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Finally a female mercenary?

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#1 Kairu-kyun


    Order of the Void

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Posted 17 September 2012 - 04:02 PM

Okay! So, I've been working on a female mercenary, as the title states. However, it may not be one that people are looking for, since she uses a thin sword instead of a wide blade. Also, the attack sequence is not exactly like a male mercenary, but the main parts (a jump in regular attack, throwing a sword and catching it) are there. I scripted it for insertion, though the frames are utter crap, so...

Some quick points
- The golden clothing/armor/sword color is the same color as the hair
- There are 15 colors, background included, so one more color can be added, I recommend to add it to the sword. I have yet to do this because lazy
- In the critical animation, there is no crouching sprite though there should be. You'll have to edit the sword out of the crouching sprite from regular attack to remedy this.
- The first sprite of the dodge animation is the old standing sprite. Just use the one with the regular attacking animation.

You can edit the animation to be exactly like a male mercenary's attack, since the sprites are all there, but that's on you. Free to use (as if anyone would want to) and edit. I don't care about credit, just don't try to claim as your own.

Critiques, please!

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#2 AstraLunaSol



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Posted 21 September 2012 - 07:36 PM

Looks pretty cool. Doesn't really seem like a mercenary though, but more like a sword recruit/dismounted sword pegasus knight.
May I edit and script it? I don't think I'll end up using it (I never know, I may) but it seems really cool so I want to make it into a rom hack insert able animation.
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#3 Snow


    The Combat Medic

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Posted 21 September 2012 - 08:13 PM

It's really cool but like Astra said it kinda doesn't look like a merc, maybe if you made the sword thicker? I don't know but it still looks really cool.
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#4 Kairu-kyun


    Order of the Void

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Posted 22 September 2012 - 02:24 AM

Anyone can edit it, and it's free to use!

#5 Axel


    Dirty Ghetto Kids

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Posted 22 September 2012 - 11:14 AM

Technically, there was a Female Mercenary in GhebSaga, it was lazily made, not saying it was bad, but it was greatly executed. tongue.gif
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#6 Lancer



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Posted 22 September 2012 - 02:31 PM

There's actually a few female mercenaries swimming around. Iirc, dei has one, and there's the aforementioned one in ghebsaga. There's one that's a mix of mercenary and female archer I also saw one being worked on in DA. Nonetheless, yours is great! It's the only non mercenary reskined female mercenary out there, though i can identify a few parts (blade lord lyn, eirika, rogue hehe), but it's cool cause you're sequencing different classes together :3




#7 Kairu-kyun


    Order of the Void

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Posted 29 September 2012 - 02:59 PM

Thank you~

#8 AbsolutelyTotalSilence


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Posted 04 October 2012 - 03:55 AM

That turned out quite well. I actually could tell that it was Lyn, Eirika, Rogue, etc., but the different sources actually went together smoothly.
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