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#128563 A post I want to make

Posted by arimibn on 20 December 2016 - 04:08 AM

4 years ago, in June. I came to the people of FES asking for help. I was mentally broken and didn't know who to turn to. I was considering suicide. I was ready to give up.

I asked if I should kill myself. I had been crying out for help for a very long time. And looking back, I very much needed help. I consider myself extremely lucky.

The members who commented on that topic back then saved my life. You helped me in ways I can never repay. You guys reassured me and gave me the courage I needed to keep living. And I'm so grateful for it.

Im writing this post as a thank you and a way to let you guys know that things have gotten so much better.

My anemia is still here. And it still gives me trouble. But I don't need to drink blood anymore. I received financial help that enabled me to get the pricier treatments. I've also been actively taking care of my body through diet and exercise. My body has become much stronger. Pretty awesome.

I no longer live with my abusive family. I've been living on my own for a few years now. And honestly, living on my own is hard sometimes. Bills are tough to pay. But I love it. I love waking up every morning and I (usually) go to bed in a good mood.

My life has gotten so much better, and it wouldn't have gotten better if any of my 22 suicide attempts had been successful. You guys reassured me that time. And I fell back into darkness. I tried to kill myself despite what you all told me. I knew how much you guys loved me, but the pain of my parents hate was too much for me to bare.

But nowadays. I'm no longer held back by them. I'm living my own life. I've grown tougher skin, and when people tell me that I should die, I can ignore them, because I know how much I'm loved. I've gained a fire that gives me the strength to live my life however I want.

A month ago, my house was destroyed in an attack by people that wanted me dead. Luckily, I wasn't home. I currently am living in my car, as I can't afford to get a new place at present. This honestly hasn't deterred me all that much. I was never really home much anyway, as I'm always in my car traveling somewhere.

But despite recent hardships, I can live without doubt, and I love it. I know that not everyone loves me, but that doesn't bother me anymore. I know I'm loved. I know I'm important. And the people who think otherwise can screw off. Including my depression.

I am alive, and I love it. And I thank you all for being my friends.

#123569 Fates: Conquest (Nohr) Review

Posted by Fire Blazer on 04 July 2015 - 04:20 AM

Hey everyone. So I just finished playing my imported copy of Fire Emblem Fates since I'm a chump and didn't want to wait, especially when I already had a Japanese 3DS from Smash. I played on the Conquest/Black Kingdom/Nohr/whatever path you want to call it. The one said to be darker, harder, and more aimed at older Fire Emblem fans in terms of design and such.

I've separated the review into two parts: the good and the bad, followed by an arbitrary number known as a "review score", as well as some recommendation info. If you don't want to hear "praise" or "hate" for the game, then please only read the section you like, because my job is to try to objectively analyze and reflect on the game and I won't blindly praise or bitterly hate just because I happen to be a rather old and invested fan of the series.

Still, it's a review, so this inevitably contains my impressions and opinions and will have to have small spoilers, but I will not reveal any specific details on the gameplay gimmicks or story; for example, I might say "the ending answered/didn't answer all my questions", which would spoil what kind of ending it is, but I wouldn't say what those questions are. So, while I consider this a nearly spoiler-free review, please read at your own risk.

And without further adieu, please enjoy my extensive review of the Japanese version of Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest.





If you're reading this review, you probably have a good idea what the game is about: two opposing countries, Hoshido and Nohr; an avatar who is also the main character is Hoshido by blood, but was taken in and raised by Nohr. You must choose which side to fight on, with Hoshido said to be the lighter more "Awakening-styled" game and Nohr said to be the darker more "classic-styled" game. How does the Nohr route hold up? Let's see.

The Good:


The gameplay starts off simple, teaching you what you need to know early on, which is good. There is a diverse amount of classes and units to choose from. The pair-up system has been greatly improved from Awakening, forcing you to weigh the benefits of pairing up units vs. keeping them separated much more, whereas in Awakening, pairing up was almost always the better option. Furthermore, the elements of luck involved in dual attacking and dual guard have been greatly reduced, and it's now significantly more predictable. Lastly, the bonuses from pairing up also seem to have been significantly reduced, which helps keep the game balanced.

Dual Guard Elaboration: pairing up enables dual guard, which has a meter that increases as you attack and get attacked. Once it fills up, your ally will completely defend any one attack. However, pairing up also lets the support unit defend the lead unit against dual attacks from enemies—that's right, enemies can use dual attack and dual guard too, which is a nice added element that makes the playing field seem more even! However, while pairing up protects the support unit from all damage and protects the lead unit from some attacks (while giving small bonuses), dual attack has its own benefits.


Dual Attack Elaboration: When not paired up, your units act separately, allowing you to effectively make more movements, because you're not using 2 characters' turns in one. In order to dual attack, two units must be adjacent to each other and not paired up, and the unit that dual attacks has a chance at dealing half their normal damage, which can be an excellent way to finish off enemies with low HP, get glass cannons to safely attack, or just deal lots of damage in general. Furthermore, you can choose which unit of the adjacent units will dual attack, and with many units around each other (giving support bonuses as well), the dual attack mechanic allows for lots of damage to be done quickly, provided you aren't attacking an enemy using dual guard.

As you can tell, the gameplay is certainly enhanced by these new facets, which force the player to consider how they want to place their units in order to maximize defense or offense. In general, it is very nice to have a new mechanic that feels much more polished than Awakening's pair up mechanic that makes us think in ways previous Fire Emblem games didn't.

Map Design: Map design fluctuates greatly. Some maps are very well-made, allowing multiple paths for movement, giving you alternate objectives besides defeating the enemy, and clearly having enemies or terrain placed in strategic.


Special Ability: Dragon Vein: This ability adds to the flavor of the game by allowing members of royalty to activate various gimmicks throughout the game. Like the map design, sometimes these work nicely.

Weapon Changes: Though it was a bit of a controversial change, I find not having to constantly worry about replenishing weapon uses very useful. It often came off as very tedious before, and there were many downsides to it, such as having weapons at low uses take up slots but not wanting to sell them, worrying about using weapons with uses so much you didn't use them, or running out of funds to have weapons, creating an artificial sense of difficulty. The game removes this while balancing the money and weapons advantages such that there are times when weaker weapons are strategically preferable over stronger weapons such as Silver Swords. Furthermore, you can have a good variety of weapons in your inventory without worrying too much about the limited slot space. Overall, I find this to be an overwhelmingly positive change. Strategies dependent on weapon uses or the gameplay element of managing it are not something I missed given how rare the former is and how many times I've done the latter; I really didn't even realize how tedious managing weapons could be until I didn't have to do it anymore, and I don't feel like I missed out on anything of importance.

