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Leap of faith

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#1 Richter


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Posted 01 July 2011 - 01:40 AM

I have decided to put Dragoon Emblem on hold for now. Instead, I have decided to work on another project that I have been tinkering around with for a while.

To start, The story hasn't been fully decided on, so details I give may change. Important things that have been decided on are:

It will be done on FE 7

The three main characters will be, Luca Nuva, Motaro Sindo, And Richter Faust.

There will be variations of maps, they will not be carbon copy (Like Eliwood and Hector maps were).

The Lyn character is Luca Nuva, a character who starts as a Mercenary.(Other than that, I can't give more info on Luca, except that the sprite work is done, I just need to get permission to use it.)

The Eliwood character is Richter, a character who starts as a myrmidon. He actually starts as one of Luca's final bosses, but decides that his life is better served preserving the world, not ending it, even for love. His ending will differ from Motaro's.

And that leaves the Hector character, being Motaro, a knight. He is in charge of cleaning out the bandits in the surrounding country of the kingdom. He later joins with Luca and Richter to fight Barbados, the king opposing Luca and Motaro's queen.(If anyone knows of a boss already named Barbados, please let me know so I can change the name) He has two endings, one for himself, and a secret ending, determined by the final battle.

I've decided that the maps and fights will be fewer, but larger, set more on a long term war style than anything.

I have already implemented a rough plot of Motaro and Richter's maps, who can join, and some items that can be gained, but that is for my own use, sorry.

I am going to have to actually create a sprite for one of the characters from Richter's story, the character being a white wolf named (And yes, this name is used a lot) Fenrir.

Other things of note, I am not working on this story alone. Luca Nuva, the main character, is also a good friend of mine(Whos real name will remain hidden). He is helping me with story plot, and some spriting(I'll make sure he has full permission to use the sprites he takes from, so as to avoid more of the same argument Xl )

I'll be starting off with the original faces, but change the story line first, as I think that will be the simplest. If I am mistaken, then by all means, message me with a simpler plan of action.

Please do not reply to this thread.
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#2 Richter


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Posted 04 July 2011 - 03:56 PM


In the not so distant past, great evils were born. To face these great evils, heroes were forged from the dirt and blood of the fallen. These heroes never asked for their fates, yet never shirked from their duty.

There lived one woman, an immortal who transcended through time and space. She had seen all of the wars, all of the bloodshed. Her only thought was, this must end.

She made a plan, she would do everything in her power to end this war, no matter what. She decided, instead of killing all evil, or good, little by little, she would kill it all at once. She started her preperations.

"Richter, get those salts over here, and be careful that you don't mess anything up. Everything has to be perfect."

"Yes mistress Lilian."

Tripping over one of the stones, all of the salts are scattered across the floor. Richter, a child at this time, begins to cry, knowing that he would be punished. However, Lilian only sighs and starts picking up the salts herself.

"This will take some time. If you are still certain you want to help, then do so, but be rid of those tears first. If even a single drop of water hits the salts, then we will have to start over."

During the next few years, Richter became a much better hand at serving his mistress. He watched everything, and learned everything. There was still one thing that eluded him...

"Mistress, I understand that all of the preparations up to this point are needed for a spell of some magnitude, but what exactly is it you are trying to do?"

"Curious, are you? Well, I guess I can explain. This spell is known as the Time Curve. Once enacted, the user has the ability to bend time to their will."

"But what would that accomplish for you? You are already immortal. What would control over time do for you?"

"Once I obtain the power over time, I will bring all time to the present. The past, the future, all time will be here and now. All of the continents that were and will be will be fused into one giant mass. Only at this time will all the war be ended."

In time, Richter started to study the art of a swordsman, so that when the time came, he could help shape the new future to his own liking. He still helped Lilian with her preparations, but he was much more interested in learning what magic she could show him. He did learn some magic, but never became very proficient with it.

As he grew, he started to have a bad feeling. He fealt that this, what Lilian and himself were doing, was wrong. He finally confronted her about it.

"What gives us the right to change the outcome of all wars? Us doing this could make things worse than they end up. Those who know the past will quickly take out those who are a threat to them, before they can become strong enough to put a stop to the evil in the world."

"That is a chance we have to take, Richter. Or have you forgotten that this will end all war?"

"This won't end all war, it will only extend it. Once the natural enemies are killed off, then the greedy move their sights to more land, more riches. It will never end. Making it all come to this time period will only enhance the suffering of the common people!"

