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@  xcrash1998 : (26 February 2020 - 09:55 AM) Not anymore
@  Mage Girl : (17 February 2020 - 02:33 AM) I can safely say I'm so far the only person to post to this shoutbox in 2020...
@  Fire Blazer : (24 December 2019 - 03:17 AM) naw, it's when the bots make collaborated efforts to crawl places, lol
@  kirant : (23 December 2019 - 05:20 AM) What do we do on Index Day? Give each other bots?
@  Fire Blazer : (16 December 2019 - 01:39 AM) LOL
@  xcrash1998 : (30 November 2019 - 11:07 PM) New fictional holiday "Index Day"
@  Fire Blazer : (28 November 2019 - 08:52 PM) yeah just guest bots and stuff I think :( we really were active once upon a time though...
@  kirant : (26 November 2019 - 03:48 PM) No invasion. I imagine a lot of guest bots visiting for indexing purposes.
@  xcrash1998 : (26 November 2019 - 02:15 PM) How is most people online at 959 for the 8th of October of this year? Is that right? Did I miss something or was there somekind of spambot invasion?
@  xcrash1998 : (26 November 2019 - 02:06 PM) I know what you mean, it gets awkard to post something unrelated to the current conversation, and even if somebody picks up on it, it would just become a huge mess in the c hatbox if a multitude of groups talk about different topics.
@  Fire Blazer : (10 November 2019 - 11:45 PM) especially better imo if you want to update on a topic but like only occasionally (e.g. a project you're working on or a let's play of a game)
@  Fire Blazer : (10 November 2019 - 11:44 PM) it's hard for me to explain precisely why but forums just like work better for meaningful discussion over a longer period of time ig
@  Fire Blazer : (10 November 2019 - 11:44 PM) but that's def just not hte same ig, idk
@  Fire Blazer : (10 November 2019 - 11:44 PM) yeah, you can also kind of respond at your own pace on forums. Discord conversations are often like... it's awkward to respond to something that happened a while ago, especially if the server is active, but even just in general. since you sort of need to keep track of multiple conversations at once at times, and it's not like it has a good reply/quote system ala forums, closest thing really is to copy/paste or screenshot the text you're responding to and then type a response below
@  Elwood : (09 November 2019 - 11:29 AM) Adding on to what's been said, I just enjoy the order and structure of the forums. You can look through the threads and know exactly what people are talking about. Conversation get lost and buried on discord which is why I'm not a big fan of it.
@  kirant : (06 November 2019 - 05:31 AM) I enjoy that part of forums too. They become niche communities where you can have very specialized conversations as opposed to the cluttered mess in Discord.
@  Ezra : (31 October 2019 - 01:17 AM) Yeah, part of me wishes I could go back to the times forums were more prevalent. I really enjoyed how even several different forums based off the same franchise could feel so different. It's not like what we now is bad though, I just feel nostalgic for old times.
@  Fire Blazer : (30 October 2019 - 06:39 AM) also forums in general are just not as prevalent, there are so many other ways to interact these days, like Twitter, FB, Tumblr, etc., where you can just throw your thoughts into the void. I think that's the real issue and that the only people rly interested in forums these days are either super dedicated to whatever they're about, have a specific reason/need to (e.g. support forums), or grew up with them and are thus attached to the idea enough to continue to try and use them (this was kinda me for a while lol but things happen, I couldn't keep it up forever)
@  Fire Blazer : (30 October 2019 - 06:36 AM) I've posted on SF for various reasons ofc but in terms of like making friends and stuff it's p. much just been smaller groups/forums, yeah. mainly FES
@  Elwood : (27 October 2019 - 10:08 PM) Only reason I'm even on Serenes was because I had hacking questions. @Ezra yeah I figured it must be an age thing. I've been called an old man by many a child because I use Facebook.