Other Gameplay Elements: The class and weapon variety are good, especially due to the new Hoshidan classes and weapon types that really change things up from previous Fire Emblem games/the Nohr classes, while still keeping it in-line and predictable enough that it's not overwhelming. My Castle lets you shop after every chapter, which is more convenient than not knowing when your next chance at a shop might be, not knowing what will be available in the next shop, etc., and you can also net free weapons and such from characters on the map in My Castle. You can also buy temporary stat boosters to help you, which is nice for weaker characters.

Overall: The gameplay can be very fun and challenging at times, as well as rewarding. There are moments where I really felt like "this is a fun strategy game" or "this is a fun Fire Emblem game".


Note that I played on Normal difficulty, Classic mode, and made minimal usage of My Castle, and did not obtain any Paralogues except one, meaning I did not make use of children characters or any EXP/items that came from that. I also had some difficulty deciphering some of the skills. As a result, my experience may be quite different from others. However, I did not see any significant changes to grind for money or experience in the Nohr route, which was nice as it limits the skewing of balance.



The graphics are generally excellent. Yes, characters have feet! But the overworld sprites are also cool and the game is in 3D. It has a certain thematic feel to it and it uses effects nicely. The animations are fluid and interesting, improving on Awakening. The pre-rendered cinematics are visually excellent, as you can see at the begining, even though they're limited by the hardware. There's also a decent amount of customization to the avatar's basic appearance, though not so much their attire (except through accessories, which I didn't get to try myself).

The character portraits are excellent and most of the designs look well-done and fitting. There's a good amount of variety and it's not easy making unique designs for so many characters.



The story starts off with a great premise. Even though I had decided on the Nohr route at the beginning, given the choice (I purchased the digital version), I legitimately struggled in deciding which route to pick, and almost left it up the flip of a coin. Each side has likeable characters and its own atmosphere and reasons why you might support it, and "betraying" one or the other certainly isn't easy.

The story has some cutscenes to support it which is nice, and there are some nice plot twists as well. All of the main characters get a fair amount of dialog, not just Corrine and Azura, and there is a lot of dialog to flesh scenes out; in a way, it leaves little to the imagination, which could certainly be considered a positive.



Most of the characters have certain ways of talking and personality quirks to come into their own. This may help make them more likeable or easily attached to. The designs are generally good and fitting as well, and the small voice clips help bring the characters to life. Each character gets plenty of dialog whether it's in-battle, after leveling, on My Castle, or actually in-game, which is nice because it lets characters get a little bit more screen time and thus are easier to become attached to.


The music is good across the board, with a somewhat enchanting Eastern theme to it, using a lot of woodwinds and orchestrated instruments. The singing in the game is excellent and is a stand-out; the main theme in general, in fact, is great, and the various renditions of it are certainly used well. I personally think it is one of the series' best and most memorable songs, right alongside the series main theme and various renditions of Together We Ride. There are also some serious stand-out songs that even for a video game music fanatic like me, were very impressive and enjoyable songs, so I would certainly consider the game's music a success as a whole.

As an aside, the sound effects and use (or lack of use) of music were generally well-done. It felt very fitting and natural as a whole.

Atmosphere & Immersion

The atmosphere of the Nohr side is darker and grimmer and with colors and character designs to fit it. The music also adds to the atmosphere, often creating a sense of foreboding or urgency when needed. When you do visit Hoshido, the different atmosphere is quite apparent; it's brighter, sakura petals may be blowing around, and it's somehow slightly less tense and foreboding. In a way, even the different types of classes help bring a sense of atmosphere to the two different countries, and this is certainly a positive.

The Bad:


The main strategy gameplay as a whole isn't bad, but it suffers from a lot of gimmicks and fluctuations.

Balance: To start, the game is just highly inconsistent in its balance. Some characters have extremely low HP and defense stats/growths, making them so weak they can't even stand up to single attacks from weak enemies, or they can't attack directly because they're glass cannons. Furthermore, using lower-leveled characters or using characters that are just plain not very good will make things very difficult. The enemies stats tend to be rather high, especially later on. At one point the enemies' stats and levels increased and they were just as strong if not stronger than me. End-game enemies felt like bosses in other games, and it was extremely difficult to win fights without resorting to my strong units doing most of the fighting, which would only put the weaker units behind even more.

This might be ok on lunatic or even hard, but I was playing on Normal mode and quite frankly, I felt like if I didn't resort to strategies like turtling or using only my good units, I would be screwed over. I get that they were trying to make it challenging, but the challenge was inconsistent: sometimes it was due to gimmicks, other times it was due to a combination of map design, unit design, and unit placement (good), and other times the enemies were just too strong in quality and quantity and there was little I could do strategically to take it, because simply put, the numbers were against me.

Note that my characters may have been slightly underleveled or lacking in bonds due to not playing any paralogues and not using certain features of My Castle. However, if doing those would have helped me that much, I find that a problem, because I have my own reasons for avoiding those "optional" extras and it would be a bit disappointing if the normal balance for the chapters assumes you are making full use of those, rather than assuming you're not. (And in case you didn't see it earlier: Yes, I was playing on classic mode.)


Special Ability: Dragon Vein: It may seem odd to list this special ability that makes changes to the maps as both a good and a bad, but the gimmicks vary so much it could hardly be helped. I don't want to be specific, but sometimes the gimmicks were very tactical and could be easily timed in favor of the player. Sometimes they were just a "one-time" thing. Other times, however, the gimmicks felt forced and intrusive. For instance, one chapter's dragon vein gimmick involves opening some paths on the map while blocking others and it was so annoying I just didn't want to deal with it, because it was a nice idea that was poorly executed and was far too difficult to effectively use in the way it seemed the developers wanted us to use it (splitting up units and taking them on alone). The fact that most dragon veins spots can only be used once and a limited # of characters can activate them (at the cost of not being able to attack; I should mention that the royalty are some of the best units in the game, so it's risky wasting one of their turns to use dragon vein) didn't help.

Another map had a gimmick that essentially whizzed units away in a somewhat unpredictable fashion. You would have a general idea of where they were going, but nothing specific; it could split up units, move enemies in to you, or otherwise. The thing is, you could force this gimmick to activate on your turn, but it was a risky move, and if you didn't, it would happen anyway. Ultimately, the gimmick proved to add little strategical value to the map and was far from enjoyable, and I found myself playing defensively against the gimmick wishing it wasn't there. There were a few other such chapters.

