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@  Fire Blazer : (16 December 2019 - 01:39 AM) LOL
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@  Fire Blazer : (28 November 2019 - 08:52 PM) yeah just guest bots and stuff I think :( we really were active once upon a time though...
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@  Fire Blazer : (10 November 2019 - 11:45 PM) especially better imo if you want to update on a topic but like only occasionally (e.g. a project you're working on or a let's play of a game)
@  Fire Blazer : (10 November 2019 - 11:44 PM) it's hard for me to explain precisely why but forums just like work better for meaningful discussion over a longer period of time ig
@  Fire Blazer : (10 November 2019 - 11:44 PM) but that's def just not hte same ig, idk
@  Fire Blazer : (10 November 2019 - 11:44 PM) yeah, you can also kind of respond at your own pace on forums. Discord conversations are often like... it's awkward to respond to something that happened a while ago, especially if the server is active, but even just in general. since you sort of need to keep track of multiple conversations at once at times, and it's not like it has a good reply/quote system ala forums, closest thing really is to copy/paste or screenshot the text you're responding to and then type a response below
@  Elwood : (09 November 2019 - 11:29 AM) Adding on to what's been said, I just enjoy the order and structure of the forums. You can look through the threads and know exactly what people are talking about. Conversation get lost and buried on discord which is why I'm not a big fan of it.
@  kirant : (06 November 2019 - 05:31 AM) I enjoy that part of forums too. They become niche communities where you can have very specialized conversations as opposed to the cluttered mess in Discord.
@  Ezra : (31 October 2019 - 01:17 AM) Yeah, part of me wishes I could go back to the times forums were more prevalent. I really enjoyed how even several different forums based off the same franchise could feel so different. It's not like what we now is bad though, I just feel nostalgic for old times.
@  Fire Blazer : (30 October 2019 - 06:39 AM) also forums in general are just not as prevalent, there are so many other ways to interact these days, like Twitter, FB, Tumblr, etc., where you can just throw your thoughts into the void. I think that's the real issue and that the only people rly interested in forums these days are either super dedicated to whatever they're about, have a specific reason/need to (e.g. support forums), or grew up with them and are thus attached to the idea enough to continue to try and use them (this was kinda me for a while lol but things happen, I couldn't keep it up forever)
@  Fire Blazer : (30 October 2019 - 06:36 AM) I've posted on SF for various reasons ofc but in terms of like making friends and stuff it's p. much just been smaller groups/forums, yeah. mainly FES
@  Elwood : (27 October 2019 - 10:08 PM) Only reason I'm even on Serenes was because I had hacking questions. @Ezra yeah I figured it must be an age thing. I've been called an old man by many a child because I use Facebook.
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Reinterpretation of Pokemon White

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Posted 30 May 2014 - 05:21 PM

A Pokemon fic I started writing in 2011, a self-styled retelling of Pokemon White's storyline. I'd been posting this on another site, but I figured I'd share some of it here. It's actually close to finished but writer's block and various distractions had been greatly impeding my progress. Still, I hope you enjoy this! Here's part one...

Draped in a white cloak, the young man enters the chamber, followed closely by seven aging men. The room is dimly lit, and crowded inside, parted down the middle of the room, forming a path for the man and his followers, are several people, dressed in white armor. The armor doesn't serve for any real combative purposes, but rather, as a reminder of a time several millenia ago... a time that will return soon.

While the chamber is silent, the feeling of joy can easily be sensed. Despite the happy time that he is at the center of, however, the young man feels at unease. Life had been simple for him. Unusual, perhaps, but simple, where it was just him and his friends. However, it is those same friends that drove him to accept where he is now. If not for his own sake, it's for theirs, and the millions of others like them. It's this reminder that allows him to stand firm before those that look upon him as their ruler, and as a visionary that will see the world returned to the way it should be.

I must be strong, thinks the young man. All the eyes trained on him belong to good people who revere him, believe in him, share his dream, and would even lay down their lives for his sake. The least he can do in return is keep his head held high and let them believe that he is unflinching in carrying out the duty at hand.

At the back of the room, there is a large chair, and he knows that starting here, it's something he is going to have to get used to sitting in.

