of
situations; however, her Strength and Defense need to come up to
scratch a bit when you start using her. It doesn't take long for her to
kick major ass and get a good Defense score. Mia also sports a nice
Luck score, allowing her to have higher Avoid and whatnot. Use Mia, as
she will never disappoint.
Stat Growths - HP: 70%, STR: 45%, MAG: 15%, SKL: 60%, SPD: 65%, LUK:
35%, DEF: 40%, RES: 25%
Master Skill - Astra
Rating - 9.8/10

Name - Titania
Description - Titania isn't a Jeigan anymore; instead, she's the game's
best Paladin. Titania rides into the scene with high Strength and Skill
as well as good Speed, Defense, and Resistance. Titania, like in Path
of Radiance, will sport a higher Resistance stat than most non-magic
units in the game as well as carry quite good stat growths. Unlike in
Path of Radiance, however, when Titania's Strength was just above
average, her Strength is now very high, enabling her to deal tremendous
damage. She also has the upper hand in damage dealing due to using Axes
and will be a monster once she gets her hands on Urvan and starts
slaughtering enemies with ease. Since using a Paladin-based team isn't
a good idea like it was in the last game, you should only think of
using two of them as regular units of the army. Titania should be one
of them.
Stat Growths - HP: 60%, STR: 60%, MAG: 15%, SKL: 55%, SPD: 50%, LUK:
40%, DEF: 20%, RES: 30%
Master Skill - Sol
Rating - 9.7/10

Name - Oscar
Description - Oscar got nerfed a little bit in the way of power in this
game. Although Oscar still won't have any trouble double-attacking and
will slaughter many enemies in Part III, he won't be very reliable in
one rounding most enemies when Part IV rolls around simply because of
the fact that he won't be strong enough. Despite the average Strength,
Oscar will constantly turn up with great Skill, Speed, and Luck, giving
him good dodging abilities and enabling him to double-attack
consistently. His Defense and Resistance are decent as well, so Oscar
will be able to survive in virtually any situation, especially once he
gets Sol. Oscar is like a jack-of-all-trades type; he can cover pretty
much any part of the battlefield with little trouble as well as greatly
assist other units when they're in trouble. Anyways, since Oscar won't
be comparing quite as well as the rest of the army in terms of power
when Part IV rolls around, he's best discarded halfway through Part IV
or right before Endgame. His Earth support is always very, very useful,
though. Oscar is the second best Paladin in the game, so I suggest him
if you need an extra mounted unit.
Stat Growths - HP: 50%, STR: 35%, MAG: 20%, SKL: 65% SPD: 60%, LUK:
55%, DEF: 30%, RES: 20%
Master Skill - Sol
Rating - 8.7/10

Name - Rolf
Description - Rolf is the third and last archer you'll get in the game.
Rolf will more than likely cap HP and Strength before Shinon and
Leonardo due to high growths in those areas. Once Rolf catches up to
the rest of the army in levels, he'll be quite the powerhouse. However,
Rolf isn't very durable due to simply average Defense and Resistance,
not to mention that his Skill usually falls behind a bit. Rolf has good
Speed and decent Luck and will usually dodge most attacks thrown at
him. Rolf isn't really as good as Shinon, as he can't hold his own as
well nor can he hit as accurately. Despite that, Rolf still kills
enemies efficiently with his great Strength score and will survive maps
without too much damage done to him.
Stat Growths - HP: 80%, STR: 75%, MAG: 10%, SKL: 45%, SPD: 45%, LUK:
35%, DEF: 35%, RES: 20%
Master Skill - Deadeye
Rating - 7.6/10


Chapter 3-1: Laguz and Beorc
Victory: Rout in 12 Turns
Units Available: 11
Partners: Lethe and Lyre
Others: None
Items: Seraph Robe (Middle House), Blue Gem (S House)

This is an easy enough map. It's another Fog of War chapter in the
dark, so make sure that you look through the entire map for the
Start off by sending several units east through the path with the
middle house while sending two units to deal with the Generals at the
southern house. Also, send one unit, preferably Ike or Mia, through the
small grassy route to the left of the wall to confront the enemies
there, including the boss.
Once the enemies near the houses are all cleared up, make sure to leave
at least several units at the deployment zone, as enemy reinforcements
will be coming through there. If the one person at the gate is still
fighting off enemies, help him/her with your free units.
Anyways, this map shouldn't cause any major trouble whatsoever. The
boss and his lackies are all quite easy to take down and won't put
anyone in immediate danger except maybe Rhys and Mist, who have low
Speed at this point. Just look through every part of the map to kill
enemies that may be hiding before the 12 turns are up.