"Then the common person will need someone to protect them. Isn't this why you have been training your sword? Is this anger at what we are doing simply anger that you are not strong enough?"

"My sword has nothing to do with the fact that this is wrong. I refuse to follow you anymore. I will find a way to stop you, and I will return. You can bet on that."

*Intro done*

(These next parts are shortened so as not to give any specific details)

Richter travels through the land for a few years, training and researching. After stopping in a town, he finds that a young girl is being attacked by a small group of monsters. Without a second thought, he goes out and saves her.

He then disappears, for six years. No-one sees or hears from him.

When he finally reappears, he is found by a woman and her pet. The woman claims to be the mother of the child that he had saved. She joins him in his journey. They are quickly thrown into battle, as the town they are staying at is attacked by bandits.

The woman tells of a kindgom that needs protection from the bandits as well. Upon coming close, they are confronted by an archer, who soon realizes that they are here to help. He escorts them to the castle, but it is already being attacked. Together, with the archer, they must push through the ranks of bandits and save the queen.

After saving the queen, they begin to make fortifications. They are, shortly after starting, attacked again. They protect the castle to the best of their ability, unfortunately, the castle falls.

With the queen now needing a new fort, they move to take over an enemy outpost.

Having heard of his queen's possible death, Motaro returns from the front lines. He is followed by Luca and a cleric. Now together, they move to push the lines more, hoping to make the queen even safer.

Finally, the lines are pushed back enough that the group is ready to make a final assault on Barbados, the enemy king.

Alone, Richter moves into the basement of the castle, where he finds Lilian. He confronts her.

(That's the basics of the story as it progresses)

I won't be telling you the ending, you'll just have to play it yourself(When I finally get a demo up).

As you can tell, there are not many characters mentioned. Richter, Motaro, Luca, a woman, her pet, an archer, and a cleric. The Queen will not be a playable character, as she is to important to lose.

A list of characters that you have a chance to obtain throughout Richter's story is:

A cavalier on the fourth map

A pegasus knight on the Fifth

A mage(Can't remember the correct word, but the one that can use fire)

Like I said, not many playable characters, and lots of enemies...(Map sizes are planned to be about the size of the Snes platform fe game with Sigurd. I think it was FE 4). I'll post Motaro's story later. And Luca's However, all of the story may change. This is just what I have planned now.
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#3 Richter


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Posted 05 July 2011 - 05:23 PM


I have finished the basic outline for Motaro's story, which I will put up shortly. I have given a few more characters names, in example, the queen mentioned in Richter's story is Queen Esmerelda. There are a few more characters that I will mention in this story line that have names that I will not tell, unless they are majorly important to the story.

I finally figured out what part of Nightmare I was supposed to be using to open the dang thing, and have now run into a whole new world of WTF. I'll be reading the tut for it so as not to ask stupid questions.

Anyway, moving on. Here is....


Motaro Shindow, Illegitimate son of Queen Esmerelda, does not see himself fit for life as a ruler. Instead, he enlists in the knighthood, so he can defend his mother and brother, who he believes will take over the throne. After his training, he quickly rises in the ranks, and finally stops at general of the knighthood.

Upon hearing of some of their smaller towns being attacked by bandits, He decides to go personally to put a stop to the attacks. He takes only himself and his two friends, Steiner, a male archer, and Deneb, a female cavalier. Moving through the forest to get to their destination quicker, they are attacked by monsters.

Pushing through the forest, they finally arrive close to the checkpoint that divides their land from king Barbados's land. However, Barbados's men have decided that it is time to push the line. Motaro, Steiner, and Deneb have to stop their advances, alone. After holding them off, they are joined by a shaman.

The small group finally reaches the first town known to be attacked by the bandits. They rest and wait for the bandits to return.

Having dealt with the bandits there, they move on to another town, only to find that it is already in ruins. The bandits surround them.

Having survived the horrible odds, they begin to return to the castle. They are confronted by the last group of the bandits, who let slip that they work for Barbados.

Deciding it best to finish off the bandits that fled, they pursue them, instead of returning to the castle. They fight through the small resistance, only to find that the leader of this small group is already dead, killed by one he would use as a hostage. She joins, a myrmidon from the Belafon Highgrounds.

