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Posted 31 October 2012 - 03:12 PM

This started as a hilarious story involving Pie getting hit a lot, and has turned into an epic tale like not many others. I'm honestly hooked. Please, for the love of all that is holy, keep posting when able!

Also, I'd have said as much earlier, but we lost power due to Hurricane Sandy and school just reopened, making this the first time I've gotten online since then.

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Posted 01 November 2012 - 06:14 PM

Chapter 8

As Luc woke up, he realized that he was locked up in some huge glass tube, surrounded by a strange liquid. He was surprised because he could see everything perfectly, as if his eye had never been cut.
He looked outside and saw the silhouettes of scientists who were working around the machines. He tried to call them but there was something in his mouth that didn't allow him to speak. So he struggled a bit until someone finally noticed him.
He had a vague hope, but the person went back to his business.
What was happening to him? All he could remember was the Judge's sword slashing his eye and then, nothing. He didn't know where he was henceforth.
Then he suddenly realized that the liquid around him was diminishing.
After a few minutes, all had evacuated and the tube opened itself. And then, Holy Kensai leaned down above his body. The man still had that odd scar on the face, but something seemed different this time. He looked neater, more fluid. Luc realized that he had better eyesight! A better eyesight certainly, but as he tried to stand up, a horrible pain attacked his stomach, which made him fall down on the floor.
"You have taken several damages here too. It's been three weeks since you have been inside this tube, so your body must get used to move again. Do not try to speak, it's useless."
Luc nodded. He couldn't talk and his tongue was as hard as a wooden plate. He closed his eyes and let himself faint...

AstraLunaSol looked harshly at the Judge VII. He didn't like this newcomer, and he didn't even know anything about his true identity.
However he couldn't protest against the Three's will. So he crossed arms above the table, and waited for the Three's voice to speak. And the voice suddenly spoke. Every Judge became quiet.
"The rebels of Clan Kensai and Clan Shu are going to attack soon. I hope our defenses are ready, Fitz 24."
The Judge VI nodded. AstraLunaSol hated Fitz. This guy wasn't a true man nor a warrior; but just no more than an introverted coward.
"Number IV," said the Three.
"Yes, my lords."
"You will act under VII's command."
Astra nearly choked himself as he heard that. His honor was definitely mucked up.
"My lords, I don't think I'll be able to survive it..."
"Are you discussing our divine orders, AstraLunaSol?"
If he'd ever try to provoke the Three's wrath, then he'd be banned as well, just like Tsuki-Hime, or executed. The voice suddenly spoke again, talking to III this time.
"Do we have anything new about Neutrel?"
III cleared his throat.
"No, it seems like he totally disappeared from the Shrine. But if he ever reappears... I'll be aware of it."
"Don't forget. We want him alive."
"Of course."

Luc saw the world under a new angle - not because he nearly died, but because he had a new eye, a bionic eye, the Renard. This tool gave him eyesight that was ten times better than a normal human's and with it, he could detect the sources of warmth, anticipate the enemy's moves and see through most of the materials. He didn't try to see through the clothes yet but he promised himself that he would try as soon as he could.
He turned around to face Holy Kensai.
"Isn't there some young and beautiful lady nearby?"
Kensai looked up at him and raised an eyebrow.
"I don't think so, we're rebels, not top models. Why?"
"Uh, don't worry about it."
"In two days, we're going to attack the Three's castle. Most of the Judges won't be there this one day, so we'll take advantage from it."
"If you're going to fight..."
"Do you want to fight with us? You aid would be precious, especially with your eye!"
The Whiny Wind Boy moaned.
"Huh, in fact I firstly wanted to have a good seat to watch the battle, but if you insist... we're friends, after all!"
He wondered if he just didn't make a very stupid mistake. He didn't know anything about war and at the last time he tried to fight, he got a cut eye.
He shrugged, he didn't have choice now.