The walk across the chamber is slow, and feels longer with every thought running through his mind. This is what his life had been leading up to, and nothing will be the same. It's only natural to have doubts... but he cannot allow that to make him turn back. The world, since time immemorial, had been walking down a dark path. Its inhabitants are not bad people, not all of them anyway, but they have been horribly misguided, and it's his job to see that it put back on its correct path before the problem plaguing it becomes irreversible... If it hasn't already. He internally chastises himself for those thoughts. He mustn't be pessimistic. No one else can do this. For the millions that are suffering and being hurt, even as he ponders it, he must accept his destiny and put an end to it.

After what feels close to an eternity, he reaches and stands before the chair, and turns to face his followers. His gaze lingers on two young women at the back of the room, who he has a particular fondness for, as they have been like sisters to him, and they probably understand him better than anyone else present. Just the sight of them eases him for what the next few seconds will bring.

Six of the men following him step to the side, in two rows of three, while the remaining one walks up to the young man, holding a golden crown. He raises it up high and gently places it on the young man's head.

Knowing that from here on, the only way is forward, the young man raises his arm. In response, all before him kneel before their new king.

The dawn of a new era...


I let out a deep yawn, and not for the first time today. Never, in my sixteen, now going on seventeen, years have I been awake for more than thirty hours. The thought of just collapsing on my desk and calling it a night has occurred to me, but I know I must stay awake, as I'm in the middle of something very important; something that could determine how the rest of my life is spent.

I'm inside a simple room with a white ceiling, blue wallpaper, and a black and sky-blue tiled floor. Around me, there are mostly other desks, and some shelves filled with equipment with use I can only guess. Beyond the door outside, there is some light commotion. I'm in a small side room in what is a very active laboratory. There are three other people in the room. Six feet, to either side of me, are my two best friends in the world, and at a large desk across the room from us is a young woman who we had come to look at as our mentor over the last three years.

At a desk to my left is a girl in a white and orange dress and green hat, with short blonde hair, and short figure. Her name is Bianca, and she had been my best friends since third grade.

To my right, in a blue jacket over a white shirt, dark pants, and a pairs of spectacles, with dark hair and a tall figure contrasting Bianca's lacking height, is Cheren. He'd been friends with me and Bianca since the sixth grade, but after recent events, that status might... just might, be subject to change.

Right now, Bianca, Cheren, and I are taking a test, and by test, I mean a written one, and it's probably the most important test of my life up to this point. At least it's multiple choice, so thank goodness for small mercies. As for what the test is about, let me start from the beginning: I live in a region called Unova, which is a small part of a world much different than yours. Now, I don't know what kinda place you come from, but I bet you'll be all kinds of jealous when you hear about what we humans share this world with.

Normally, one of the worlds many researchers would be explaining this, but since I'm the narrator and all, I guess it's up to me. This world is widely inhabited by creatures called Pokemon (and I think I just said something a professor would say. Yikes). They come in many different shapes and sizes, with all kinds of abilities, but what sets them apart from other animals is their relationship with humans. Sure, a lot of them are kept as pets, but others catch, train, and battle them to become closer. These people are called Pokemon Trainers.

Of course, when you're going to be in charge of creatures that can breathe fire, shoot lightning, and do all kinds of other crazy stuff, people need to know that you can use that power responsibly... and that brings me to where I am now, and the process of getting there is not easy: it requires buckling down, hitting the books very hard, and passing a one-hundred question written exam, and believe me, being someone who catches, trains, and battles Pokemon is a lot harder than it sounds, and to make it harder, in Unova, aspiring trainers have to study as a group of three. I know, that doesn't sound bad at all, but all three also have to pass the exam. Supposedly, this is supposed to promote the concept of unity, which I hear is essential between trainers and their Pokemon. If even one fails, all three fail, and have to wait a year to take the exam again... so yeah, no pressure there, especially when you're the lowest achiever of the trio.

This isn't to say I get bad grades, at least not all the time. I'm a C-average, with a couple B's. The subject that I consistently get A's in is Unovian. What can I say? How hard can it be to speak your own language? But, overall, I'm an average achiever with a decent vocabulary.

Cheren, on the other hand, is an honor student. Straight A's, all across the report card, and while Bianca doesn't really let it on much, she's a pretty good student too. Not honor student, or even top twenty material, but she does well enough, with mostly B's.