Name - Lyre
Description - Lyre is better than Lethe because, unlike her sister, she
maxes out Skill and Speed very easily. She generally gains the same
Strength score as Lethe does but her Defense is a little lower.
Nonetheless, Lyre gets the job done most of the time by constantly
double-attacking and dealing decent damage to her enemies. Lyre will
get slaughtered by Fire magic, so it would be a very good idea to keep
her away from Fire Sages, or, better yet, any magic user in general.
The good thing is that enemies will usually have trouble hitting Lyre
with any attack, so she's a good contender on the front lines. Not only
that, but she's also a good unit for softening up enemies for other
weaker units to kill. Anyways, if you have to choose between Lethe and
Lyre, choose the latter, as her better Speed and Skill trump Lethe's
better Defense.
Stat Growths - HP: 50%, STR: 35%, MAG: 10%, SKL: 65%, SPD: 70%, LUK:
50%, DEF: 20%, RES: 30%
Master Skill - Rend
Rating - 7/10


Chapter 3-2: Stormclouds
Victory: Defeat Boss
Units Available: 15
Partners: None
Others: None
Items: None

This is a very straightforward chapter. All you need to do is defeat
the Dragonmaster in the SE part of the map. Anyways, split the party
into two groups, a smaller one to take care of the enemies in the
northwest part of the map and the main one to run south and turn east
to face the boss. Titania, Oscar, and Haar are good choices for the
smaller group as they can sweep the enemies with little to no problems
whatsoever. There's a Thunder Sage with Bolting in the northeast part
of the map, so take care of him quickly. Once the smaller group's done,
it can head over to the main group and help it, although the map should
be finished by the time the smaller group is done with its activities.
As for the main group, kill the few enemies below, then turn east to
confront the Wyvern riders. Take care of the three Wyvern rider
reinforcements that appear at the south part of the map when they
appear so that you don't get attacked from behind. The boss himself and
his soldiers will move once you get inside their range. Attract the
boss and his soldiers with someone like Shinon or Ike, then destroy
them. The boss uses a ranged axe, so get a ranged attacker in his outer
range so that your unit can counter-attack. Once that's done, Ike can
easily slaughter him. Any other unit that needs experience is fine,
This map is very easy. You really shouldn't have any problems
completing this chapter.


Chapter 3-3: River Crossing
Victory: Burn all the supplies within 13 turns.
Units Available: 11
Partners: None
Others: Horses
Items: Ashera Icon (Senator drop), White Gem (Senator drop), Shade
(Boss drop), Master Crown (NW Tent), Hammerne (N Tent)

Basically, all you need to do is set all the supplies on fire before
the turn limit ends. There are two Senators in this map and both of
them drop good items. Since not killing the Senators awards you a
little bit of extra Bonus Experience, bring Heather along to steal the
items and leave the Senators unharmed. If you feel like being
murderous, by all means butcher those two. :P
Anyways, start off by killing the few enemies outside the gate, open
the gate, and storm inside. There are two piles of supplies in the
areas near the entrance, so send two people to burn those. Once you get
to the three way intersection, split your party up. Send a small group
of two or three units up through the grass, another three to the right
and heading north, and the rest to the left and going north. Unlock the
gates where the horses are kept to set them free. I'm not sure whether
there's some kind of good thing for doing this, but there's for sure no
downside, so let 'em loose. Let the three groups kill the enemies and
burn the supplies as they go.
Once you get to the area right below where the boss is, leave a couple
units behind so that they can deal with reinforcements when they come.
Send Haar to burn the supplies in the northeast part of the map and let
some units like Ike or Shinon tackle the boss and the others around
him. The boss uses Dark magic, which is the most powerful and least
accurate of all the magic in the game. Units like Mia with their high
avoidability shouldn't be worried at all about being hit. After killing
the boss, take the Hammerne from the tent and burn the final pile of
supplies to end the battle.