Character Recruiting: Character recruiting was generally not very interesting. Perhaps this is because I didn't recruit children, but there were practically no characters to be recruited late-game, which also presented a problem in that I couldn't replace missing characters. I suddenly had more spots for characters to be on my team, but without delving into sidequest/paralogues to recruit children, I had no one to fill those spots. What characters you do recruit are pretty straight-forward; the conditions for recruiting characters were very limited (they usually just automatically join your team) and recruitable characters weren't used as a gameplay element, e.g. recruiting a character admist enemies, rushing to save an NPC or a village with an NPC, etc., and I missed this from previous games as it added a small sense of excitement and depth to the game.


Few Meaningful Choices: This ties in with the story too, but gameplay-wise, choices didn't really seem to matter. I won't spoil the choices, but I was disappointed considering the game was supposed to be big on choices made throughout the game, and the only real choice felt like which game to buy/which route to play first.

Extras: Of course, Fire Emblem is now much more than just how the main chapters play. The IMO bad extra features were the changed forge system and the fluff of My Castle. Simply put, My Castle feels like your home base and in some ways an expanded barracks, but there is little point to this expansion as it adds little to the game. You need to farm to do stuff, and you need to get minerals and such for forging, which is annoying because they are a bit limited and your best chance at getting more is the arena, which picks seemingly random characters to fight for you... It just feels kind of pointless and meager and not-the-point when it doesn't need to be; it wasn't a great world or enjoyable to make my own "My Castle", it was simply something I needed to invest time in if I wanted weapons and items for the main game.

There's also the option to engage in conversations with characters, which were just... ok. They were pretty much all shallow, predictable one-liners that added to the fluff, but not much else. More on that later, but also there's the option to interact with characters in your room, eat meals, and dress them up, which also seemed rather pointless... except for the fact that these all have various effects on the gameplay, meaning it's actually a little bit important you spend time on these extra My Castle features unless you want to have a difficult time later or don't mind only experiencing a fraction of the game. But this is a review of the whole game, and I can say without a doubt that these features did little to add anything of value to the game.

The Final Chapter: I won't spoil what happens, but a certain part of the final chapter was my least favorite final chapter in the entire series, and I didn't like a lot of final chapters. At first it was good, but then... well, you should play and judge it for yourself, but it was such a poor way to end what was otherwise...

Overall: An enjoyable and challenging game, with some bumps and flaws that stopped it from being nearly as good as it could have been. With some more polish and some less gimmicky features, the main gameplay of the game could have been one of the best in the series. It often felt multiple steps up from Awakening due to the variety of chapter goals, more focused ideas, and increased balanced, but it also felt like it completely failed in some areas.




So much brown. And I think this is Hoshido, but Nohr ain't much different.

The game uses a lot of the color brown, so much so that it became a bit overwhelming. It is trying to get across a theme here, but it almost tries too hard and I got sick of seeing brown all over the UI and the game. Maybe it's just me though.

The animation models were not that quality up-close; Corrine's face looked a bit deformed and ugly and in general, bodies sometimes looked slightly off or deformed. At least somewhat, it's a result of the style and hardware limitations, but it just didn't always pan out, especially out of battle (in-battle it usually looked fine).




(This is probably the category most likely to contain sensitive information as it's difficult to talk about the story without sharing my impressions and thus a little bit of how it went, so again, read at your own risk.)

Now, I can't reflect on the Hoshido route ("Birthright") story as I haven't played it myself, but Nohr isn't really quite how it was made out to be. It is very much a straight-forward story that feels very episodic and chopped up. Sub-plots and individual character stories are sparse and enemies are poorly developed, with a couple of exceptions. In general, the story is very predictable as a whole and fails to impress or make much progress. When there are "plot twists", they are written and executed so poorly and predictably that it reminded me of watching a cheap anime and actually caused me a little bit of frustration.

There's no real sense of the "countries" outside of the royal families and their confidants; there's little politics, there's little in the way of "other forces" involved... like I said earlier, it's just very straight-forward and uncomplicated. For a game that was supposed to be about fixing Nohr from the inside, it felt more like I was just a part of the inside, but not really fixing anything. When there was someone else in the inside messing things up, I wasn't really given a choice to do anything, and had the important decisions—or at least, decisions I'd like to have made given that the game was trying so hard at points to make me actually feel like Corrine—made for me.

Speaking of Corrine (AKA Kamui; I do apologize if I mess up and use that name—also, I played as Male Corrine, and for convenience, I will be referencing the avatar as he), he's probably the weakest part of the story. I found him to be a very idealistic and generic hero-type character that fails to do anything out of the ordinary. When he is about to, I found myself rooting for him greatly, thinking he would finally have some character development, only to be disappointed. Now, this goes very much into his character as well, the next section, but it can't be helped in that when the story revolves around such a disappointing main character that puts the idealistic Shiroe from Fate/Stay Night's main route to shame, the story as a whole is also largely uninteresting, unimpressive, shallow, and disappointing.

Another problem with the story is that it doesn't feel like it means much. I had little sense of how much the war affected people, how much the lives of the soldiers and families meant, how big the kingdoms were... the characters are mostly people that follow one kingdom or the other, with a few rare exceptions, so they felt somewhat detached from the problems, especially due to how characters are written. This ties into the atmosphere and characters as well, but with people going to My Castle and chilling, having silly support conversations, and being touched and played with by their commanding officer in his treehouse or whatever, I had a little bit of a hard time taking the plot seriously—and I did my best to avoid such elements. The characters didn't really seem affected all that much by the war or the events going on, they were just sort of people in the army related to the royalty who happened to be involve, each with their own personality; meaning the characters didn't add much depth to the story as a whole, with only one notable exception to this popping up in my head (but I won't spoil it).

In general though, it doesn't feel like there's much at stake. Even if I had seen a village burning down in a cutscene, if I didn't get to know that village, it wouldn't mean much to me; and it's not that I'm heartless, but it's a fictional story and it's difficult to feel sympathy for something you don't know. Likewise, I didn't get to see flashbacks of the main family interacting when they were younger, so I didn't feel any real bond outside of the dialog forced by events that happen in-game, or support conversations, which generally weren't that deep and didn't add much anyhow (but even so, they're not apart of the main story, so they only contribute so much). I didn't feel like anyone's life was really at stake because nothing particularly bad happened in the game and it was told in such a way that it felt like no matter what happened, the heroes would get out alive, perhaps even more-so because it would ruin things like the support conversations and My Castle interactions if someone important actually turned traitor or died. When someone actually did die (it's an RPG for 15+ years old, not much of a spoiler that someone died) I didn't actually get to know them well enough to care much or feel like much had been lost: the only thing going for them was the time I had spent playing the game, and it lacked enough immersion for that to be much of a factor.