Pokemon is a subject that is covered in school every now and then, but it's mostly something to be studied on one's own time, usually with the help of a professor, which brings me to the forth person in the room, wearing a long white lab coat over a white shirt and green skirt, with her brown hair done up in a somewhat out-of-fashion hairstyle, sitting at a desk at the far end of the room, eying Cheren, Bianca, and me with her seemingly permanent smile.

Despite being in her early thirties, though she occasionally acts more like a teenager, probably to better relate to me and my friends, or something, Professor Juniper had already made a name for herself as a world-class Pokemon researcher, a status I originally thought was only reserved for old dudes. Still, she took it upon herself to teach the three of us the ins and outs of Pokemon, and I actually remember some of what she taught. It's nice when you can have a teacher who is patient with you and doesn't expect you to remember everything the first time through. I like her, and had never fell asleep during one of her seminars, though the fact that they took place over the weekends did kinda rub me the wrong way, but whatever. With me and my friends at least attempting to make the cut as Pokemon trainers, Professor Juniper is the one who is making it all possible for us, so we a basically in her debt.

I let out another yawn as I stare at my test paper. To prepare, Cheren made Bianca and I pull an all-nighter, hence the reason I hadn't slept for so long. Before the exam, Cheren, who long before now, made it no secret that he wants to be a great trainer, said that if Bianca or I fail the exam, and keep him from getting his trainer's license, he would strangle us. He meant that as a figure of speech... or so I try to remind myself, but he said that in such a cold and measured tone, I'm not exactly sure, not to mention, even though he said “Bianca and me,” he was eying just me. He knows I'm the weakest link, and now, I feel the stapled together packet of papers lying before me does not just determine whether or not I get my trainer's license, but also whether I live or die. Once again, no pressure.

Across the room, Professor Juniper says to me, “Ria, are you doing okay?” I realize I hadn't touched my test for several minutes. Good thing this isn't timed.

“Um... Yeah. I'm good,” I half-lie.

I glance at Cheren. He's marking off answers without hesitation. I know I don't have to worry about how he's doing, even though I kinda hate him at the moment. I look over at Bianca. One of her hands is holding her pencil, while the other is scratching the back of her head. She's not going as fast as Cheren, but still at a good clip. I'm the only one who's stalling here.

I try to reassure myself. Alright Ria, this is the moment you've spent the past three years preparing for. You were up all night getting ready. You did not go through all this, just to fail now. Just calm down and you'll do fine... but just in case, I should pray.

Um... Arceus? Um... Could you... y'know, help me pass this test, so I can get my license, become a trainer, and so Cheren won't kill me? Please? Thanks!

After making my life's first and only prayer, I stare back down at my test paper... Yeah, as if I were expecting all the right answers to magically appear. Thanks, Arceus, you've been a great pal... Sigh...

Of course, this is all me. I look at the question I left off on:

Question #39: Which of the following Pokemon types has the best advantage against a bug-type?
A) Dark-types
cool.gif Flying-types
E) None of the above

Maybe this isn't so bad after all. This has got to be the easiest question yet! The answer is C, of course: Fighting-types! I've been watching Fighting Pokemon movies my whole life, and I know they are too hardcore to lose to some cricket!

I glance at Bianca as she lets out a yawn of her own. She was awake through the night too, studying for this test. At least I'm not alone. I look at Cheren, and if he's tired, he isn't showing it. I guess it's understandable, though. He had been preparing for years, just for this moment. It's not that Bianca and I don't want to be trainers. We've admired them for years, but while Cheren has a goal, we're taking it one step at a time and maybe or maybe not find a goal.

Every single person is required to own a Pokemon when they come of age, as wild Pokemon are very dangerous, and the best thing to protect them from Pokemon are Pokemon of their own. My mom owns a cute white critter called Minccino, which does a decent job of fending off wild Pokemon whenever we go for walks near the wilderness, but when I was vacationing in Sinnoh back when I was eleven years old, I saw one of its Elite Four (a small group of a region's top trainers) members, Flint, competing in an exhibition match. One of his Pokemon was a dragon-like fire thing called Charizard. Back then, and maybe even a little now, it scared me a lot, but what really caught my eye was how Flint could just stand there, completely unfazed by his own Pokemon. He wasn't afraid at all, and I wondered if I became a trainer, if I could command something so terrifying, yet so powerful. It made me realize just how amazing Pokemon trainers are.

