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The History of Idos O'Connell

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#1 Sothe



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Posted 08 December 2008 - 12:42 PM

Part one: The beginning of it all.

"Okay...XL23456789's IQ is now six thousand...but he seems to be cooperating. I wonder if he can talk." A man in a white lab coat looked up at his partners. "Why is it cooperating?" The man was obviously shocked. "What're yours guys?"

"Ugh...why am I cooperating? Ha-ha, well, I'm doing it because killing you would get me arrested and thrown away. So, shut up, and if you tune my IQ any further, it may hurt you. I may get smart enough to realize I could kill you all and escape before the cops arrive." XL23456789 responded angrily, as he slowly sat up. "Also…could I have a new name? This one sucks."

"Ehh...that's morbid, but yeah, I'll stop with the IQ, what name do you want XL23456789?" The scientist smiled and turned to his colleagues. "Because you're a Cyborg...in testing, we just want to see how tough and smart you can be, without killing us, or trying to, eheheheheehehehehe!"

"What's so funny jackass? I'll kill you right now!" XL23456789 jumped at the man and prepared to kill him. Then thirty men came and tied him down.. "Forget you." The Cyborg angrily called at them when they did, he laid there... "Ugh...fine, I'll spare you...but I want a freakin' name." He struggled, trying to break the chains- or at least, pretending to.

"Uhm...does Lloyd work?" The Scientist half laughed, as he picked up some tools. "You're a Cyborg, what name do you want? Sure, most Cyborgs have names, but you're a test....nothing else, I don't even know if we can let alone will keep you alive."

"You will, you will. You've given me a lot of power; I could be useful for something in the future, unless you get a new assembly of Cyborgs, thus out dating me." Lloyd, as he is now to be known responded. "But, if I work for you peacefully, will you keep me alive? I need to ensure my own survival..." The Cyborg looked like a normal human, he simply sat there looking like a simple man, muscular, with a small beard, a brown shirt on, and a baseball-cap...That was a normal Cyborg.

"Sure, sure, Lloyd now, Good, then," The Doctor responded with a smile on his broad face. "I have the perfect job for you Lloyd….you'll never be bored, and you'll certainly get your fair share of…..excitement." The man picked up a picture of a family, and it showed him, a young boy, no older than two, and a beautiful blonde woman…maybe thirty.

"Uhm….sure… (boy, what a sucker, this'll be fun and easy.) What is it Doc?" Lloyd smiled and sat up uneasily, breaking the chains. "Those are pathetic, by the way." He then smiled heartily and said, "What am I doing? ….It better not be something retarded." The Cyborg sort of frowned when he said that, and looked at the Doctor expectantly.

"Well. I want you to guard my son. He's about two, but he's a feisty bastard. You won't be bored, ever." The man smiled, and stroked his goatee, and then waved his big hand, and pointed at a table of weapons, melee weapons, guns, explosives, pretty much any kind of weapon ever made. "As you see, there are roughly ten thousand weapons on that one table alone. "See those? I will have them ALL added to your system--if you agree." The Doctor smiled and looked at the Cyborg inquisitively.

"Uh-huh...two, huh--cool, I like kids. I guess you made me that way intentionally, eh? Well...you'll give me...all ten thousand sixty three there? What a nice offer- I suppose if I said no you'll give me a whole truck-load of nothing and leave me to die." The Cyborg sat up again slowly, and looked at the doctor, half questioningly, half expectantly.

"Hahaha, funny. No. You say no, I turn you off. I have my friends on the computer records now." The scientist reached over and handed Lloyd what appeared to be a simple pair of brass knuckles or something, but when the Cyborg put it on his fist, he shot thirty shells out of it in a second. "See? Those shells are five hundred times quicker and more powerful than bullets. Nice, huh? There are plenty more where that comes from...and it's all yours, say yes." The man smiled and stared at the Cyborg.

"...Ye...Y...Yes. I will do it- granted that you give me the power I want. After all, when your son's older, he may need serious protection. Hehe...Okay. It's agreed. Doc. I will guard your son. NOW GIMME TEH GUNZ!!!"

"Good, good!" The Doctor smiled, and waved his hand to lead the Cyborg to a group of workers. "These guys will put the weapons in you. They won't put anything else in." The man strapped Lloyd down to a table, and went over to a computer. "This computer is the only way to shut you down. If it is tapped, you're dead. If I destroy the computer, you are practically un-killable!" The man stroked his beard. "do it! Also, give the ones called Kyle, and Jessica weapons. Make Kyle a healer, and Jessica a defensive fighter. Then give Lloyd the strongest S*** we've got. They'll be a great team!

"Huh? Ky--" The Cyborg couldn't finish before he was turned off.

Two hours Later.

"sir. It's done, but we have a problem." A scientist sighed in fear. "We're under attack!"

"WHAT?! WHO BY?!" The man jumped up and pulled a Glock 340 out of his jacket. "Mercenaries? King's men? Bandits?"

"Some dick-heads who call themselves the unholy trinity, sir." The Scientist pulled a gun out of HIS jacket. "We better prepare our defenses."

"All of the above." A mysterious man walked out, and pulled a gun. "I am Matthew O'Connell. My brother and I are technically all three. For example; we are mercenaries in what we do, we are working for the king today, and we are about to go bandit on ya and take yer Cyborgs!"

"Try it you brigands!" the head scientist pulled a gun and shot at Matt, but Matt barrel rolled out of the way and shot back, hitting a chandelier.

"Go to hell, you. BROTHERS!!! COME OUT NOW!" Then Shade and Gatrie stepped out. Gatrie drew two golden revolvers, and TLS pulled out a hand-cannon, and when he shot, a blue-ish type of magma hit them.

"Sure thing brother." TLS responded.

The battle raged on. Shade, Gatrie, and Matt all shooting down scientists, and killing Cyborgs, but then the worst thing possible for them happened. Lloyd had awoken.

"Doctor…what's goin'—ah…an attack!" Lloyd put his hand on his wrist and fired a cannon of magma at the assaulters. "DOCTOR! BEHIND ME!" But it was too late. Gatrie shot the Doctor in the chest ten times. Damn!!!" Lloyd shouted, as he turned and shot Gatrie in the hand.

"Ouch! YOU FAG!" Gatrie took a magma cannon from TLS, and shot the wall.

The unholy trinity left as the building burnt.

"No…! Ugh, where are these two I was supposed to go with? Kyle and Jessica…Oh, there!" He then told them to run, and that he would meet them.

"Time to get revenge for my brother!" a mysterious man flew off the roof and shot Lloyd in the hand.

"What the hell?!" Lloyd grabbed his hand. "Who are you?!"

"I am FEFFLE!!!" Feffle then turned and ran away.

"FORGET YOU PAL!" Lloyd shouted as he joined up with his newly found partners.
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#2 Sothe



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Posted 14 December 2008 - 06:14 AM

Due to a private issue that I had no control over, and am not able to disclose here, I must change the characterization around a bit, and edit. Lock requested until further notice.
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#3 Dath


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Posted 15 December 2008 - 04:31 PM

Err...cussing....no. Just...no. And, um...in my vast experience with reading, I find that super high tech stories usually fail.



#4 Sothe



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Posted 15 December 2008 - 04:35 PM

Yeah, this is kinda failing, even in my own eyes. I'm tryin' to think of a way to fix it. Maybe make it more of a modern-day...

I dunno...

And, @ Cussing: Yeah, I over-used the cursing in the Prologue.
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