At one point in the story, an important character dies and it's upsetting because the main character pretty much did nothing to prevent or stop this but "regretted" it anyway. Throughout the story, they're like this: only taking just enough risk to stir something up, but without long-lasting consequences. When presented with a tough situation, someone else has to bail Corrine out, and it feels contrived and legitimately upsetting, as well as a bit unbelievable. In general, the character interactions and relations are so shallow and poorly developed that it's hard to imagine they'd actually act and feel the way they do in the story as a whole (e.g. people forgiving each other or acting like they're close family when there's little rational reasoning for them to feel that way). So yeah, the characters... let's get into that.

But first, I want to share my opinion on the ending: it was pretty awful and poorly executed and I felt almost nothing at it except a bit of questioning as to how this happened or why the characters acted the way they did. Granted, you might feel differently than I did, especially depending on which route you play first, so take it with a grain of salt (like pretty much everything here) and keep an open mind—don't let me totally ruin it for you. One person's trash is another person's treasure... or something like that.

OK, time to talk about the characters.


There's so much I could say about the characters, so let me handle this a bit differently and list points so it's a little easier to handle.

- Shallow interactions throughout the game. Same beef as Awakening: these can be considered cool or just fluff lacking in actual substance. Characters are dominated by personality gimmicks and feel 1-dimensional. I don't actually feel any motivation to learn about the characters; in a way, having them be silent in older Fire Emblem games piqued my curiosity, and while the added screen-time is nice sometimes, at other times it gets a bit much and feels pointless.



Leon looks a bit dignified (as royalty should), smart, and strong... how is he actually?

- Characters usually act exactly how they look or as their position demands them to, unless it contradicts with their gimmick or trope. It makes things somewhat bland and predictable: the fun part about characters is peeling away that outer layer of how they look and finding out how they really think and seeing their real personality, not just how they usually act in front of people or how they handle simple situations. Seeing how they react in crazy situations, and doing things that are out of character, actually builds character, because real people are, at least from my biased experiences, more complicated than what they seem at first. Sure, what you do for a living and such does influence personality, but that doesn't mean it has to meet those stereotypes as much as it sometimes does in Fates. In other words, I wish characters would break free of this and show more varied reactions, moods, and traits. Instead of Elise always being the supportive "cute" little sister, maybe make her have a fight with Corrine and instead of having Corrine be his usual understanding self, have him be petty and fight back at first.



All is more or less well as long as you're fighting on the same side.

- This leads into my next point, which is that the game feels like it's afraid to let people on the same side conflict or clash. Pretty much everyone seems like a "nice person". Everyone gets along. Everyone has to get along. Any two people can be paired up with each other and grow bonds. If two characters support but there isn't much natural substance to that support, a shoddy support is forced in instead, just so there is one. People aren't allowed to just be silent or do their own thing. Everyone is under the wing of Corrine and his "army" and even if someone tells Corrine he's right or wrong or needs to consider this or that, it just goes so well it kind of bothers me: my gosh, someone yell at each other, someone get emotional, someone do more than just act mature and say the right thing and do the expected thing. Someone break free!

- Characters can't say no. They can't say no to you talking to them. To you marrying them. To you inviting them to your room. To your actions in the army, or with the army. Honestly, this is a bit of a spoiler, but Corrine doesn't really do much over the course of the game that really gives people any good reason to follow and respect him: ok, he's somewhat of a leader and he's royalty, he has a couple "good" moments maybe, but he fails to impress or do anything that anyone else can't do, and Xander/Marx is way better of a leader in my opinion. Kamui is forcibly made the connecting thread between characters but it's such a weak starting point and yet everyone is tied to it anyway, which is just a recipe for failure in my opinion.



Wait, why is Owain back? OK, maybe not literally, but close enough...

- The inclusion of Awakening-like characters. Just seems like straight-up unnecessary fan service that contributes nothing of value to the game. And that's all I can really say on this.

- There are few interesting backstories, motivations for joining Corrine, etc.: again, most characters are just subservient to a country. There are few different allegiances or personal motives behind joining. Let's compare this with Fire Emblem 7 so we can think a bit more specifically: you had characters from several different countries, friends of one character who didn't know other characters at all, personal retainers and soldiers, spies, civilians, a warrior from a distant desert, a guy who wants to kill the main character, a former and current general, researchers... all these people from so many different origins joined a single army somewhat for a common cause but also for different causes, and in a way it was amazing they could function as well as they did!

The best part was probably seeing how these characters would unexpectedly have connections to each other in their upbringing or their pasts, and often you wouldn't even know if you didn't read the supports: take Wil, Rebecca, and Dart, or Lucius and Renault. Now, that's not to say Fates doesn't have its character relations or well-written supports, but it's certainly lacking the depth that some of the previous Fire Emblem games had, and in general with how characters were recruited, I wasn't really interested in learning about them anyway, because I mean, what do you need to know about X's retainer/personal servant, it's obvious why they're joining you, it's because it's their job: it's less enigmatic and thus less curiosity-piquing than that one guy who happened to be in that village or that person in the enemy army who defected for some reason or that lone traveler that decided to join up with you and your cause even though you're strangers.

Overall: Characters are shallow, bland, predictable, and just lacking in general. There is some potential and they certainly have more "surface depth" than previous games, but it seems that was sacrificed for meaningful depth. Like how a (mostly) silent main character such as Link from The Legend of Zelda is, in a way, easier to get attached to than one that yaps off constantly, most of the characters only seem to have surface charm and not underlying charm, and because of that I can't say they're well-written or an asset to the game, even if they're not exactly bad.

To be fair, the cast has always been a huge part of Fire Emblem—few games have this many "playable" characters and they could have gone with generic units like in Advance Wars, so that's why I have so much to say about it. One could even argue the characters are more important to a Fire Emblem game than the story as a whole! (...Though I won't argue that myself, I'm just saying.)


The music for the Nohr side may have very well been the same music for the Hoshido side... in which case, I'm disappointed. The Nohr music has a very Eastern feeling to it which contradicts the general nature of Nohr. Sure, not all fights take place in Nohr, but it still felt a little odd that the music didn't really match the essence or atmosphere presented by the characters you were controlling and the country you sided with.