That flashback is enough to get me thinking more deeply about questions ahead. I mark off a few answers, fairly confident. I briefly give Cheren another glance, only to see he's no longer at his desk. Instead, he's walking up to Professor Juniper with his test packet, handing it to her, “I'm finished.”

“Very good,” says the Professor, “Return to your seat and I will grade it right away.”

Doing as instructed, Cheren returns to his desk. I'm not even halfway through my questions, so I guess he'll just have to sit there, bored stupid, while he waits for me and Bianca to finish. I guess I'll look at it as a small form of revenge for that all-nighter he forced us into.

I look at my next question.

Question #47: Which of the following is not a fighting-type?
A) Ursaring
cool.gif Hitmonchan

Another fighting-type question? No prob! The one that isn't is A: Ursaring. I don't know what an Ursaring is, but I know all the others are Fighters, and that's good enough, I think. I let the confidence I'd gained from that question carry me past the test's halfway point. I'm almost to the sixtieth question when Bianca hands in her completed test to the Professor. I'm the only one left.

By the time I'm at question seventy-three, Professor Juniper announced, “Cheren, I have finished grading your exam. You have gotten ninety-three of the one-hundred questions right. Congratulations! You've passed!”

Cheren looks a little surprised, probably because he was expecting a higher score, but he ultimately decides to count his blessings, “Thank you, Professor.”

With a smile, she says, “Now, on to Bianca's test. Ria, you're the only one who is not finished. How far are you?”

“I'm getting there,” I say, “Just forty or so questions left.” I chance a quick glance at my friends. Both of them are staring at me. Bianca's expression says, “Good luck, Ria,” while Cheren's says, “Don't you dare screw this up!”

The trial of my trainer-ship (and possibly even my life) continues. Just as I'm at question ninety-nine, Professor Juniper announces, “Bianca, I have finished grading your exam.”

Nervously, Bianca responds, “Y-yes... um... How did I do, um, Professor?”

Professor Juniper beams, “Eighty-one questions right. You've also passed.”

Bianca lets out a relieved sigh, “Oh... good...” I can practically hear her heartbeat from where I'm sitting.

The professor glances at me, “Ria? Are you just about--?”

“Finished!” I announce loudly as I mark off the last question, get up so fast, I knock my chair over, and run my exam over to Professor Juniper.

“Perfect timing!” says the Professor, “I will get started on grading yours. How did you think you did?”

Instead of a straight answer, I let out a nervous laugh instead.

I watch Professor Juniper as she looks over my test. The next few minutes are the epitome of tension. Every time the Professor marks the paper with her pen, presumably to mark something wrong, more sweat drips from my pores.

Finally, the Professor looks up from my paper, and I'm so nervous, I wonder if what I'm feeling is what it's like to go into cardiac arrest. Here it is! The moment of truth! I glance at Bianca and Cheren. They seem almost as nervous as me, not that I blame them. I'm sure it would suck a lot to get good scores on the exam, only to fail anyway because of me. I feel a little less bitter toward Cheren. If I fail, I'd probably wanna kill me too.

Professor Juniper looks at us sternly. Oh crap... … ... Suddenly, however, her facial expression eases into a smile. Is she toying with us? Just gimme the stupid score already! “Ria... Out of the one-hundred questions...” Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, “... you got exactly seventy correct! Congratulations! You pass! You all pass!”

Bianca, Cheren, and I exchange silent glances with stunned euphoria. I passed the test... heck, with a decent score, no less! We're gonna become Pokemon trainers? This... pardon the cliché, feels too good to be true!

The Professor claps her hands together as she rises from her seats, “Very well done! It's always such a joy to see my students succeed.”

“We never could have done it without you, Professor,” says Bianca gratefully. Cheren nods in agreement, and I follow suit. It's times like this that remind me how important the Professor is to all of us.

Professor Juniper says, “I'll hand in your scores and get started creating your licenses. By noon tomorrow, you'll have them, your first Pokemon, and whatever else you need to be certified Pokemon trainers.”

