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new project

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#1 ^Leo^


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Posted 18 June 2014 - 03:04 AM

ok so there's a few things that i'm gonna do here. i'm going to introduce this new project with some boring thing that you don't need to read. then i'll give a description of the project which i'd like you to read because it will help with the third item. On to the boring introduction!

I'm going to be dropping the rest of my projects for quite awhile because this new one is big. Fortunately i'll be able to do most of it myself, and you guys will be able to enjoy it when i finish/have enough ready for it to be tested. Unfortunately this is a pretty ambitious project for one person, but i don't like asking for help more than i need to so i'll do it myself anyway until i come across something I can't do. anyway, i'm going to be writing a visual novel with a nice helping of rpg elements. there's going to be a level system, a class system, battles, and lots of decision making. there will also be multiple routes that may or may not overlap depending on your decisions. i plan to make it as in-depth as possible without delving too deep into super complex coding and shit. interactive menus displaying your characters stats and such, saving whenever the hell you feel like it, and all that good stuff. I'm not expecting to finish it any time soon, but when i do finish i hope it'll be good.

Now as for what the novel itself will be, right now it's looking like i'm going to go for a time travelling thing. three different regions(england, france, and japan) and three different time periods for each of the regions(medieval/feudal for japan, modern earth set in an alternate universe, and speculative future(probably post-world war 3). i haven't come up with the premise as to why you're travelling through time, but i should be able to come up with something in a few minutes if i actually thought about it. maybe you work for an organization that's working for a better world, or you could have just invented a time machine and decided you wanted to go explore a bit. i'm open to suggestions on the reason for the time travelling, but that isn't important just yet to be completely honest. i need to get the rpg system fleshed out before i can start any real work on the story. major historical figures will be present for the medieval routes, and some current world leaders will be present in the modern routes. i want to create some feeling of realism for the reader. of course i'll be open to suggestions as to who you'd like to see in it. but that will have to come later, like I said earlier i need the rpg system working before i can start working on the story. Now i'm going to have a little bit of fun with the endings, and not give a full resolution for a country until you have finished each of the time periods. upon completion of a route you'll be sent back to the beginning of the story where all of your experience is reset, and you'll be given the option to move on to the another time period in the current region, or move on to a new region. i'm only resetting the experience levels because i don't want people racking up massive amounts of experience and effectively breaking the game.

now on to my third thing. i have a huge request, would anyone be willing to provide some background images that are period and area appropriate for the places i listed? i know this is big, in fact i'd say it's too big to ask without any kind of incentive. i wish i had something good to offer in return, but i just can't. i'm straight out of money, and i don't have anything to offer as far as services go. I can write some annoying little viruses for you guys to mess with people, but i'm sure just about everyone here can do that. so the only thing i have to offer in return, is to offer anyone who helps me out with this project full rights to do whatever the hell they want with it. sell it, edit it, literally anything. i know that's not much, but it's all i've got. if i can't find someone to supply pictures then i will be simplifying it a massive amount. I might even take out most of the rpg elements and turn it into a straight novel with multiple routes and some decision making. i'd hate to do that, but i know that's a definite possibility since i'm asking so much with so little to give in return.

moving on, i'd love for this to be community driven. if you have something you'd want to see thrown in here please leave a comment, tell me what you want to see and i should be able to find a way to work it in. i love to write, and i love to write what people want to read even more. i do ask that you make it vague enough for me to work with though, if i don't get to make all the little details then it won't be much fun to write will it? anyway, i plan to release a demo when i have the first route finished(i'll be doing medieval france first. Joan of Arc is one of my favorite historical figures). whether i have pictures or not, as soon as i finish that there will be a demo.

and finally, thanks for reading my giant wall of text. i really do try to avoid those, but i wasn't really sure how else to do this. i'll be posting later about the class system and leveling. i have a general idea, but it's not even close to being finished yet. i am open to suggestions for classes, in fact i'd like to see those as soon as possible since that will be necessary to start the story. go as wild, or as simple as you like for the classes. i'm planning on having an evolving class system that starts you off with a basic class, and later in the story you'll gain access to different variations of that class. keep in mind that there is past, present, and future available so you don't have to stick to swords and magic.

to finish, i'd like to thank you all in advance for any help you can offer. this is a really big project, and if i try to do everything myself it's going to take a year just to get that first route finished.

#2 ^Leo^


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Posted 03 August 2014 - 07:03 PM

well there wasn't any interest in this at all, but i wanted to let you guys know that i am still working on it and making decent progress. i've got about 10 minutes of playtime(unedited and not ready to be read or anything but it's a nice start for now) i haven't really had time to work on it all that much recently though so progress is going to slow down til next summer most likely. if you're scared about the wall of text i put up in my last post you might as well ignore it. most of what i was talking about up there is basically obsolete at this point and completely irrelevant. i would still love to have people giving suggestions on enemies and classes for specific time periods/areas, so if something neat pops up in your head throw me a shout and i'll work it in somewhere.

Edit: nevermind, won't be working on this for a bit. one of my friends just asked me to help him write a script for a one act play(ITS shit) so i'm really not gonna have time for this right now. anyway i'll throw something else up next time i have some decent progress.

#3 MageKnightPacífica



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Posted 19 February 2015 - 08:59 PM

If this is the game you wanted to use my sprites with, then this sounds really cool! I can't wait to see some previews.

#4 ^Leo^


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Posted 19 February 2015 - 09:50 PM

It's not, check the modding board directly below this. Actually I completely forgot about this. I never could find someone to help me with background images, so it never worked out. I'd go back to working on it, but I'm trying to find a job right now so I don't have time to work on more than one thing at a time.

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