Chapter 3-4: The General's Hand
Victory: Both Ike and Ranulf Arrive
Units Available: 12
Partners: None
Others: Tiger and Cat Laguz
Items: Vulnerary (Enemy drop), Ettard (Stand at the bottom space next
to the NE ballista)

Well, thanks to Skrimir being a dumbass, we now have to go out of our
way to save him. First thing I want to say is that any horseback unit
will not be able to reach the top of the mountain, meaning Titania and
Oscar will not be able to traverse past the middle part of the
mountain. Also, you should have at least one third tier unit by now
(Mine at this point was Shinon). If you don't have one, then at least
try to get one by the next chapter.
Anyways, start by sending about two units north from the deployment
zone to take that path of enemies to the top of the mountain. I
recommend one of those units being Haar, as there's a Swordmaster with
a Wyrmslayer at the northwest part of the mountain that can rape Haar
in an instant.
Send the main group of units through the main path and start clearing
enemies out. There are several ballistae on the mountain, so make sure
any unit with weak Defense is healed if he/she is hit. Split the main
group up when you near the first ballista, sending a few units to deal
with the enemies on the east path while the others clear up the Thunder
Sages blocking their path (A Marksman can do this easily and without
retaliation). The units going past the sages should also prepare for
Wyvern riders swooping into their faces, but they shouldn't be a
problem, especially if you have Soren with an ElThunder in hand.
At one point or another, you'll get everyone at the top. Grab the
Ettard near the NE ballista so Ike can abuse it, clear the remaining
enemies, and confront the boss and his general. The boss, although a
General himself, is very easy to take down. All it takes is a couple
shots from Ike to take his ass down. Once the boss is gone, have Ike
and Ranulf occupy the spaces and Arrive to complete the chapter.


Name - Ranulf
Description - Ranulf is a decent unit, better than most non-royal Laguz
but still outperformed by Ulki, Janaff, and Volug. Nonetheless, Ranulf
is a reliable unit to have around and will usually get a good Speed
score, meaning he'll double-attack a lot. Ranful has good stats across
the board, but his main weakness lies in his Resistance. Magic will
tear his ass apart, especially Fire magic. Against all non-magical
units, Ranulf is a good all-around units that deals solid damage and
can take some hits. Against magic units, he's in danger, so it's always
a good idea to keep him away from them. Although Ranulf is a good unit,
there are just so many more units that are better than him, both beorc
and laguz. Honestly, if you want a non-royal laguz for the final
chapter, use the three I mentioned above. They have better supports and
better stats in general.
Stat Growths - HP: 70%, STR: 30%, MAG: 15%, SKL: 40%, SPD: 35%, LUK:
55%, DEF: 15%, RES: 10%
Master Skill - Rend
Rating - 7.4/10

Name - Kyza
Description - Although Kyza is better than Mordecai, he's still not a
good unit. He has bad base stats and he decides to show up during the
time when you already have a plethora of uber ass-kicking units to
compete with. Kyza's growths are decent, getting good Strength and
Defense to stand up to physical units. Of course, he has a big weakness
to Magic and, unlike Ranulf, he doesn't have the avoidability to at
least dodge some of the attacks. All in all, Kyza is one of the more
useless laguz units that I don't recommend at all. If Kyza showed up at
the Dawn Brigade's side, then he would have gotten a lot more use.
Stat Growths - HP: 85%, STR: 40%, MAG: 5%, SKL: 45%, SPD: 35%, LUK:
50%, DEF: 40%, RES: 15%
Master Skill - Roar
Rating - 4/10


Chapter 3-5: Retreat!
Victory: Defeat Boss or Defend for 10 Turns
Units Available: 16
Partners: None
Others: None
Items: Coin (Enemy drop), Vulnerary (Enemy drop)

Yay, another chapter where you're put on the defense. Now, notice that
Reyson's available use now, which kicks major ass. Also, you have the
choices of defending and racking up a lot of experience or sending
someone down to the boss and killing him.
Before beginning the chapter, give Gatrie a Steel Axe. There are plenty
of axe and lance users in this chapter, so an axe is his best bet at
dealing damage. Also, give him and Brom a full pack of Vulneraries,
since they'll probably need 'em. After you do that, give Titania,
Oscar, and Boyd ranged weapons because they're going to spend the whole
chapter backed off from the enemy.
One last thing before the battle I said before, try to
have at least one third tier unit by this point.