“Thank you, Professor,” say me and my friends in unison.

As we turn to leave the room, the Professor calls out, “Oh, Ria?”

I glance back, “What is it, Professor?”

Professor Juniper beams, “Tomorrow is your birthday, isn't it?”

“It is.”

“Wonderful! I'll have to find you the perfect present!”

“Yeah, thanks...” There was some mischievous edge in the Professor's voice. She's probably up to something...


Bianca, Cheren, and I leave the lab, and none of us are able to conceal our excitement, not that we want to. All those Saturday classes, all of Cheren's brutal study sessions, that test. In the end, it all payed off!

Outside the lab, the sun had already set behind the distant hills, and nightfall isn't far off. Today was a hot day, but the temperature had lowered, and is now accompanied by a calm breeze. It's nice, and if weather had a way on conveying the feeling of victory, the feeling of joy and relief after extreme hardship, this is totally it!

The lab is located in a place called Accumula Town, a village located toward Unova's southeastern area. My friends and I walk due south in the direction of Route 1, a pathway that leads to our homes in Nuvema Town, though that place is really a 'town' in name only. It's more like the residential district of Accumula Town. I slow my pace so that it matches that of Cheren and Bianca. I may not be the the biggest intellectual out of our trio, but I am the most athletic, having played sports for most of my life, and even though I'm tired, and could still easily outdistance them if I walk at my normal pace.

“I was so nervous,” says Bianca, “I thought I was gonna fail for sure!”

“You were nervous?” I ask, “You should have been me when the Professor was about to announce my score. I felt like I was about to have a heart attack.”

“I had a lot of trouble on one question,” says Bianca, “I think it was the one which asked which of the Pokemon types is best against bug-types.”

“You had trouble with that one?” I ask, “That was the easiest one! The answer was fighting-types, obviously! They're too hardcore to lose to some bug.”

Cheren half-chuckles, half-sighs, “Honestly, Ria. Was it a miracle that allowed you to pass the test?”

Or divine intervention? I think to myself, recalling my prayer.

Cheren continues, “I will tell you for a fact that the answer to that question was flying-types. Bug-type exoskeletons are resistant to fighting-type energy, making their effectiveness limited. I know how much you adore Fighters, Ria, but they have weaknesses, just like all Pokemon.

Good old Cheren, our walking, talking Pokemon encyclopedia. I want to argue, but he keeps such a calm and measured composure, it's hard to deny that he's right. Everyday, it gets harder to believe that there was once a time when he was nervous around Bianca and me, primarily because we're both girls. I knew him during most of my time going through school, but we didn't become friends, or really, even talk, until sixth grade. Before then, he was this quiet kid who always had his nose in a book. Bianca and I used to remark to each other how he could possibly stand reading 24/7, and that he's probably the weirdest kid in school. As time went on though, and we got a little more mature, our read on him changed from 'weird' to 'lonely,' as he never had anyone close by and we figured that maybe he could use a friend. So, we came up to him one day and asked if he wanted to hang out with us. Since I guess he thought he had to act a certain way around girls, he was pretty quiet and insecure around Bianca and I at first, but after a couple months, he got used to us, and we'd been friends since.

Knowing I don't stand a chance of winning an argument about Pokemon know-how with Cheren, I decide to change the subject, “Um... anyway... What was with failing us if even one of us fails? I mean, I know we're grouped up, and all, but seriously, one fails and everyone fails? That isn't fair at all. That's gotta be the stupidest rule I'd ever heard.” Actually, it's Unovian law that requires this of would-be trainers, which is to say it's not some clever scheme Professor Juniper cooked up, if that's what you're thinking, because I would never say something to badmouth her after all she did to help us. Still, I don't get that law at all.

As usual, Cheren has an answer, “It's a part of our preparation as trainers. Humans and Pokemon need to work hard together, and bring out perfection in one another. That law mirrors that concept, as we need to help each other achieve perfection. One weak link means failure.”

“I still don't buy that,” I say, “But whatever. It's a law. Complaining about it won't help... though I am still kinda sore about you keeping Bianca and I up all night.”