Also, a lot of songs weren't very memorable and the melodies felt a bit chaotic, as if the instruments were trying to fight over each other for dominance of the melody. Because of that, I didn't get into a lot of the map music and such.

There were also a couple of songs that sounded like they had elements that came straight out of Awakening: I could repeat the drum beat in my head and matched it with Awakening's almost immediately, though sadly I couldn't tell you the exact song. The boss themes also felt a little similar: not very similar, but enough that one might feel the composer struggled to create a whole new set of quality melodies, or else they thought it would be good fan service. It reminds me of how the Tales of games and its longstanding composer Motoi Sakuraba's songs all sound very similar, especially when they're created for the same purpose.

The soundtrack is good as a whole, don't get me wrong, but aside from a few impressive songs, it was mostly just "solid background music": nothing I would brag about or worthy of considerable praise.

Atmosphere & Immersion



Look at that scenery. Looks inspired, doesn't it?

The atmosphere in a game (not just Fire Emblem) is actually important enough to me that I am including it in this review. Generally, the atmosphere is fine: you have a war going on, Nohr is darker, Hoshido is lighter, one feels more Eastern and the other more European... however, there are some elements that break this atmosphere.

For one, as previously mentioned, the character interactions detract from it. It's fine to some extent, but I just find it difficult to see people getting married and having children in the middle of the war. Well, truth be told, I didn't get that far because I purposely avoided it, but I made a point to enlighten myself on how it works (it's similar to Awakening), and it is a little bit odd.

But that's not a big deal. It is a video game based in fantasy. It's fiction. However, then we have a character that drops their weapon after a battle to do a sexy pose. We have characters that blush and smile in unfitting circumstances. Characters stick to their personality most of the time regardless of the situation: even if something bad just happened in the story. Granted, it's difficult to maintain parity amongst events that can happen at any time and story events, so I cut a little bit of slack on this, but at the same time, it's a war: people are always dying, and only so much is believable or tolerable.


Then there's My Room, where you can touch/play with characters, which completely disrupts the atmosphere of a serious war and bonds amongst war comrades. In turn, it takes away from the immersion: I can hardly look at a character in-game the same after seeing them blush and say weird things. Does it bother me that much? No, not really, but every little thing adds to or detracts from the overall experience, including the "optional" things.

There's also the break of My Castle in general: the experience of shopping, forging, etc. is expanded more, which is nice in a way... but it doesn't feel like I'm shopping in the middle of the war. I mean, I'm essentially in my own dimension (I can't remember the exact explanation for My Castle), which is its own thing, but at the same time, isn't really optional or an extra... so while I did my best to minimize the effect of this, it also clearly played an important role in the game and I couldn't not let it detract from the atmosphere and immersion. I suppose these features in general just contradict a desire to focus on the events happening in the main story and really feeling invested in the characters and what they're doing. I can kind of get people talking in the barracks in Awakening, of course fellow soldiers are going to interact even if times are grim, but everyone just hanging out in another dimension in Nohr in a way that it almost seems like they're enjoying themselves is a little more awkward.



Looking at scenery is nice and I don't love menus or anything, but this didn't really add much to the game, it's just kind of there because it can be.

Maybe if there was a break in the plot or something—I think it's fine that characters enjoy themselves—or it fit the story-telling in general, it'd be less jarring, but it just doesn't seem to mesh well with everything else going on, and I have to wonder what IS's priorities really are and what kind of game they're really trying to make/sell here. It feels more like a spin-off, which isn't a flaw in and of itself, but it's only natural for a game to be compared to other entries in the series, or for it to have set a precedence. I also look at "what the game is trying to accomplish" and the fact that they hired a writer and commented on Awakening's poor story shows IS is clearly invested into making a good story, but they contradict themselves by implementing elements that conflict with each other. You just can't have everything in one game and you can't cater to everyone... and it feels like IS might be confused and unsure themselves of what they need to do. Unfortunately, even if I had an answer, it's not something I can share, and it'd only be one answer out of so many: I just hope they decide what they really want by the next game and stick to it (and make it clear: re-brand the game if you have to) so we don't have conflicting elements of atmosphere and immersion in the game like we do now.

Final Sub-Scores & Summaries:


Gameplay: ~7/10 - Has some excellent ideas and is more polished than Awakening, but also some very poor or poorly executed ideas. Balance and map design also fluctuate between good and bad.

Graphics: ~9/10 - A little too brown, models look a little awkward at times, but otherwise excellent and like Awakening, one of the best-looking games on the 3DS.

Story & Characters: ~4/10 - The plot and characters are mostly dull, shallow and uninteresting, with a few good moments. Ceases to impress or live up to what it was made out to be. In some ways, worse than Awakening's story and characters. The main character (Corrine, the avatar) is the biggest problem and drags the entire plot and characters down with him, but the entire vision is simply lacking in ambition, complexity, and execution. In other words, the game would greatly benefit from a much tighter and more developed narrative, and what is there isn't very enjoyable.

Music & Sound: ~8/10 - Good overall, but not very impressive or memorable as a whole. Music has a nice theme and identity to it, albeit melodies may sound familiar to Awakening or be obscured in the composition.

Atmosphere, Immersion, & Presentation: ~6/10 - Though the setting is excellent, it suffers from many breaks in the atmosphere and immersion as well as unnecessary extra features. As a whole, it's not presented very well despite having a good premise and lots of potential, and lacks the vision that a great video game generally has.

Final Overall Score: 7.4/10

When converted to a Metacritic score, this would be just under the rating for an acclaimed game: similarly, it's almost a great game, but has such major downfalls that it just doesn't make the cut.




Go buy the game, or Takumi will hunt you down and shoot you. Just kidding.

These are just my personal recommendations, so take them with even more of a grain of salt than with the rest of the review. It's a reflection of who I think the game is suited or not suited to, but you might find it different, so if you're really unsure, I'd either A] hope there's a demo and get that, B] borrow the game from someone else, or C] just go for it and buy a route and if you don't like, trade it in to get your money back. I'm free to answer questions though, if you have any.

I recommend this to: people who liked Awakening and didn't mind the story or characters; people who are diehard Fire Emblem fans who can overlook other flaws for the gameplay, and can overlook the occasional bad parts of the gameplay; people who like an RPG with dating sim elements in general.



Make any sudden attempts to buy the game, and you will be cut down where you stand. Just kidding.

