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The Simpsons

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#1 Seraphinox


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Posted 26 March 2015 - 09:38 PM

Just wanted to know what people thought about the Simpsons.

For context, in August, I decided that I wanted to watch EVERY episode of the Simpsons and try to pinpoint the exact moment where I feel it started to go downhill and become less funny.

So here I am, 7 months later and 18 seasons in and completely burned out, havent watched an episode in about 3 weeks.

Everything shifted around Season 11, the writing wasn't as clever, it wasn't as interesting. They stopped attempting to provide for reasoning for why the family would be doing what they were doing in the episode, tons of flimsy plot lines that were uninteresting, a new focus on physical sight gags a-la Family Guy which just seemed to take up time rather than make you laugh.

If, like me, you feel like you need a Simpsons binge or want to rewatch some episodes, definitely stick to Seasons 1-10.

Seasons 1-10 are truly a masterpiece of animated comedy that I don't think anything can compare to. The episodes are just of such a high standard and quite a lot of them are laugh-every-30-seconds quality.

Just wondering if other people enjoy the Simpsons as much as I do, where I live it's just part of the culture of the country. It was on our national TV channel every evening at 6 o clock, so you would come home from school, avoid your homework for 2 hours and then switch on to the Simpsons and pray it was a good episode!
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Posted 28 March 2015 - 11:39 PM

I enjoy watching the Simpsons. Not my first choice of shows, but it's better than most. I agree that it's gone downhill quite a bit since it started (that new Lego episode is a good example), but I still enjoy watching it. My father loves the show though.

#3 kirant


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Posted 29 March 2015 - 03:23 AM

QUOTE (zac122 @ Mar 28 2015, 04:39 PM)
that new Lego episode is a good example

I honestly found the Lego episode one of the few good ones they have done recently.

The Simpsons is a weird machine...it is arguably one of the best shows when it was at its prime. The first 7-8 seasons are amazing...so many great quips, so many quotable memes. It's too bad they've opted to make it an animated zombie far beyond what most people originally in the project wanted. It's a show that honestly doesn't even try to get laughs but exists as a paycheck. Once in a while it hits gold but mostly it just exists.

I think the turning point for me was the New York episode and then the Skinner isn't really Skinner episode. That kind of made it lose all its appeal right there as it was clear they couldn't figure out what to do anymore.

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