Motaro returns to his mother and brother. Exstatic about his survival, and horrified by the news that Barbados is attacking, he is sent to the front lines.

Having taken out the weary solders, Motaro's group pushes farther into Barbados's territory. They are soon joined by Luca, who believes that he may be able to help, already being a fugitive from Barbados.

News arrives that the castle has fallen. Motaro, worried about his mother and brother, orders a full retreat. However, Barbados's troops have somehow flanked them, cutting them off from safety.

Thankfully, his mother was saved by Richter, who was happening by. They had already claimed a new base of opperations, and Richter was making plans for a strike in the heart of Barbados's land. Motaro gladly offered his help.

Finally close enough to see him, Motaro and his troops, including Luca and a newly obtained cleric, move in for the kill.

*Diologue between Motarro and Barbados*

"What fool would attack me here, when my troops are still all over, just waiting to kill off the rest of your people?"

"Barbados, your terany ends here!"

"FOOL! Do you think I did not anticipate your moves? Don't you think that I wouldn't know that you would retaliate? Who do you think implanted the thought to attack here in the first place?"

"HA! That was decided by Richter!"

"And where is this Richter? I don't see him on the battlefield."

"But he was just...Were we decieved?"

*End dialogue*

With the death of Barbados, Motaro looks throughout the castle. He can find Richter nowhere. Luca finds a secret passage that leads to the underground parts of the castle. They move in to find Richter fighting a mage.

*Dialogue between Richter and Lilian*

"Lilian, I'm here to stop you now. The years have made me a stronger man. Though I may never be forgiven for what I've done, I will make amends by put a stop to it now."

"You will never be forgiven, because you have done nothing wrong. What we have worked so hard for, it is the right thing. We are simply trying to end the warring of the world. is that so wrong?"

"Its wrong to force every time and space together just to end it! Time is sacred. For us it is short and precious, something that you have forgotten in your many years of immortality. What is it you really want? to finally die?"

"Unfortunately, I will never die. What I have lost will never be returned. All I want is for peace to return, so I don't have to watch more people kill each other.

"Are you willing to kill with your own hands to obtain that goal? Then do so, for I won't stand by and let you do this."

"Then you will have to die. I'm sorry Richter. You were such a promising young boy."

*End Dialogue*

Richter and Lilian fight, and Richter is killed. Motaro and Luca move in to finish Lilian off.

*End story*

Again, I have left out the ending. I will give a very quick spoiler though. When I get it done, save right before killing her. To get a normal ending, much like the one with Richter, kill her with anyone other than Luca. To get a special ending, Kill her with Luca.

Doing so will give new insight to Luca's past.


(This still has to be run by Luca's creator, who is helping me with this, but this is what I have that works with the other two story lines.)

Luca, an orphan, has no recolection of who he is. For many years, he was a thief, taking only what he needed. He is caught by a man, Adicis, a Hero. Adicis takes in Luca and raises him.

(The maps are not decided yet, but from what I have, this is the most important parts)

Durring a training session between the two of them, Adicis is attacked and killed by an unknown-hooded person. Luca takes up his sword and tracks the assassin.

His journey finally brings him to Queen Rema(Name subject to change). She looks uncanily like Adicis's discription of his attacker, and Luca strikes out in rage.

*End story*

Yeah, really short, but thats about all thats important at the moment, without giving everything away.
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Posted 05 July 2011 - 05:26 PM

Almost forgot, now that I have all the story posted, and its all together, making for easier reading, you can all reply now.

I just wanted to make sure all the story was together. Thanks for listening to me.
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Posted 15 July 2011 - 03:11 PM

K, thought I would start uploading the faces of the characters.

Now, I know that most people start with the hero's, but I can't seem to get ahold of the the other hero's creators, and my attempt at creating Richter ended in disaster. Besides, who needs hero's? They only get in the way!

Anyway, here is the first character done for the game.

Ivory: Myrmidon: Motaro's story

I'm not sure how this will show up, because my hoster is being an ass(Stupid Photobucket)

I've fixed this a few times, but it won't show the new face, only the original, before fixing it. Well, here goes.

user posted image

Nope, still not fixed. Well, I saved this as a PNG file, so the color should be good, but for some reason, after noticing that I forgot to shade the right side (Our pov), I went back and fixed it. Well, I put the new face in, after deleating the original unfinished, yet it still won't show the new shading.

Hopefully it won't mess up when I put it in the game...
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