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The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

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Posted 13 December 2013 - 05:13 AM

Anyone see this anime?

If not, here's a quick brief on it:

A romance comedy ("rom-com"), a kid whose bored at school gets moved over to what's known as a "loony bin" dormitory called "Sakurasou". At first he tries to escape but he meets this girl and well... things get interesting from there.

What I liked is that it goes past just comedy (which is great) and romance (which is... okay, definitely not what I enjoyed most about it) and goes into a story of people trying to meet their goals in life, do as best as they can, and struggle as they work in a cruel world where often times talented people are just too much... I'm really not putting this well, but if you're in high school or university it can definitely be relatable and it's great to see the character's growths as they struggle with their lives working as hard as they can to change things.

One of the characters, Nanami, especially spoke to me, she's one of my favorite characters and I feel really bad for her and all that she goes through. The main character and plenty of others go through a lot as well and what's key here is how they handle it and how as friends they lean on each other when in need to grow as individuals and as friends.

It's got a great sense of comraderie and it's got some major feels, I cried quite a bit towards the end, so if you're into that thing, I'd definitely give the first 3 episodes a try--you can probably figure out if you like it by then though IMO it gets better, takes a small drop somewhere after episode 15 maybe I'm not sure, and then has a pretty dramatic and sad ending that you won't want to miss by then.

But yeah, just sharing this, let me know if you've watched it as I like discussing stuff though I suffered from PAD after this show, which I'm about to make a topic on lol


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