Tsuki-Hime was walking, alone, near Capital North's borderlines. She sighed. Where could she go now?
She suddenly turned around as she heard some heavy footsteps behind her. A Judge was coming for her. "II" was written on his helmet.
The armored man took his sword off from the sheath, and walked onward. The princess panicked and tried to run away. But she was too slow, seemingly. The Judge was coming closer to her.
He grabbed her throat and lifted her up. She tried to struggle. But nothing could do. She began to lose hope... when, suddenly, another man appeared and sliced the Judge's stomach. II, aggrieved by the pain, let the princess fall down. As she tried to look up, suffocated, she could only see the back of a tall man who was holding a sword in his right hand. But she fainted before recognizing him.
"You bastard!" Nayr yelled as the Judge was intensively bleeding. "How dare you attacking a disarmed woman. I'll teach you some manners."
"Nayr, where are you?" a voice suddenly spoke. "Nayr, what're you doing?"
Howl appeared too and, as he noticed the Judge, he panicked. He didn't understand. Nayr and he were just going for a walk outside. He didn't expect meeting up with a Judge.
"Shut up, Howl!" Nayr screamed. "This time, it's different. No invisible sword. So I am perfectly able to kill him. Take the princess with you, and go back to Kensai's underground."
Howl acquiesced slowly. After taking care of Tsuki-Hime's body, he went back to the base.
"Your name?" Nayr asked.
And Lancer put himself in a fighting position. Nayr felt like Excalibur wanted to fight. The two men were ready to cross swords.
QUOTE (Fire Blazer @ Jul 25 2014, 07:59 PM)
I have cero love for you or your shenanigans

QUOTE (Holy Kensai @ May 18 2012, 08:01 PM)
Gotta love how even in fan fiction I'm a badass.

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Nice Middle


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Posted 02 November 2012 - 12:26 AM

Chapter 9

Lancer, as fast as lightning, took the initiative and slashed horizontally - but Nayr dodged.
"Do not underestimate me," smiled II.
Nayr needed that advice as well. Faithful in his blade, he stepped onward and tried a thrust - Lancer dodged -, then swung savagely - the Judge bowed down to elude the hit.
"Damn it!" the Visitor moaned. "You're profoundly wounded to the stomach, and you can still move, jump and bow down as often as you please? Inhuman."
Lancer took advantage of Nayr's momentary rest to remove his helmet and throw it away. Without it, he was quite the handsome one. With a nice smirk, he faced his opponent.
"Can I ask you one question?" he asked with a polite voice.
"Huh... sure?"
"Well. Why do you fight against the Judges and the Three?"
"I fight for justice."
"You and me both, pal."
"Wait, what? So why...? Why all those murders? And why did you try to kill Blazer's niece? She used to be your ally."
"Don't you remember what the princess told you?"
Nayr had the flash of Tsuki-Hime saying: "So some people do have to suffer again before the world can finally be perfect. Yes, a perfect world ruled by the Three." The first time he heard those words, he felt a bit confused.
"What of it?" Nayr shrugged.
"So you don't understand? Or, maybe you aren't even able to understand."
"No comment. Do I have the right to one question, too?"
"Sure, you do."
"So... why did you throw your helmet away? Did you do that to have a better view, or maybe to lose a bit of weight, or perhaps, to show me your charming face, or to feel loyal and fight without any unnecessary pieces of armor?"
"For all of the reasons you mentioned."
The two men charged at one another, and then Lancer - who was faster - literally amputated Nayr's left arm. Yes. Yes he did.
The Visitor's sword clattered to the ground while his arm was launched into the air. He howled while falling to his knees. He was bleeding.
Lancer lifted Excalibur up. "So that is Blazer's legendary sword? And you were wielding it? You fool. You didn't stand a chance against me. This weapon will bring your death!"
And as the Judge was going to finish the Visitor with his own weapon, a spark of light suddenly attacked II, obligating him to drop Excalibur.
"Who dares?!" Lancer yelled as he looked around. "Show yourself!"
A robed man appeared next to Nayr. "Need some help?" he asked to the blonde man.
Lancer went totally mad. "Neutrel, you... you damn traitor! How did you dare attacking me?"
"You did lack the right to wield Excalibur. Nayr is a Visitor, a Chosen One. He has all the rights, so he can wield the one sword as often as he wishes."
Despite his long spiked hair and his long beard, Neutrel was kind of a handsome man, just like Lancer. Nayr, still suffering, weakly looked up at him. He couldn't define who that man was. Was he really a member of the Shrine?
"We're out of the Three's castle, so I don't risk anything," said Neutrel. "Now I'll take this chance to kill you, Judge Two."
Lancer moaned. The spark of light heavily wounded him.
"Hellfire!" screamed Neutrel, and huge, magnificent flames surrounded the Judge.
"What the hell?" Lancer spoke for the last time of his life. Flames were coming on him.
"Burn! Burn!" pleaded Neutrel.
Fifteen minutes later, all was over.


Current list of characters:

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Holy Kensai

Judge I: ???
Judge II: Lancer
Judge III: ???
Judge IV: AstraLunaSol
Judge V: ???
Judge VI: Fitz 24
Judge VII: ???




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QUOTE (Fire Blazer @ Jul 25 2014, 07:59 PM)
I have cero love for you or your shenanigans

QUOTE (Holy Kensai @ May 18 2012, 08:01 PM)
Gotta love how even in fan fiction I'm a badass.

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