I don't recommend this to: people who didn't like Awakening very much; people who expect a great story or characters from an RPG; people who are diehard Fire Emblem fans sensitive to changes or new features that don't work/fit the game well; people who considerably dislike strategy RPGs or dating sims or aren't interested in a combination of the two; people who are particular about their hardcore games, because it likely won't please them; and people whose main focus of the game is to pick out female or male characters to dote on for reasons such as their looks, design or personality quirks, because that's what visual novels and fan service games are for, and Fire Emblem really doesn't do it that well compared to those games, so there's really way better waifus out there :P.

That's it for my super extremely long review of the game! If you actually read all of that... wow. I'm kind of impressed. And honored. If you just read some of it, that's totally cool: the point of this review was to be extremely detailed but with minimal spoilers, because there have already been detailed breakdowns of the game WITH spoilers or ones that don't spoil, but don't actually say much, either. So yeah, it's super long, and written by an amateur, but that's the idea. Hope you enjoyed it~!

#63783 Debate

Posted by Green on 11 August 2010 - 07:33 PM

I played FE3,4,5,6,7 and 8

Have fun choosing. I really dont care what character you pick unless its like Marcus vs Percival.

Enjoy happy.gif

#123397 How do you browse the forum?

Posted by Shu on 23 June 2015 - 07:58 AM

I usually use a computer.

#123200 If FES was a High school class(Skype chat)

Posted by bblues on 14 June 2015 - 12:00 AM

bblues - They said play hide and seek when school started. He's still hiding.

#122796 How do you feel about your Skill Level at Fire Emblem?

Posted by Mercurius on 04 June 2015 - 01:02 AM

Also. Just so you guys know.

There are people that struggle with Normal mode of Awakening.


How this ever happens is COMPLETELY beyond me, but yeah.

#28076 I challenge you!

Posted by Rujio on 03 July 2009 - 03:03 PM

Well, with the debate tournament, I figured that it'd probably be a good idea to get at least one debate under my belt. The debate will be on either FE7 or FE8, I don't particularly care as long as it's one of those, so whatever you like. Anyone interested?

#128850 Leafy's FE6 Recolor Project

Posted by Blue Leafeon on 25 February 2017 - 02:09 PM

fzNOXLC.png -> 8Fu3UrP.png


Similar to Mercu's FE6, but without the alternative Roy/other sprites and with more...accurate colors.


This started because I wanted to make a GBA Virtual Console .cia file for my jailbroken 3DS but the washed out colors of FE6 bother me. I generally find FE6 to be a great game whose worst errors could be easily fixed with just some sprite/palette replacements and nightmare. So I'm kind of attempting to do that.


Some Portrait Samples:



Background and Tileset Changes:



In addition to palette changes, I have gone through every playable unit's growth rates and attempted to balance everyone out. I've also given the Binding Blade and Fae's dragonstone infinite uses, given Thieves and Fae some extra stat caps, and gave the legendary weapons a few more weapon uses. I haven't tested these balances yet, but I intend to once I get done with the portraits. (I need to play the game through to find the background palette locations, so...)

#128683 Who is on Your Main Team in Heros?

Posted by Elwood on 07 February 2017 - 11:22 PM

Curious to see who people have been able to summon and what combinations you are using.


For me it's : Roy, Ray(I refuse to call him Raigh), Hawkeye and Maria.


So who have ya'll been lucky enough to summon?

#123758 Satoru Iwata dies at 55

Posted by kirant on 13 July 2015 - 08:32 PM

I'll copy what I said on another forum...


Unfortunately, I think Iwata is part of a dying breed...the CEO who lives with passion, conviction, and took charge himself at all possible opportunities.

Here are some more stories about him:
 - He halved his own salary in the face of decreasing Nintendo sales.  To be fair, this is expected of CEOs in Japan when things turn south...but let's keep this in mind still.
 - To assist the production of Super Smash Brothers Melee (and to meet the Christmas deadline), he stepped in from his position as General Manager (his last position before CEO) and debugged for three weeks.  Keep in mind he was probably half a decade out of practice at this point.

 - He managed to compress the Johto section of Pokemon Gold/Silver to such a degree that they could fit the Kanto side in (keep in mind that GS came out on a 2 MB cartridge)

 - He ported the key parts of Pokemon to the N64 (which would eventually become Pokemon Stadium) without a reference manual

 - And, most incredible of all, he managed to save Earthbound on his own by programming almost all the key elements of it.


Iwata is the type of CEO I would always want.  He worked his way up, never lost sight of his past, and got his hands dirty as needed.  A programming genius and dedicated developer until the end.  It's too bad that we have to see him leave so early but I think he left us an unforgettable legacy as is.

I think it's best to leave it with one of his most famous quotes, which encompasses everything about him.

On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer.

#123232 Nintendo world championships 2015

Posted by ^Leo^ on 15 June 2015 - 01:41 AM

Anybody else watch this? Some of those underground matches were just fiendish(super metroid is the bane of my existence). And the Mario maker levels. The people who spawned those obviously have some sadistic tendencies. Also seeing Reggie have his ass handed to him by hungrybox was well worth the year long wait.

#123186 Smash Bros. Character Leak

Posted by Fire Blazer on 13 June 2015 - 10:36 AM





Stinks that it was leaked but




I like how for me, Roy completely overshadows Ryu (even though I also very much like Ryu and Street Fighter... HADOUKEN)








it's a dream come true


I literally woke up randomly and was like "what the heck", in my tiredness I checked Twitter and JUST THEN ROY AND RYU HAD BEEN LEAKED, IT WAS CRAZY


MY BRAIN SENSED ROY WAS ONCE AGAIN ENTERING THE WORLD AND IT WOKE ME UP TO LET ME KNOW, THANK YOU (do not ruin my joy here plz I will be as delusional as I want dangit)





#123105 How do you imagine other members?

Posted by Mercurius on 11 June 2015 - 03:30 PM

I imagine most other active members as unknowns that I only get along with at a shallow level given how most of us don't really feel like posting our opinions in any particularly informative way. That said that's mostly my mentality. Let's see what I can specifically remember off the top of my head out of members that are on my Skype...


AbsolutelyTotalSilence: One of Gold's closer friends. Likes being over the top, ironic, and poking fun at videogame conventions. He will most likely at some point break the fourth wall of reality and then make all of us simultaneously suffer an existential crisis by consequence. Prefers that something stays fun and easy. Not sure if British or not. I can never tell how internet-fluent he is either. Reasonable. Creator of music.


I'm unable to disassociate Silence from his mug. And motorcycles. And his dual guns Black Static and White Noise (even though I can't even remember what KIND of gun this is.)