Cheren smiles wryly, “I might not yet be a trainer, but I have a philosophy, which I extended into our studying session: I believe that working rigorously hard and pushing the limits is the key to success... and seeing as you passed the test, Ria, if you have any leverage to prove my methods wrong, I fail to see where it's coming from.” Sigh... Typical Cheren. He's my best friend, next to Bianca, but he can be difficult sometimes...

Not one to see anyone argue, especially her friends, Bianca sees this as the perfect moment to cut in, “Um... so... we passed! Yay! We should celebrate! Maybe we should have a we're-now-trainers party!”

Still smiling, Cheren asks Bianca, “You do know that tonight is a school night, right?”

Bianca's body jolts slightly, “Oh yeah! I can't believe I forgot!”

“But it's only a part-day,” I add, “Last day of school before summer vacation, our last day as juniors, and senior graduation day.” I let out a yawn, “Besides, after being up for two straight days, I don't think I have the energy to party...”

My yawn must be contagious, because soon after me, Bianca yawns too, “Oh yeah... Good point, Ria...”

… and Cheren makes three, as he adds a note of his own to our chorus of fatigue. He blushes, like he always does when he loses his composure, even a little.

It's dark by the time we reach Route 1. Standing before the gateway is a man with a trimmed beard. Around his waist is a belt, and attached to his belt are two red and white balls, which are small enough to comfortably fit into the palm of a person's hand: Pokeballs, capsules Pokemon trainers use to store their Pokemon whenever they aren't needed for something. Pokemon trainers can be hired for many different tasks. In this case, he's waiting for non-trainers who are planning to head down Route 1 from Accumula Town to Nuvema Town, so he can escort them there. Night has fallen, and that's when particularly dangerous wild Pokemon are known to come out, so to defend those who don't have Pokemon to defend them, Pokemon trainers are hired to play bodyguard.

Cheren, Bianca, and I had walked with this trainer several times, but he always keeps to himself, so I don't even know his name. All I know is that the two Pokemon he always has with him are just awesome.

He grabs the two capsules from his belt, and two flashes of light later, his Pokemon appear. One is human-shaped... we kinda, except that it has four arms instead of two. It's gray and has muscles rippling from every last corner of its body. The other is an eight-foot-long red bug-thing. Cheren once told me they are called Machamp and Scolipede. Both of these Pokemon look downright dangerous, and whatever's lurking in the woods would be crazy to pick a fight with them.

Route 1 is a road with the ocean on one side, and dense wilderness on the other, and that's where wild Pokemon lurk. It's a short walk. Heck, during the day, you can even see Nuvema Town from Accumula Town across the way, but it's best not to take any chances making this trek alone. It occurs to me that this is the last day we'll actually need the trainer that's escorting us. Well, thanks for the help, whatever your name is...

As soon as we reach Nuvema Town, Bianca, Cheren, and I go our separate ways and head to our respective houses.


As soon as I enter my home, a two-floor white building with blue shutters around the windows, mom is there in the kitchen, hard at work making dinner. By her feet is a small Pokemon with round ears, large dark eyes, and a bushy tail: our pet, Minccino, a gift from dad, and mom's partner in housekeeping and battles in her free time.

As soon as mom spots me, she says hopefully, “Welcome home, Ria! How did it go?”

I try to answer, but another yawn cuts me off. Instead, I give a V for victory.

Mom's face lights up, “Oh, congratulations, Ria! I knew you could do it, especially after all those hours you, Bianca, and Cheren put in last night...”

I groan at the memory, not needing to be reminded of it again.

Mom announces, “Well, I'm almost done preparing a victory feast for you. It will be ready in a half-hour!”

Even if I failed the exam, I know the 'failure feast' would have been equally grand. That's because mom always cooks a massive dinner, mostly for herself, just so she'll be occupied. My dad works abroad in Kanto, another region of the world, far from Unova, as a Pokemon trainer, doing work as an escort, a lot like that man that walked Bianca, Cheren, and I back to Nuvema Town, though Kanto has longer Routes and much more dangerous wild Pokemon, thus, his work pays a lot of money; more than enough, in fact, that mom doesn't even have to work. Therefore, she keeps looking for ways to keep herself occupied, from cooking big meals, to doing over-the-top housekeeping projects. Whenever there's nothing to do, she usually takes Minccino out for some recreational battles with her friends.