Begin by sending Ike, Nephenee, and Mia to the east side of the field
where all the Generals are. Due to the fact that all of them have good
avoidability (And Neph has her lances to get an advantage over the
sword Generals), they'll have an easy time mopping up the floor with
them. Hell, even Ike can just solo the area himself. Use Reyson to give
one of the three another turn to move in so they can attack right away.

As for the southern entrance, send Gatrie and Brom there and set them
at the top of the steps. this is where they'll be for the whole
chapter, blocking the way of all the mounted riders trying to break
through. Hopefully, you've given them Vulneraries because they'll be
taking plenty of hits throughout the chapter. If you don't have them,
send Rhys or Mist down there to heal them while Reyson Vigors them to
get them out of harm's way. Set Shinon, Rolf, or Soren at the empty
space to the left for a couple of turns sniping at enemies and
preventing them from climbing up.

For the west side, send Titania, Oscar, Haar, and Boyd. Stick Titania
and Boyd at the two space wide ledge and Oscar at the ledge right next
to it. Since you gave them ranged weapons (Right?), they'll keep
striking the enemies below with perfect accuracy while avoiding
everything that the ranged attackers try to throw at them. As for Haar,
just let him fly down and start beating the **** out of the Halberdiers
and such with his axe. As long as you keep him away from the sages,
he'll take little damage.

If you have Shinon and/or Rolf doing nothing, stick them on the
ballistae and weaken the enemies for everyone else to kill and to rack
up some experience for themselves. If Reyson isn't Vigor'ing healers
out of the way of attacks, let him Vigor those two so they can cause
more damage faster.

After the first half of the battle passes, you'll notice a decrease in
the amount of enemies coming at you, since you've surely murdered a lot
of them. It's at this point, however, that reinforcements will start to
arrive, so it's now you'll have to ultimately decide whether to kill
the boss or keep defending until turn 10. If you choose the latter,
just keep doing what you've been doing until the battle ends. If you
choose the former, however, you just need to send a resilient unit or
two (e.g. Shinon and Titania) to run down to the boss and take him out.
It's just as easy as it sounds too, since a unit like Titania can just
mow everything down with her awesome power and speed. Anyways, once th
boss is dead or ten turns passed, the battle ends.


Name - Reyson
Description - Hell yes, you're finally able to use the best Heron in
the game. You'll notice right away that Reyson's usefulness hasn't
diminished a single bit since Path of Radiance; as a matter of fact,
he's even more useful because of Canto. Reyson arrives on the battle
scene at higher levels than either Leanne or Rafiel, so you'll see he
already has Bliss under his belt (Or robe, however you see it). Reyson
is still easily the best Heron in the game because of the level he
arrives at and the fact that he has more movement than the other two.
Reyson is one of the best units in the game and can never honestly be
called bad. Untransformed, Reyson can only Vigor one Vigor one unit at
a time; however, when he's transformed, he'll affect anyone directly
adjacent to him, like Rafiel can, and gets an additional two spaces to
move. Naturally, due to the fact that he's a Heron, Reyson gets
destroyed by physical attacks harder than a steroid-abusing husband
beats his wife for not making him his sandwich. Transformed, Reyson
resists Magic extremely well, though, so at least he can take SOME
attacks. All in all, USE HIM. He's just too good to pass up.
Stat Growths - HP: 65%, STR: 5%, MAG: 30%, SKL: 25%, SPD: 20%, LUK:
60%, DEF: 20%, RES: 20%
Master Skill - N/A
Rating - Over 9000/10




Frequently Asked Questions

A: Haha, no.

Q: IS <character name> A GOOD UNIT?
A: It's all up to personal preference. Some units are naturally better
than others, of course, but it's up to you to decide whether a unit is
good for you.

A: It's all up to you.

A: Yes. You can use the Wiimote, Classic controller, and the GameCube

A: If the Epilogue file is saved in Easy mode, it won't transfer. If
it's saved in Normal or Hard mode, there shouldn't be any problems at

A: ...No.

A: Yes, there are two: Pelleas and Lehran. However, you can only use
them on your 2nd+ playthrough.

A: Coins are used to add bonuses to your forged weapons once they're

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