Golden Warrior:Into Kingdom Hearts and Pokemon(but then it's probably easier to try naming people NOT into Pokemon.) Is relatively hardworking (as in "I'm the only one that does anything when schools make us put up with group bullshit") and interested in programming. Went to Korea at some point for some unknown reason. Younger than a lot of us(although this impression is from a while back, he's still like, 14 to me.) Christian.


Also unable to disassociate Gold from his mug.


arimibn:Often has suicidal issues and conflicts about how he feels and how he thinks he should. Is particularly interested in stylized little girls. Registered for an art university IIRC. Likes DBZ and overpoweredness in general. Apparently Muslim. In contrast to DBZ, he really likes slice of life shows that involve school for whatever reason. Generous. Heroic. Probably too friendly and emotionally expects much out of others as a result. Tons of family members, whether blood-related or not. Is part of a military family. Prefers dark longcoats for fashion reasons. Bunch of other things I'm too lazy to get specific about here, but whatever the case he has enough to easily approach for conversation.


Even though he has actual real pictures of himself on the internet I still associate him with his self insert OC. When he asked me what yugioh card I think he'd be I answered with Sword Master though.


SmashedFish:Knows he's fairly irresponsible and tries to fix that problem but never gets around to it. May not realize as much about his surroundings as he likes. Doesn't have a great idea of what the scope of what he wants is(but then not many people do, including me.) Recently learned he's a big Castlevania fan, though unfortunately I don't have any details on why. Expects others to be a whole lot less sketchy than he should. his mom probably had to constantly watch him as a kid so that he didn't end up in the hands of some creepy stranger that came from behind a "Beware of pedophiles!" sign at the park Simultaneously feels like he's some guy that should be around but at the same time doesn't seem like he belongs. Doesn't particularly believe he's capable of anything substantial but goes through life well enough anyway. I think his family ran a fish business or something.


Mainly looks like Rin (his OC) but subject to change if I bothered to look at other ways he visually expresses himself.


Snow:Is kind of creepy in that he's been looking to get into becoming a pharmacist(I think?) for a while but is really into dark fantasy. (He's researching medieval poisons in his spare time I swear. Probably has to deal with exorcising a whole bunch of demons that show up to make him fall into temptation too.) Reads more books than the rest of us combined. Went to a private school with really shitty uniforms. Lives in Chile in real life but lives on US/British territories on the internet as far as I'd know. Does/did volunteer work. Creator of FE maps. Has one of the better families around. I think he's Catholic?


I can't get the image of him as a Western missionary that happens to introduce modern medical technology and knowledge to more primitive societies out of my head now that you mention this topic.


Bonestorm:Creator of sprites and music(and training his/her vocal cords for the sake of music) and knew a lot about FE hacking in spite of not really doing much of it himself. More pessimistic than I am. Gender unknown. Always fighting against his/her hair's natural state. Might feel like he/she isn't creative enough for what he/she wants. Has not been here in forever.


I have no clue.


Blazer:Is a victim of the kinds of parents who either don't have enough time or interest in him to have provided him with a reliable family, that tried to compensate via granting him material possessions. The admin of this site, of course, though you wouldn't realize it sometimes. The person that gives me almost all of my likes for some reason. Lost, but trying his best. Has terrible relations with Nayr. Creator of The Last Promise and a big Tales fan, though he isn't quite as much of one anymore after recent disappointments. Knows what it's like to do something as a means to an end and how crappy it can feel investing too much time and effort into that rather than particularly appreciating the journey there. Probably better at understanding Japanese than I am at this point in spite of saying that he isn't really that good at it. Can be a massive asshole when he feels like it but wouldn't show it on this site for the most part. Is like one of those ultramixed race people or something IIRC.


Red from Pokemon.


Visual memory and character memory seems to be largely disassociated from each other no matter what. The first three are all images that I manually improved too so there's probably too much investment in them for me to change them. Although in Arim's case it was translating Symphobunny's drawing of him into FE form.

#120446 New Moderators Decided On

Posted by Fire Blazer on 18 April 2015 - 01:56 AM

Hi all,


First of all, I hate my life. Why? Because I spent like 20 minutes or some stupid amount of time typing an awesome/witty post only for it to go down to the drain to some kind of finger error that somehow resulted in my leaving the page and losing my post.


Dangit all.


Second of all, the tl;dr is at the bottom if you want to read that instead of my usual long post.


That aside. OK. New forums, new moderators. Old ones? Gone. Except those with special positions (Seraph, Shu and I; Seraph is really just an honorary staff member and isn't expected to do anything lol, Shu and I are admins and we'll mod if we see stuff but have other responsibilities, namely graphics and webmaster/administration stuff respectively).


Who are new mods?


Kirant: veteran, smart, trusted member/friend. well, I trust him, but I can't say the opposite holds true... since I took his Cordelia icon and he probably will hate me until I return it to him (plz confirm/deny Kirant lolol).


Surprise: Cero. I know he seems like an immature little jerk but I think he can step up to the plate, he's just that kind of person. That being said I could say that about a lot of members, so let me also add that he is online frequently, contributes quite a bit, has been around for a while, and I can contact him easily. Also, he's helped out multiple times with FES stuff recently, such as administration stuff, giving critique, and heading up the FES Smash Tourney (with my supervision), which has taken a small load off of me and allowed me to focus on other, more important things (no offense but there are just some things that only I can really do and I legitimately appreciate every little bit of help I get... and I am very picky about my help/the quality of it so yeah).


Two important notes about the moderators:


- They are temporary. This technically goes for like, all mods, but what I really mean is... they're already treading on thin ice, or something. I'm pretty much not going to be very lenient in the sense that if they suddenly disappear for 2 weeks/fail to do their job when it's right there, I might reverse things. Granted. I seriously do not expect to, but in the past we have had people kind of not work out as moderators, and I think a lot of this has to do with the mentality of being a moderator and how it's kind of a volunteer job that few people actually like to do. It's kind of being like the police: you get a shiny badge and all but some people just inherently see you as the bad guy even when you're just trying to uphold the peace. Though there ARE moderators/policemen and policewomen who are just straight up jerks too. Anyhow, I picked people who I thought wouldn't have this problem. They are both cool people and you should really treat them no differently than when they didn't have the shiny badge... especially because they don't even have a shiny badge yet #WorkingOnIt but at the same time, I don't want a long period where we effectively only have 1 moderator because all the other ones aren't actually here. That's all I really mean. If I need to, I will replace them, and that's that, it's no biggie, it's just a matter of making sure the forum actually has moderators. Maybe I can get bb to take his seat on the throne again


- They are both global mods. No more section mods. Feels unnecessary right now, especially given we have less forum clutter than before. I don't think it would be very productive or efficient to restrict moderators to certain areas. Instead, I want them to just moderate whatever posts they feel like visiting. Between two dedicated moderators and two admins, I think we should be capable of covering most of the forum and spotting any problems in a decent time-frame. :)


I think I had some other stuff to say but this is the second freaking time I typed up something about the new moderators so I'm pretty much at my wits' end. I need a freaking break. Farewell and don't forget to congratulate the new mods.