I want to object that I'm really not all that hungry, and that I just want to eat a light meal and go to bed, but after all the effort mom put into making dinner, I can't bring myself to just turn her down. Instead, I say, “Alright. Thank you,” and head upstairs.

As I pass the bathroom, I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and it's not a pretty sight. My brown hair, which I usually keep in a ponytail is all messy and tousled. I usually don't care much about the condition my hair is in, since, as a sports player (even being the only girl on Accumula High's football team once, as a freshman), I'm used to things like sweating a lot and my hair getting messed up, and the like, but it looks worse than normal. I wonder if I had been messing up my hair as a nervous reaction to the exam, without even noticing it. My eyes are half-open and I'm partially hunched over. Simply put, I'm a wreck.

Since mom said dinner will be in a half-hour, I decide to take that chance to take a quick shower. I head to my room, removing the two pieces of clothing I wear everyday: a black vest and a white baseball cap with a pink visor. I head to my dresser and go through my clothes to decide what I will wear tomorrow. I decide on a sleeveless white shirt and a cut-off pair of jeans-shorts. Mom has occasionally said I should try to dress more lady-like, but I've never listened, although I do compare myself to Bianca every now and then, and feel a tad envious, since, compared to me, she's so pretty and feminine.

The shower is nice and it manages to wake me up, even just a little. I change into the clothes I plan to wear tomorrow, and yes, I even wear them to bed, instead of wearing PJs. When it comes to clothes, I tend to be extremely lazy.

I go downstairs, where dinner is waiting, and as usual, there's enough for a gathering. After dinner, I brush my teeth and head to my room.

Needless to say, my body tells me that I should head straight to bed and sleep like a Snorlax, but I catch a glimpse of my DVD wallet next to the flat-screen TV across from my bed, and my mind wanders to one item inside it; something that had made me interested in Pokemon training in the first place, and with the fact that I'm becoming a trainer tomorrow, I just can't help myself. I open the wallet and find a DVD labeled, “Sawk's Revenge.” I slip it into my DVD player, dim the lights, and recline into my bed as the movie begins.

Sawk's Revenge is a “Pokeflick,” a type of movie that stars Pokemon, and is a fine part of Unovian culture, filmed in Nimbasa City. They are all action films, with several Pokemon battles throughout. The Pokemon talk like they always do, saying their names over and over, but the subtitles translate what they are saying, or at least what they are supposedly saying as the story dictates. The film begins with the main character, Sawk, living in peace and training with his older brother, Throh, and their master, Mienshao. However, that lifestyle is brought to an abrupt change when the evil Emboar of the Hellfire Fist comes along and murders Throh and Mienshao (or really just KO's them, but the movie used special gore effects to suggest otherwise). Sawk was assumed to have been killed to, but he really is just left for dead. With some help, Sawk recovers and embarks on a journey to exact a bloody revenge.

Okay, the story is pretty lame, I'll admit, but the fights are top class, and since they are Pokemon battles (the trainers' commands are edited out of the footage, though), the violence is 100% authentic, though some special effects may be used to make some injuries look more brutal than they really were. According to the credits, Sawk's trainer was Marshal of the Unova Elite Four and Emboar's trainer was Flint of the Sinnoh Elite Four, both of whom are pretty high on my idol list.

The movie arrives at its climax, where Sawk and Emboar are about to have their final battle in front of a large temple. At this point, however, my eyelids have grown too heavy and it's beyond my limited power as a mere mortal to keep them lifted. I just let my eyes close and let the battle that's raging on the TV fuel my fantasy.

I imagine myself as Emboar's trainer. Yeah, Sawk's the good guy in the movie, and of course, he wins the fight, but I think Emboar is way more cool. Fighting-types are my favorites, with fire-types as a close second, and Emboar is both. How badass is that? Is there any Pokemon more perfect?

Instead of a temple, I picture myself at a huge grassy field, with many excited onlookers in the bleachers chanting my name, “Ri~a! Ri~a! Ri~a!” as they anticipate an exciting battle.

It makes me wonder what lies ahead of me as a trainer.

I'm about to walk a new road... and the destination is unknown, but finding out is part of the challenge. My life's next chapter begins!

POKEMON WHITE: A Reinterpretation?

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