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Sprite and Map Requests

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Posted 10 July 2015 - 11:01 PM

Hellow Everyone :)

Well I open this topic because I need some help for Fire Emblem The new Excalibur. it will be to create the maps and some customs battle sprites. In parallel I'm working on Mugs for a group project in a French fire Emblem Forum and for The New Excalibur, I'm working on the details of the script and make the Supports, and about the stats of the bosses.


I need a Male version of this Battle Sprite the class is the Sorcerer


(I need to do the Dodge Frame and the Staff Frame too)


A Frame sheet of a Dark sage (the Final boss part 1 -it's a Woman-) and a Battle sprite of a dragon a bit like Umbra in Child of light.

i need to A battle sprite of Archangel, a magic unit on an eagle (it's a flying unit), I need Male and Female one. and Battle sheet for Sindre in her promoted Class


this is her battle sheet in her normal attack (it miss one frame) and you see the two dodge frames whiwh were lost in the picture (I'll reorganize that later) I need the ctritical one, and the frames of javelin (normal and critical too)


for the maps you just need to send me a PM, I'll explain what I would like for the maps


I'm sorry to ask this but beetwen The New Excalibur and the common project which I did not think I would participate, I ask for some help.


I will be extremely grateful about the help you bring me.


thank you in advance

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