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@  Fire Blazer : (10 November 2019 - 11:45 PM) especially better imo if you want to update on a topic but like only occasionally (e.g. a project you're working on or a let's play of a game)
@  Fire Blazer : (10 November 2019 - 11:44 PM) it's hard for me to explain precisely why but forums just like work better for meaningful discussion over a longer period of time ig
@  Fire Blazer : (10 November 2019 - 11:44 PM) but that's def just not hte same ig, idk
@  Fire Blazer : (10 November 2019 - 11:44 PM) yeah, you can also kind of respond at your own pace on forums. Discord conversations are often like... it's awkward to respond to something that happened a while ago, especially if the server is active, but even just in general. since you sort of need to keep track of multiple conversations at once at times, and it's not like it has a good reply/quote system ala forums, closest thing really is to copy/paste or screenshot the text you're responding to and then type a response below
@  Elwood : (09 November 2019 - 11:29 AM) Adding on to what's been said, I just enjoy the order and structure of the forums. You can look through the threads and know exactly what people are talking about. Conversation get lost and buried on discord which is why I'm not a big fan of it.
@  kirant : (06 November 2019 - 05:31 AM) I enjoy that part of forums too. They become niche communities where you can have very specialized conversations as opposed to the cluttered mess in Discord.
@  Ezra : (31 October 2019 - 01:17 AM) Yeah, part of me wishes I could go back to the times forums were more prevalent. I really enjoyed how even several different forums based off the same franchise could feel so different. It's not like what we now is bad though, I just feel nostalgic for old times.
@  Fire Blazer : (30 October 2019 - 06:39 AM) also forums in general are just not as prevalent, there are so many other ways to interact these days, like Twitter, FB, Tumblr, etc., where you can just throw your thoughts into the void. I think that's the real issue and that the only people rly interested in forums these days are either super dedicated to whatever they're about, have a specific reason/need to (e.g. support forums), or grew up with them and are thus attached to the idea enough to continue to try and use them (this was kinda me for a while lol but things happen, I couldn't keep it up forever)
@  Fire Blazer : (30 October 2019 - 06:36 AM) I've posted on SF for various reasons ofc but in terms of like making friends and stuff it's p. much just been smaller groups/forums, yeah. mainly FES
@  Elwood : (27 October 2019 - 10:08 PM) Only reason I'm even on Serenes was because I had hacking questions. @Ezra yeah I figured it must be an age thing. I've been called an old man by many a child because I use Facebook.
@  kirant : (26 October 2019 - 09:39 PM) It's strange. I don't think I've ever posted on Serenes...period. I've always been a fan of smaller forums.
@  Ezra : (26 October 2019 - 05:49 AM) I think it's because a lot of newer FE players didn't frequent forums growing up. And those that do probably end up on Serenes.
@  Elwood : (25 October 2019 - 07:30 AM) I would love to revitalize this place I'm just not sure how that would be done. I mean with how main stream FE seems to have become I'm honestly surprised we don't have more members.
@  Fire Blazer : (21 October 2019 - 08:04 PM) tfw u not coming here results in not seeing a PM from last month T_T ok gonna try and check at least every couple weeks now even if there's nothing here, lol...
@  Fire Blazer : (21 October 2019 - 07:54 PM) I come here almost never because I've fallen out of habit and basically just accepted the forums are dead :( it's neat you come here every day tho
@  Elwood : (27 September 2019 - 05:52 AM) I still come here everyday because this is still my homepage in Firefox! XD
@  Ezra : (25 September 2019 - 03:07 PM) I also miss the days the forums I used were more active :(
@  Fire Blazer : (15 September 2019 - 05:39 AM) I do kinda miss the days these forums were active :(
@  Ezra : (29 August 2019 - 04:14 PM) *BOX!!!*
@  kirant : (19 August 2019 - 12:49 PM) Huh. Bothammer time.


How many Facebook/social networking "friends" do you have?

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#21 Seraphinox


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Posted 28 December 2015 - 05:19 PM

On my facebook right now, it tells me I have 347 friends.


Of those I probably regularly interact/contact 60 - 70 of them in a given month.

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#22 Fire Blazer

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Posted 28 December 2015 - 06:55 PM

On my facebook right now, it tells me I have 347 friends.


Of those I probably regularly interact/contact 60 - 70 of them in a given month.


so you're less popular than me eh


nah in actuality I'd say you're way better off, quality > quantity haha. as in, I've become acquainted with a LOT of people, but I only regularly interact/contact with maybe a dozen or less. There are people who I talk to once in a while (like you; sometimes we talk a lot, other times we get busy and don't talk for a week or two), people I talk to once in a long while (e.g. old friends/people I don't see or whatever, my brother(s) since we're not that close...), and people I talk to in group chats (if you can really call that talking, lol). Group chats aside, I'd say I got around 10 people for the "once in a while" category and another 10 in the category after that, so really it's not a lot.


Sadly it seems like I'm usually the only one really trying to keep up relationships, with some exceptions, lol. And even I get busy/slack off and whatnot: I mean, it's hard to text someone when I don't have a reason to, haha. I've got my own things to do. XP


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#23 Blue Leafeon

Blue Leafeon

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Posted 08 January 2016 - 02:19 PM

None of my facebook friends are people I know on the internet.


Oh, wait, never mind. I have 2 internet friends on facebook lol. The rest are church people and family that I honestly don't know much about. Oh, and a couple of friends who befriended me after my mom died. I guess the real thing is that my mom taught me to be super paranoid on the internet, and never give out my location/real name etc. I still hold true to that, and only very close internet friends get to be facebook friends with me, lol.


I don't like facebook much, though. I browse it when I get bored. It could be a very handy tool for keeping you in touch with friends and such, but usually it's just full of pictures and memes that try to guilt you into sharing. "THIS BABY WILL DIE IF YOU DO NOT SHARE THIS POST" "IF YOU ARE A TRUE FRIEND, YOU WILL LIKE AND SHARE THIS POST" "IF YOU SHARE THIS POST, YOU WILL FIND $100 IN THE NEXT FIVE MINUTES" or the best one: "95% of people don't care about sick starving children. If you are one of that 5% that cares, share this post. If you are part of that 95%, continue scrolling."


If I agree with an image, I will freaking share it on my own will, WITHOUT you telling me to. Thank you very much.


Facebook is also horribly organized. Just try and find that one post you saw the other day. It's like finding a needle in a haystack. It was better back when we had the choice of having all the posts organized by DATE. Nowadays, they've removed that and it's just "most popular." Hmph.


#24 Fire Blazer

Fire Blazer

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Posted 09 January 2016 - 02:59 AM

oh man, those posts


those chain posts/e-mails/whatever are sooo annoying lol. been a thing for a while though, whether it's an e-mail or text or whatever.


and yeah, Facebook organization isn't great, but thankfully I don't really use it anymore, lol. Actually, I finally finished the slow process of removing all the activity from my feed, so my timeline is like, completely blank. All you have is super basic info and an old photo, lol. I'm thinking of finally using it just to add people I know IRL as friends so I have some kind of contact with them if I ever feel like it or whatever, but yeah, in general Facebook is kinda >___>' for me lol


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#25 Sorayai



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Posted 11 April 2016 - 06:36 AM

lemme see here.... 4. 1 IRL friend and the others are people I've known online for like 7 years.


Jakob :wub:

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