FE: Legend of Ithaca

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Posted 06 March 2013 - 08:31 AM

(What this is: Just writings for a game I want to make but currently don't have the time for, and I'm on what I call a 'crappy lappy' meaning a very bad laptop computer. I'm on holiday and won't get home till late march early april. I might do sprite editing then. I'll be using the class system from Sacred Stones)

Characters I'll add more as I go
character List (Click Here To Hide/Show Text)

No Gender
Class: Vizer/tactician

Gender: M
Class: Lord
Home: Ithaca, a land in the mountains in the north.
Light skinned, black hair short, green eyes, outfit similar to Ike's

Gender: F
Class: Mage
user posted image

Class: Healer
fair skinned, white eyes, pink hair in curls, priest outfit)

Class: Cavalier (Starts with iron Sword)
Red messy hair, grey eyes, not to fair not tan but not fair skinned, cross like scar on his left cheek, red armor)

Class: Cavalier (Starts with Iron Lance)
Blue hair, scar across his nose, brown eyes, blue armor

Gender: M
Class: Knight
Older, chestnut hair, cheek bones, beedy black eyes, blue armor.

Gender: M
Class: Sniper
Older, VERY SHORT almost buzz cut black hair but does have a pony tail as well, eye patch, white scarf black clothes

Class: Pegasus Knight
Long blonde hair, blue eyes, busty, beauty mark

Class: Archer
Tan, childlike rather young (Similar to Will) Green hair not sure on the eyes yet.

Gender: M
Class: Theif

Gender: M
Class: Pirate

Gender: M
Class: Beserker

Class: Dancer

Gender: M
Class: Bard

Gender: M
Class: Cavalier

Gender: F
Class: Cavalier

Class: Knight

Gender M
Class: DracoKnight
user posted image

Somehow will put in a name input code in the beginning for the avatar. I wanted the avatar to be allowed to fight in battle but that might prove difficult. I dunno if it can be done or not.

CG - Fire Emblem Map highlight Dolhr and Macedo with portraits of King Izgod and lord Damien.

The war between Dolhr and Macedo was great. The dragon king Izgod of Dolhr rushed the Macedo coasts due to lack of payment on territory. The lord of Macedo, lord Damien refused to allow his country be ruled by mercenary dogs who kill Laguz for sport. Damien believed it was wrong to oppress them and sided with them in war.

CG - city in fire

But they were no match for the Macedo Dracoknights, and the remaining survivers fled.

CG - Mountains and snow area.

To the north.

CG - crying woman holding a baby

Lady Kelli has traveled miles with lord Damien's heir, but the bitter cold catches in her lungs twisting the air within.

Black Screen

But......They survive...

Prolog One - Childhood bonds.
(I'd need young sprites this might be hard >< as in kids Morgan can stay the same I suppose though XD LAZY)

Location: Ithaca mountains
Map: Snowy
Players: Morgan, Xanaphia, Kagir, Rory, Tony
Enemies: Bandits

Xana, Kagir, Rory, Tony are all moving randomly on the map avoiding each other while Moragn is off to the side watching.

Morgan: Okay that's enough snow ball fighting practice your dodging is improving everyone. It's seems Xanaphia won today GAFAW!
Tony: Because she's training to be a mage. She's suppose to keep distance, or I woulda won!
Rory: NO ME!
Kagir: Haha you got them good they're all red faced haha.
Xanaphia: And now I got.....YOU!
Kagir: AH! Cheap shot haha!
Morgan: Hm? .....
Ivan: I'm gonna get you!
Morgan: Children! To me!

Xana, Kagir, Rory, Tony moved around Morgan. 9 bandits appear!

Kagir: You can't take all of them teacher. Leave it to us!
Tony: This is what we're training for. FOR ITHACA!
Morgan: Wait no this isn't a game!

9 bandits vs, Morgan Knight, Kid Rory - Recruit, Kid Tony - Thief, Kagir - lord, Xanaphia - Pupil

Battle Start
3 more bandits will appear after turn 3
End Battle

Bandit Boss: This....How could we loose to a bunch of brats.
Tony: AH!
Bandit: I'm not leaving empty handed he'll do just fine in the black market trades.

CG - Bandit using a smock bomb with Tony over his shoulder.

End Prolog 1.

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