- New mods are Kirant and Cero

- Believe it

- Trust in the you that trusts in the me that trusts in them

- Willing to replace quickly in case it doesn't work out, nothing personal I just want mods actually on the forum (I don't think this will be a problem in the least/anytime soon though)

- Both global moderators, say bye-bye to section mods, at least for now

- As usual, Shu and I will support with moderating as we can/feel like it (Seraph is just staff in name due to his long history with the site)

- Congratulate the new mods

- Feel free to ask any question, make suggestions, rage, etc.


Posted by Fire Blazer on 21 March 2015 - 06:42 AM

Hey guys.

tl;dr - Keep FES alive somehow, need suggestions and/or help, give me contact info in case we go our separate ways as FES and more importantly its members are dear to me (FES can be wherever and can be replaced, the members can't)


I don't even know who visits anymore. I didn't for a while. I know there are some great loyal people here who check the forums still, but the truth is, the forums hardly get any activity. We used to have dozens, even hundreds of posts, but now we're down to like, less than 1 a day. It's sad. It's heart-breaking. I'm guilty. But it's also kind of the natural course things have taken: we kept the site alive for so long despite the decreasing prevalence of forums as a way of communication and interaction within a community. Forums can still be useful for things like tech support and such where there are a few active members and everyone else are random people coming in for help, but this community can't thrive that way. Not only do we not have active members to keep things going, but we don't have the interest in discussing things this way, Fire Emblem and all.

I want to do something about it, but I feel like I'm low on options. Please, if you have any suggestions, bring them up. I won't delete FESF or anything because I don't want to lose the memories, but at the same time, I do want to do something about this and perhaps bring a transition or closure to things.

Here are the options for keeping FES alive in various ways that I thought of:

- Skype chat - we currently have one, but not everyone wants to participate. right now it's very casual and we discuss much more than FE, so perhaps a real FE-dedicated chat might be better? but then again, maybe not.
- Facebook - we could share contact info via facebook and have a facebook page, or merge into an existing Fire Emblem facebook page.
- Twitter - well, for what it's worth, FES has a twitter and uses that to convey news and other FE info and such. It's a way to interact and comment about recent news, if you're willing to participate.

- Upgrading to IPB and trying to carry over all the old stuff. However, as awesome as this would be, it would cost a LOT. we're talking hundreds. I don't mind paying if I have the money, but I would need some people to commit with me to legit revive the site. We can't be paying SF expenses only to have hardly anyone actually be in the community. I'd need at least one dedicated admin and 1-2 dedicated moderators (i.e. not someone who quits after 2 weeks and/or doesn't do anything). Not like a 1 hour a day dedication, just like a couple hours a week, at least until things get going and the community "runs itself" to some extent.

I don't really think the last idea will work but it's not like I won't try.

Lastly, I'd like to get the contact info of people in case things disappear and I want to contact you! If your e-mail is the same as your current FES e-mail (the one you registered with), then I can technically look it up, but regardless, you are free to send me your e-mail, AIM, Skype, or whatever to smashfire17@gmail.com -- as people know I hate the feeling of never being able to talk to someone again even if I want to, I like to feel like we still have some connection no matter how far it is in time or space (cheesy I know), so yeah.

Well, for now I'll leave it at that, but if you're here, please comment/respond. This is important. I don't want to be like other forums and just have the forum and die and no one ever talks to each other again. Not when I'm still here, and we're still alive--even if it's through sillier, mundane, less sincere and community-like things like Twitter and the Skype chat (no offense to those but I know that forums have their own charm for some, one that just isn't appreciated as much anymore... *sigh*).

#126794 In the Shadow of Giants Interest and Suggestion Thread

Posted by Levy on 16 April 2016 - 12:46 AM

Hey everyone I'm starting my new project.An alternate history timeline for the console wars called well In the Shadow of Giants. The basic premise is it takes place in alternate world where 4th gen console war(NEC v. Nintendo V. Sega) is prolonged into the modern day or at least the 7 gen.

Some ideas:

Hardware Developer team ups something doesn't happen irl but will happen with two of the mayor players.

A earlier JRPG boom with a game displacing Final Fantasy 7.

No sonic but another mascot for Sega.

#126118 17 Years Later, and...

Posted by Blue Leafeon on 31 January 2016 - 01:48 AM



I still don't know the answer to this question. 8D

#123223 Smash Bros. DLC Thread - Roy, Ryu, Lucas, Stages, More!

Posted by Fire Blazer on 14 June 2015 - 05:00 PM

Oh man, so the event today brought in a LOT of stuff, especially for those who weren't spoiled due to the leaks:


Here's the entire video:



Here's the Roy part (I think Merc posted it too lol)



here's a boring recap




so yeah this is pretty awesome; aside from Roy we also have Ryu from Street Fighter (I'm also a fan of him; I mean his HADOUKEN and SHORYUUKEN are pretty well-known and he's already a fighting character and his moveset is pretty cool what with you being able to use specials 2 ways and having different variations on the attacks just like his actual game!)


and we have the Tekken/Virtua Fighter/Mega Man.EXE and other costumes




Man that was a pretty hype way to start E3, I got brought down to a personal killjoy moment (got charged for $150 due to errors when I only meant to add $50...) but it's still kind of exciting. Hopefully they still have plenty of awesome to show during E3... though I pretty much don't expect anything more on the Smash front of things! That was already way more than expected!

#122610 Danganronpa Another Episode, other DR stuff

Posted by kirant on 01 June 2015 - 02:12 AM

AHAHAHA man, sorry I'm not laughing at you, I just find it great that if it's Danganronpa, you're willing to pre-order the LE of even something like this =P

Put "Zero Escape" in the title and I'm pretty sure I'd buy the limited edition, all the merchandise, and then proceed to purchase many more copies of the game.


Totally hasn't bought three copies of 999 so I could give some away

#122273 Is SMTxFE too "anime" for you?

Posted by Cero on 24 May 2015 - 06:40 AM