The UPS Patch format is a relatively newer patch format that is more capable and generally superior to IPS patching. Some hacks have expanded games where the size of the new game is larger than the original game. UPS patching is the most common format for GBA hacks that have these expanded games.

Usually tutorials for patching are included with the games. A program such as NUPS or Tsukiyomi is needed. Select the input file, the clean, unpatched game, the output file, which will be the new, patched game, and select the patch to be applied to the game. For NUPS, you may need to click "Ignore" on the left for the patching to work. For Tsukiyomi, you may need to bypass the checksum (there will be a box) for the patching to work. for patching to work. Out of the two programs, NUPS is superior because it has less errors, better patch creation and applying, and is generally a better written, more efficient program.