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Zombies, Mecha, and Pokemon, oh my!

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Poll: Pick a setting for my second project to be in (see post for more details) (3 member(s) have cast votes)

Pick a setting for my second project to be in (see post for more details)

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    I won't go until it's over

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Posted 15 January 2014 - 07:20 AM

So, yeah. I felt like working on a second writing project. Why? Multiple reasons. Mostly because having many projects on the go are my specialty in any field...just so I can switch over when I get bored (I continually work on an FE hack, an Advance Wars hack, and casually starting up Pokemon hacking).

The source material for my X-COM story is kind of dead in the water for quite a while - the hack i was using will take months to update for the latest patch and I needed something else to do.

I've limited my thoughts down to three options, on the basis of using tabletop RPGs as a basis for determining battles...my stories tend to rack up large body counts by the end, each explained in a bit of detail below.

Bear in mind that, and my love of randomly colourful hair tend to never be questionable. And I kill lots of people quickly and brutally. That's pretty much a guarantee. I said it before, but it feels like I should say it twice given my penchant for being a serial killer writer.

Click for Zombies...I mean braaaaaains (Click Here To Hide/Show Text)
Basically, this would be your basic dark zombie world. Very much like what you see in most zombie films/books at the moment. Given the bright hair colour, you could imagine it like High School of the Dead with zero fanservice and all the ugly morality or an anime story version of The Walking Dead with less "trying to settle".

I do actually have a quasi-scientific explanation for zombies, but that's all an aside. The rules play a bit differently than traditional zombies...but I'll explain it at the beginning.

And, hey, guilt free violence against humanoid things!

I'd run this using the old All Flesh Must Be Eaten rules. It's an awesome tabletop game by the way.

Click for Giant Robots (Click Here To Hide/Show Text)
To all anime fans: this would be more Gundam than it would be Gurren Lagann and would likely closely resemble a human survival story closer to Attack On Titan than an actual war.

Story would actually be similar to each of the below with humanity on the ropes, monsters being the beat sticks, and people using giant robots to fight back.

On the mecha real-ness scale, think of it somewhere more real robot-y than Neon Genesis Evangelion (in that they would be somewhat more populous in mecha and less personalized), and probably close to Fafner: Dead Aggressor but with not to many enemies. Though I'm pretty sure Fafner is basically jibberish to most of you, so that just means that the human soldiers are really squishy and the monsters that threaten them are giants that basically scratch their ears and kill mechs in the process.

Maybe just think of it like anime Pacific Rim with faster mecha/monsters.

I'd use either Mekton Zero (if it comes out by the time I want to start) or Cthulhutech to run this. If you know what Cthulhutech is, you probably know how dark I can make things (for those who don't: there's a designated story event called "That's It, We're Totally Effed" and recommends having a major supporting NPC or two kill themselves right then and there).

Though, really, if Mekton Zero isn't done by the time I plan to start, I wonder what the heck my kickstarter donation was for.

Click to Catch 'em All (Click Here To Hide/Show Text)
Mostly an option because I love Pokemon Tabletop RPG and never had a good reason to use it. It'd be ambitious (because I'd make personalities for each and every pokemon owned by the main characters), but it'd be an interesting project.

The story would revolve around a couple characters and their pokemon RPG-esc trotting through the story. Except much a much more evil enemy than Team Rocket.

On the other hand, this would also be likely to be a parody as well, given the number of insane plot points in Pokmeon.

This one would likely not contain death all that much (Pokemon and this RPG really isn't built to handle death and all that), but it would be pretty brutal. I won't spoil any plans I had in mind, but it would easily be darker than any of the games.

Not many people read the other project I'm doing, so I'd be coming in with low vote count, but who knows. tongue.gif

Shameless Self-Plug - Updated May 30 - A Letter to a Younger Me – Anime Edition

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